Husband’s Gone Wild!


It’s raining cats & dogs out there!


The weather kind of fits the mood, though, ’cause Ben and I were planning on donning our ‘jams tonight and hunkering down to watch new episodes of The Office, 30 Rock (Tina’s my fave!!) and the Miami football game!


Here’s what I’m in for…

That video was taken last year – here’s his getup for tonight (photo taken while snarfing dinner over the stove):


I seriously laughed ’til I cried at these pictures!!! "Ahh! Papparazzi!" He cried!


I don’t know why looking at them just triggered such uncontrollable laughter – AFV montage type laughter – but I’m wiping away tears as I type. Maybe you had to be there… ANYWAYS, he’s been nervous about the game all day and is donning all of his U gear in support!


Here’s the dinner said husband was snarfing – Pizza!


I always forget about making pizza at home for some reason, but it seemed like a fun thing to make tonight! I started with a Boboli 100% Whole Wheat Crust.

DSC_0003 (2)

You can eat a quarter of it for 180 calories,

DSC_0008 (2)

and the crust is nice and chewy, which I like.


One thing I like about making pizza at home, is that YOU control the ingredients!


I started by slathering some local, Gino’s Pizza Sauce all over the crust.


I only use Gino’s marinara sauce for my pasta, as it tastes insanely fresh and has minimal amounts of ingredients, but I’d never tried the pizza sauce before.


Ohhh, it is so juicy & luscious! It totally reminded me of the sauce we had on our pizzas in Italy!


After the sauce went on, I went for the toppings. Mmmkay, I know this may look like an odd combo – but it works!


I started with some black olives,


added on some drained sauerkraut,  


and polished it off with fresh tomatoes.


Ben’s portion of the pie got covered with pepperoni. He’s a pizza purist. ;)


Into the oven for 8 minutes,


and out popped a piping hot pizza pie!


The Mother of all combos, I tell ya!


Ok, so I think sauerkraut on pizza might be a family thing, as Ben and my sister-in-law think it’s absolutely nuts that my brothers, Mom, Dad and I like to pile it on – but honestly, it. is. so. good!


What are your favorite pizza toppings?


Alllright, the clapping, shouting and C’MON LAMAAAR!!!!! have started flying up from the basement, which can only mean one thing… My normally sweet and mild-mannered husband has been overcome with college football fever!



Do you eat any foods that other people think are weird?

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  1. shandy (@webgals) 09.23.2010

    Mmm. pizza. I can’t think of any weird food I eat right now, but I do eat pizza weird. I eat the topping off and then eat the crust. I get a lot of comments about it. I don’t know why I do it. I don’t even think about it…it just happens.

  2. Lauren 09.23.2010

    Haha, mine too girl, mine too! Ben is hilarious! :) I’m even laughing just picturing him. ;)

  3. Cassie 09.23.2010

    My favorite pizza toppings are sauerkraut and pineapple. YUMMY. Sometimes with some ham and/or bacon thrown on too. And Chips in Ankeny has a DELISH Reuben pizza….mmm…now I want pizza!

  4. erica 09.23.2010

    sauerkraut on pizza….interesting. i love ‘kraut…maybe i should try it!
    i don’t really have any unusual combinations of food…it’s pretty common in hawaii, but i love popcorn mixed w/kakimochi!

  5. Krissy 09.23.2010

    I LOVE sauerkraut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great idea to put on pizza, definitely gonna try it!! =)

  6. Liz @ LBBakes 09.23.2010

    Ha – love college sports season! You are lucky to have a sports fanatic of a husband – I can only hope I find the same someday. ;)

  7. Carrie 09.23.2010

    Ever have Happy Joe’s special? (I’m trying to think if there are any DSM locations..) Anyway, it’s canadian bacon and sauerkraut and AMAZING.

  8. Becky 09.23.2010

    That pizza sounds good!
    Did Ben go to Miami? I’m from South Florida and have a lot of friends there. :)

  9. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 09.23.2010

    I do eat weird stuff but I can’t think of what! Mostly random healthy combos. My bf likes to order bbq chicken pizza AND THEN get fried dough on the side! Gross combo!

  10. heather 09.23.2010

    rutgers’ next game is saturday…woowoo(i actually do kinda care, LOL. no money yet, but college football is love). no pizza is complete without excess tabasco on it…i know it sounds weird but once you hit it with that sauce you will never, ever turn back.

  11. collee 09.23.2010

    Why is it that grown men go completely nuts when college football comes on? Mine is the same way. So funny. Hubby says we need to make sausage and sauerkraut. He says it is good – had it growing up and is now just mentioning it.

  12. Bridget 09.23.2010

    my new favorite topping for pizza is asparagus!! seriously! i just posted my recipe yesterday… its awesome!!

