Ben’s Favorite Meal


What a difference a week makes!


I had to stop by my parent’s house after work today (to borrow gravy, natch) and couldn’t help but notice the change in scenery from just 1 week ago:







My parent’s street (the one I grew up on) reminds me of the one in the Father of the Bride and whenever I go over, I never want to leave… :?


But alas, I had to…I had a birthday dinner to make! This afternoon Ben realized he needed time to pack for this weekend, so instead of going out for his birthday dinner – we dined in!

It was actually perfect because I already had all the ingredients on hand to make his very favorite dinner in the world: Open Faced Turkey Sandwiches!

DSC_0007 (3)

I know, right? ;) We’ve got a soft slice of white bread topped with buttery mashed potatoes and oven-roasted turkey breast, then doused with savory turkey gravy. YUM!

DSC_0002 (3)

I used these Jennie-O boneless, skinless turkey breast tenderloins instead of roasting a whole bird.


These babies are completely devoid of fat, which would mean a long piece of leather if I cooked it as-is, so I wrapped the loin in lean, center-cut bacon.


Seasoned on both sides with salt, pepper, garlic & onion powders,


turkey Tom was wrapped up and sent off to the oven for 25 minutes @ 375 degrees, then 25 more minutes @ 325 degrees.


OMG it was SO moist! Bacon = key!

DSC_0007 (2)

Ben devoured his plate in abooooout, 5 bites?!


I always think of elementary school lunches when I think of open faced turkey sandwiches. Thankfully, these were quite a bit better. ;)


I snuck in some freshly steamed broccoli just so the whole dish wasn’t a complete tragedy in the health department…

DSC_0006 (2)

After dinner Ben opened his gifts, which included some new sandals (the man is OBSESSED with these things – wears them year round!)

DSC_0002 (3)

a hilarious card from me (if I do say so myself)…

DSC_0007 (3)

and PIE!

DSC_0008 (3)

Make a wish!!!! HAHAHAHA!

DSC_0009 (2)

omg I seriously cannot stop laughing. Ohhh, anyways! Ben would rather have pie on his birthday, instead of Pepperidge Farms cake (I know, I’ll never understand it) but since he’s the birthday boy, I happily oblige!


One slice of blueberry, cooomin’ right up!


We are happy. :)

DSC_0011 (2)

Ok, going to hang out with my man. You only turn 28 once! :D

Have a great night!


Do you request cake, pie or something different at your birthday?

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  1. Samantha 10.07.2010

    Yum, those sandwiches look yummy! Hope he had a great birthday! I always request Cherry Chip cake with Cherry icing for my birthday :)

  2. When I was looking at the pics, I definitely thought of Father of the Bride before you even mentioned it! :)

  3. Exercise and Eat 10.07.2010

    You have a lucky husband! Happy Birthday, Ben!

  4. AJ 10.07.2010

    Your husband’s favorite shoes are identical to the shower shoes I wore throughout college. :) They wear nicely!!

    I always want chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on my birthday!!! I had a boyfriend once upon a time who always wanted pecan pie on his birthday…. maybe pie on birthdays is a man thing??? haha

  5. Lynda 10.07.2010

    you two are literally the cutest people on the planet.

    i seriously look forward to reading you every day

    i cant wait til the babies come


  6. A 10.07.2010

    Ben and I are soccer sandal twins. I have….ohhhh…maybe four pair? Love them.

    Those candle pictures are too precious. Happy birthday to Ben!

  7. Caroline 10.07.2010

    I have to agree with Lynda – I honestly read you every morning as I eat breakfast (keep hitting refresh until you post!) and every evening when I’m winding down from my day. You’ve inspired me to:
    1. Eat oatgurt (deelish!!)
    2. Put bananas in my oatmeal (1/2 cooked inside, 1/2 on top)
    3. Become a healthier, happier, more balanced person.
    Just thought you should know that.
    And as creepy as it may be…yes Lynda, about those babies…

    Enjoy your night – looking forward to tomorrow!!

  8. susu henderson 10.07.2010

    Happy Birthday Ben!!!

    Kristen thank you for sharing your Falling into Fall pictures…for those of us in Texas where Fall happens around oh Thanksgiving or maybe even December–it is nice to live vicariously through our fav Iowa girl!
    ps….I am so excited because I found out our local Target is the ONLY place that is a Chobani goldmine! Now I get to try the beloved pineapple and pomegranate! YAY!

