My Favorite New & Improved Makeup Pick!


I’ve been meaing to share my favorite, new & improved makeup pick with you guys for the past couple weeks!

I’ve used Maybelline’s Unstoppable Eyeliner for years. It’s the only eyeliner I’ve ever found that doesn’t smudge under my eyes giving me the dreaded raccoon effect. You know what I mean.


Well, as much as I liked the eyeliner, it wasn’t the smoothest to put on. It was a tad dry and pulled my eyelids a bit. Anyways, they’ve reformulated the product and it now glides on as smooth as a liquid liner, but is much easier to apply. Plus, it DOES NOT BUDGE until you wash your face with soap and water!


Just thought I’d share with you, as a good eyeliner is always hard to find!

In other news, the rain continues! My Mom and I were covered with drizzle by the time we got home from our morning walk (in colored shirts, TG!) It’s so weird though, I usually associate rain with chilly temps around this time of year, but it’s still hot & steamy out there. Mind games!

Hot or not, I made a cozy bowl of Almond Butter & Jelly Oats for breakfast. :)


I seriously, seriously, love this combo!


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup each old fashioned oats, unsweetened vanilla almond breeze & water
  • 1 banana (1/2 sliced in while cooking, 1/2 on top)
  • Cinnamon, vanilla extract
  • Raspberry jam (stirred with a spoonful of water to thin out)
  • Almond butter


Totally tastes like a PB&J sammy. I’m ok with that. :)


I packed some leftover Shrimp & Tofu Stir Fry for a quick and easy lunch.


Rats, I can see some mushrooms that I must have missed in the “pick out” process! What veggies do you refuse to eat? (Jessica, you can’t say ALL!) ;)


Paired with a Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar for dessert. Seriously – I have been rocking these minis in my lunches, plus 1 or 2 every night, since JULY and the bag is still at least 1/4 full. Mini LBs for days. HA! 8O 


Is this week flying by, or is it just me? Happy hump day!

ps: Today’s the last day to vote for Project Food Blog Challenge #1! :D  


Do you wear a lot of makeup? How long does it take you to apply in the morning?

I used to be able to get away with a little bit of powder and blush, but since my brush with adult acne, I have to go with the whole sha-bang. Foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush – plus eye makeup of said Maybelline eyeliner, mascara and brow gel. It takes me about 8 minutes to apply everything.

Oh, btw, HD Makeup Forever (available at Sephora) is the ONLY foundation I’ve found that actually covers blemishes without having to pancake it on!

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  1. I love makeup but I don’t wear a ton day to day – but when I go out I like to play it up!

  2. Mellissa 09.22.2010

    I really like makeup and have way too much of it, it takes me about 6 minutes to put on foundation, a bit of concealer, bronzer, blush and eyeyshadow/mascara.

  3. it poured here the other day and i almost grabbed a hoodie until i realized it was 85 degrees! boo. i wear the same makeup almost everyday (and it’s so incredibly different from when i was in college!). usually i roll with physician’s formula yellow under eye concealer, a few dots of concealer on spots, a quick swipe of mineral makeup all over, and finish with a light brush of bronzer (year round, it just gives you a glow). then i brush on some bare minerals blush, curl my eyelashes and apply a primer and mascara, and im G2G!

  4. Becky Jo 09.22.2010

    I also refuse to eat mushrooms… of any kind. My husband fried morels for breakfast one morning (??!!) while I was still in bed, sick with the flu, and omg, it made me even more sick! I think I’d be fine with a mushroomless world. ;)

  5. Beth @ bethcooks 09.22.2010

    It usually depends on the season. If I’m tan, then a little concealer, blush and mascara are totally fine. The foundationm powder, and bornzer come out when I’m pale, in the dead of winter…..

  6. I didn’t know you didn’t like mushrooms! The only veggies I really dislike are parsnips and beets. I definitely wear a lot of makeup. I think if done properly, it enhances a woman’s natural beauty!

  7. I love the idea of PB&J oats! I don’t really wear makeup unless it’s the weekend. Then I do the basics!

  8. Kris 09.22.2010

    I really dislike sausage. Mostly italian sausage or anything with fennel. The spice gets me every time.

