Wowzers – you guys love your pizza, ice cream and everything in between! And thank you so much to those of you who mentioned OREOS! I seriously have not had an Oreo in a hot minute and now I cannot stop thinking about them… Drooooooolingoversweetsweetchocolatecookiesandicing…


Also I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for voting for me on the Breakstone Blogger Challenge website. Having so many of you faithfully vote for someone you’ve never even met (except for my friends and family who are totally rocking the vote!) seriously blows my mind and makes me feel all gooey inside. :) No seriously…

Thank you.

And for those of you who are getting the “You’ve already voted today, come back tomorrow” error – a couple of smart readers figured out that you have to wait 24 hours from the last time you voted, to vote again. It doesn’t reset at midnight, for whatever reason.

I would have never figured that out… :?

In other news…WHEW. That’s the sound of me sitting down for longer than 5 minutes since Monday! It has been go-go-go for the past 3 days and it’s not slowing down for another 3 – but at least I get to stay home tonight! :D

Let’s see…what have I been up to…

Oh! Tuesday night’s Rockette show WAS spectacular! It seriously made me yearn so hard to be a good dancer and performer…alas, I am not. Sigh. ;) My Mom and I had perma grins on our faces for the entire duration of the show though and randomly ended up sitting right next to my sister-in-law and her friend at the venue! So strange, right?!

Last night I had a work dinner and didn’t get home until 10pm, after being gone since 7am, which left me feeling pretty dead today. Luckily I had a quick & easy dinner in mind that incorporated some tasty little sea creatures that I’ve been craving like no other lately – scallops!


So I broke down and bought some frozen scallops at Trader Joe’s the other day. Fresh scallops are insanely expensive here and anyways, I’m always suspicious that they are being sold as fresh when, in fact, they are previously frozen (thanks to a revealing Dateline episode I saw a couple years ago.)


Anyways, enough is enough. I love scallops way too much to keep ignoring them (plus they’re what Ben and I had the night we got engaged so they’ll always hold a special place in my heart!) so when I saw a bag of frozen at TJ’s for $6.99 – I acted fast!

DSC_0004 DSC_0006

Scallops can seem intimidating to cook, but I promise, they’re a cinch. I just let ~2 servings thaw in the fridge for a day, then drained and patted them dry with paper towels.


I seasoned the scallops with salt & pepper, heated up ~1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil on medium-high heat, and let ’em rip!


They puff up almost instantly when you put them in a hot pan, which is really  cool, and I kept them pretty much constantly moving until they were done enough to not stick anymore, ~1 minute.


Then I let them cook until they were bouncy but not too bouncy, ~3 minutes.


I took the scallops out of the pan but left the juices in and added salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, ~1/4 cup chicken broth and ~2 Tablespoons butter to make a sauce. That bubbled away for a minute or two…

DSC_0020 DSC_0021

…just long enough for me to drain some Cracked Pepper Pappardelle’s Pasta that had been boiling and add it with some sautéed asparagus.


Everybody in the pool…


and bring on the sauce!




Holy deliciousness – I HEART SCALLOPS!


This whole meal came together in the time it took to boil the pasta, and was so simple in flavor – salt, pepper, butter and olive oil = life’s simple pleasures. The chewy (in a good way) sweet & meaty scallops were seriously spectacular.


I did, however, commit the cardinal sin of putting cheese on top of my seafood. Ben and I learned in Italy that ONE MUST NEVER PUT CHEESE ON THEIR SEAFOOD! Oops. ;)



Weekend Wedding

Well the madness of this week continues tomorrow as I will be flying to the mile high city, aka Denver, in the morning for (another) wedding this weekend!

This is the third wedding I’ve gone to in three months, and it seriously never gets old. I love getting goosebumps every time I hear those vows. I continue to giggle at the awkward best man speech, and you know I’ll never tire of that sweet, sweet, wedding cake!

Speaking of weddings, and if you’re up for casting ONE more vote – my cousin and his fiancé are in a contest to win a dream wedding! Phil & Amber are up against two other couples and as two teachers, they’d be over the moon to win an all expenses paid wedding. Just CLICK HERE and choose their name – Phil & Amber. That’s it! No names, phone numbers or address necessary. Just one click to help the happy couple. :)


Giveaway Winners

You know I wouldn’t leave without posting the winners of free pizza and ice cream!

Congrats to you pizza-lovers:

Vanessa: I liked your post! good luck again!

AlisonP: Well, IGE, I think we could be food twins, because my top food faves are pizza and ice cream too!! I think I could those two every. single. day! Love love Pizza & Ice Cream!

Emily: and i’ve been voting! i want to see you bring home the bacon, i mean, money.

Heather: And I voted! Today and yesterday too!

And don’t get brain freeze:

Jena: My favorite indulgent treat is double stuff Oreos dunked in milk.

Stacy: My favorite indulgent thing has to be cheese curds. That’s a midwestern thing, and I LOVE them!!

BeccaV: Icecream! In all forms, ice cream, ice cream bars, in cake, it really doesn’t matter!

Natalie: I clicked on your post and liked it with the facebook button!! Hope you win the breakstone challenge!

Email your full name and address to and I’ll get your coupon on out to ya’! YUM YUM YUM!

I’m off to decide what the heck I’m wearing this weekend. I decided after last weekend that all my winter dresses are completely unacceptable, therefore I bought a million at the mall this week (3 separate trips!) and now I have to try them all on and figure out which ones are going to work. Tune into posts this weekend to find out what I chooooose!

Talk to you from Denver – goodnight!


If you came into a bunch of money/married someone extremely well off, etc – would you quit your job? What about if you had your dream job?