New, Must-Have Hair Product Alert!


Whelp, I can officially wipe out my repertoire of excuses for not working out because next to me at the gym tonight was a man ellipticalling his heart out in a POST-CAST HIGH TOP BOOT!


I kid you not! Home slice was workin’ it on level TWELVE for at least 35 minutes (he was there when I got on the treadmill and was still working away when I left 30 minutes later) with a straight up BOOT on his right leg. Now, if a busted leg/boot combo isn’t keeping this guy from the gym, then “I’m too tired to run” is certainly not going to cut it…

Seeing this spectacle definitely pumped me up for a great treadmill sesh, but sadly I got a stomach cramp about 20 minutes in and had to stop and walk. I know, it’s an excuse, but I literally couldn’t go on running so walking was the next best option!

Have you ever seen anything crazy while working out? This summer I ran by a…large…man running shirtless in a speedo. Mmmyeah…good visual for ya’?

Came home, showered up and cooked a 2-step, crazy-easy dinner – Chicken Masala!


I’ve made Channa Masala several different times (with chickpeas) and have really loved the flavors, so when I saw this simmer sauce at Trader Joe’s last week, I decided to give it a whirl.


It has no preservatives, is all natural,


and here’s the kicker…you just have to add water, chicken and/or veggies, then simmer. Easiest dinner ever!


I started by sautéing some chopped zucchini in a mist of extra virgin olive oil. You can get these oil misters at Williams & Sonoma for like $15. They’re SO worth the money.


Just gave ’em a couple minutes on high heat to develop some color, added the simmer sauce, water and ~5 chopped chicken breast tenderloins, then…

DSC_0007 DSC_0010

you guessed it, simmered! You’re supposed to leave the lid on and stir every couple of minutes, but I like super thick sauce so I left the lid off and let some of the water cook out. I suppose I could have just added less water…but…I don’t know – this worked fine too! :D


Served over some chewy, fluffy brown rice.


Awesome, awesome, awesome! I can see myself adding chili pepper flakes or something next time (I don’t like super spicy foods, but this could have used a little bit more) but all in all – for the amount of effort and time it took to make this dinner – I am more than pleased!


Plus it’s one of those things that just gets better then longer it sits in the fridge, so leftovers are sure to be delish. :)


New Product Alert!

So I’ve been dying to tell you guys about this new product I bought a couple weeks ago – the Teaze Brush!


So here’s the thing – my hair doesn’t do anything. I curl it – it falls flat 2 minutes later. It’s fine, but I have a lot of it, so it gets really stringy when it’s long. Basically I only have one hairstyle that really works for me – short and teased on top.

My usual teasing comb of choice (below) kind of matted my hair down which left it difficult to comb and smooth out. The Teaze brush FLUFFS my hair and is literally the most miraculous hair solution I have EVER used in my life. The first time my brother saw me after using it, he asked if I had a bump it in my hair!


The bristles are really coarse and when you tease your hair with the brush it does something that makes it seem like you have twice the amount of hair that you really do. That means TWICE the height of your tease teaze!

I will do a little before and after for you guys soon, but you really should take my word on it and order this brush!


K, that’s my sales pitch (and no I didn’t get paid by whoever makes the Teaze for writing this – I just love it so!)

Off to do some housework while watching Gossip Girl – goodnight!


What’s your current hairstyle like? Is your hair hard to manage?

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  1. Rachel 11.15.2010

    My hair sounds just like yours and I think I need that brush! I’ve had the same hairstyle (in slightly different form) for about 20 years now, and it’s pretty similar to yours–Right now I have slight bangs, and while it’s all one length, I’ve got some layers in the back (I need all the volume help I can get!).

  2. Emily 11.15.2010

    Woah, that *is* a fabulous prize and your menu sounds great! But here’s the thing: I would love to vote for you but registration requires my address AND my phone number — two pieces of info I really don’t want to give out. Do you know of any ways readers can support you without providing this info?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 11.15.2010

      Ugh I know – I was not pleased to see that! Let me see what I can find out!

      • Dream Mom 11.16.2010

        I gave my address but entered all zeroes for the phone number and it accepted it. I also unclicked the box about receiving Kraft information. I then voted for you:)

        • Iowa Girl Eats 11.17.2010

          Ok I talked to the Breakstone folks and they 100% don’t do anything with your info – they just need it to contact you in case you win the grand prize or weekly prize!

  3. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 11.15.2010

    I just cut mine short (kind of like yours!) I have the same problem- flat hair, but lots of it. Good to know about the comb! Looking forward to the B&A!