    Now with makeup, it usually takes me between 8-10 minutes to put on powder, blush, liner and mascara. Remember the days in middle school when we all caked on the foundation and tried to out-do the next girl? I have pictures and laugh every time!

  9. I LOVE ab & j oats! I’m going to buy some crofter’s today for that exact purpose! And I’m not a big makeup wearer, just some eyeliner and powder so it takes me about two minutes to get ready :)

  10. lauramich 09.22.2010

    Re: makeup—I’ve become totally low-maintenance on that score. Most days, I don’t wear any. For a special occasion, I put on lipstick and a coating of gloss. If I’m really feeling fancy, I’ll add mascara as well.

    Re: vegetables—I really don’t think there are any I out-and-out refuse to eat. My least favorite would have to be alfalfa sprouts. I’ll eat them, but I’ll never choose them. (I do love mung bean sprouts in a stir fry, though.)

    I also have a weird, ambivalent relationship with cauliflower. I like the taste just fine, but I have issues with it on aesthetic grounds. It’s white! And looks like brains! I have a hard time believing that it’s a “real vegetable,” and that I wouldn’t be better off with broccoli (which I love without reservation) or something else that’s green. But Teh Husband looooves cauliflower and doesn’t care for broccoli, so I’m trying to cultivate a greater appreciation for it. Weirdly, I like it best as a side when I have a Kashi Red Curry Chicken meal for lunch—I actually prefer it then to my usual broccoli.

    And for a long time I didn’t like it at all raw, but I’ve recently discovered that raw cauliflower + ranch dressing = delicious.

    Next up on my vegetables to learn to appreciate list: Beets. I don’t care for the canned, pickled kind, but I suspect that I might like them roasted. I also had some fresh beets shredded on a spinach salad not long ago, and that was pretty good. (Of course, the dominant flavors in that salad were the goat blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. Yum.)

    My list of “vegetables I’ve never tried” is a lot longer than the list of “vegetables I don’t like,” but one of my goals is to rectify that.

  11. Missy B 09.22.2010

    So excited to try the new eyeliner. I’ve been ticked with mine and have been looking for a new one that smear all over!

    Also, just wanted to tell you that I made that Shrimp/Pasta dish that you posted last week with the roma tomatoes and basil in it. DELISH! I can’t wait for leftovers! :)

  12. Stephanie 09.22.2010

    please send some rain over our way!! we are getting ready to head into mandatory water restrictions end of this week if we don’t get any… i don’t think i’ve seen anything but a mostly sunny sky in weeks. which is nice and all believe me, but the plants/grass are dyingggggggg!!

  13. Anna 09.22.2010

    What kind of tupperware do you use to pack your lunch? I can’t seem to find a size that is “perfect” for portion control purposes, but yours seems to be just that!

  14. Nic 09.22.2010

    Thanks for the eyeliner tip! I struggle with the raccoon eyes… and usually wear eyeliner in a cycle that goes a little something like this. Raccoon eyes, stop wearing eyeliner, find a new brand of eyeliner a couple of months after I stop wearing it, raccoon eyes, stop wearing eyeliner, find a new brand of eyeliner a couple of months after I stop wearing it, raccoon eyes… you get it. I will have to try Maybelline’s Unstoppable Eyeliner!

  15. AJ 09.22.2010

    I wear foundation, power, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and a little bit of lip gloss every day. I use a really light hand, so the overall effect is natural. I tend to apply my makeup the same all the time and have trouble coming up with ways to look special for dates and special events.

    Your skin looks very nice. Whatever your routine, it looks like it works well.

  16. jad18 09.22.2010

    I refuse to eat beets and cooked carrots. I cannot stand the smell and texture of either, plus beet juice creeps me out. I usually just wear pressed powder and lipstick/gloss. I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts and eye makeup seems to really bother my eyes if I wear it all day.

  17. lindsay 09.22.2010

    i am soooooo jealous that you have the good flavors in mini bars! i have only found 3 flavors in the mix box at target!!!!

  18. Dream Mom 09.22.2010

    Thanks for the eyeliner tip. I’ve been meaning to look for a new one.

    My makeup takes about the same amount of time. I use a heavier foundation though and it works great. I just started using some organic, virgin coconut oil under my foundation as a moisturizer (and yes, I have very oily skin and it’s odd but it works great!), just not around the eyes.