  13. You just gave me a great idea w/ the sauerkraut! My husband hates it and refuses to eat it – let alone the smell, but I could eat it by the spoonful (and often do)! :)

  14. Alysha 09.23.2010

    Peanut butter and mayo sandwiches!!!! I don’t even care about how unhealthy it is! It’s soooo tasty!!!! :D

  15. Exercise and Eat 09.23.2010

    Sauerkraut on pizza kind of creeps me out! And no matter what, peas always will, too!

  16. my husband is like that too w/ football! and his name is ben also :) what a good name.

    anyways on pizza i love onions and peppers. yum. next time you make homemade pizza, try putting the toppings under the cheese. then the cheese gets browned perfectly! i made a great cornmeal crust recently which we loved. :)

  17. Katy 09.23.2010

    Oh goodness, that pizza looks awesome and is a perfect football dinner. But my real motivation for leaving a comment is that I’m cheering for Ben’s enemy tonight — here in Pittsburgh, I’m a Pitt alum! :) I think I’m the only person I know not attending the game… this city has literally shut down just for it. However, I must confess that I’m not a super fan. I picked Community, 30 Rock, and The Office over the first half. But hey, P-I-T-T-, let’s go Pitt ;) (Though I wish you a peaceful husband and household tonight!)

  18. I wanted to let you know I took you up on that eyeliner recommendation. I usually get the glide on, twist-up, type but I had not tried Maybelline’s yet. I don’t know if you like to stock up on things when they’re on sale (I’m a sucker for a discount) but Walgreens has all Maybelline products 40% off right now – so the eyeliner was only $4.50!

    Thanks for the recommendation. Rain, rain, go away!

  19. Marissa 09.23.2010

    Haha that video is hilarious! Oh husbands and yelling at the TV during sports games. They’re so entertaining!

  20. Rachel S 09.23.2010

    I have to admit, I started cracking up when I saw the pictures after watching the video you posted. It’s always funny to see people get so into watching sports!

  21. Katie 09.23.2010

    Cashews on pizza – amazing! The local pizza place in the town where I grew up put them on their special and they are delicious – salty, crunchy, yummy. They also used sliced green olives instead of black. They weren’t my favorite but everyone else in my family loved them!

  22. Men…
    I love pineapple on pizza, which a lot of people love but I’ve had several people tell me i’m INSANE.

  23. I don’t eat a lot of foods that people think are weird, but girl you’re crazy with this pizza! Sour kraut and black olives…not jealous of tonight’s meal. I think that’s a first.

  24. Tiffany 09.23.2010

    That pizza actually looks really good! I always put ketchup on my macaroni. Growing up I thought it was totally normal because it was how my mom always fixed it…homemade with a ton of ketchup. But then my friends would come over and tell me it was weird. Oh well I still like it!

  25. dmcgirl 09.23.2010

    My daughter and I love bananas and mayo. We just dip it like a sauce and its really good! ;-) Can’t believe I admitted it, but wierder than your pizza!

    Go BEN!

  26. Mimi 09.23.2010

    I’m not sure food blogger really consider too much “weird,” with green monsters floating around. Still, my strangest combos are probably potatoes and pickles… Okay, that is actually weird.

    P.S. Why the love for Miami?

  27. Kristen, that video is stinking hilarious! I’m kind of glad my husband isn’t into sports because I don’t know if I could handle that action!

    My favorite pizza toppings are veggies! I usually go for thin crust, extra sauce, light cheese, and every veggie possible. Yum!

  28. Sara 09.24.2010

    I LOVE SAUERKRAUT!! And I have you to thank for it! After seeing it on your blog so much, I started to crave it…now I put it on everything!

  29. sara 09.24.2010

    We’re hitting Ginos tonight!

  30. Lisa 09.24.2010

    My fav pizza is one called the ‘Sensation’……black olives, sauerkraut and canadian bacon. So I totally get the sauerkraut on pizza thing.

  31. Ashley 09.24.2010

    Canadian bacon and sauerkraut from Happy Joe’s is my fave! The one on 86th Street in Urbandale just closed… and I’m not sure if there are any others closeby. I know there is one in Ames though. You HAVE to try it sometime!

  32. Manon 09.24.2010

    I LOVE sauerkraut on pizza! And I’m sending this post to every single person who has told me Im’ nuts and the only person on earth who would eat that crap. I’m glad I’m not alone!

  33. Lauryn 09.24.2010

    ohhh sister i feel your pain!! LOL my husband is from Alabama and we live in north carolina…soooo he is a HUGE bama fan!!! It has been like that the past 4 yrs at my house haha…but your pizza looks amazing!! never tried sourkraut on it but it doesnt look bad!

  34. Mama L 09.25.2010

    Turkey pepperoni & red onions! :) We make our pizza dough in my 12 year old bread machine….best purchase I’ve ever made! :) That thing can do anything!

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