22+ Ways to Start Your Week Off Right


Happy Monday! :D

I occasionally suffer from the Sunday night blues, but at least I don’t seem to suffer from the Monday morning mopes. I think it’s because I’d rather just get the darn week started instead of mentally delaying the inevitable. Know what I mean? Here are some past posts with tips to get your morning and week started with a bang!

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I got my Monday started with a brisk morning Mom walk, followed by a sweaty 3 mile run around the neighborhood. While it was already dreadfully hot & humid at 6am, the weather woman is promising lows in the mid-50s by the end of the week. Sweet! :D

Another thing that made my Monday morning a little more tolerable? I had pre-made, ready-to-eat Overnight Oats waiting for me in the fridge!


Last night I combined:

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats (uncooked)
  • Raspberry Chobani Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • Splash of milk

and stuck it in the fridge. This morning I pulled it out and topped with:


Monday mopes or not, there’s no denying that the start of the week is a tad bit more stressful than say, the middle of the week. That makes this pre-made, grab & go breakfast is a serious Godsend.


Plus it’s soooooo refreshing! The oats are cold and chewy, and the toppings are fresh and flavorful.


Convenient any day, but especially on manic Mondays!


Last night I made a couple of salads to eat for lunch during the busy work week. Including this big Cranberry Goat Cheese Salad.


In the mix:

  • Mixed greens
  • Carrots
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Chopped almonds
  • Dried cranberries
  • Goat cheese


Ummm – can I just express to you how divine the duo of sweet dried cranberries and creamy goat cheese are? Insane!


This is the same sundried tomato basil goat cheese I picked up at the Farmer’s Market a couple weeks ago. I’m not exactly sure how long goat cheese stays fresh, but it still smelled and tasted great when I tried it!


I found some rogue kiwi in my fruit drawer yesterday afternoon, that I chopped up for an afternoon delight.


Ben eats his kiwi like an apple – skin and all. I just can’t do it. It’s like licking cloth – shudder inducing. How about you?


All together now! :D


The start of this week may be particularly stressful for some, because it’s back to school week! I’ll admit, I got a teensy bit jealous when they announced on the news that all the state colleges would be starting classes today. While I will NEVER miss the homework and endless projects, back to school time used to be one of my favorite times of the year. New pencils, new books, fresh start, seeing old friends – the works. Good times. :D

Have a great day everyone!


Did you or do you look forward to a new school year? Or did you dread saying goodbye to summer?

I remember being upset for about a day around back to school time. I’m such a routine-loving person and getting back into the swing of things always felt like somewhat of a relief!

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  1. I think I was always a little anxious about going back, but I love Fall and like you was always excited about being back in a routine!

  2. your salad looks greatttt! and im the same way about goat cheese!! if it smells/tastes good then we’re good to go! i miss school SO SO much. i never thought id miss class/papers/the library, but i do! i miss seeing my friends and having no real cares and just living the life!

  3. Usually I’m right there with you, Sunday nights always make me a little sad, but come Monday morning I’m sweating it out and still make it to work early. However, today is a rainy Monday morning, and I can never move fast on a rainy day.

  4. I love the new pic of you chomping on corn!!!!! I can’t do the kiwi with the skin- I cut it in half and eat with with a spoon! I agree, this time of year is just nostalgic… I love the fall.

  5. Faith 08.23.2010

    Oh my goodness, I eat my kiwis whole too. I have never convinced anyone else to try it or heard of anyone else who eats them whole. :) I am glad there is someone else who is weird like me.

  6. Theresa 08.23.2010

    This is my first fall that I will not be returning to school and I am so sad! I’m still getting all the “Pick up your books” and “Get your parking pass” emails cause my school email hasn’t been deactivated yet! wah :( ….but thank goodness there is homecoming!

    The salad looks so yummy! I think I’m going to have to try this one! :)

    • Molly 08.23.2010

      And this year’s homecoming marks 100 years for Johnnie Football, AND it’s Tommie Johnnie>>> OMG. Can’t.Wait.!!!!

