How To Save $50 a Month


Happy Tuesday!

I got my morning started with a dark (just wrote dork) and stormy run. What my Mom and I thought was heat lightening flashing during our walk, turned into real lightening accompanied by thunder during my run afterwards. Planned 3 miles :arrow: 1.5 miles. Better then 0 miles and getting struck by lightening! :D

I whipped up a delish bowl of Banana Peach Oatmeal for breakfast afterwards.


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 banana (half sliced in while cooking, half on top)
  • Cinnamon, vanilla extract
  • Peach
  • Sliced almonds


Gosh I love peaches! I don’t normally think of putting bananas and peaches together, for whatever reason, but this was really, really good!


Photographed between rain drops,


and enjoyed with a cup of Vanilla Biscotti coffee made in my Keurig.

DSC_0003 DSC_0005

I am telling you, this baby has paid for itself twice over from the money I’ve saved by using it to brew my morning coffee instead of going to Starbucks!

Edited to add: You can buy a reusable Keurig filter that you add your own ground coffee into, instead of having to use the coffee pods!


Pre-Keurig, I was getting a latte at least three mornings a week. 3 x $4 latte = $12 a week. Multiply that by 4 weeks in a month and there’s $48 right there. Three lattes a week is on the low end too! How often do you go out for coffee?


Now I can brew a cup of vanilla coffee, drizzle in some half & half, toss in a teaspoon of sugar and call it a day cost effective, delicious morning. :D


I am THIS EXCITED for my lunch today. 


First up is a big veggie salad with leftover caramelized onions!


I was all – ‘do I?’ – with the onions, but clearly the answer is YES. Always more caramelized onions! I don’t think I’ve ever had them in a salad, so I’m anxious to dig in.


In more exciting news, I found the new Larabar flavors at my grocery store this weekend – YES!!!


The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor is wildly delicious, and the chocolate chips studding the bar are so fab. It’s pretty tiny and calorie dense – I think maybe 230 cals (?) – but totally worth it for a special treat.


All together now!


In other news…Ben and I did not win the lottery. I blame the computer that generated three numbers in the 20s. C’mon! We didn’t even have a chance!


Although we did not win – it’s still fun to imagine what you’d do with the money, no? Let’s say the winning jackpot was $100,000,000…

after taking care of your family, friends, community, your future and your children’s children’s future – what’d be the first frivolous purchase you’d make with your winnings?

I’d buy an adorable beach house in Key West and figure out what I’d do with the rest of the money while sipping pina coladas and watching the waves crash in. Then I’d buy a trip to Bora Bora and continue to figure it out there. THEN I’d buy an airplane and taking flying lessons! :D

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  1. I’ve been wanting to get a Kuereg! I thought you could only use the individual coffee pods though? Can you use coffee grounds from bulk?

  2. Becky 08.31.2010

    I love my Keurig too, my favorite flavor has to be Butter Toffee – out of this world! And after taking care of all of my family, friends, children etc, I would spend the rest of the money on homes. I would want one in all different locations; a cozy cottage in New England for the fall season, a beautiful mansion on California’s coast, an average home on a lake in the Carolinas, and the last one would probably be a cabin in the mountains.

    Oh and not to get you spending your $ again at Starbucks, but….
    they just introduced the exciting new that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back!

  3. i rarely buy coffee out – my boyfriend has a keurig and i LOVE it. especially around christmas with the holiday flavors! and if i won $100 mill, i would quit my job and travel around the ENTIRE world. south america, south africa, mozambique, egypt, jordan, italy, japan, thailand. oh to dream…

  4. Definitely a house in northern michigan on the lake! They maybe a boat?

  5. lauramich 08.31.2010

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve been all about the peach-and-raspberry combination. I sliced and froze some peaches from a local orchard, and my typical breakfast has been half peaches, half raspberries, with low-fat plain yogurt, Kashi GoLean, and almonds. But once the apple orchard opens for the season, I’ll probably switch from Kashi GoLean to oatmeal.

    I brew at home almost every morning, but I might treat myself to coffee out once or twice a week—walk over to the campus Starbucks after lunch for an iced americano (gets me out of my cubicle!), or grab one while grocery shopping. I don’t have a Keurig, but I do have a programmable coffeemaker. I set it up the night before, so I just have to pour and go the next morning.

  6. Alaina 08.31.2010

    Eeeeeek, I don’t even like to think about how much I spend on coffee out since I picked up my first FULL TIME JOB about a month ago…I’m an absolute iced coffee addict. It never tastes the same when I make it at home, and it is one of my few indulgences these days…so I have a feeling it’ll slide for awhile :D

    If I won the lottery…I would fully buy a dream home in Europe. Somewhere. And then I’d buy all the size 10 shoes in the world (Lord knows there aren’t many!).

  7. Heather 08.31.2010

    My husband has saved some money using his keurig – he buys the pods in bulk though.

    Keurig also has iced coffee pods now – I’m trying to get him to brew iced coffee at home and bring it to work in a reusable cup instead of buying it at Dunkin Donuts. I have not been the most successful at that.

  8. i’d buy my dream house and travel and give alot of money to various charities and such.

  9. Sarah 08.31.2010

    I love the caramelized onions on your salad. I will definitely be trying that this week!

  10. Erin (penny. LA) 08.31.2010

    For me to make a frivolous purchase with my winnings would be unlike me… BUT… I think I’d buy Prada’s entire collection of handbags. OR an island. Okay, the last part – but I think it’d have to be a small one!

  11. This is totally my argument to Hunni about the Keruig. Our barista knows who we are and my order without even asking. I really need to save that money.

