Mini Blizzard + Decadent & Healthy Breakfast Recipe!


Wow, that post title is awfully conflicting…

At any rate, I finally got my mini!


My Dairy Queen Mini Blizzard, that is! 


I’ve been dying to try the new miniature sized Blizzards (which my Father-in-law says is a crime, as he doesn’t understand why anyone would want LESS blizzard! ;) ) since the “small” size is still ungodly large, so last night Ben and I finally went out to see them for ourselves!


I took one glance at the menu and immediately knew what I wanted – the Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard. I know!


We’re talking, vanilla soft serve, Oreo cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough swirled with a caramel ribbon!!!! Ben got the same concoction and almost went blind it was so good!


All wrapped up in a tiny little package. ;)


Mini size + big flavor = big fan. It was still a TON of ice cream, but definitely a step in the right direction. Way to be DQ!


This morning I had another decadent feast – but a healthy decadent feast – for breakfast. Apple Cinnamon French Toast!


French Toast

2 slices 100% Whole Wheat EarthGrains Bread dunked in a mixture of 2 egg whites, a splash of vanilla & a dash of cinnamon, then cooked up on the stove top.


Stewed Apples

1 peeled, chopped apple microwaved for 1.5 minutes with a splash of vanilla, a dash of cinnamon, a splash of water (couple tablespoons) and a drizzle of agave nectar.

Drizzle with nut butter, if you dare! (I do!) 


The water, agave nectar and juices from the apple create this thick, caramel-like syrup that oozes all over the French Toast.


Sooooo decadent with the nut butter, but healthy. Good lookin’ and good for you.


I’ll be full ’til noon!


At which time I’ll be diving into some leftover Stir Fry. :D


I don’t know if I’ve ever had stir fry with fresh corn on the cob, which is what I used, and it seriously took the dish to a whole new level.


One of these weekends I need to cut a bunch off the cob and freeze it so I can enjoy fresh corn later this winter. Need to do that for my Mother in Law too. She misses the fresh, Iowa sweet corn now that she’s out in DC!


Plus a Coconut Cream Pie Larabar Minifor an afternoon dessert. There’s something about this particular larabar that always leaves it soft and uber moist – like batter almost. It’s amazing!


ALL together now. :D


Well, Ben and I were going to take a half day of work today to head to the Iowa State Fair, but the forecast includes rain, rain, rain all afternoon. I think we’ll take it easy tonight and hang out there all day tomorrow. Sounds like a plan!

TGIF, peeps!


What do you get in your Blizzards?

Do you prefer sweet or savory breakfasts in the morning?

What are you doing this weekend?

Sorry for the barrage… ;)

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  1. I’ve never had a blizzard..I’m not even sure what thy are!
    I like savoury,,although with a lot of fruit – is that sweet!?
    This weekend – 10mile run and cinema – best weekend ever!

  2. We live RIGHT by a DQ and I have been dying for a mini blizzard! Maybe this weekend. :)

  3. Leianna 08.20.2010

    I love that they mini blizzards now, so much more reasonable to eat the whole thing! I would choose anything with peanut butter because that’s what I’ve been craving these last few weeks of pregnancy!

  4. Kim K 08.20.2010

    Coconut cream pie Larabars are my FAV!

    I’ll be at the fair tomorrow too :)

  5. Ellen 08.20.2010

    I didn’t know they had mini blizzards, I am definately going soon to get one. The mix that you got sounds delicious, oreo is always my # 1 choice!

  6. Lizzy @ LBBakes 08.20.2010

    I would LOVE to try that Cookie Jar blizzard – we don’t have DQ around here though. :( I’d add some pretzel pieces, in a perfect world. :)

  7. I love cookie dough in my blizzards! I love m&ms but I hate eating them because they get so cold in the ice cream. I’m definitely a sweet breakfast girl. I am going to give that french toast recipe a try, thanks! :)

  8. Nikki Sue 08.20.2010

    There is a DQ right up the street from where I live in Des Moines, and my fiance and I seriously go at least once a week. I always get a medium Blizzard! Anything less just doesn’t seem like enough! I love Reeces Peanut Butter cup. But in October, you HAVE TO TRY their PUMPKIN PIE BLIZZARD! It is the BEST!!!!! Mark it on your calendar, because it’s only around for a month!!!

