A New Use for Shot Glasses


Happy Hump Day to ya’!

I sat on my booty for a record number of hours today. It was not good. I desperately need to set a reminder on my computer that alerts me to get up and move around every hour!

I’m just one of those people that gets TOTALLY into the project they’re working on and is constantly saying, "Let me do this one last thing, then I’ll get up and walk around."

One last thing always turns into 10 last things though, and the next thing I know I’ve been sitting for almost three hours. SO GROSS! I had absolutely NO pushback from my inner self when work ended and I was faced with gym time!

45 minutes on the treadmill didn’t totally make up for my movement-less day today, but it helped! Here’s what I did…

Time Speed Incline
0-1 4.0 1%
1-5 6.3 1%
5-10 6.5 1%
10-15 7.0 1%
15-20 7.5 1%
20-25 8.0 1%
25-30 6.5 1%
30-35 7.0 1%
35-38 4.0 1%
38-43 8.0 1%
43-45 4.0 1%
Total: 5.05 miles  

Oooo boy I was a hot. mess. during those 8.0 intervals – sniffing, audibly huffing and eyes ZEROED in on the clock waiting for it to end, but I’m proud to say I made it! This was super, super challenging. I’ll definitely do it again. :)

In other news – it was Taco Night at Casa de IGE!!


How long has it been since you had tacos, right?! I swear it’s been years since I had a good, hard-shell taco, so Ben and I decided to do it up right tonight. I spied these tortillas at the store and decided to give them a whirl.


I’ve never had this particular brand, but the ingredient list looked great!


I think I prefer these white corn shells over yellow corn. I feel like yellow corn taco shells completely shatter when you take a bite, while the thinner white shells hold their shape better.


Zee toppings!


I filled my tacos with 93/7 lean ground beef flavored with taco seasoning, then added Chipotle Goat Cheese from the Farmer’s Market,


green onions,


chopped avocado and tomato,




and fresh salsa!


Piled high and nestled between shot glasses to avoid the dreaded spilled taco. There’s nothing worse then meticulously putting your favorite fillings in your little taco shell, then having it fall over and spill its precious cargo all over your plate. Am I right?


I’m usually a fan of skipping the fried shells and opting for taco salads, but it’s just been way too long since I had the real thing.


It was sooooo worth it! Now here’s the real question – hard, or soft?! I’ve got to give it to the hard shell!


Fresh, crunchy and smoky – that Chipotle Goat Cheese was outofthisworld. So, so, so delish! Delish x4, in fact. I went back for a second round!


In other news, guess what I found today?! CHRISTMAS REESE’S!!! Already!


The peanut butter to chocolate ratio in these babies is like 9-1. I HEART THEM. Perfect for dessert!

DSC_0121 (2) 

I’m off to devour this tree then settle in for Law & Order night. One of the few shows Ben and I can watch together without the other one zoning out is Law & Order. I’m even liking the new L&O Los Angeles spinoff, which really says something. Normally I loathe spinoffs. Real Housewives of Atlanta!? No.


OH – if you entered the Gift Mart Giveaway, I’ll be posting the winners tomorrow evening. The Junior League gave me EXTRA tickets to give away too, so more of you can expect to shop ’til ya’ drop – wheee!!!



Do you work in an office environment, or somewhere where you’re sitting down for the majority of the day? How do you stay active?

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  1. ElizabethMDS 11.03.2010

    OOOH! Those are my *favorite* hard shells! I have been to known to eat ten (yes, 10) in one sitting. Oofta. *embarassed*

    Anyway, dh and I have been L&O watchers, also…mostly dvr’d stuff bc Wednesdays are my nights to work out of town on call. *pouts*

    Now, Im craving tacos, but am going to have to settle for leftovers brought from home. :)

  2. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 11.03.2010

    I sit in an office all day but I get up frequently!!!

    I like hard shells, also!

  3. I just quit my office job because I couldn’t take sitting all day after being on my feet as a personal trainer for 5 years. Unfortunately, I don’t have many tips!

