Night at the Museum


To Davenport and back in less than 24 hours! 8O

Last night Ben and I attended the wedding of an old co-worker of mine at the Figge Art Museum!


The Figge Art Museum is located in Davenport, Iowa (about 3 hours east of us) and last night it served as the coolest wedding ceremony and reception location EVER!


Guests were nestled into tables between the sculptures, hangings and exhibits in the museum, which meant there was a view from every seat!



Pretty cool, huh?!


The great thing about having your wedding at an art museum is that not a lot of extra decoration is necessary.

IMG_0602 IMG_0595

The bride and groom did a great job at supplementing the art with flickering candles on every surface.


Guests mingled before the ceremony started while sipping cocktails,


and listening to a 4-piece orchestra. I felt like I was in a movie!


The whole vibe was so chic!


We hit up the bar, natch, 


and toasted to the happy couple. :) 


Cheers! (oh, ps, another guest at the wedding had on the EXACT SAME OUTFIT and she was at least 25 years older then me. Awesome.)


Oh, Ben. :)

IMG_0676 IMG_0677 IMG_0680

The ceremony took place in the same room as the reception, so we all sat down at our tables to watch the happy couple say their “I do’s.”



(Jelly Bellies at each table setting!) 


The ceremony began and just like that, they were hitched!


They had their first kiss and we all raised our glasses in a cheers!


While the bridal party took pictures, we all dined on apps…mama was hungry!



They had a great spread, and I had some meat, cheese & crackers, plus some nice crunchy veggies to hold me over until dinner was served.


A nice salad and chicken with rice pilaf and veggies (which I devoured before I even thought to snap a pic!)


and of course, cake!!! I chose chocolate. When given a choice I ALWAYS choose chocolate!!


This wedding was the most unique one I’ve EVER been to and totally reflected the couple’s personality. I thought they did an amazing job with picking out the venue and customizing it around their tastes. Makes me want to go back and do something uber-cool like that (with the same guy, of course ;) )  


There was dancing, more cocktails and and even a late night pizza involved, but we still got up early and headed home this morning. You know my irrational, being away from home on Sunday issues!! Upon arrival, I dug into a big bowl of Kashi GoLean Crunch! for lunch!


I have had a serious cereal craving lately, so I snagged a box at the store last week. I love GoLean Crunch because of the meteor-sized cereal nuggets inside. They’re the best!


Splashed with some ice cold unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, I was in heaven.


x2 bowls. :)


ps thank you so much to those of you that told me almond milk is ok to use more than 7 days after opening the carton. I shudder to think of all the almond milk I’ve wasted in the past!


Ben and I are going to relax and enjoy the rest of our Sunday. I’ll be back later with the dessert recipe for the Breakstone’s Triple Churned Sour Cream Blogger Challenge and an epic trifecta of deliciousness that I’m whipping up for dinner…YUM!!

Wishing you a great, lazy Sunday!


What’s the most unique wedding you’ve ever been to? If you’re married, is there anything you’d go back and change about your wedding or was it exactly what you wanted?

I’d go back and change my photographer – I semi hate my wedding pictures!!!

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  1. Carrie 11.14.2010

    Davenport’s actually east of DSM ;-)

    The only thing I’d change, which I had no control over anyway, was the weather. Cold and rainy, but not totally unexpected for an April wedding in Iowa. And maybe the florist. Some of my bridesmaids’ bouquets looked a little sad.

  2. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 11.14.2010

    I went to a wedding on my aunt’s lawn!!! It was amazing!

  3. Erica 11.14.2010

    Girl you have a lot of weddings going on in your life! I agree completely about the photographer. We got a good deal (husband’s uncle) but I hate to admit that I really don’t like our pics either. :(

  4. Rachel 11.14.2010

    If I could redo my wedding, I’d head to Vegas & elope. My mom finally relented on letting me do that–AFTER all the non-refundable deposits, etc. had been put down (I was under a lot of stress, since my wedding was in Ohio, and I was trying to plan it from SoDak!). But everything worked out, we got married (the most important part!) and we had a good time. The most unique one I’ve been to was probably my college roommate’s…She & her husband got married at a park off Lake Erie in Cleveland, and since her husband’s part Scottish, all the groomsmen wore kilts, and the processional & recessional were led by a bagpiper.

  5. Laura 11.14.2010

    We had our reception at the Figge!! I really liked it being right on the Mississippi. I would change our photographer, he was expensive and was really rude to everyone but me and my husband.

  6. How awesome is that idea!!! I’m a huge humanities geek, that’s such a great spot for a wedding! I’ve always loved the idea of a sprawling library like the Chicago Public library but that’s so fun too! (And that cereal is crack. Seriously. Have you tried the honey almond flax? I DIE.)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.14.2010

      omG – Honey Almond Flax = my kryptonite! They were all out of it at the store (sob)!

