I’m Just Not That Cool!


TGIF! :mrgreen:

It’s only noon and I feel like I’ve lived an entire day already!

Last Friday I made the rookie mistake of showing up for an oil change an hour after the place opened, and there was already a 2 hour wait for service. I bounced and returned the minute they opened today, and was in and out in 20 minutes. PLUS I qualified for a free oil change since I’d bought so many there in the past! Stupendous!

Later, I went and picked out some new glasses. Ummm, have I mentioned that not only do I have awful luck with locking my keys in my car, but I also have this thing with leaving my glasses in hotel rooms? It’s true…and so bizarre. I’ve left 3 pairs of glasses in hotel rooms in the last 5 years, and never gotten them back. Responsibility fail.

I still haven’t replaced the last ones I lost several months ago, but luckily I recently got an influx of cash from my insurance company and got to pick out some new flair for my peepers!

I was this close to rocking these Ray Ban glasses, but I chickened out. Sigh…I’m just not that cool!


Chose these hip, purple frames instead. I always choose red or maroon/purple frames for some reason!


Went to see my Mom at work, hit up the grocery store and came home to whip up a roasted feast of a lunch! 


That’d be one acorn squash, prepared the same way as last time, filled with roasted brussels sprouts (tossed with EVOO, garlic salt & pepper then roasted @ 425 degrees for 30 minutes, flipped half way through) and roasted tofu (seasoned the same as the sprouts and roasted for 20 minutes!)


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – I LOVE ROASTED GOODIES!! The squash was super tender and I made sure to season it really, really well so each bite was uber flavorful. My tofu even crunched, it was so roasty and toasty. I ate every last bite – all that’s left is a sad little squash shell. :D


I have a baking project to work on this afternoon then have to make time to get to the gym before an event I’m attending tonight.

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL Friday afternoon!!!!


Do you wear glasses or contacts?

I’ve been wearing glasses since 5th grade (was totally traumatized) and started rocking contacts in 7th grade. I even started out with hard contacts – they are so awful!

One of the few jealousies I have in life is people with good vision. I am literally as blind as a bat and can’t take it when people can just get up and go. Lucky!!!

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  1. I’ve been wearing glasses since 5th grade too, and was equally as traumatized! I got contacts in 9th and have work them ever since, but I still like glasses. I am also as jealous about good vision. Lucky dogs.

  2. J 11.12.2010

    I’ve worn contacts since I was 11. Always wore soft but now wear gas perms. I read all day for a living and the sharp detail with gas perms is the best plus my eye dr. can do more adjustments with gas perm for astigmatism, multi focals are my next venture.

  3. Lily's Health Pad 11.12.2010

    Thank your lucky stars you don’t have dry eyes. I’ve been wearing contacts since 6th grade and glasses since 4th. But pretty soon, I wont be able to wear contacts because of the dryness. My eyes are red ALL THE TIME. And it makes me constantly look tired.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.12.2010

      You should ask your doctor about Avaira brand contacts! I ALWAYS had bright red eyes too (making me look just awful) but Avaira contacts let a lot of air in AND don’t dry out your eyes, so they don’t get red!

  4. Linda 11.12.2010

    I remember the day I came home from school (3rd grade) with the note saying I needed glasses – my dad made me stand at one end of the room while he held a magazine up at the other end — can you read this?? ha! Got the hard contacts in 6th grade – yes, they were like putting pieces of glass on your eye balls… thank goodness there are now softies for those of use with wired shaped peepers! Now, age has made it necessary for readers — I’m too chicken to get lasik!

  5. I’m awful at locking my keys in my car as well! I swear since last summer when I got this car, I’ve done it at least 5 times. I now have AAA on speed dial!!!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.12.2010

      We are hot messes. Once, when I lived in Minneapolis, I locked my keys in my car at the same gas pump, at the same gas station, two weeks in a row on the same day. I mean…

  6. No glasses for me …. yet…

    I had Stuffed Acorn Squash too (for lunch and dinner). Loving the Fall Roasted Veggies!