  4. Renee 11.03.2010

    there is something different about the holiday shaped reeses pb cups compared to the reese pb cups… and whatever it is, i love. :)

  5. Kristin 11.03.2010

    1. I recently discovered the online stopwatch — http://www.online-stopwatch.com/full-screen-stopwatch/ — that I use almost every night for to-do list things. Maybe you could use it at work?! It counts down! I love it. :)

    2. REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA IS THE BEST!!!!! I love when NeNe says, “Keeeeeeyyyyiiimm???” for “Kim?” :D

  6. Rachel 11.03.2010

    Funny, I had tacos tonight too! We went out for Mexican, although I got soft-shells. I prefer hard shells, though, but mine always fall apart. I have slightly better luck out in public with soft shells!

    And I love the holiday Reese’s! Trees, Hearts, Eggs, Pumpkins…They’re so much more fun than the regular ones!

  7. Lauren 11.03.2010

    I hate those days of booty sitting, but I actually had a similar day. Ive been working on evals that need to be done by the end of the week and once I start them, I can’t stop. It was hours on the butt today, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll make up for it.

  8. Miranda 11.03.2010

    I sit in an office all day, I try to get up and move around but sometimes I get too involved doing something and sit for way too long, then I am stiff when I get up, that’s the worst! I find if try to drink as much water as possible I tend to get up at least once an hour to either fill my glass or go potty!

    I love the holiday reece’s, I prefer their PB to chocolate ratio also.

  9. I stay at home and do freelance writing, so if I’m not careful I can sit on my toosh all day and not realize it. So, I try and take the stairs up to our apartment every time I take our dog out, which is 5 floors. Plus, I housework almost everyday, as well as fit in a workout at the gym. So, although my “work” can be somewhat sedentary, I try and squeeze in as much activity as I can.

  10. kate 11.03.2010

    I havent had a taco in a hard shell in forever! I usually make a salad out of it. But if I had to vote I think Id go soft!

  11. Machelle 11.03.2010

    I LOVE those taco shells! Kinda small but very yummy!

  12. Along those same lines…
    Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta? No.
    Say Yes to the Dress original? Yes.

  13. i’m all about soft shells…. and we are watching law & order night too!

  14. Darcy 11.03.2010

    I prefer a taco salad so haven’t had a shell in eons. I don’t mind spin offs for the most part…I can’t think of anyone that I don’t get sucked into when its on the tube!

  15. Bridget 11.03.2010

    My kids gobble up those shells! My oldest had 7 tacos the other night and barely breathed while eating. I guess he was hungry! I don’t work outside the home and I do NOT sit down. Literally, I’m moving by cleaning, exercising, running up and down the stairs all day long or running errands. I don’t have the tv on until 8:30 or 9 which is when I collapse onto the couch. I’m not sure I could take sitting all day. That reminder thing is a great idea!

  16. Teresa K 11.03.2010

    oh you’re gonna love this – someone was “giving”away their chair – the old one was hard and killed my you know what – so I took this one – the only problem – if anyone else sits in it – they fall off – it is just way wobbly – so I wind up doing the “chair” pose – or rocking around on my chair! ha ha ha ha ha!(Don’t think it will come apart maybe) – Oh – and then – I park on the opposite side of the bldg – 1/4 mile walk – yeah baby!

  17. Stephanie 11.03.2010

    I drink A LOT of water at work, so I’m forced to get up! Give it a try – not only are you doing your body good by drinking water, but you are also getting your butt up off the chair! Tacos looked delicious!

  18. oooh what a tasty looking dinner!

  19. Ashley 11.03.2010

    I sit a lot but I am also running around…my job requires constant face-to-face communication which keeps me going. My coworker and I usually get water and take bathroom breaks…for exercise and a mental break. I’m still stiff after sitting though!

