Enjoy guest posts from IGE readers describing their best vacations ever while I’m away on mine! Check out my Italy travel page which I’ll be updating with links to videos, pictures & posts throughout my trip!

San Diego

Name, Blog: My.Daily.Randomness

Who, what, where, when and why: It was in February 2007. My boss informed me that I would be accompanying him to our National Conference in California… I couldn’t say no… I mean who doesn’t like free travel for work right? {And I only ended up working for 3 out of the 7 days I was there!}. He was also kind enough to allow my BF at the time to come with us, all he had to pay for was his own airfare {good deal, no?}.


We actually did a l ot in the 4 days that I had off… stuff that would normally take you like a week to see… Went to SeaWorld, spent an entire day walking around the San Diego Zoo, spent a day checking out all the museums in Balboa park, including: The Museum of Man, Museum of Natural History, the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, went shopping, and met up with a local friend who took us out for a night out on the town!



It also happened to be a week of “freak weather” as the locals called it. It rained a good 2 or 3 days, and was pretty cool… about 13°C (55°F)… I didn’t think it was that cold, but then again we had just flown in from a place that was likely -13°C (8°F) at the time with the windchill!! {Oh Canada!}

My favorite part of the vacation was: definitely all the sight-seeing {even though it was crammed into only a few days}. I am really big on visiting all the local attractions, taking massive amounts of pictures and just takin’ in all in!


My best travel tip for this location: Get out there and take the bus! The first night we were there we decided to take a quick taxi ride across town, although it didn’t cost that much {about $12} we thought “this could get expensive after two or three days.” So we headed over to the bus terminal, picked up a map of all the local bus routes, and bought a three day pass for the city bus. Best {little} money spent ever! It did take slightly longer to get everywhere, but what better way to see San Diego than from on a bus.


The thing you MUST do at this location: Most people who have been here will agree… The San Diego Zoo. Truely a magnificant place. We spent an entire day there and still didn’t get around to seeing everything {likely because I take massive amounts of pictures of everything … tehehe!}


The thing I want to do next time I return: Take my time. Since we were there while I was working everything had to be down to fit my schedule. Next time I want to do things on my own schedule, for as long as I want, when I want!

North Carolina

Name, Blog: Sami Cox, Freckled Foodie

Who, what, where, when and why: My family and I take a vacation together every summer to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, and grandparents on my Mom’s side of the family rent a huge house together and stay for a week, usually right on the beach. I’d have to say these are the BEST vacations EVER. It’s too difficult to choose which year has been the best, because each year we are blessed with a beautiful house complete with a hot tub, pool, beach access, and typically an elevator (for my great aunt who cannot do steps).


My favorite part of the vacation was: My favorite part of these vacations is the nights that we all go out to dinner together. My family is incredibly close, and the more time we spend together dining and laughing together, the closer we become! Another cool thing that we usually get to experience together are the sand dunes! Another thing that I love is the bike & walking paths along the road! It makes a wonderful early morning route by the beach. Mile markers included!


My best travel tip for this location: My best travel tip for this location is to get out and explore! There are a TON of things to do! Also, I highly recommend that you try the Tale of the Whale restaurant! I had my FIRST lobster there, and it was an amazing dish!


The thing you MUST do at this location: It’s tradition in my family that each year we go to Professor Hackett’s to mini golf! The courses are loaded with beautiful waterfalls, and a neat train that takes you to the “top of the mountain” where the adventure begins!


The thing I want to do next time I return: Next time I return, I’d like to try hang gliding off of the sand dunes!