  7. Amanda 11.12.2010

    Your lunch looks like my ideal meal!! I love to stuff the acorn squash with a mixture of: quinoa, mushroom, onion, roasted chickpeas, dried thyme, and topped with goat cheese. TO. DIE. FOR.

    ps try the red quinoa and the chevre log from trader joes, they’re awesome! (so are SO many other products, let me know if you want recommendations)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.12.2010

      The chevre logs look CRAZY good – I’ve been eying them – especially the blueberry one!

  8. Lexi 11.12.2010

    I’ve had glasses since 3rd grade (which I NEVER wore) and got contacts in 7th grade. I am blind as a bat. No, really. My eyes are -7.50. I laugh when people say they are blind and are -2.00. I have only met one person who has a stronger prescription (other than those who are blind, obviously). I cannot WAIT to have LASIK someday!

  9. Darcy 11.12.2010

    Glasses since the 5th and my dad picked them out (WHAT?) and they were red plastic frame, I HAVE RED HAIR!! Then got contacts as soon as doc said ok in the 7th and haven’t looked back. Lasik is in my near future!!

  10. I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade and contacts in 6th grade. I’m overdue by a couple of years for glasses (always wear contacts). I am also jealous of people with good vision. It’s another expense and hassle that I don’t appreciate!

  11. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 11.12.2010

    I am SO BLIND, too! I am negative 6.5 and 6.75 in the other!!!! Terrible. I like your new specs.

  12. ughhhhhhhh i have 20/20 vision and im so jealous of people with glasses. I LOVE THEM!!! my entire family wears them and i would love to have a casual pair hahaha. grass is always greener, i suppose. one of my jealousies? PEOPLE WHO WORK 4 DAY WEEKS!!! i would love to have your schedule! happy weekend!!

  13. I got new glasses a couple of weeks ago too, after my old ones broke when I fell on them from Crow pose.

    I ended up going for a pair that were even less trendy – pretty much, I was going for neutral that blends in. I don’t think I can pull off the chunky glasses look!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.12.2010

      I’m not sure I can either, but I only wear them at home, so I pretend like I can! ;)

  14. Alison 11.12.2010

    I went three times in three months this summer..(for keys locked in the car) soooo annoying. :) Glad I’m not the only one!

  15. Kacy 11.12.2010

    I got glasses in 1st grade (feel ya on the traumatization) and contacts in 6th. I am bad at wearing glasses now though, they hurt my nose!

  16. heather 11.12.2010

    i’ve had glasses since i was 8(thanks, mom) and contacts since i was 13. furthermore, the thing about carrots giving you good vision is a myth, LOL. have you ever considered laser eye adjustments?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.12.2010

      I definitely have, and my new insurance has a great plan for it, I just have to get over my fear of lasers shooting into my eyeballs!!!

  17. Ellen 11.12.2010

    I got glasses in 8th grade and went straight into contacts! I am soo jealous of people with perfect vision that can just get up and go in the morning! Your lunch looked awesome! I cooked Brusell Sprouts for the first time this Fall and love them! They were in my produce box this week and are on the menu for next week.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.12.2010

      I just started making the last year and am so sad I wasted almost 26 years of my life not eating them!

  18. Daisy 11.12.2010

    yea, people w/ good vision don’t realize how good they have it. I got glasses in 12th grade (seems so much later in life than most) and I have had the same ones EVER SINCE, is that crazy? Well new lenses, same frame. i love them and am too cheap to pay for new ones. I did get contacts sophmore year of college so that helped! insuance pays for those, but its one or the other, not both!

  19. Kristin from MN 11.12.2010

    I got glasses in 3rd grade and contacts in 7th grade. I got lasik from Dr. Vance Thompson in Sioux Falls around 5 years ago. My borther and I did it together. I am so glad I did! I have not had any problems at all! Have a good weekend!

  20. I got glasses in 2nd grade and contacts in 9th grade. I’ve been wearing gas permeable contacts from the beginning. I’m blind as a bat as well!