  20. Kristin from MN 11.03.2010

    I watch Law & Order too! The ending of tonight’s SVU was SO GOOD!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next week. I love Skeet Ulrich in LA… I have had a crush on him since The Newton Boys and Scream! :D

  21. erica 11.03.2010

    yum! i love tacos, and now i’m craving some!
    great idea to use the shot glasses! i would never have thought to do that!

  22. Christina 11.03.2010

    I love those taco shells…so good. I work in a office, I hate sitting. I got a mini stair stepper…that’s right a mini stair stepper. I love it, plus it really has shaped up my thights.

  23. Dream Mom 11.04.2010

    Great workout! That five minutes near the end of your workout on 8.0 had to be brutal. I know you had to be tired after that! I love intervals too however I usually did lower settings for the warm up although I was walking not running on mine.

  24. Juani 11.04.2010

    I also sit at a desk every day,all day,which is horrible,and I swear it actually makes my butt look flatter and wider than it actually is ;)

    But luckily I live in a small town,so I walk to work,and walk around during my lunch hour.So at the end of the day I’ve racked up about an hour of walking,just getting to work and getting home.

    I prefer soft tacos,but I would never discriminate against the hard version,and would give them both equal amounts of love,given the opportunity.

  25. We make tacos pretty regularly, but we usually get the soft because they are a lot easier to eat. And sometimes I wrap the fillings in lettuce as well.

  26. lauramich 11.04.2010

    Oh, yeah, total cubicle monkey here. Fortunately, I drink lots of water, which means lots of bathroom breaks—and the bathroom is upstairs. When the weather cooperates, I try to get out and walk over lunch, or during a work break. Even a lap around the building counts, but since I work on a university campus—close to the city’s downtown—there’s always something interesting to check out. Sometimes I can bribe myself into a walk by hitting Starbucks. ;)

  27. i read that the only ingredients in corn tortillas should be corn, water, and lime…so those are pretty darn close!! i love tacos. if i make them at home i always use hard shells, but if i get them out i ALWAYS use soft. weird, huh?? and i saw your tweet about the pb to chocolate ratio…i agree! way too much pb :(

  28. Elly Shaw 11.04.2010

    I’m so glad that you liked those shells! We always have a box in the cupboard for the “WhattheheckamImakingfordinner?” nights. I always eat at least three shells! So darn tasty! The La Tiara taco seasoning packets are good too, just fyi!

  29. Nic 11.04.2010

    Funny that you asked this question today, I just posted about sitting all day and the terrible side effects of it :( I just bought myself a fancy little pedometer to track my steps throughout the day. It’s kinda fun to tray my progress!

  30. Julie S. 11.04.2010

    I’m at a desk staring at my computer all day, too. And I’m just like you w/ the “let me finish 1 more thing 1st…” Ugh!

    I just stocked up on Reese’s pumpkins to get me thru. Didn’t realize they have Xmas trees, too! But of course they do! This was the 1st year I got turned on to the Reese’s eggs @ Easter. Thank God for the other holidays! :)

  31. Marg 11.04.2010

    I take the long way in to the office, so I have a nice walk before work starts. With the weather nice I’ve also been walking to grab lunch. Otherwise I should try to get up more!

  32. Yum, tacos are a great idea for dinner tonight! I’m sold!

    I work as a rep for a medical company so I walk a lot these days ….. HOWEVER my technique at my last office job was always to drink TONS of water so I automatically got up from my desk several times a day when nature called ;-)

    btw, I love your blog- I read it daily!

  33. Beth @ bethcooks 11.04.2010

    Oh yes….I sit ALL day. 8-5. I always get around at lunch (used to go to the gym before I decided to workout in the morning).
    I definitely get up each hour though- my bladder is pea-sized!

  34. Teresa K. 11.04.2010

    Oh – and another trick – stand up while you’re on the phone and make funny faces at the person on the line. (stress buster!)

  35. Yvette 10.23.2011

    I have never had the chipotle goat cheese on tacos, on anything for that matter,sounds yummy :)…..I can’t eat the fake shells gotta fry them the good ole’ way my abuelita showed me :). Love your blog :)

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