  12. Sarah 08.31.2010

    I love my Keurig! I randomly picked up some Pumpkin Spice k-cups at Kohl’s last week and they definitely rival the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks! I picked up a $25 milk “frother” at Cost Plus World Market and am seeing lots of delicious DIY lattes, mocha’s and fancy hot cocoas in my future this winter!

  13. You’ve *almost* convinced me!

    By the way, I could see a little silver bracelet peeking out in one of your photos…what does it say?

  14. JennyV 08.31.2010

    Beach house on the East Coast — preferrably near an adorable boardwalk….

    Then I’d buy a mountain cottage… :)

    Btw, I noticed a neat silver bangle bracelette — care to share more details? I love bangles!

  15. MMM I love caramelized onions! If I won the lottery, I would take my entire family on a vacation to Europe :)

  16. Elly 08.31.2010

    We just received a Keurig for our upcoming wedding, and I cannot wait to use it! We have one at work, but it’s just not the same as making coffee at home. My Grams got us the reusable filter, which I’m excited about! Reusable filter = Folgers! I love Folgers coffee!

    If I won the lottery, I would build a new house out in the country somewhere and buy all of the farm necessities… John Deere of course! : ) And I’d travel to Italy, Greece, France, England, Ireland, and all of the 50 states!

  17. kate 08.31.2010

    I obviously need to take a trip to DSM to get some new Larabar flavors!

  18. I have a Keureg too and I LOVE it!!!!
    Peaches… oh how I will miss them!

  19. Rachel 08.31.2010

    I buy coffee about once a week–There’s a Starbucks inside the Hy-Vee where I shop, so I grab coffee for me, & chocolate milk for my son before I start our grocery shopping. It’s our little treat.

    As for frivolous purchases if I won the lottery, my first would be a shopping trip at the Chanel boutique in Paris. Then maybe a Star Trek convention in Vegas with my sister!

  20. Lauren 08.31.2010

    YAY for finding the new bar flavor. I’m not having any luck here.

    Fun question!!! I would take a year off and travel the world, inviting myself to dinner at various people’s homes and restaurants in all different countries and then blog about it!

  21. Sara 08.31.2010

    Choc. Chip Cookie Dough LARA bars are amazing!! I love the chocolate chips – such a great burst of chocolate flavor :D I really want to try PB chocolate chip cookie!

    Oh man, if I had that much money, I’d travel to Europe and go to England, Ireland, Greece, Italy, France and Switzerland. And pay off my student loans. Hahaha :)

  22. I love my Keurig, also! I fill it with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. I don’t get coffees during the week (unless I decide to treat myself) but on the weeekends I def do.

  23. Katharine 08.31.2010

    I spend FAR too much money on my morning coffee – I buy at least 3 per week. (Mostly due to the fact I can’t bring myself to drink hot coffee in the summer – hopefully that means I’ll save some cash once fall hits!)

  24. lindsay 08.31.2010

    what time do you get up in the morning in comparison to when you have to be at work in order to have time to walk with your mom and run, blog and eat breakfast?!

  25. Angharad 08.31.2010

    I make coffee at work with my two coworkers. We take turns buying beans ($8.49) that last us easily a month. We brew one french press a day! It saves an amazing amount of money! If we all bought coffee we’d spend $6 between us a day! Plus we don’t have to leave the comfort of our office :)

    Lottery = round the world ticket. Twice.

  26. erica 08.31.2010

    i love my keurig! i use it practically everyday! i got the one that only makes a single cup (it’s only me and the bf, and he doesn’t drink coffee…so i thought it would be more practical….but sometimes i miss a big ol’ coffee pot!

    i think i would travel and buy some nice bags and shoes and clothes =)

  27. You’ve gotta love a good saving and that coffee machine looks like it’s saving you a bomb!

  28. Katie 08.31.2010

    As much as I enjoy a good cup of coffee from home, I did have to make a stop at Starby’s today for a pumpkin spice latte. Yes, they’re back!!!!! It was a special treat since it has been my one pregnancy craving and I can finally satisfy it! My morning was pretty awesome because of it! :)

  29. Katie 08.31.2010

    I would LOVE a Keurig! Maybe I’d buy a few of those with my lotto winnings…

    I’d probably start some kind of business. If I had the funds for it and was able to afford losing money, I’d love to start a coffee and crepe shop… yummm! Or some sort of dog business, just because I’m obsessed.

    I’ve discovered the deliciousness of the Larabar thanks to your blog… 10 for $10 at my Krogers meant a lemon bar and banana for lunch. Amazing!

  30. Charity 08.31.2010

    Have been thinking about getting a Keurig but between my husband and I we drink at least two cups each morning. Do you have problems with yours leaking?

    I would definitely buy a house on the beach if I won the lottery and of course take lots of trips.

  31. I have a Flavia that I use in the winter! Love it!

    If I won the lotto, I think I would spend a year traveling the world, come back, and settle into a nice house on the ocean. Ohhh to dream!

  32. nataliev 08.31.2010

    we have twin larabar loves. i just wrote a post about it yesterday w some pretty similar pics ( the new flavors are the bomb! you gotta try the choco brownie.

  33. Bridget 08.31.2010

    I would buy a house on the beach–not sure which coast but it must be a “roll out your front door and hit the ocean” kind of house! Ahhhh, to win the lottery. Wouldn’t it just be amazing? It’s fun to dream! Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to the pictures!

  34. Ms.S 08.31.2010

    This may sound strange, but $100,000,000 is so much money, I can’t even wrap my head around ideas to do with it. I’m pretty sure I’d give most of it away. Too much money makes me uncomfortable.

  35. Carol 09.01.2010

    This is probably a dumb question, but if you use reusable filters in the Keurig, is there still something about it that is different from a regular coffee maker?

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