  7. Dani 11.14.2010

    When I lived in L.A. I attended a wedding and reception at the Santa Monica Airport. It was beautiful. A museum would be very cool too. Great setting.

  8. that museum wedding looks awesome! my friend got married at a zoo.. i thought that was cool.

  9. Amber 11.14.2010

    I think everyone hates their pictures…mine were terrible, I cried when I saw them and it was not tears of joy. I would totally use another photographer if I could go back!

  10. Kathryn 11.14.2010

    I like your dress….I have a similar (possibly same) one from Express. I’ve been to a wedding in Spain and it was definitely the most unique because of their culture and traditions. The bride walked to the church (in 100+ degrees) and the guests followed her there. We had appetizers at the venue but didn’t eat until 10:00 at night, which is common there, but I was starving. The wedding dance went all night-it was a blast.

  11. Caroline 11.14.2010

    Our wedding anniversary was yesterday…and I just said that I would have loved to use a different photographer!

  12. Dawn Patricia 11.14.2010

    What would I change? I would *have* a photographer. My husband and I don’t have an “official” wedding or engagement photograph and that makes me really sad in hindsight. We don’t really have a lot of the cool, special posed photos that so many of my friends do. Granted we saved some money, but if I could do it again that would be a top priority for me. *smile*. Museum weddings always sounded so cool to me! As cheesy as it may sound, I’ve always thought Disney weddings were sounded the coolest. Probably because it’s *so* far from what we did and kind of corny…but the thought of Disney kind of goes with the “princess for a day” dream of a perfect, storybook wedding. We had a very laid-back hippy-ish wedding. And Kashi cereal, I don’t think you can ever go wrong. Hold me back, I could eat the whole box!!!

  13. We went to a wedding/reception that was actually ON a farm. Not a wedding site made from a farm, but a farm. It turned out being fun! Besides my heels sinking into the ground.

  14. AmyLou 11.14.2010

    That looks like a lovely wedding! We haven’t really been to any weddings that were really unusual or super contemporary. If I had to go back and change things about my wedding, I have a nice long list. Like you, I’d switch photographers (mine was okay, but nothign super special), have a different hairstyle, choose different colors and have a theme wedding of snowflakes instead of just a “regular” wedding. Those are the biggies.

  15. Stephanie 11.14.2010

    We had our wedding reception at a bowling alley! Being from a small town, there wasn’t too many options for reception sites, especially over a holiday weekend! And after working with one place (and having horrible results!) We switched it up to the bowling alley and it couldn’t have been a better decision! We had the whole place to ourselves for dancing and bowling! So much fun…even though I only bowled one frame…guests had a great time and so did we :)

  16. Machelle 11.14.2010

    It was a million years ago…but that would be the double biker wedding in the park. Vows said while on the bikes with the engines roaring! Yep! And the preacher dude brought homemade strawberry (or was it rhubarb??) wine. Strange… but at the time I had alot of fun! And the couple that I knew are still married to this day, and that was back in like 1982 or 1983.

  17. Lauren 11.14.2010

    That’s a great idea to have the ceremony/reception all in one! I bet many people appreciate not having to move an inch all night.

    We went to a wedding reception last night too. The ceremony was 2 weeks ago but the reception was last night so we had the pleasure of partying all night with good friends.

  18. Jessica 11.14.2010

    MY PHOTOGRAPHER WAS HORRIBLE! Thankfully my uncle was also walking around that day taking pics and got some great ones. Our photographer was from the general Des Moines area (he was from Norwalk). We were married in Ames and he was late (for pics not the ceremony) but he still charged us an annoying travel fee! He was so unprofessional and had no talent taking pics. Oh well! I should say who he is on here, but I am trying to be nice. Beware, Des Moines area people! Steer clear of him!

  19. Kris 11.14.2010

    The most unique wedding I’ve been to had a medieval theme…it was in a field out in the country and the bride rode up on a horse led by her father. All of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were dressed in medieval costume and the guests all wore costumes too! The reception was like a big feast. It was really fun and totally suited the couple.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.14.2010

      That is so cool! Reminds me of those midevil dinner shows – which I’ve always wanted to go to… ;)

  20. Don’t worry about the outfit – just means you’re timeless and classy:)

    Most unique wedding I’ve been to was in the upstairs of a super modern childrens museum in STL. The Bride entered the room out of a huge VAULT and exited the building down a two story slide.

  21. Sara 11.15.2010

    Yum, those pics of Kashi are making me crave those huge chunks of goodness!!

  22. Amber 11.21.2010

    Love your blog!! This was my cousin’s wedding, and it was great to see a different perspective than the typical family photos :-) I couldn’t make it out from the West Coast, but feel like I was there from your post. I agree with everyone else about selecting a different photographer. I think that people should definitely have an in-depth conversation about style and photo “must’s” before signing the contract. I must say that I loved my venue and band. I think having live music was definitely my favorite part!!

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