  21. dmcgirl 11.12.2010

    Been wearing glasses for only a few years, I have readers – Yep, talk about cool huh? Oh and I have some for driving if I need to see! ;-)

  22. I got glasses in 5th grade and then hard lenses in 7th grade. The contacts were so awful that I stopped wearing them and didn’t get contact again until the end of high school. Even then, I don’t know that I’ve EVER worn contacts two days in a row. I hate wearing them!
    I had roasted brussels sprouts with dinner tonight. It was my first time ever eating brussels sprouts and I loved them! I especially loved the leaves that fell of and got super crispy! Can’t wait to have more tomorrow!

  23. andie 11.12.2010

    I used to wear glasses from age 9 on- I had horrible eyesight. I wore contacts from age 14 until last year.

    Then I had PRK surgery and it was the best thing I ever did. I went from a -9.25 and -8.75 to having nearly perfect vision.

    Best money I ever spent!

  24. erica 11.12.2010

    i’ve had glasses since the 6th grade. i remember the day the teacher called on me and i couldn’t see the board and he made me put on my glasses in front of the entire class. i was mortified. hahahaha.

    i have contacts now. debating about laser…

  25. Katie 11.12.2010

    I got glasses in 3rd grade, and switched to contacts in 7th, then back to glasses in college. Then, two years ago, I got LASIK! My vision is now 20/15 (from 20/400). By far the best $2500 I have ever ever spent, on anything. I highly highly recommend getting it if you are able.

  26. tim 11.12.2010

    You’re such a hands on person, and being in the DIY midwest, I’m amazed you don’t change your own oil! You should learn — I taught my girlfriend how and she’s a pro at it.

  27. Iowa Girl at Heart 11.12.2010

    I got Lasik about 6 years ago. Seriously, the best money I ever, ever spent.

  28. Rachel 11.12.2010

    I feel pretty lucky–I didn’t need glasses until about 6 years ago (and I’ll be 35 tomorrow). My sister’s worn them since she was about 9, and I was always a little jealous. I’m finding, though, that I don’t need to be jealous, since I’m following the same eyesight path as my mom, which means I’ll probably need new glasses 2 or 3 more times in the next 5 years, then I’ll stabilize for awhile. I was crushed, though, last year when my doc suggested I might want to think about bifocals. I’m too young for bifocals!!!! :)

  29. sassy molassy 11.12.2010

    I wear contacts and glasses, but mainly contacts. I recently got some new glasses, which I really like though so I can wear them to work. My old ones were just too nerdy and I didn’t like how I looked in them. Here’s a pic of the new ones…http://justcallmesassy.blogspot.com/2010/09/new-specs.html

    • tim 11.12.2010

      Good choice! I’m still sporting the indie rocker black plastic frames I’ve had for five years now. Probably due for an update myself.

  30. I actually got contacts before I even got glasses when I was in 7th grade. A few years later I finally picked out some glasses, and got some purple ones similar to your new ones!

  31. When I was 20, I realized that I couldn’t read street signs while I was driving–not well, anyway, so I went and got some glasses. I tried contacts 4 years ago, but I didn’t like how dry they made my eyes feel. I decided to try them again earlier this year, after I broke my glasses FIVE times in one year at the gym. (Kickboxing is NOT good for glasses.) I wear the dailies contacts, and I ONLY wear them when I’m going to be working out. My eyes just weren’t made to wear them all day and I get crazy build up in just a couple of hours.

  32. cute glasses! i don’t have to wear glasses or contacts yet… but my mom & dad do so i suppose it’s probably in my genes.

  33. Dream Mom 11.12.2010

    Cute glasses! I’ve worn contacts since I was 13 years old or so. I wear the glass permeable ones and they are comfortable. I don’t think I could ever put the soft ones in! I really want to get Lasik but can’t right now. I do need some new glasses though.