  4. I want one of those! My hair is easy to manage but I love changing it up everyday.

  5. Ohh that dinner looks delicious. I’ve seen that Chanana Masala sauce many times at Trader Joe’s but haven’t tried it yet. Glad to hear that its good!!

  6. Kendra 11.15.2010

    I wish I could say SORRY because I KNOW how bad it sucks….but I have hair EXACTLY like yours – lots of it ..but baby fine…and I can only wear my hair short, with product (mousse) in it, and teazed as well – so sometimes it’s just nice to know that someone else has to deal with this crap!! ;)
    P.S. I was worried about the ph. #/address combo as well – but voted anyway….risk-benefit analysis and just decided to go for it – good luck!

  7. Just voted! Seriously, you menu stands out SO much more than the others! I just added the dip and whoopie pies to my Thanksgiving menu. I am going to do a little test run on them for a party we are having next Monday night! Good luck on your contest!!

  8. Love fun hair products! My hair is pretty thick and has lots of body already (I have to straighten it to get it sleek) but I do like to tease it if I wear it half-up/half-down. Thanks for the review :)

  9. maily 11.15.2010

    My hair is fine and frizzy (lots of baby hairs)… My usual hair style right now is pulling it back in to a ballerina bun (my hair is verrrrry long- growing it out to donate to locks of love). Cant wait to cut it!!!!

  10. Allison @ thesundayflog 11.15.2010

    Um amazing!!!!! I used to use that same black comb as you but stopped when it wasn’t doing anything! I am ABSOLUTELY ordering one! And I have the same hair that needs to be kept short. My boyfriend loves my hair long but he just doesn’t understand IT’S NOT A GOOD LOOK haha!!!

  11. Imwaytoobusy 11.15.2010

    From one “teaser” to another, thank you! I am so getting one of these!

  12. kate 11.15.2010

    Were huge fans of TJ’s sauces. We always stock up on the simmer sauces when we go! Im planning a trip with a huge cooler to the WDSM TJs ASAP!

  13. dmcgirl 11.15.2010

    I MUST find that brush!!!! Thanks for the tip!

  14. Kristin from MN 11.15.2010

    I saw a brush like that on Ellen (I think). Maybe it’s the same brush… not sure. But the demo on the show made it look SO EASY and worked so well!!! And now with your testimonial I just might have to order one!

  15. SallyGirl 11.15.2010

    I loooooooooove Masala Simmer Sauce from TJ’s! Even my kids will eat it!!

  16. My current hairstyle is long and straight haha. I’m terrible at the upkeep! My stylist always asks how I style it and what products I use, but I’m so low maintenance about it. I just let it air dry! I definitely should spend more time on it.

  17. Lindsey 11.16.2010

    Great prize! Voted for you… although I’m not trying the menu until Sunday! (I just knew it’d be good!) I’m having the fam over Sunday & making the Appetizer and turkey… we’re not big whoopie pie fans… and I found a fab recipe for double layer pumpkin pie from HyVee that I can’t wait to try! I can’t wait for the stuffed turkey with your chutney recipe! Sounds delish!

  18. Dream Mom 11.16.2010

    I’ll have to try that teaser brush; you are right, that comb doesn’t work at all. I tried it before and it didn’t do anything until I purchased a different type of comb-it has smaller teeth on the one end and I can tease well with that and get some good lift. I have a lot of hair though and unless it’s layered, it just hangs there. I usually tease my hair every day since I like it to look more polished/finished.

    This was kind of funny. I only really learned how to tease my hair well around two years ago. I was going to a black tie event and decided I wanted to learn how to back comb my hair so it would look nice for the big day. My hair dresser had showed me how previously and I was practicing. Well, I was having my hair done one day and my normal hairdresser was very busy so she asked if someone else could blow dry my hair and style it. I said that was fine (it only happened once in some ten years!). Well anyway, this lady asked if I wanted it back combed. I said yes! I said bigger was better. Well, this lady proceeded to back comb every inch of my hair. I mean every inch. My shoulder length hair just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I mean, it was like a joke episode on Oprah where they keep doing something goofy and then tell you it was a joke. My hair was soooo big that I was embarrased to even go to Walmart! I thought whereever I went people would say something. It was that big! Well, I went to get my disabled son off the school bus after I had my hair done and the bus drivers eyes almost fell out of his head when he saw me but he didn’t say a thing. I could see the bus aide looking at me too. I finally said, “I didn’t even know my hair could go that big!” And everyone totally cracked up! Honestly, that hair lasted three total days! I would sleep on it and it never, ever fell! Whose hair lasts three days? I finally washed it out but she did teach me how to do tease it. I don’t wear it nearly that big now but it still cracks me up when I think about it, lol.

