Can I Get a Helllll Yeah?!


The incessant bombardment of mid-term election mail, email, commercials and radio spots end tonight. Tonight! Can I get a helllll yeah!?


(That’s my hell yeah face…) I’m very curious to know who’s going to win several elections in my state, but I am NOT sad to say sayonara to the constant media mudslinging. Does anyone even believe the commercials anyways?! Yeesh! Over it! I never thought I’d say it, but bring back the Oxy Clean ads. I need some normalcy in my life! ;)

In other news, it’s my hump day today and it FLEW by. I was super busy at work and it was time to leave before I knew it (sweet!) Although it went by quickly, I was dog tired ALL day and could not stop yawning for the life of me. Even WITH a Diet Pepsi drip!

This may sound wimpy, but whenever I have several hard workouts in a row, I get simply exhausted. It’s true. Therefore I took tonight off to rest my weary bones, came home from work and whipped up a pre-Thanksgiving feast of a Holiday Sandwich! :mrgreen:


Made with one of my favorite appliancesThe Griddler.


FYI – every time I say "Griddler" I immediately think of the "Riddler". Random!


Aaaanyways, my Holiday sandwich incorporated some of my favorite tastes of Thanksgiving (can you believe it’s November already?!) and started with a fluffy roll. I get these in packs of 2 for $.99 right near the deli in my grocery store.


First up we’ve got some Low-Sodium DiLusso Deli Turkey. I really like low-sodium deli meats because I feel like you can really taste the meat. For instance this turkey really tasted like turkey. Make sense? ;)


Topped with a couple slices of whisper thin swiss cheese,


and topped with savory-sweet cranberry chutney! I made this last Friday during my cooking extravaganza. It’s smoky, sweet, savory and a little tart. You gotta have it if you’re talkin’ turkey!


On goes the lid and into the Griddler we go!

DSC_0153 DSC_0155

Smooshed and griddled for meh, about 4 minutes.


Paired with some crunchy veggies and creamy Chipotle goat cheese!


This sandwich…I’m telling you…I can’t wait to make another one the day after Thanksgiving!!


Do you like cranberry sauce? I always thought I hated it, but discovered I actually loved it several years ago. It’s especially fabulous on this sandwich with the oozy cheese. Bomb!


On the side, some celery and carrots,


to swoop up the Chipotle Goat Cheese I picked up at the Farmer’s Market this weekend!


It’s AMAZING. Super smoky tasting and just slightly spicy. It actually tasted exactly like Smoked Nut Thins. (I LOVE those things!)


All I was missing was the moist maker. ps you MUST CLICK ON THAT PICTURE!!!


In other news, guess what came in the mail today?!


A Grand Opening notice for the Trader Joe’s opening VERY close to my house on FRIDAY – WHEEEEE!!! IamsoexcitedIcouldcry. You better believe I’ll be cleaning house on Friday afternoon. Cannot. Wait!


I’m off to get in my PJs and take it easy tonight. Have a good one!!!


2 Question Tuesday!

1. Fill in the blank: "Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving, if _____ wasn’t on the table!"

2. Who’s your favorite Friends character?

My answers:

1. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if Baked Apples and Grandma’s Holiday Salad weren’t on the table!

2. Team Chandler!!

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  1. 1. Stuffing!
    2. I really didn’t watch Friends that much… I barely remember. I’m a dork.

  2. Molly 11.02.2010

    yum! I love these Thanksgiving type sandwiches! My FAVORITE holiday. I like adding cream cheese with the cran sauce. SO good. or apple and onion with brie. YUM.

    SO glad you guys are getting a Trader Joes. Dont know where my life would be with out my chocolate covered pb pretzels. Its an addiction.


  3. Jodi S 11.02.2010

    1. Sauerkraut with a little brown sugar added to it. It’s the best!!

    2. Joey is by far the best character on Friends.

  4. Susie 11.02.2010

    1. Lefse

    2. Rachel.

    • Laura 11.02.2010

      yeah lefse!! i think it’s def’n not a holiday without lefse

      • AmyLou 11.02.2010

        Oh MY! I totally forgot about lefse! How could I have forgotten that?? With butter and brown sugar. . . yummy!