    Ironically, I had issues with dry eyes too until I started having a green smoothie every other day. For some reason, that also helped my vision too-I needed reading glasses prior to that and ow I don’t. In addition, all of my arthritis issues and swelling went away with the green smoothies. Not sure why because I eat a lot of f & v but for some reason, that’s like the foutain of youth for me. Now I make sure to have the green smoothies every other day to prevent these issues.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.13.2010

      Umm – that is crazy!! I need to get back into those – it’s just so hard to drink a cold smoothie when it’s freezing outside!

  34. Mmmmm. Your lunch looks delicious! Everything tastes better roasted! :-)

  35. Tina 11.12.2010

    Everyone is asking about your glasses… but I want to know about the oil change! Where can you get them for free after you have had so many? I am from DSM, and always looking for a deal…
    p.s. lunch and the glasses… both look amazing!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.13.2010

      It was at Stivers Ford in Waukee on Hickman! I didn’t even know they had that type of thing until I went to go pay and he’s all – lucky you, it’s free today!

  36. Anna 11.12.2010

    Hey now, no knocking the hard contacts! lol, I’ve been wearing them since I was 13 and while they are definitly not for everyone, for me, they rule because they have actually helped keep my prescription from changing pretty much at all since that day I got them. Saves me money because I don’t have to get disposable contacts reguarly, and while one contact costs about $60, spending that much every 2-3 years is a bonus in my checkbook. :)
    I also rock the purple framed glasses though, they are just so cute! But while I am in a hotel room as I type this, I will be double checking as I leave that I have mine with me.

  37. I have glasses that I wear all the time- no contacts for me! I love my glasses though, they’re an accessory! I just got a new pair that are a little more daring than my usual specs, but I love ’em!


  38. Sara 11.13.2010

    Fortunately, I don’t need glasses, but I do lock my keys in my car ALL THE TIME. I did it a few months ago at a gas station…thank God I live in a small town where police still deal with that.

    Your lunch looks SO good – I converted one of my roommates to a brussel sprouts lover the other night…so proud :)

  39. Dee 11.13.2010

    Wow, your roasted veggies look REALLY good! :)

    I just recently got glasses to wear at night and for seeing things from far away. I was devastated to learn of it, but it’s not too bad.

  40. MJ 11.13.2010

    Got glasses at age 8, contacts at age 11, Lasik at age 19. Now 25 and loving life with perfect vision!

  41. Jana 11.13.2010

    Had my first pair of glasses when I was 10, hated them! They were granny glasses, and the lenses were actually glass, they were heavy. Got contacts in 8th grade and never looked back. I do have glasses as a backup, but they’re the same pair I got in 9th grade! I have the same prescription from then. And I am “cough, cough” 34 years old now. So I guess I haven’t had the same problem leaving them places as you have :)

  42. Teresa K 11.14.2010

    Here here (or is it hear hear) –
    I started glasses in 4th grade – they stopped going bad when I hit about 18 – and started back up at – ugh – 50 (who said that!) Wait until you hit – oh gosh – bifocals – thank goodness they make them without lines! I am never without the ugly things – so no losing the $400 a pair glasses here! (I lose jewelry ALL the time though – does that count?) AND NEITHER of my kids wear glassses = HA – they rate!
    BTW – lunch looks yum! – still can’t find any brussel sprouts in the garden – I think the squirrels got them!

  43. […] It combines all of my very favorite things, you see. Balsamic reduction, roasted brussels sprouts and caramelized onions – into one sensational supper: Stuffed Acorn Squash 3.0 – MMMMMM!!! (Here’s versions 1.0 and 2.0!) […]

  44. Juani 11.15.2010

    Roasted veggies are the bomb!

    I feel your pain!I’ve been wearing glasses since 6th grade,and would do just about anything to get Lasik done,but it’s soooo expensive,don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford it.

    PS.the thing I envy the most about people who have great vision,is that they can just fall asleep while watching tv in bed.I have to either get up before sleeping to take my contacts out,or have to remember to take my glasses off,which kinda disturbs my sleepiness.It’s stupid,but totally annoying.

  45. […] heart starts palpitating when I go too long without tasting the deep, robust flavor of better-than-french-fries brussels sprouts, golden sweet potato fries, tender green beans…or roasted butternut squash & […]

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