Tropical Overnight Oats


Tropical overnight oats can actually be made in just 20 minutes. Creamy, sweet and refreshing – this combination will send you straight to the tropics!


Reason #4,762 why I love almond/peanut butter: you can use the near empty jar to make hot & silky Oats In a Jar. Thus, sights like this upset me greatly.


Fumble fingers here blew her chance at utilizing a near empty jar of almond butter to create her favorite, luscious breakfast this morning, so she set her sights on Tropical Oats instead. And then stopped talking about herself in the third person…


In the mix:

  • 1/4 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 Pineapple Chobani Greek Yogurt
  • Splash of skim milk
  • 1 banana (1/2 smashed in with oats/yog, 1/2 on top)
  • 1 chopped mango
  • Sliced almonds


Mixed together and left to sit for about 20 minutes. The oats still get semi soft and chewy, even if you don’t leave them in the yog/milk overnight. Tropical paradise in a dish. Seriously! Banana? Exotic. Pineapple? Exotic. Mango? Exotic! LOVE this combo! Toasted coconut would be divine. too.


I’ve got a nice 4-square of munchables for a graze-esque-type lunch today.


DSC_0020 DSC_0021

In our first corner we’ve got a massive Honeycrisp Apple + Almond Butter.


Taken from a new jar that I now have to get down to the broken jar’s levels!


HC’s were on crazy sale this weekend at the store, and I got 6 or 7 for the price that I usually pay for 2 or 3! This crispy apple is perfect for dipping in AB. :)


In our remaining corners we’ve got mixed veggies, that may or may not find their way into the almond butter,


and a Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabar! Of all the Larabars, I think this one tastes most like its name. It’s crazy good. :)


I like lunches that I can eat over the course of an afternoon!


In other news, I hate to keep bombarding you guys with these requests, but voting for Project Food Blog #3 – Luxury Dinner Party – is now open! Only 100 finalists move on to the next challenge, so I’d love your vote, for my Cozy Lunch Menu interpretation of a luxurious dinner party, if you feel I deserve it. I won’t pester you to vote everyday…I might just remind you on the last day if that’s coo… :)

This afternoon I’m stopping by a potential gym to join! One of the perks at my last job was having an onsite gym and, since winter’s coming, I need to find one pronto. I’d love to run outside in the cold, but it kills my ears! How much do you pay for your gym membership and where do you live? Just want to make sure I don’t get hosed. ;)

Anyways – onward! I’ve got things to do and jobs to learn! See ya!


What was your last fumble in the kitchen?

While cooking for my lunch party on Sunday, instead of heating up the burner under the giant pot of water that needed to be boiled for pasta, I cranked up the one under a soft and squishy oven mitt. Luckily I figured it out before it caught on fire! Eeks! 8O

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  1. Jenny 10.05.2010

    I’m at a 24 hour gym in WDM on 50th. It’s pretty inexpensive $15.95 per month after a joining fee. Which is a lot better than the $40 I was paying at a Y. It’s nice because it isn’t super busy and it has all the equipment that I want. But it doesn’t have many classes, which is a downside.

  2. Mich 10.05.2010

    Once when I was canning jalapenos with my mom…. I went to the bathroom without washing my hands before I used it. You get the idea…. Those peppers were HOT! Lesson learned, my friend, lesson learned.

  3. Mich 10.05.2010

    Oh and my “gym” is free :) I run, bike and walk outside, take two free weekly community yoga classes at two different neighborhood centers (one’s a Bikram session!). And I lift dinky weights and do 30-Day Shred, Slim In 6 and in my basement. I’m cheap :)

  4. Amber 10.05.2010

    I go to Aspen and have access to all the gyms for $33/month. I got a great deal a few years ago and although I rarely go anymore (bad, Amber) I’m too afraid to give it up. So, now you KNOW that they CAN go that low in membership prices… ;) Good luck!

  5. Manon 10.05.2010

    I’m constantly fumbling in the kitchen……’s pathetic. The last big one was when I was trying to pour soup out of a giant pot into single servings and dumped it all over myself, all over the stove, the floor, AND my dog. Not awesome.

  6. Brittany 10.05.2010

    Oh i love tropical flavours like mango and coconut!
    Here in Canada I pay about $27 every two weeks… and yes, that is one of the more costly gyms, but my membership extends to any gym in the franchise across Canada (I have yet to use it in that instance though lol)
    My last fumble in the kitchen? I alway, always seem to burn my sweet potato fries… :( lol

  7. I had a disaster with almond butta’…I heated the plastic AB jar up in the microwave to make oats in a jar…not thinking that the jar would melt. Whoops! Ya live ya learn, right?! ;)

  8. Ashley Pringle 10.05.2010

    I belong to Aspen as well, for a little under $30 – I have been a member there for a LONG time! I just started going back since I was outside a lot but I enjoy seeing the people, and I think it is worth it! On a side note, I just tried the Lemon Bar (Larabar) and absolutely loved it!!

  9. Valerie 10.05.2010

    i’m a notorious kitchen fumbler (and living room fumbler and bedroom fumbler). last thing i did was spill eggs all over the floor after trying to assemble an egg sandwich. then managed to track it a few feet behind me as i was walking away.

    i live in houston, texas and i pay about $24.00 a month for a gym membership at ballys. no-contract and local access only.

    good luck!

  10. Misty 10.06.2010

    You’re so funny! I love reading your posts – I seriously look forward to them :) Also – the meals that you come up with are always awesome….I’ve definitely made some awesome recipes from your blogs and have LOVED them (pumpkin muffins anyone?). I’m lucky that my company (in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada) has a deal with our gym (Goodlife) so I only have to pay $12.50 bi-weekly and it comes directly off my pay – can’t go wrong with that! I used to pay $18.00 bi-weekly but we negotiated a better deal I guess. I wish it was easier to be more active outside once the colder weather comes but it’s just not…..which is why we have gym memberships. I purchased a “Nike+” sensor for my IPod and shoes back in April and haven’t looked back since….you just upload your workouts onto to the Nike Plus website and it tracks calories burned, distance, pace, time, you can even create goals and challenges, etc. etc…! Do you have one? If not (since you seem to run a fair bit) you may want to check it out? :)

  11. Stephanie 10.07.2010

    Hi Kristin,
    I was jist wondering where you buy your yogurt? I can never seem to find pineapple or pomegranite and I feel like I can’t find it anywhere. Your help will be greatly appreciated :)

  12. gabby 06.20.2012

    i just had to tell you that this is the BEST overnight oats recipe i’ve had of all of those out there– it doesn’t have the weird sour-ish bite to it that some i’ve tried have, it has wonderful fruity chunks, and it just makes my mornings SO much better!
    THANK YOU!!!!

  13. Elli Quark Review 05.08.2015

    […] with coconut milk or coconut water, use in place of canned pineapple in a carrot cake, make tropical overnight oats, use in a pineapple teriyaki marinade or add to this pineapple teriyaki meatloaf, make pineapple […]

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