        • 1. My uncles to the campbells to the recipe from the can green bean casserole, like 4 dishes! Can’t stay away!
          2. So hard to choose: relate to all of them! Can’t choose Cna’t recite all word, from every episode and have the game which I RULE at!

  5. Sarah 11.02.2010

    That sandwich looks delicious! I want one.

    My Thanksgiving wouldn’t be good if I didn’t cranberry sauce! I love making it homemade. Its so delicious!

    My favorites were Joey and Chandler.

  6. Janet Oberholtzer 11.02.2010

    Hi … been reading your site for a while, but don’t think I’ve left a comment before. Also I know “Iowa Brother Eats” :-) I’m in the Dream Year program that he is.

    And I totally agree with you … helllll yeah!! I’m so sick of all the political crap, I mean stuff, of the past few weeks.

    As for your questions …
    1. Cranberry salad! The real kind with fresh cranberries, oranges and apples.
    2. Didn’t watch Friends.

  7. 1) cranberry sauce. i love it! cranberries + a little sugar + citrus zest (any kind)=AMAZING! i could eat it by the cereal bowl ful. and i have. :)

    2) i don’t watch friends…never have actually!

  8. Ms.S 11.02.2010

    1. If dining with my in-laws: green bean casserole. If dining with my family: tie between Cresent rolls and broccoli raisin salad.

    2. Phoebe – she always did or said the things that made me laugh hardest. Though if I ran into Phoebe in real life, she’d drive me bonkers. :)

  9. Kristin 11.02.2010

    I AM SO IN LOVE WITH ROSS! My friends all think he is the WORST and all hate him. So glad you posted a video of him today :D

  10. 1) Stuffing!!!!!!

    2) Monica :)

  11. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 11.02.2010

    Turkey!! Mashed!!

    I love making “Gobbler” sandwiches at home after Turkey Day!

  12. Christie 11.02.2010

    Dressing! When my grandma passed away a few years ago I had to learn to make it and I’m pretty much there.

    I <3 Friends! I know most of them by heart. My favorite is either Ross or Chandler. Its so hard to pick one though!

  13. Veruska 11.02.2010

    1) Cranberries in every shape and form!!
    2) Rachel – simply adore Jennifer Aniston-

  14. Tyler's mom 11.02.2010

    My mom’s stuffing! She uses fine diced granny smith apple and subtitutes 1/2 c apple juice for the liquid to moisten it. Stellar!

    Go Rachel!!!

  15. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be THanksgiving without the STUFFING!!

    And my favorite character is probably Rachel…but they are all pretty hilarious

  16. I am so glad all the election mail, ads, etc. will be done with–I get tired of people bad-mouthing one another.

    The sandwich looks so good right now!

  17. Kim 11.02.2010

    1. cranberry sauce from a can.
    2. chandler muriel bing

  18. Healthy Honey 11.02.2010

    1. STUFFING hands-down… although my new discovery that I’m gluten-intolerant might put a wrench in my plans to stuff loads of stuffing down my throat this Thanksgiving :-/
    2. PHOEBE!!!!!!

    P.S. I’m so jealous about your Trader Joe’s!!! There aren’t even any in my gigantic state! :(

  19. Kristin from MN 11.02.2010

    Wow! Your panini looks fabuloso! Are you using a ciabatta roll?
    1. My family!
    2. Sorry not a big Friends fan :(

    • Kristin from MN 11.02.2010

      Oops! I read your question too fast! I still say family (even tho they are not on the table!) because that’s the most important part of Thanksgiving… and I love the desserts! :)

  20. Elyssa 11.02.2010

    1. Pumpkin pie! (Actually, more like pumpkin pie, apple pie, and shoofly pie…my family of four requires three pies on holidays!)
    2. I like all of them, but if I have to pick one I’d say…Monica!