  19. Lauren 11.16.2010

    Wow, that guy is intense! He really takes “no excuses” to the extreme.

    Good luck on the contest my darling. I know you’ll do so well! :)

  20. MelissaOklahoma 11.16.2010

    I’m like you… my hair is thick but each strand is fine. So it’s difficult to style and then if I do get it styled, it’s rare that the style will actually hold. Hope you win the big prize! Extra cash during the holidays is grrreeat! I’m having a mini giveway over on my blog – it’s certainly no $2500 but it’s a Target giftcard! :)

  21. My hair is somewhat managable. It’s thick and wavy/curly, but with a little bit of product I can tame it nicely. Did I say a little bit of product? Right. HEAPS of product. ;)


  22. Voted…again! I just make pumpkin cinnamon rolls this past Sunday so now I’ve got to try those pumpkin whoopie pies!

    I have fine hair & wear it shoulder length just like you! How bout a fun posting on your morning hair routine w/ the teaser brush? ;)

  23. I have flat hair and I use the same brush as your old brush to teaze. The teaze usually doesn’t hold!!! I’ll have to see if I can get your product recommendation in Canada.

    Flat straight hair is so hard to hold a style with!!

  24. Claire 11.16.2010

    I voted! Good luck!

  25. Emily 11.16.2010

    I bought one of those brushes a few months ago and have loved it! I got it at Sally Beauty Supply…

  26. Barb 11.16.2010

    How do you know how many vote you have? I can’t find it on the site. Do you have to wait til the end to find out if you got the most votes?

  27. sandy 11.16.2010

    You have to try Trader Joe’s Thai Red Curry Sauce…it’s MORE flavorful than the Masala Sauce and is just so good with chcken and veggies over rice. TRY IT :)

  28. Machelle 11.16.2010

    I have realy thin straight mousy blond hair, and it lays even flatter when blow dried. My sister is a beautician, so she highlights it & gives me a super good cut & low & behold if I let it air dry it will turn a bit wavy & a bit flippy on the ends! It’s a miracle that only my sisters hair cut can do! Then I give the bangs a quick pull up & curl under w/a super fat curling iron & WHAA-LAA! Good shampoo & conditioner help too, and I have an endless supply of that! As the saying goes, “It pays to know!!”

  29. Jared Christensen 11.16.2010

    How do you make your rice? I use minute rice and boil it and it always taste terrible. I don’t have a rice cooker, do I need to get one to make good rice?

  30. I always see people on treadmills in like work clothes…not work OUT clothes. Don’t get it!

    And my hair is a wreck. It’s SUPER thick and like half-curly half not. I can do a bunch of stuff with it, but none of it is quick or easy!

  31. jen 11.16.2010

    Just voted for you again! I hope you win, you so deserve it!

    I have curly hair, and actually just got it cut….so much easier to take care of! It was super long and not good. Now it’s layered {still long} and so much more manageable!

  32. lindsay 11.16.2010

    I think those people show up in our lives (man on the ellipitcal) to give us a slap in the face right we need, eh? And its a good thing they do!

  33. Mich 11.16.2010

    A woman at my gym wears nude tights and a leotard (no pants) with scrunch socks every single day. Even on the treadmill! And another works out on the bike with two bottles of regular pepsi in each cup holder. Not kidding. Sta-range.

    My hair = sick. Thin long and straight (aka stringy). But my hair extensions are fabtastic!

    • Rachel 12.03.2010

      THAT is hilarious!!!

  34. Courtney Talbot 11.18.2010

    i have hair just like your too, how do you tease it though? i wouldn’t know where to start!


  35. Daisy 11.18.2010

    Breakstone told me I already logged in today when I went to vote. I swear I didn’t unless I’m loosing it…….

  36. cassie 11.18.2010

    i have a white girl afro. NO JOKE. while it’s versatile which is nice (can wear it super straight or super curly), it’s really long and takes a lot of effort to look good :/

  37. Karen 11.23.2010

    Contest – not only are your recipes awesome but your entry & descriptions are the best. If you don’t win, it will be a travesty. A travesty, I say!!

    Thanks for the heads up (pun slightly intended :)) on the teaze brush. My fine hair needs all the help it can get :)

  38. […] told you several weeks ago about The Teaze Brush – how it’s basically the greatest thing to happen to thin, limp, style-phobic hair […]

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