If you do nothing else, scroll to the bottom of this post and check out the greatest hair brush known to man women.

Anyways, thank you, thank you, thank you for voting for my Breakstone Holiday Menu today! A couple of you asked what the grand prize is and, I don’t know why, but I feel a little…weird…about telling you? (I don’t know why?!) Anyways, it’s $2,500. $2,500!!! Now you can see why I’m just a WEE bit excited about the prospect of winning! Especially around Christmas time. Extra money is always welcomed around the holidays, know what I mean?

Anyways, you can vote for my dishes everyday from now until December 19th. You know I love ya’ for it! :D

In other news, I can officially wipe out my repertoire of excuses for not working out because next to me at the gym tonight was a man ellipticalling his heart out in a POST-CAST HIGH TOP BOOT!


I kid you not! Home slice was workin’ it on level TWELVE for at least 35 minutes (he was there when I got on the treadmill and was still working away when I left 30 minutes later) with a straight up BOOT on his right leg. Now, if a busted leg/boot combo isn’t keeping this guy from the gym, then “I’m too tired to run” is certainly not going to cut it…

Seeing this spectacle definitely pumped me up for a great treadmill sesh, but sadly I got a stomach cramp about 20 minutes in and had to stop and walk. I know, it’s an excuse, but I literally couldn’t go on running so walking was the next best option!

Have you ever seen anything crazy while working out? This summer I ran by a…large…man running shirtless in a speedo. Mmmyeah…good visual for ya’?

Came home, showered up and cooked a 2-step, crazy-easy dinner – Chicken Masala!


I’ve made Channa Masala several different times (with chickpeas) and have really loved the flavors, so when I saw this simmer sauce at Trader Joe’s last week, I decided to give it a whirl.


It has no preservatives, is all natural,


and here’s the kicker…you just have to add water, chicken and/or veggies, then simmer. Easiest dinner ever!


I started by sautéing some chopped zucchini in a mist of extra virgin olive oil. You can get these oil misters at Williams & Sonoma for like $15. They’re SO worth the money.


Just gave ’em a couple minutes on high heat to develop some color, added the simmer sauce, water and ~5 chopped chicken breast tenderloins, then…

DSC_0007 DSC_0010

you guessed it, simmered! You’re supposed to leave the lid on and stir every couple of minutes, but I like super thick sauce so I left the lid off and let some of the water cook out. I suppose I could have just added less water…but…I don’t know – this worked fine too! :D 


Served over some chewy, fluffy brown rice.


Awesome, awesome, awesome! I can see myself adding chili pepper flakes or something next time (I don’t like super spicy foods, but this could have used a little bit more) but all in all – for the amount of effort and time it took to make this dinner – I am more than pleased!


Plus it’s one of those things that just gets better then longer it sits in the fridge, so leftovers are sure to be delish. :) 


New Product Alert!

So I’ve been dying to tell you guys about this new product I bought a couple weeks ago – the Teaze Brush!


So here’s the thing – my hair doesn’t do anything. I curl it – it falls flat 2 minutes later. It’s fine, but I have a lot of it, so it gets really stringy when it’s long. Basically I only have one hairstyle that really works for me – short and teased on top.

My usual teasing comb of choice (below) kind of matted my hair down which left it difficult to comb and smooth out. The Teaze brush FLUFFS my hair and is literally the most miraculous hair solution I have EVER used in my life. The first time my brother saw me after using it, he asked if I had a bump it in my hair!


The bristles are really coarse and when you tease your hair with the brush it does something that makes it seem like you have twice the amount of hair that you really do. That means TWICE the height of your tease teaze!

I will do a little before and after for you guys soon, but you really should take my word on it and order this brush!


K, that’s my sales pitch (and no I didn’t get paid by whoever makes the Teaze for writing this – I just love it so!)

Off to do some housework while watching Gossip Girl – goodnight!


What’s your current hairstyle like? Is your hair hard to manage?