You Know You’re From Iowa When…


They say nothing in life is free.

Well, whoever said that should come to Iowa, because we’ve got all the local sweet corn you can eat for ZERO DINERO.


It’s true – this afternoon Ben and I hit up the Adel Sweet Corn Festival boasting, you guessed it, all you can eat free sweet corn!


Set in the quintessential, small-town Iowa town square of Adel, Iowa,


the sweet corn festival celebrates Iowa’s best known crop with a two day festival featuring food, live entertainment, and




and lots, 


of FREE sweet corn! 


Does this happen anywhere else in the country?! ;)


The freshly shucked sweet corn is steamed, then rolled down a conveyer belt to a holding tank.


It’s then transferred to serving trough where festival goers line up and request as many ears of corn as they want, as many times as they want. Corn for all!


After you get your corn, you head to one of the many "seasoning stations" that are setup.


Each station is well equipped with pump butter, spray butter, spreadable butter, salt & pepper, toothpicks (crucial) and TONS of paper towels. 


I kept it real with some spreadable butter and salt – you really want to let the candy-sweet corn shine through. MMMM!!!!!!


Fresh from the field!


Can we eat now?


Ben and I found a shady spot and assumed the position. Legs spread, body hunched over,


corn in the center. 


Roll your cobs around for even butter and salt distribution, 


then CHOW!


omg! Crispy, buttery, salty, SWEET! The best corn you’ll ever have!


Now, finishing your corn is awful for two reasons. #1: you don’t have any corn left. #2: you have to get creative with a toothpick. Ew. 


Common courtesy says you’ve got to turn your head when picking, too. It’s the right thing to do.


Privacy please?! Haaaahahahaha. 


We sat for a little while and agreed that, since it’s free, it’s only right to get a few more ears. :D I sent Ben back for the goods.


He said he was only going to get a couple more ears. 


Explain to me how, then, how he came back with…


FIVE more ears?! "They kept putting corn on my plate!" he exclaimed. Uhhhh-huh! Riiight. ;)


Ben put himself into a corn coma at that point. 




You know you’re from Iowa when you nearly pass out from eating too much free sweet corn! ;)


After three ears of corn, I was pretty full – but a $1 bag of kettlecorn was calling my name…so I answered.


It was pretty much the greatest thing ever. 


Crunchy, salty, sweet – YUM!


We left Adel in a sweet corn haze, but we’re determined to grill out tonight so we stopped at good ol’ Fareway on the way home to pick up some goods. 


Steaks for him (ok me too,)


and a movie for her – Remember Me with Robert Pattinson!! Although, it will be weird seeing him play someone other than Edward.


I’m not quite sure how I convinced Ben to get this, but I’m rolling with it!

Wheee – good day! :D

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  1. Sara 08.14.2010

    YUM free corn! I gotta say, I had no idea that there was so much stuff to do in Iowa! I want to move up there, pronto! Remember Me was actually pretty good, although it was weird seeing Rob as Tyler and not Edward…in a good, refreshing way though :) This movie proves that he can act to some extent.

  2. Cassie 08.14.2010

    You REALLY make me want to take a vacation to Iowa!! Who knew?!

  3. Cate 08.14.2010

    Apparently DSM is more awesome than the Iowa City area, because I’ve never witnessed anything like that! I’m dying for some sweet corn now…

  4. Lynne 08.14.2010

    OH MY GOD! My brother and his girlfriend live just outside of Adel! My cousin was at this event too! I grew up in Grimes (neighborhood called “Day’s Run” was once our farm). Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Now I’m going to get some Colorado corn!

  5. sharon weaver 08.14.2010

    I’ve been to Adel for this a long time ago. What a beautiul little town and oh, the corn is great too.

  6. Renee 08.14.2010

    limes springs iowa is having their sweet corn days this weekend also :) gotta love free sweet corn!!! although- theirs is way more amazing looking than limes springs …

  7. Lizzy @ LBBakes 08.14.2010

    Summer in Iowa sounds like so much fun! :)

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kristin, faithfamilyfibro. faithfamilyfibro said: RT @iowagirleats: U Know You’re From IA When… //Absolutely..I luv ths time of year in IA 4 the corn not the heat! […]

  9. Nancy 08.14.2010

    I freaking LOVE corn on the cob but rarely buy it because the Boyf doesn’t like it. I mean, c’mon why not right?

    FREE CORN? I think I would die and go to heaven. We don’t have anything like that here in Ontario (Canada)…. oh my cheeks are salivating just thinking of it.

  10. Sara 08.14.2010

    This post made me want to go to Iowa! They give you free corn!? :)

  11. Julie 08.14.2010

    You will have to let me know if you like that movie….I didn’t :( But hopefully you will enjoy it.

  12. kristastes 08.14.2010

    MMmmmm Iowa corn and Jersey corn, both deliciousness to the max! :)

  13. Nicole 08.14.2010

    I live in Adel! LOVE LOVE LOVE Sweet Corn Festival, but have NEVER gotten corn…line is too long for me!!!!

  14. Molly 08.14.2010

    Oooo good sweetcorn, good company, good day, and a GREAT movie choice! Enjoy the evening!