  9. I love that DQ offers mini sizes now. I have always loved my blizzards with Reeses PB cups. There’s just something about ice cream, PB, and chocolate that makes me swoon. Love it!

  10. Tina 08.20.2010

    I want a DQ mini too. Love their blizzards. And I love the conflict in your title. Shows how real you are!

  11. Mini blizzards are a GREAT IDEA!!! I used to love the Reeses PB cup one! My hips…not so much ;)

  12. Cate 08.20.2010

    I’ve been dying to try the mini, too…I even live within walking distance of a DQ (which is dangerous)! Although I’ll probably get the Oreo Cheesequake…I’m a sucker for the creamy cheesecake/crunchy cookie combo.

    I was hoping to hit up the state fair LAST weekend, but we got caught JUST behind that huge crash on I-80 that shut down the freeway for 3 hours, so we bailed on the fair plans. :( And the boyfriend refuses to go this weekend, so no butter cow for me.

  13. Mich 08.20.2010

    Mint Oreo Blizzards (cool and crunchy)
    Sweet breakfasts (french toast or crepes if I go out… eng.muffin/jam + fruit otherwise)
    I’ll be celebrating at a friend’s bachelorette party in Des Moines this weekend :)
    (P.S. – thanks for the restaurant recommendation, btw!)

  14. Candy 08.20.2010

    I LOVE the raspberry truffle mini blizzard.

    Breakfast is always yogurt with fresh berries and kashi cereal (any kind will do) sprinkled on top.

    We are foster parents for newborns through Lutheran Social Services and are expecting our 4th baby…..looking forward to picking him/her up this weekend!!

  15. Corinne 08.20.2010

    I am going blind looking at those babies! Ever since I heard about the mini’s I’ve been swooooooooooning to go!! Yours looks INCREDIBLE. I agree with you, perfect portion, my tummy cannot handle the smalls.

  16. EM 08.20.2010

    Miss DQ since I don’t live in the USA anymore. Always a stop when I come back home. Georgia Mid Fudge– always made with the choc soft serve instead of the standard vanilla.

  17. Alaina 08.20.2010

    1. My blizzards are almost always banana splits…bananas, strawberries, pineapple, and chocolate syrup….yummmm! But I’d never say no to a chocolate blizzard with brownies in it either :P

    2. SWEET BREAKFASTS. As much as I wished I liked eggs in the morning, I’m fully an oatmeal, smoothie, or pancake kind of girl. I just have to accept it (though I do love me a good omelet for dinner!)

  18. andie 08.20.2010


    Be sure to save some of your corn so you can make some corn soup like that recipe I gave you earlier this year! :)

  19. Liz 08.20.2010

    I would like to freeze some corn too, but I’ve never done it before. How do you do it?

  20. I had that EXACT same mini blizzard a couple of weeks ago….I could eat one every night:)

  21. Loving the breakfast! French toast is one of my favs and this one looks heavenly. I am all about naturally sweet over savory.

    It has been a looong while since I’ve had a Blizzard, but think the mini is a fantastic idea. I always went with M&M.

    Hope you have a great time at the fair.

  22. Daisy 08.20.2010

    Hey it’s 3 question friday! that blizzard looks amazing and so does your french toast!

    1) I don’t even know. There are no freakin Dairy Queens in Boston. I’d probably get what you got.
    2) I prefer savory BUT today I had sweet (Engligh muffin half PB half beach plum jelly). I like to mix it up!
    3) Headed to Cape Cod to see the fam, go crabbing, and hit up the beach!

    Have fun at the fair!