  21. Jana 11.02.2010

    1. I know it’s boring, but green bean casserole, no one in my family likes it, so I make it just for me!

    2. Chandler & Ross are my faves, I am really sad for those people who haven’t/don’t watch friends. I guess I’m an old fogey, I watched them all through high school and adulthood, I even own the complete series! I love the episode where Ross goes to get a spray-on tan! And all the flashback episodes :)

  22. I had that sandwich yesterday! It wouldn’t be Thankgiving without Grandma’s pumpkin pie!

    My favorite character was totally Chandler–he always made me laugh!

  23. Elyse 11.02.2010

    I miss that show sooo much! I always have to watch the football episode on thanksgiving ;-)

    1. Pumpkin Pie with cool whip of course!

    2. Chandler all the way!!!

  24. Imwaytoobusy 11.02.2010

    Grilled sandwiches are one of my all time favorite lunchtime staples! I will have to try your cranberry sauce idea! I hadn’t thought of that one yet!

    1) Cranberry Sauce
    2) I’d have to go with Rachel, but man I can relate to Monica sometimes :)

  25. dana828 11.02.2010

    TJ’s opens of FRIDAY?!?! Man! As much as I would love to hop in the car and road trip it to Des Moines on Saturday, I think I’ll restrain myself for a week or two. I imagine this opening weekend will be INSANE!

  26. oooh yes – I love the turkey + cranberry flavour combination!

  27. Stephanie 11.02.2010

    1. My Nanny’s sweet potato, pineapple and marshmallow casserole!
    2. Hmmm wasn’t a big Friends watcher? I know, weird huh…

  28. Angela Schnobrich 11.02.2010

    I love Friends! The moist maker episode is great. I went through a Thanksgiving sandwich phase last week. I had a sandwich similar to the one in your post today. Then, when I ran out of cranberries, I substituted pumpkin butter from Trader Joes. Delish!

  29. Lesley 11.02.2010

    Thanksgiving needs to have stuffing! My mom makes the best stuffing, but any stuffing will do!

    I like all the them, but Chandler is my fave too.

    That sandwich looks really good!!

  30. Carrie 11.02.2010

    1. Monticello jello! Only my mom will know what the heck that is, but it’s a must at every holiday at our house.

    2. Chanandler Bong. Actually, it’s MRS. Chanandler Bong!

    While shopping for groceries today, I got so excited about all the stuff I can pick up at Trader Joe’s whenever I want starting Saturday. Wheee! is right!

  31. erica 11.02.2010

    1. stuffing!
    2. joey. how YOU doin?

    that sandwich reminds me of the holiday turkey sandwich at Earl of Sandwich. (BEST.SANDWICH.EVER!)

    and i’m so glad all the election commercials, mudslinging, sign waving, hoopla will be over soon!!!

  32. Rachel 11.02.2010

    1. Whipped topping of any kind for pumpkin pie–My sister forgot it one year, and couldn’t figure out why her apple pie disappeared, but no one was eating her pumpkin pie!

    2. I never got into Friends, but if I had to pick, I’d go with Rachel.

    And can I just tell you I’m extremely jealous about you getting a Trader Joe’s in Des Moines? Maybe in a few more years one will make its way to Sioux Falls…I hope!

  33. AmyLou 11.02.2010

    1. I love almost-burnt Stove Top Stuffing and very crispy topped creamed corn.

    2. I liked the Monica-Chandler combo when they were trying to hide their relationship. Too funny! Also, I liked the Chandler-Joey combo.

    And yay for no more ads, although the news outlets will be analyzing for DAYS and DAYS what it all “means.” Oy. How about we do that after some work gets done??

    Not sure about cranberry sauce here. . . I’m not a big fruit fan, so I usually avoid it.

  34. Lexi 11.02.2010

    Question: Do you ever get to eat hot and/or non-soggy food because you’re always taking pictures?