  15. Kristin 08.14.2010

    I’ve never been and even lived there last year. I really need to go there next year. I did pick up a 1/2 doz though to get my buttery sweet corn fix this weekend :)

  16. Mmm I love corn on the cob. There is a lot growing here in Upstate NY but I don’t think they are giving it away for free! I just drove through Iowa and I can see where they might come up with some free cobs from ;)

  17. Jessica 08.14.2010

    I’m in Eastern Iowa and they have similar free corn days around here too :) Gotta love Iowa!

  18. elizabethlacy 08.14.2010

    Urbana, IL has their Sweet Corn Festival towards the end of August. It sounds similar to yours with games and music and CORN. Except the corn is not free (and it’s not local which saddens me as I often run through areas with cornfields on both sides). If we had it earlier in the summer we could have the local super sweet corn though! Yours wins. :D

  19. Lauren 08.14.2010

    There are two things I think of when I think of Iowa, Potatoes and Corn. I only imagine these two are incredible for you guys. And doesn’t everything taste so much better when it’s free? :)
    Have fun picking those kernels from your teeth all night. ;) And enjoy the movie.

    • Steve 08.16.2010

      Sorry, but potatoes is Idaho, not Iowa.

      • anna 03.21.2011

        common misconception. Idaho is like 25 hours away, though. lol ;)

  20. Megan A 08.14.2010

    The sweet corn looks amazing!! I live right here in WDM and I have never been:(. You will have to let me know what you think of the movie. I was a little dissappointed by the ending but it was still good. After all, R Pat looks pretty amazing in it:)

  21. Erin 08.14.2010

    THAT’S AWESOME! What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! <3

  22. erica 08.14.2010

    oh my goodness. that is corn heaven!!!

  23. Tina 08.14.2010

    This makes me so happy I bought ears of corn at the store today. Otherwise you would have sparked a craving and sent me back to the store. LOL

  24. emily 08.14.2010

    Great movie!!!! I love grilled corn with honey butter!

  25. Free corn… can’t go wrong there!!!

  26. Dawn 08.14.2010

    MMMMMmmmmmmm…. The corn is to.die.for this year!

  27. Elizabeth MDS 08.14.2010

    Woot, woot! I had sweet corn tonight, also! AND, HOLLA for Fareway! Best grocery prices in the Midwest! :-)

  28. Elizabeth 08.14.2010

    Sounds like a really good day!!

  29. Mimi 08.15.2010

    I was seriously craving some good ol’ Nebraska corn when I got back to the states… and this year’s crop didn’t disappoint! So simple and so good!

  30. Elyssa 08.15.2010

    The sweet corn festival sounds like a giant version of my parent’s backyard in the summertime…when I’m “forced” to eat all the fresh-picked, steamed corn for dinner! So delicious! Also, I’m curious to see what you thought about “Remember Me”…I thought the ending was a complete cop-out!

  31. Jessie 08.15.2010

    Love the Sweet Corn Festival! Missed it this year :( But some days you just have to take one for the team and go ditch riding on 4wheelers for a good cause! Have you ever ran the 5K out there?

  32. Kristie 08.15.2010

    Free corn..who can refuse. Looks delicious. How was Remember Me? I have not seen it yet.

  33. jassy 08.15.2010

    wow…i love sweet corn!!! when i was a kid, we had a small corn farm and we would eat all the sweet corn we could eat. it’s nice that iowa offers free sweet corns!!! :)

  34. I went to Concordia College (Moorhead, MN), home of the COBBERS!! (Yes, our mascot was an ear of corn!!) The college will sponsor corn feeds across the upper Midwest (MT, ND, MN, etc.) all summer long. It’s great!!

  35. Amy 08.15.2010

    What a fun day! I totally want to come visit Iowa someday. I’d certainly love the corn! :)

  36. Jen 08.16.2010

    haha! you guys are too cute.
    I’ve never seen free sweet corn in Kansas, I’ll tell you that much!

  37. Amber 08.16.2010

    We hit up the Sweet Corn Festival too!! What a great time AND great corn!

  38. Corinne 08.16.2010

    Hahahhahaa, I love that Ben OD’d on corn!! What silly pictures. Did you like Remember Me? I bet you didn’t see THAT ending coming! GAH!!!

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  42. Elise Renee Gingerich 06.19.2012

    I Am Originally From Iowa! Even Though My Mom Said I Was Originally Born In Illinois. (My Mom Would Know If I Was Originally Born In Illinois, I Guess!) I Miss Iowa, Even Though I’ve Lived In A Few Other States Since Leaving The State Of Iowa, I Really Do Miss The State Of Iowa! (I Should Have Just Freaking Stayed In Iowa To Begin With!) I Really Just Should Have Stayed In The State Of Iowa To Begin With Really I Should Have! I Want To Come Back To Iowa, That Is Where I Want To Rest My Final Days At, I Want To Rest My Final Days In The State Of Iowa. I Want To Come Back To Iowa, And Have My Last Few Years Of Life, Be About Something Really Meaningful And Not Just All Of This Fake Stuff That Is Meaningless. (I Am Tired Of Doing Meaningless Stuff In My Life, And I Want To Someday Come Back To Iowa, Someday, And Actually End My Last Few Days In This Life, With Something Meaningful, In The State Of Iowa, Where I Originally Am From!) from Elise age 40 in Greenville Texas :)

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