TGIF! :mrgreen:

It’s only noon and I feel like I’ve lived an entire day already!

Last Friday I made the rookie mistake of showing up for an oil change an hour after the place opened, and there was already a 2 hour wait for service. I bounced and returned the minute they opened today, and was in and out in 20 minutes. PLUS I qualified for a free oil change since I’d bought so many there in the past! Stupendous!

Later, I went and picked out some new glasses. Ummm, have I mentioned that not only do I have awful luck with locking my keys in my car, but I also have this thing with leaving my glasses in hotel rooms? It’s true…and so bizarre. I’ve left 3 pairs of glasses in hotel rooms in the last 5 years, and never gotten them back. Responsibility fail.

I still haven’t replaced the last ones I lost several months ago, but luckily I recently got an influx of cash from my insurance company and got to pick out some new flair for my peepers!

I was this close to rocking these Ray Ban glasses, but I chickened out. Sigh…I’m just not that cool!


Chose these hip, purple frames instead. I always choose red or maroon/purple frames for some reason!


Went to see my Mom at work, hit up the grocery store and came home to whip up a roasted feast of a lunch! 


That’d be one acorn squash, prepared the same way as last time, filled with roasted brussels sprouts (tossed with EVOO, garlic salt & pepper then roasted @ 425 degrees for 30 minutes, flipped half way through) and roasted tofu (seasoned the same as the sprouts and roasted for 20 minutes!)


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – I LOVE ROASTED GOODIES!! The squash was super tender and I made sure to season it really, really well so each bite was uber flavorful. My tofu even crunched, it was so roasty and toasty. I ate every last bite – all that’s left is a sad little squash shell. :D


I have a baking project to work on this afternoon then have to make time to get to the gym before an event I’m attending tonight.

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL Friday afternoon!!!!


Do you wear glasses or contacts?

I’ve been wearing glasses since 5th grade (was totally traumatized) and started rocking contacts in 7th grade. I even started out with hard contacts – they are so awful!

One of the few jealousies I have in life is people with good vision. I am literally as blind as a bat and can’t take it when people can just get up and go. Lucky!!!