  9. Lauren 10.07.2010

    OMG, Hot Turkey Sandwiches were my FAVORITE thing to eat as a kid. Ben knows whats up!! :) Haha, looks like he had a fantastic b-day. And I’m with him, I would take pie over cake any day.

    Have a great trip this weekend!

  10. Heather 10.07.2010

    Happy Birthday Ben! My husband, Brett also prefers pie over cake :) his birthday is Oct. 18th :) Have a good weekend!

  11. emily 10.07.2010

    beautiful pictures!!! what a great idea to do with turkey! i am gonna have this for dinner soon!

  12. Abby A 10.07.2010

    For the longest time, I requested Marble Cake with White Frosting, but now I request dense, rich, oh so delish Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting!

  13. Dream Mom 10.07.2010

    Oh, how cute…Happy Birthday to Ben.

    I prefer homemade cake or just going out to dinner without dessert. Not a huge dessert fan.

    Oh, I made a new recipe today-homemade calzones with italian sausage, mozzarella cheese and spinach-used your tip of cutting up the spinach with a pizza cutter and it worked great. It allowed me to get a ton more spinach into them than I otherwise could have. Turned out great. Thanks for the tip!

  14. Lesley 10.07.2010

    Major LOL’s at Ben blowing out his candle. When I was a kid I always requested my mom’s carrot cake with vanilla bean ice cream; now, it varies. I have done a P Farm cake for a few birthdays. I agree that for a frozen cake they do not taste like it! My fave is the coconut – I’ll have to give the vanilla bean a go sometime.

  15. Allison @ thesundayflog 10.07.2010

    Omgggggg you guys are so cute!! Do you have the story of how you guys met anywhere on your blog?? Happy happy birthday to Ben!! :)

  16. Kim 10.07.2010

    You and Ben are about the cutest things ever!

  17. colleen 10.07.2010

    Happy Birthday to IBE!!!! Love open face sandwiches. Your post reminds me that I need to make some.

    I usually have to make whatever I want for my birthday. I know it’s criminal. Hubby, though, gets his favorite Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

  18. Melissa 10.07.2010

    Awe, too cute! Happy Birthday, Ben!

    BTW–that turkey looks TDF! I am totally trying that cooking method!

  19. Happy Birthday, Ben! I’ll take any kind of dessert for my birthday!

  20. What a wonderful birthday dinner!!!!
    Happy Birthday Ben!

  21. Jen 10.07.2010

    Those turkey sandwiches look good… if you like them you need to make chicken and waffles… if you think I’m a freak I understand, but I’m not talking about breakfast waffles! It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch thing and lots of people have never heard of it. In the south I believe they make chicken and waffles using fried chicken but that is just weird if you ask me.
    Cook your chicken in broth (I usually use bone in, skin on thighs), de-bone it, put it back into the broth and make a nice yummy gravy full of chicken pieces. Make some buttermilk waffles (NOT sweet like a Belgian waffle) and mashed potatoes. Pour the gravy over the waffle (I like to tear mine up into pieces) and mashed potatoes. I like to have peas with it and just mix it all together. UGH, I am so making this tomorrow night with the chicken I had in the fridge to use for dinner tonight!

  22. dmcgirl 10.07.2010

    You two are SO cute, I cannot stand it. Kristin, I have told before – you look just like that actress on Father of the Bride, the bride! She is adorable, almost as cute as you!

    I like cake on my birthday, but it has to be wicked BUTTERCREAM FROSTING or just forget it! ;-)

    Seriously, BACON WRAPPED? REALLY. OMGosh, again, I am drooling at your lovely dish!

  23. Those sandwiches sound AMAZING and so so so comforting!
    I like CAKE! Ok.. I LOVE cake. I have a slight obsession.

  24. Lindsay 10.07.2010

    Every Year on my Birthday, my mom orders me a vanilla cake with an almond flavored frosting from a bakery in town!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE cake and I cannot wait until the next Birthday in the Family so that I can have more cake!! :)

  25. Kristin from MN 10.07.2010

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! You two are adorable! Your open-faced sandwich kinda reminds me of what us Minnesotan’s would call a turkey commercial (or beef commercial with roast beef). You make a turkey sandwich on bread, cut it in half and slide the halves apart a few inches and put a scoop of mashed pot in between the sandwich halved and then pour gravy over the whole dang thing!
    I prefer pie over cake too, however if I have cake I like chocolate!

