Who Wants Free Pizza & Ice Cream?!


I try to eat well 70% of the time – which makes the other 30% a whole lot of fun (Peanut Butter Pie, anyone?!) :D

Some of my favorite foods to enjoy when I’m throwing caution to the wind are probably the same as yours – Pizza & Ice Cream!

Well put on your elastic pants because I’m giving away 4 coupons for a FREE Freschetta California-Style Pizza of your choice,

and 4 coupons for a FREE Blue Bunny Ice Cream Item of your choice!


Enter up to 3 times to win 1 coupon by 11/18 @ 5pm central: Here’s how:

1. Leave a comment telling me what your favorite indulgent treat is.

2. Vote for my Holiday dishes on the Breakstone Blogger Challenge website and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so (if you’ve already voted today, give it a whirl tomorrow!)

3. Click on this post, then click the Facebook “Like” button at the end of the post. Finally, leave a comment here telling me you’ve done so.

Good luck…and down with skinny jeans! :D

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  1. Katy 11.18.2010

    Favorite indulgent treat… gotta be white fudge covered Oreos available around the holidays. Those babies are something like 100 calories a piece, but sooooooooooo worth it. Crush them up over mint chocolate chip ice cream, TO DIE FOR :)

    P.S. Thanks for the dip recipe! Totally making that for Thanksgiving day for the family.

  2. emily 11.18.2010

    bread pudding with lots of caramel sauce and ice cream!!

  3. shannon 11.18.2010

    favorite indulgent treat? easily peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate ganache fosting–to.die.for.


  5. Anna 11.18.2010

    My favorite treat are nachos! Also voted for you and “liked” the recipes on Facebook. Hope you win!!!

  6. Megan 11.18.2010

    Definitely blizzards from DQ!

  7. Kelly 11.18.2010

    I love a bowl of butter popcorn followed by ice cream. So bad…but so good.

  8. Ashley 11.18.2010

    It’s a tough one, but ice cream has to win out! I absolutely adore the peanut butter chocolate sandwiches from Blue Bunny!

  9. Nicole Waterman 11.18.2010

    I love peanut butter pie and I love Pizza even MORE!!!!

  10. I have voted for your every day!

  11. And, my favorite indulgent treat would be french fries loaded with TONS of ketchup and buffalo chicken wings. And ice cream…and…:wink:

  12. Tiffany 11.18.2010

    My favorite indulgent is CUPCAKES!!!

  13. ThePony 11.18.2010

    Ughhh! Sweet potato fries with cinna-marshmallow sauce. To die for. The best are in Albany, NY!

  14. Tiffany 11.18.2010

    I voted for you!

  15. Maggie 11.18.2010

    Velveeta Shells and Cheese. I don’t even want to know the chemicals and unnatural ingredients found in that stuff, but I love it!

  16. Laura 11.18.2010

    My favorite indulgent treat – CHEESECAKE!!! Must be with a graham cracker crust, though :)

  17. Lauren S 11.18.2010

    My favorite treat are brownie sundaes from TGIFridays… They cannot be beat!

  18. Sarah Cody 11.18.2010

    My favorite treat is cracked pepper and olive oil triscuits with beer cheese!

  19. SarahB 11.18.2010

    My favorite indulgent treat is homemade Mac and Cheese! So delicious!

  20. Ashley 11.18.2010

    I love pizza! Such a great comfort food! Ice cream isn’t too shabby either :).

    My favorite indulgent is anything Italian. Yum!

  21. Margaret 11.18.2010

    My favorite indulgence is dessert in general (chocolate, specifically). Although seeing SarahB’s comment above reminds me how much I love homemade mac & cheese!

  22. Rachel 11.18.2010

    My favorite indulgence is grilled cheese with ketchup and ramen noodle soup :)

  23. Just saying hi, I’m a new follower. I like peanut butter anything.

  24. Tracy 11.18.2010

    Favorite indulgent treat: apple pie with streusel topping

    I voted for you! Good luck!!

  25. Rachel 11.18.2010

    I voted for you yesterday but it won’t let me vote today- says I already have… and I haven’t. I am looking into this!

    • MAC 11.18.2010

      This happened to me too! Let us know if you figure it out!