  7. Melanie 08.23.2010

    I start grad school this week, and even though that’s intimidating, I am looking forward to it for the very reason of having a routine! Also, great new IGE picture. :)

  8. Shelley 08.23.2010

    Kiwi with the skins on? That just sounds gross! If I don’t want to mess with peeling it I’ll sometimes cut it in half and dig the fruit out with a spoon.

    I worked in Ames for a year and I remember seeing all of the signs directing the students at back to school time. It made me so sad that I wasn’t one of them. I wanted to follow the signs and be a student again! Before becoming a SAHM, I always had to drive by Drake to get to work and had some of the same feelings every year when I saw the kids moving in. I graduated from college 10 years ago so I don’t get quite as sad anymore but I do still love new school supplies!

  9. My last day of work is Thursday, I move out Friday, and classes start next Wednesday. I still have to pack, map out my routes to classes, and bond with my new roommates. Ah! Too much to do and so little time!

  10. Your salad looks so colorful and fresh, as usual! I’m a little sad to see summer end but am anxious for school and fall to start as well, mainly becausing I’m moving to the city and it’s always been a dream of mine :)

  11. Bridget 08.23.2010

    Good morning! I hate saying goodbye to summer but I love the new school year. It’s definitely bitter sweet. My kids are so excited to go back and see their friends, participate in activities and have this darn humidity and heat taper. It’s been a great summer but we’re ready for fall!

  12. Loved going back to school! But, I’m nerd :wink:

  13. I loveee the color in this post, especially the chia + peaches.

    Off too school today. Not entirely thrilled…

  14. Alaina 08.23.2010

    Yep, it’s back to school for me today! Normally, I’m more excited, but the prospect of working full time and taking classes in the evening is making me tired just thinking about it…

    I’m definitely a just-do-it kind of girl. I have never been one to hit the snooze button or delay waking up…though I have been known to skip early morning workouts if I have the option to sleep in :D But I know that if I have to get up to be somewhere, I’m up, and that’s the end of it. I just can’t snooze and go back to sleep knowing I have something I have to do!

  15. Leianna 08.23.2010

    I miss going back to school time too! Need a kiwi in my life before fall starts, thanks for the reminder.

  16. i’m with you. i get sad with the start of school but then once a routine kicks in i’m a-okay! and that’s a good thing cuz grad school year 2 starts next monday. the countdown begins!

  17. MelissaOklahoma 08.23.2010

    I always get the Sunday Night Blues! Especially when I worked M-F…but my work scheudule varies, so I often get a day off during the week. Like today! So last night, no blues for me!

    I’ve made morning oats a couple times, and at first they were really good…but now they seems to dense or something. Maybe dry…? I’m not sure what it is, because I don’t know that I’m doing anything different!

  18. Kait 08.23.2010

    All my friends still up at UGA started classes last Monday and it was the first time ever that I wasn’t going back to school come fall time…ahh kinda crazy. I agree I won’t miss the homework but I did always love getting supplies and figuring out who was in my classes :)

  19. Cynthia 08.23.2010

    I cut my kiwi in chunks…..no skin. I always loved going back to school and seeing my old friends and talking about what we did during the summer. In fact, to this day when all of the new school supplies hit the shelves I go out and buy by myself some new folders pens, pencils and a pencil case for my desk at work.

  20. Tracy 08.23.2010

    As a kid i looooved back to school, but as a mom I get very depressed! I like when my kids are at home with me!!

  21. Lauren 08.23.2010

    With my job now, back to school time is just as exciting because I oversee 7 high schools. I use to LOVE the first day of school, but everything after that wasn’t so great! ;)

  22. I used to love the first day back at school but after about a week I always wished I was still on vacation!

    Your food looks so fresh and tasty, love it. Oh, and I’m not averse to eating the skin on a kiwi but it always has to be chopped. I don’t like to eat it like an apple.

