From Rome, to Home









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Now if only I could recreate that gelato…

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What do you want to do when you retire?

Ben and I plan on moving here:

aka, Heaven on earth, aka Praiano, Italy!

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  1. Ummmm, YUMMMM!

    I miss the food in Italy so much… My waistline, however, does not ;-)

  2. I’m sold! I’m going to Italy!!

  3. Dream Mom 11.10.2010

    Looks delicious!

    As for when I retire, I want to travel to see the great flower and water gardens of the world. Also, I’d like to be a foster mother to special needs infants.

  4. When I retire, we might be next door neighbors because I would looove to move to a cute little place in Italy overlooking the water. The hubby may not come with me though…something tells me I’ll never pull him from his midwest roots ;)

  5. Imwaytoobusy 11.10.2010

    I’ll take some! :) Your plate actually looks more appetizing than the one in Rome. I would be happy to retire anywhere that does not have this NE snow!

  6. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 11.10.2010

    When I retire, I want to travel! And your meal makes me want to travel to Italy immediately!

  7. Drool. Holy yum.

  8. Bridget 11.10.2010

    1. I am making that meal. Pronto.
    2. I am going to attempt to talk my husband into letting us live on one of the U.S. Virgin Islands. I think I need to buy a lottery ticket. More than likely we’ll “winter” in AZ. There’s some familial property down there in the shape of two lovely homes. Beach, no. Sun, yes. :)

  9. Lori Ristau 11.10.2010

    Now I want to go on a trip and eat pasta, and don’t want to wait until retirement to do it! Your pictures look fabulous! What did you think of the Bel Gioioso cheese? I’ve been eyeing it in the grocery story lately, but have yet to pick some up.

  10. Susu 11.10.2010

    what a beautiful walk down memory lane…..ahhhhh

    there is nothing about this post that doesn’t make me want to pack it up this very second. I love Italy, Amalfi Coast, their pasta & gelato……mmmmmm gelato

    Gotta go dig for the passport! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. This is my favorite Italian dish!!!

  12. kate 11.10.2010

    I love bacon. And cheese.

  13. dmcgirl 11.10.2010

    OMG… such a decadent dish – so lovely! Melty and gooey!
    I am originally from Portland Oregon and now I live in Southern California. I would love to live in St. Helena or Petaluma which is beautiful and located in Northern California! Ahhhh…. a happy comprimise for this born and raised west coast gal!

  14. Ambs 11.10.2010

    Oh yes. The gelato was AMAZING! I had to have it every day while in Italy. Have you tried the gelato at Stam on Ingersoll?

    Just found your blog recently through a friend’s post on Twitter. I, too, love to eat, run and travel. :-) Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!

  15. i’d love to travel when we retire! :)

  16. Rose 11.10.2010

    Love this photo story :) It tells a lot with only pictures!

  17. Rachel 11.10.2010

    My husband & I are planning on buying a condo somewhere on South Padre Island. The longer I live in SoDak, the less I can handle the winters!

  18. Mmmmm, nothing at all beats Italian food. I think I’d love to retire to Italy as well!

  19. sassy molassy 11.10.2010

    Yuuum. That looks delish and totally Italian.

  20. Michelle 11.10.2010

    Wow! Italy looks amazing. And that pasta al dente. Oh gosh. Yummo.

  21. Food looks amazing!

    When I retire, I’d like to either go to Annecy, France or Bath, England. I hope to live in England before retirement, so if that works out then I’ll look into France later. Dream world, but I don’t mind. :P

  22. I wish I could recreate the yogurt gelato so badly! And I think I may try with my parents ice cream maker next summer. We’ll see how it goes…

  23. Beth @ bethcooks 11.11.2010

    YUM…..Cracked Pepper Pasta is my dream come true! I may need to re-create that with my pasta maker…..YUM!

  24. Teresa K 11.11.2010

    That looks amazing – bet you’re homesick for Italy! There’s an amazing place here in town that serves Gelato and all the other Italian desserts that make us say, yum! We really try to limit ourselves going there – can’t imagine why(they just started soups & sandwiches too)! Retirement – so close and yet so far – We just want a grandma-grandpa kind of country place – few chickens, orchard, little (?) garden. Cheap taxes – a ha ha ha! Travel the big ole US of A.

  25. Your posts that involve Italy make want to travel like crazy. I LOVED Rome.

    I’d love to retire in NYC or somewhere in Europe. Or in a quiet coastal town. Clearly, I haven’t decided. :)

  26. sharon weaver 11.11.2010

    Well i’m already retired and just got back from Italy this year. I clearly love them both…

  27. Love your pictures!

  28. jen 11.11.2010

    That looks so delicious!
    I’d love to travel when I retire, but mostly just be able to do whatever I want!

    p.s. I have a giveaway on my blog…you should come check it out! ;)

  29. Machelle 11.11.2010

    I’m guessing I will be working till I drop dead! Sad but true! But if I should retire I would like to just putz around & do nothing! Ha!

  30. Miranda 11.11.2010

    Yummo, I need to make ASAP.

    Retiring? Depends on how much is left after getting all three kiddos through college.

  31. Nicole, RD 11.11.2010

    I miss Italy! My hubby and I lived there a few years back! Sigggh :) I’d love to retire in Spain, however :)

  32. Jersey Girl Cooks 11.11.2010

    Just found your blog and love it. Great pictorial instructions!

  33. Love the simplicity of this post!! Looks delicious.

    And I think I’ll retire to either Hilton Head, SC, or Greece. Or Dublin. Yeah probably Dublin.

  34. erica 11.11.2010

    i’m drooling. that looks delicious!

  35. Maria 11.11.2010

    Rome is like my second home, its just so beautiful and the food is fantastic! Well done on the replica though! xxx

  36. Kari 11.11.2010

    Looks delicious! Maybe making a trip to the store…

  37. Krissy 11.11.2010

    Gorgeous pics!

  38. MelissaOklahoma 11.11.2010

    How I’d love it if we could go to Italy for our honeymoon! And those dishes look wonderful. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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