  19. Janna 09.22.2010

    I NEED that eyeliner. I have been searching high and low for one that doesnt smudge! Thank you!

    I dont wear a lot of makeup at all. When I do it’s usually a bit of eyeliner on top, mascara and lipgloss. That’s all!

  20. Julie S. 09.22.2010

    I really like Avon’s eyeliners, too.

  21. laura 09.22.2010

    I just discovered that eyeliner & it’s my new staple! I wear Mary Kay tinted moisturizer with spf, bare minerals powder, blush, eyeliner & mascara daily. On the weekends I love playing with eye shadow, liquid eyeliner & bronzer to change it up.
    & I don’t love cooked green peppers.

  22. Liz @ LBBakes 09.22.2010

    It takes me about 2-3 minutes everyday. If I’m going out or something though, more like 5-8. I am pretty speedy (and simple)!

  23. I used to hate mushrooms and raw tomatoes but am actually learning to appreciate them a bit more these days. Apart from that I think I pretty much like all veggies, or perhaps I only eat the ones I like?! Anyhoo, I can’t think of any that particularly disgust me!

    Your breakfast looks awesome. I do love a good PB&J combo on my oats in the morning!

  24. Kori 09.22.2010

    I own a lot of makeup, but I don’t wear a lot of makeup, if that makes sense. I am OBSESSIVE about taking care of my skin so I have this pretty rigorous Philosophy regimen that I go through daily (well, rigorous for me – meaning like, face wash, moisturizer…wrinkle cream because HELLO PREVENTION IS THE FIRST STEP) but other than that I usually just wear mascara and blush. Sometimes I’ll put on primer and foundation, or eye shadow, but I like to keep it simple.

  25. jen 09.22.2010

    That’s my favorite eyeliner, my go-to for the last few years!! love ittt

  26. Angela 09.22.2010

    I just found your blog through some other blog rolls and I love it! You have such great pics and food. Your breakfast looks delish, I would have never thought to thin out the jelly but that’s a great tip.

    This is so wrong, but unless we have clients in the office I wear 0 makeup. Literally. Not even mascara. A swipe of chapstick and face lotion and I’m out the door. I do wear more at night, but still only eyes and lips. The only time I ever wear makeup, i.e., foundation, is at weddings and its usually bc someone else is doing it for me. I did use bare essentials for a bit at the encouragement of my sister, but for now I don’t need it so I’m not going to mess with it.

  27. Lauren 09.22.2010

    I think once you find a good makeup product, you need to stick with it! I find that when I do try new things, I never really like them.

  28. sassy molassy 09.22.2010

    Those oats look delish! I had overnight oats today w/ raspberries and bananas mixed in.

    I wear a fairly natural makeup look. Powder foundation, a little liquid eye shadow, mascara and some bronzer. It takes about 5 min max.

  29. Ashley 09.22.2010

    I’m an equal opportunity veggie lover, I can’t think of a single one I don’t like. As for make-up, my routine takes like 3 minutes max, bare minerals concealer and mineral veil, followed by smashbox bronzer and some mascara and eyeliner and i’m good to go! Sometimes I skip all of it and just go with some mascara and eyeliner.

  30. I keep my makeup very simple for the most part, concealer, eyeliner, and blush; it might take me about 5 minutes max.

    Also love the oats today, they must have been delish!

  31. AmyLou 09.22.2010

    I love makeup. However, as a mostly stay-at-home mom, I don’t wear it often because I think it’s a bit of a waste. To go out and run errands, I usually just slap some Makeup Forever powder on and curl my eyelashes and throw some lipstick on and I’m good to go. And that’s if I even bother – if it’s humid or hot or both, forget anything.

    However, I love a good reason to do the whole sha-bang, and if we’re going out on the town or something, I do it all – primer, blush, bronzer for contouring, foundation, powder, lip liner, lip stick, lip gloss, eye primer, eye shadow (usually 2-3 shades), eye liner (love me some MAC gel liner) and copious amounts of mascara.

  32. I use that kind of eye liner too; it’s great! I’m excited to try the new/updated version!

  33. Andrea 09.22.2010

    OK, I have seen a few oatmeal PB&J posts and none of them looked as good to me as this one! I will be trying that! :)

  34. Bree 09.22.2010

    I am pretty minimal when it comes to make-up. Eyeliner, mascara, concealer and Bare Minerals foundation. I guess it’s more then some, but it doesn’t take me long at all.