  23. Sara 08.23.2010

    Ugh, school makes me barf. LOL not really, but my stress levels shoot out the roof when school starts back…but it does mean that the holidays are coming up soon! :D CHRISTMAS!! THANKSGIVING!! HALLOWEEN!! (in reverse order ;) )

  24. Your foods look so awesome! I was so so psyched to see your overnight oats recipe because I have been reading food blogs/listening to people rave about overnight oats for years, and never tried them until last week. I’ve just started a new healthy diet (and am foodblogging myself) and making a point to try overnight oats was part of the deal when I decided to start this new food plan and blog! I’ve since made them twice, using milk, but am intrigued by the greek yogurt and plan to try that tonight!! Your pictures make it look phenomenal

  25. Jen 08.23.2010

    I was SO looking forward to classes starting at ISU today… until I got to my first prof started talking. “I don’t want you to have a life outside this class.” UGH!

  26. Hope 08.23.2010

    I’m SO not ready to head back to school. Grandview starts next Monday, which I’m not looking forward to. Although I had a really nice relaxing summer for the most part, so I can’t complain.

    Now as for eating a kiwi whole: That’s the grossest thing I think I’ve ever heard! How does he get past the fur???!

  27. Erin (penny. LA) 08.23.2010

    Though going back was never the best thing, the first couple of weeks were a bit dreadful but, like you, I enjoyed the return to routine.

    Ben eats kiwi whole? I didn’t know people did that! I absolutely slice mine up. And I’m surprised at the amount of people who have not eaten kiwi!

  28. Jordan 08.23.2010

    I used to LOVE back to school time. My feelings for a new school year started dwindling throughout high school, but now I’m a freshman in college so it’s new and exciting! I started classes today; they went great! I like structure in my days, so being on a schedule like this is good for me.
    Also, I tried eating a kiwi with the skin once. I took one or two bites and then pulled out a knife to peel it. You’re right, it is exactly like licking cloth. Lecckk, it makes my tongue hurt.

  29. Oooh yummm, your salad looks amazing! I love bright and colourful lunches, they always put me in a good mood :)
    I always dreaded the start of the school year because in Australia, we start school in the MIDDLE OF SUMMER. So it’s disgustingly hot.
    But alas, I’ll never have to endure that again! :D

  30. I do eat the skin on the kiwis; it doesn’t bother me. It sure beats peeling the skin off.

    I tried goat cheese on my salad last week and it was awesome!

  31. Dream Mom 08.23.2010

    Love kiwi-I can only eat it without the skin though~love it on salads with strawberries in the summertime.

    As for time management tips, I don’t cook a lot on Sundays but I do prep stuff when I can. I thaw things the night before and always try to do things to make my days run smoother. I get everything ready the night before. For my son, I unpack his backpack on his wheelchair after school and pack it up for morning. I try to have everything done the night before so I have as little as possible to do the next day.

  32. Alexa @ Sohdalex 08.23.2010

    Raspberry is probably my fav chobani flavor. Your meals look so tasty! I always looked forward to the start of a new school year, new supplies, new people to meet. And you can almost smell the holidays in the air, halloween, thanksgiving…. always good things to look forward to ;)

  33. Laura 08.23.2010

    Random question for you. I am debating over making either your choc chip derby pie or your peanut butter pie for my grandpa’s birthday part thursday night…. which one do you think is the BEST. I know, i know… tough question! BTW I loved the start of school…nerd alert!

  34. I ALWAYS loved going back to school! In fact, though I’m excited for fall I’m super sad I don’t get to go back to school this year :(


  35. Lindsay 08.23.2010

    I started school last monday and this semester thus far has gone very well. I am enjoying all of my classes and I love getting new supplies. Luckily this semester all of my teachers are amazing and I get two days off during the week. I need those days off because I work on saturday and sunday!!

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