  26. Elizabeth 10.07.2010

    A cookie cake…always a cookie cake. Yum.

  27. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 10.07.2010

    Aw, cutest couple! Happy bday IBE! ;)

  28. Those open-faced sandwiches look delicious! That’s one of my favorite things to order at the cozy, family-owned diner by my house. The past two years, I have requested an ice cream bar for my birthday! All of the family came over and we had crazy amounts of ice cream flavors, toppings, and cookies and brownies to go in our ice cream creations. It was not only tasty but a lot of fun too!

  29. LisaL 10.07.2010

    A great post–I always enjoy your updates. Even here in the deep South we are noticing the changes in the light and air. Welcome, Autumn!
    And today I was reading about your husband’s fun birthday–and I realized that he has the same birthday as my middle son. Then I realized as I read that they were born on the exact same day! Middle son turned 28 today as well. Made me smile. Great day to be born. Middle son’s lovely wife (who is a phenomenal cook) usually makes him a delicious-sounding cake. Will have to ask what kind was made this year—-

  30. Lena 10.07.2010

    Happy birthday to Ben! (: I like either a Swiss roll (slice) or a pie too!

  31. Amanda 10.08.2010

    I request whatever I feel like! Last year, I had two cakes: one was lemon and the other was banana with cream cheese frosting. Both delicious!

  32. Rachel 10.08.2010

    Happy Birthday Ben! I’m fond of DQ ice cream cakes (something my mother-in-law does) or a big fat scoop of anything from Cold Stone Creamery!

  33. I love open-faced turkey sandwiches…scratch that…I love any Thanksgiving-type meal! :-) I count down the days to Thanksgiving every year! LOL :-)

  34. Sara 10.08.2010

    LOL those pictures of Ben are hilarious! What a tasty looking dinner – definitely reminds me of school lunches (in a good way – I have good memories of school lunches :) ).

    I like double chocolate cake on my birthday. YUUUUM.

  35. Looks like an amazing meal

  36. Ooops… never finished!

    It DOES look like an amazing meal, but I didn’t answer your question :P
    I’m not a traditional cake fan, myself. I usually ask for ice cream cake, strawberrry shortcake or carrot cake :)


  37. Katie 10.08.2010

    My husband and I moved back to the midwest (MN) last year after a nearly 10 year hiatus, and I have to say that while I miss the west coast terribly (7 years in Seattle, 2.5 in SoCal), I love the occasional indulgence of the wonderful comfort foods of the heart land – so delicious! I’m not much of a cake fan, except for once a year: for my birthday, I always request my mom’s homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I get my birthday treat next week, and am already drooling in anticipation. YUM! Happy birthday to your hubby, and a fellow Libra!

  38. Cynthia 10.08.2010

    You two are the cutest couple :) Happy Birthday Ben!!! I request cupcakes on my birthday…they are my fave!! Have a safe trip and have fun at the wedding!!

  39. Dawn Patricia 10.08.2010

    SO going to make these this weekend! My husband won’t do the gravy and bread but bacon and chicken with mashed…heck yes! You guys are such a cute couple. My hubby lives in those sandals too…*lives*. He still has one of the pairs he wore in college! I put my foot down about him wearing them to our wedding ;) Have a great weekend!

  40. More and more lately I find myself wishing I lived closer to my family. It’s not even in my frame of reference to be able to take walks with my mom in the morning or run over to her house for forgotten items. :( This makes me sad.

  41. Jes 10.08.2010

    That is hilarioius that you mentioned the Father of the Bride Scene and how your parent’s street looks like that. I literally thought the exact same thing when I saw your post!!! Love that movie.

  42. Elyse 10.08.2010

    I am OBSESSED with anything pumpkin.. so I love that my birthday is near Halloween because that’s when the Cheesecake Factory makes their.. do I even have to say it? PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE! It’s a little piece of heaven on a fork :-D However, quite pricey by the slice so my feelings are never hurt to settle for my second favorite which would be a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. YUM!

  43. Hope 10.08.2010

    Haha! Dare I say he’s hamming it up for the camera?? I hope he has a good birthday!

  44. I think that’s so wonderful that you go to such great lengths to make your husband feel special. Marriage is such a rich blessing and I love seeing people treat it that way. Beautiful (and funny) post : ) I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  45. elizabeth 06.10.2013

    did you make the gravy? if so, how?

  46. evie 06.20.2015

    Looks amazing. What happened to the bacon? Did you unwrap the tenderloin afterwards?

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