  35. liz 11.02.2010

    What time does Trader Joe’s open on friday? I will definitley be there whatever time it is!

  36. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!! I tweeted that earlier tonight. I cannot wait for these obnoxious commercials to go buh bye. I felt so violated by one yesterday that showed pictures of aborted babies. Ahh that is NOT the way to get me to vote for your candidate. UGH.

    I’ve been spoiled and have had TJ’s around me forever but I am oh so grateful for it. Your life will change drastically!

    Ross is my favorite Friends Character. Thanksgiving must include sweet potato casserole–with marshmallows.

  37. Alaina 11.02.2010

    SO MANY COOL POINTS FOR POSTING THAT VIDEO!! Love it, haha. I’m a total Friends addict (I own all 10 seasons on DVD and they’re practically dead from so much use…). I’m totally on Team Chandler as well, though I adore Ross as well.

    This is going to be my first vegetarian Thanksgiving! We’ll see how I survive without gravy (which I usually DOUSE everything with.) My favorite part is stuffing. MUST.

  38. Rachel P 11.03.2010

    1. Grandma Brown’s recipe for Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie and Apple-Pecan Stuffing
    2. Crazy, neurotic Monica! I can totally relate to her. Plus, I married a Chandler.

  39. Becky Jo 11.03.2010

    I’ll give ya a HELL YEAH! for the elections being over. Seriously… why do the TV/radio ads have to be so horrible. Starting last Saturday, I turned the radio off and vowed not to turn it back on until this morning. I’m happy it’s over. :)

  40. I was never really a friends fan, but I have to admit that clip was pretty funny.

    P.S. I tried brussel sprouts for the first time last night because of you always raving about them. I have been missing out!! Alex even liked them!

  41. Beth @ bethcooks 11.03.2010

    I am SO glad it’s over too….the ads are ridiculous.

    1. I’d have to say sausage and apple stuffing with gravy on top. YUMMM.

    2. Chandler- hands down!

  42. Megan 11.03.2010

    Did you ever post the recipe for Grandma’s Holiday Salad? I was searching your blog and couldn’t find it. I am probably missing it.

    1. My homemade cranberry sauce and my mom’s apple pie.
    2. Chandler!

  43. colleen 11.03.2010

    1. Homemade rolls and corn cassrole.
    2. Team Joey here!

  44. Amie 11.03.2010

    I love my Griddler too!!

    Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving if mashed potatoes weren’t on my plate….simple, but I barely made it through the year they were forgotten….pretty sure I cried….I was like 8, but I would cry now too in my old age, LOL.

  45. 1. Pumpkin pie! My mom makes the best pumpkin pie and I look forward to it ALL YEAR!
    2. Love me some Friends!! I could literally recite all the lines of each episode to you!
    Fav character? Probably Monica or Ross. People say I’m a little like Monica so maybe that’s why… :-)

  46. Lindsay 11.03.2010

    I had a sandwich once that was shredded turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce on a wedge (I think other people call it a hoagie). It was hands down the best sandwich of my life! I am going to recreate it after thanksgiving this year for sure!!!

  47. Laura J. 11.03.2010

    1.) My grandma’s Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with made from scratch whipped cream. It’s insanely delicious.
    2.) They are all so funny in different ways, but I think I get the best laughs from Chandler :) P.S. I can’t believe how many people don’t or haven’t watched Friends on here! It’s one of the best shows!

  48. Emily 11.03.2010

    I don’t know WHAT I would do without TJs. It’s the BEST. Enjoy having one nearby!

  49. Julie S. 11.03.2010

    1. Oh, how to choose?! Grandma’s scalloped corn, but sweet potato casserole & stuffing are close runner’s up! Can’t believe T-giving will be here in a few weeks!
    2. Monica & Chandler

  50. Bridget 11.03.2010

    1. Green bean casserole–delish!

    2. I love Joey and Chandler. Hilarious show and I miss it.

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