    I refuse to eat water chestnuts (texture), iceberg lettuce (texture and taste), bean sprouts (texture) and romaine hearts (texture). I can stomach peas, but don’t prefer to eat them. Other then that, everything else is game on!

  35. Terin 09.22.2010

    I have also been cursed with adult acne so I have to do full makeup. If I have bad break outs I whip out my green color stick for the red bumps (the green contrasts with the red bumps and makes it less noticeable), foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner. I can usually get it all on in about 6 or 7 minutes. On weekends if I’m not going anywhere I don’t wear makeup and give my skin a break :).

    I HATE mushrooms, they have a rubber like texture, eww!

  36. Annie 09.22.2010

    I too had a brush with adult acne so I can’t get away with just tinted moisturizer or something light like that since I have to conceal the scars left behind. I use foundation and concealer (both MAC studio fix), blush, bronzer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipgloss.

    I’m envious of everyone who says it takes them 5-8 min to get ready. I have to admit I’m a bit high maintenance so a quick put together for me is 20 min. Is this bad? ha

  37. Ms.S 09.22.2010

    I never leave the house without mascara, but unless I’m not working (ie: spending my time with preschoolers who think I’m beautiful no matter what I wear), I don’t do much more than moisturizer and mascara. When I go out, though, or meet up with friends I do a powder base, a little blush, some eye shadow and liner, mascara, and a gloss or lipstick. Since I enjoy the process I take my own sweet time unless I’m in a rush – so I CAN get it done in about 8 minutes, but enjoy taking closer to 15.

  38. Heather 09.22.2010

    I discovered that eyeliner just this year and I love it! I usually stock up and buy several at a time! I have also developed a liking for Covergirl Liquilineblast…I’ve always hated liquid liner, but this is a combo of Unstoppable and liquid. Try it!

  39. Amy 09.22.2010

    This might sound silly, but where did you learn to put on make up? Yours always looks fresh and clean. I’m 34 and don’t wear makeup. I don’t want to on a regular basis, but wouldn’t mind on special occasions. I just don’t want to put it on so it’s noticeable.

  40. Sami 09.22.2010

    ohh! i’m in the market for a new eyeliner! must check this out :) those pb&j oats look stunningly delicious. must try as well :D

  41. Manon 09.22.2010

    I have SUCH a horrible time finding eyeliner that doesn’t smudge….I will be picking that bad boy up ASAP! Thanks for the tip!

  42. i wear a little makeup depending on my mood/time (i’m a grad student so i don’t have to dress up every day!). but it takes me longer to do my hair (15 min) than make up (5 at max unless it’s a special occasion). i swear by clinque though!

  43. Jana 09.22.2010

    I wear full makeup as well, (magix, foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss) it takes 5-7 minutes. I used to sell avon so i use a lot of their products still. I tend to get shiny, so I use this stuff called magix. You apply it before your makeup and it helps with shine control. You can by it in a compact or tube, tinted or not tinted. I notice a huge difference when I don’t use it! Then I use a long-wearing foundation, which further helps with the shine. I get a lot of compliments on my skin, so I must be doing something right! Because when I don’t wear makeup you can tell :)

  44. Jana 09.22.2010

    Oh also, not sure if you do this or not, but you can “set” your eyeliner by brushing over it with face powder, it really helps keep it from smudging as bad.

  45. Runway Rundown 09.22.2010

    I just made your french dip recipe last night…it was a total hit! My finicky picky boyfriend ate it up and looked at me as if he wanted more. Thanks for another great recipe!

  46. dmcgirl 09.22.2010

    Been using self sharpening pencils for years! Love’m! ;-)

  47. What a tasty breakfast indeed!

  48. Brynne 09.22.2010

    I LOVE my Bare Minerals, but I’ve been looking for a good non-smudge eyeliner – thanks so much for sharing! 99 cent NYCs are just not cutting it anymore.

  49. Maura 09.23.2010

    Thanks for suggestion with the eye liner!! I need one that doesn’t make me look like a racoon!!

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