  23. jassy 08.20.2010

    mine is choco oreo! i prefer sweet breakfast but sometimes i do want savoury though i’m saving it for lunch or dinner :)

    i guess i’ll jog and have my hair either rebonded or permed :)

    enjoy the fair!

  24. Erin (penny. LA) 08.20.2010

    There’s an OREO JAR COOKIE BLIZZARD? Oh my goodness. Perhaps it’s a regional thing, because I’ve heard nothing of the sorts here in LA!

    I always get the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard. :)

    I need a SWEET breakfast… Frosted Mini Wheats with skim milk or oatmeal with peanuts and raisins.

    Not sure about the weekend… working out, working, enjoying the LA sun.

  25. Laura J. 08.20.2010

    oh my gosh i had no idea they had mini blizzards now!! i foresee one in my very near future!! ;)

  26. Cara 08.20.2010

    I love the spoon to cup ratio. I agree- the small blizzard is not really all that small!

  27. Beth 08.20.2010

    1) has to be a butterfinger blizzard
    2) I prefer savory breakfasts but every now and then I want french toast or pancakes.
    3) Not too much going on this weekend-going to a friend’s pool party tomorrow, should be a good time. And I’m definitely going to hit up DQ to try the mini.

  28. I’ve never had a Blizzard.

    Sweet breakfast girl, fo sho!

  29. Lauren 08.20.2010

    I am also dying to try these minis. I’m not a good ice cream digester, but blizzards are my weakness. These would be perfect for my portion control!!

    Breakfast looks awesome. I love making healthy “indulgent” meals. Makes life worth living most days. ;)

  30. kate 08.20.2010

    I cant wait to try a mini…much more of a do-able size. We have an action packed weekend. Cant wait for it to start!

  31. Sara 08.20.2010

    Mini Blizzards? We don’t have those where I live, but what a great idea. I usually only eat half a small Blizzard in one sitting, so a mini would be perfect…except then I would have left overs for the next day!

    1. I usually get the Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard too, but I recently tried Oreo Cheesequake and man, was it tasty!
    2. I prefer a sweet breakfast…but then, I usually prefer a sweet anything. :)
    3. I’m planning to relax this weekend!

  32. Rachel Bergen 08.20.2010

    I also think they are ridiculous in creating the mini size. When I choose to get Dairy Queen, I am already splurging, so I may as well get the small. Which, by the way, is never too much. But i can’t bring myself to get the medium! I could certainly take it down, but I’d feel rotten about it! I am absolutely addicted to blizzards. It is my biggest weakness by far. If someone even says the word blizzard or Dairy Queen, they must follow through. No simple suggestion around me!

  33. Elyse 08.20.2010

    Ever since I heard about the mini blizzard I have been going nuts to try one! When I was little and would take road trips to go see my grandparents, we would pass about a million DQ’s on the way and they told me they would have to advert my attention when I saw one because I almost always asked them to stop! Too funny. Most days I am a plain vanilla soft serve kinda gal since I’m not a chocolate person (i know!) but when its mixed in I can handle it. My two favs are oreo and butterfinger. Yum!

  34. Heidi 08.20.2010

    Um, I have not done the Oreo Cookie Jar but methinks now I will! And the mini – what a fabulous idea! Have been wanting to splurge on one! Definitely gonna try this french toast breakfast – makes me think of fall, which I have to say I’m looking forward to. Just got some new fall boots and can’t wait to wear ’em! Have fun at the fair!

  35. Terin 08.20.2010

    I love the mini blizzards, it’s the perfect size if you are trying to watch your portions and just have a little bit! I love the french silk pie blizzard.

    I prefer sweet breakfasts like pancakes or waffles.

    This weekend I’m working my 2nd job, doing a girls night, then relaxing and getting stuff done around my apartment.