      • loulou3204 11.18.2010

        The website will only allow you to vote once in a 24 period. For example, I voted later one night, but couldn’t vote the following morning. Had to wait until 24 hours had lapsed. Hope that helps!

  26. Tracy 11.18.2010

    I voted for you!

  27. Seth Comfort 11.18.2010

    My favorite indulgent treat…fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie with a scoop (or two) of Peanut Butter Panic ice cream on top…that is Awesome with a capital A!

  28. Elizabeth 11.18.2010

    My favorite treat is probably a milk shake (usually chocolate). yum!

  29. Carrie 11.18.2010

    Ok this might be a little weird but my favorite treat is Mountain Dew, out of the can. Or, cold stone creamery. But Mountain Dew has a lot fewer calories!!!

  30. Ellie 11.18.2010

    hmm any sort of ice cream with dark chocolate and nuts!

  31. Ellie 11.18.2010

    and i vote for you every day! :)

  32. Sarah S-F 11.18.2010

    My fave treat would have to be chocolate anything. I really like chocolate brownie topped with mint chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate frosting! Good luck on the contest!

  33. Nicole 11.18.2010

    Probably vanilla ice cream. I can switch it up with whatever else I’m craving – chocolate syrup, crushed cookies, syrup and cookies… :)

  34. Julie Gaglione 11.18.2010

    21-day aged beef filet, medium rare, with some really tasty strong cheese…not into the sweet stuff

  35. kait 11.18.2010

    My favorite indulgent treat is definitely a brownie sundae!!! Best when shared with someone else, of course :)

  36. Sara 11.18.2010

    Favorite treat? Creme Brulee! And a nice glass of merlot! But not necessarily together! :)

  37. Julie S. 11.18.2010

    Cheesecake is my fave, but ice cream is a close 2nd (Baskin Robbins!). I’ve been voting for you every day. :) I’ve been dying to make your peanut butter pie ever since you posted the recipe. Just bought all the ingredients on Tues. ‘cuz I’m taking it for a dessert to Thxgiving dinner! Can’t wait! Yum!

  38. Darcy 11.18.2010

    Any type of dessert is my special treat – pie, cheesecake, ice cream

  39. Shelene 11.18.2010

    My new favorite indulgent treats are Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Soooo sinfully decadent and delicious!

    • Shelene 11.18.2010

      If we’re talking Blue Bunny – then it’s their wide selection of frozen yogurts – love them all!

  40. Meg 11.18.2010

    Favorite indulgence–Blue Bunny Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream! Would love a coupon to feed the habit! : )

  41. Shelene 11.18.2010

    I just “liked” your Breakstone Blogger Challenge Recap post.

  42. Shelene 11.18.2010

    Aaaaand, just voted. Best of luck in the Breakstone Blogger Challenge! You’re the winner in my book!

  43. Lindsay 11.18.2010

    i LOVE ice cream………. i would eat it EVERY day………. (sometimes in the summer i think i actually do!
    -any way will do: with nuts fudge and whipped cream or plain-
    MY faves:
    Moomers: http://www.moomers.com/
    Webers: http://weberscustard.com/
    Mitchells: http://mitchellshomemade.com/
    Malleys: http://www.malleys.com/Location.aspx
    jeni’s: http://www.jenisicecreams.com/

  44. AlisonP 11.18.2010

    Well, IGE, I think we could be food twins, because my top food faves are pizza and ice cream too!! I think I could those two every. single. day! Love love Pizza & Ice Cream!

  45. anissa 11.18.2010

    All you can eat chinese food buffet! I restrict myself to once or twice a year though ;)

  46. Andrea 11.18.2010

    My favorite indulgent treat is warm chocolate chip cookies – they are easier to give away after they’ve cooled!

  47. Andrea 11.18.2010

    And I voted for you today (and will tomorrow, too!)

  48. Koren H 11.18.2010

    Godiva truffles – Oh my!

  49. Terin 11.18.2010

    I voted! My favorite indulgence is pizza. It’s my all time favorite food!

  50. Emily K. 11.18.2010

    Hey Girl! Not sure if anyone can resist a classic like warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream . . . especially around the Holidays!

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