  36. It makes me happy that DQ has mini blizzards now. I also see that if you join their fan club you get a free one on your birthday. Today may just happen to be my 30th birthday! :)

  37. Leanne 08.20.2010

    Hello! I found your blog via branappetit and I’m so glad. I love what I’ve read so far and your food pics! Can’t wait to read more.

  38. yeah i love the new mini size, though i haven’t had one yet. i could never finish the small without being stuffed before. my husband on the other hand can eat a medium and be fine… oh men. :) i love chocolate covered strawberry blizzards.

    this weekend we’re celebrating my grandpa’s 89th birthday!

  39. erica 08.20.2010

    omg. i’ve been trying to resist my blizzard cravings everytime i see those commercials on tv, but now that i see this post….i think i’m gonna cave! i haven’t had one in years!!! i usually just get oreo…but that sign for the oreo brownie earthquake is calling my name! that looks like heaven in a cup!

  40. Kacy 08.20.2010

    I love mini things. Mini is just more fun. Sadly, there aren’t many DQs around here :(

  41. Jaci 08.20.2010

    State Fair! I may need to try this mini! They have really cute doggie ice cream treats at DQ and I love to bring my puppy there :)

  42. sassy molassy 08.20.2010

    Yes, I’ve been wanting to try the mini for a bit! Such a great size although still rich. That flavor sounds delish. And the french toast doesn’t sound too bad either!

  43. Oh man, I practically lived on Blizzards last year. (And I wondered why I gained weight???) My roomie and I had a policy – she’d pay if I’d drive to pick them up! I’m talking 2-3 a week here. I was all about the double fudge cookie dough. I may have to meet up with the old roomies for a mini blizzard as a special indulgence once they get back in town!

  44. stupid question but what do you call that pan you cooked the french toast on? i just have a regular frying pan and a grill pan, whats that called? it looks like it would come in as a usefull accessory to my kitchen?? x

  45. Tia 08.20.2010

    I love love love the skor blizzard but I’m betting even the Mini Blizzard would be to much icecream for my tummy to handle. Usually my boyfriend will get a medium one and I’ll just ‘score’ ; ) a couple bites of his Skor blizzard. I’m not techically lactose intolerant but MAN, icecream kills me, regular milk kills me ( I can stomach 1% but only in small portions, same with cheese) even like alfredo sauces in restaunts or the canned stuff just kills me, I can barely walk up the stairs afterwards I get the worse stomach pains : ( On another note; that breakfast looks amazing, I’m making that tomorrow LOL! Cleaning is on the agenda for the weekend, I’m one of those weird people who like to clean : )

  46. I’m with your FIL ;) I suppose these smaller options are a good idea though haha

    Have fun at the state fair!

  47. Mimi 08.20.2010

    I’m normally a chocoholic, but when I gave up chocolate for a year (omgosh, I know…) I had to resort to other things. Enter: Banana Cream Pie Blizzards! Although I now eat chocolate again, the banana blizzards are still my favorite.

  48. Lindsay 08.20.2010

    I love DQ blizzards, but I am kind of a person that if I am going to indulge, I really want to indulge. I mean I dont think I would ever order a mini, because it would be gone way too fast. I think a small is perfect if you only have it as a treat every once in a while. My favorite blizzard is a reese’s blizzard.
    For breakfast, I personally like to have a balance of savory and sweet.
    Hope you have a great weekend and that the weather stays nice for the next few days!! :)

  49. Bridget 08.20.2010

    1. I love Blizzards with peanut butter cups….delish!

    2. savory breakfast–usually it’s an english muffin with peanut butter eaten while I make the kids’ breakfast or on the run.

    3. This weekend we are celebrating my daughter’s 9th birthday! My oldest son has a football dinner/fundraiser and the youngest son gets to go golfing with hubby which he loves to do. Busy busy!

  50. BroccoliHut 08.20.2010

    I was so psyched when I heard DQ was offering Mini size Blizzards! I was always pretty traditional and got M&Ms in mine, but I could be tempted by the Butterfinger too:)

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