Mini Hamburger Sliders with Feta & Artichoke Salsa


Mini Hamburger Sliders with Feta & Artichoke Salsa are sassy and zesty. Love these 4 bite burgers!


Happy Monday!

How was your day back after the long, holiday weekend? I became engrossed in a copying/packet making project early in the day that made the afternoon absolutely FLY by. Holler!

Another little bonus? We reached 50 degrees today! There was a massive storm cloud that hung over the city all day, making it look pretty horrendous out, but every time I stepped outside I was pleasantly surprised. I really hope this doesn’t mean we’re in for it this winter. 50 degrees in late November? Sure feels like we’re being setup for something! Have you gotten any snow yet?

I dodged the raindrops that eventually came and made it to the gym after work, where I proceeded to sweat my LIFE away. Granted the gym was packed, making it hotter than normal, but I seriously felt like that sweaty girl at the gym. Eek! A quick, 30 minute 3-2-1 Treadmill Routine wasn’t really the culprit…

Time Speed Incline
0-2 4.0 1%
2-4 6.0 1%
4-7 6.5 1%
7-9 7.0 1%
9-10 7.5 1%
10-28 repeat minutes 4-10 three more times 1%
28-30 4.0 1%
Total: 3.2 miles

It was THIS beast – the step mill – that REALLY did me in! I seriously have to work so much harder on the climber than on any other machine in the gym – treadmill included. It was invented to torture me, I’m sure of it.


As I was perched on top, drowning, I made a big girl move and decided that I’m ready to invest in some REAL workout clothes that will keep dry through the toughest of workouts. Right now I wear Sofie shorts from HIGH SCHOOL and old t-shirts. I know.

I still don’t feel right about plunking down $50 for a Lulumon-esque top, so if anyone has recs for affordable, ahem, moisture-wicking, workout clothes that might be available somewhere like Target/Old Navy – I’m all ears!

There’s really no appropriate segue to go from talking about sweat issues to dinner so I’m just going to lay it out there…I made Hamburger Sliders tonight!

A couple weekends ago in Colorado I ordered some Mini BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders from a restaurant Ben’s parent’s took us to. They were so cute and tiny – when I saw the recipe for these puppies I knew I wanted to make them right away!


Mini Hamburger Sliders with Feta & Artichoke Salsa


Mini Hamburger Sliders with Feta & Artichoke Salsa are sassy and zesty. Love these 4 bite burgers!


  • Slider Ingredients:
    • 1 lb 93/7 lean ground beef
    • 1 egg
    • 1/2 medium onion, chopped
    • garlic powder
    • 1 Tablespoon ketchup
    • salt & pepper
  • Feta & Artichoke Salsa Ingredients:
    • 1/2 can chopped artichoke hearts
    • 1 Tablespoon capers
    • 1/4 cup crumbled Feta cheese
    • 1/4 cup chopped red onion
    • 2 Tablespoons chopped sun dried tomatoes
    • dash each of oregano & thyme
    • salt & pepper
    • squeeze of Italian salad dressing


  1. Mix slider ingredients together, shape into 8 mini patties and cook on a hot skillet until cooked through.
  2. Combine artichoke salsa ingredients and top burgers.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,

Oh yeah baby! I served my sliders on top of mini ciabatta rolls and let the zesty, chunky, salty feta & artichoke salsa tumble down the sides.


The slider recipe actually came from a cookbook the folks at President Cheese sent me. They suggested topping the burgers with a slice of feta cheese and red onion, but when I found myself with nearly all the ingredients to make my favorite artichoke salsa, I improvised!


I’ll spare you the betta/feta joke but, do you like feta cheese?


I paired my sliders with my most favorite side dish on earth, Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Halved and tossed with EVOO, garlic salt & pepper then roasted @ 425 degrees for 30 minutes, flipping half way through. PERFECTION.


These babies are best eaten with a knife and fork, because of the artichoke salsa, but you could totally do whatever!


In other news, I stumbled upon a new blog yesterday called “This Week for Dinner” where the author Jane posts, you guessed it, what she’s making this week for dinner! Along with her weekly menu, she’s also shares some incredibly delicious sounding recipes and great photography.

Well I’m taking a cue from Jane and sharing MY menu for the week!

Monday: Mini Hamburger Sliders with Feta & Artichoke Salsa

Tuesday: Prosciutto Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

Wednesday: Pumpkin Pie French Toast (I know…Thanksgiving’s over but I can’t help myself!)

Thursday: Chicken Pesto Pizza

Friday: most likely takeout Chinese

Saturday & Sunday: road trip with my Mom so we’ll see what we get into!

Just thought it’d be fun to see what I have planned! Next week I’ll try and post both my shopping list/haul AND menu so you can see how much groceries cost for everything too. :)

Well somehow it got to be almost 8:00 and you know what THAT means – Gossip Girl! I am doubly excited for this week’s epi, seeing as how last week was a re-run – never good!

Have a great night!


What’s on your menu this week?

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  1. Traci 11.30.2010

    LOVE TJ Maxx for good deals – I’ve gotten really nice Calvin Klein yoga pants there for around $15, and they always have Nike and Underarmor stuff with special fabrics. Old Navy has nice pants/basic tops. I also hit up Walmart once just out of curiosity and they actually have a Danskin line that is so cheap & actually good quality – like, workout tops for $6! I’m also a big advocate of going to the Nike outlet. That’s where I got most of my tops, and they are very very durable and not too expensive (all under $20).

  2. Lisa 11.30.2010

    Love Feta!!!

    I hit up Sports Authority sometimes…they have a sale rack where you can get some good deals. I also watch for good sales, they have great workout clothes. I got a pair of $88 hatha yoga pants for $40 bucks…still kinda pricey but they are great and will last forever.

  3. Daisy 11.30.2010

    great sounding menu! just voted. keeeep reminding and I’ll keep voting.

  4. Traci 11.30.2010

    I second the first poster’s comments (conincidentally, also named Traci)! I haven’t checked Wal-Mart yet, but some of my favorite workout gear has been found cheap at TJ Maxx – of course it’s always hit or miss there. My all-time fav workout capri pants came from the Nike Outlet – on sale for $20. I wear them almost every week, so totally worth it! Old Navy has great (and cheap) mosture wicking tanks in fun colors, though their bottoms never seems to fit me very well.

  5. Kristin 11.30.2010

    TJM, Marshalls, Ross (they’re not in the Midwest though), and Wal Mart. I think Old Navy’s isn’t very functional and cheaply made. Target is meh for me — hard to find XS, and honestly, more expensive most of the time than the above. Wal Mart stands out for great wicking ts for around $6.00. Never at Sports Authority or Dicks. Wayyyyy too expensive.

    • Kristin 11.30.2010

      Oh, forgot to mention my latest wicking tanks from Wal Mart were on sale for $1.00 each!

  6. Anna 11.30.2010

    I love feta on salads but I’ve never really used it in anything else. If only there were meat eaters in this house!

    We had pizza last night, planning on salmon pita pockets with tzatziki tonight, pasta with stuffed mushrooms another night, vegetarian Italian wedding soup another night, and it’s anyone’s guess by the weekend!

  7. Lauri 11.30.2010

    ditto everyone else who suggested Marshall’s and TJ Maxx! Also, I really like all the champion stuff at Target, I got a long sleeved mock turtleneck tee and long running pants there, as well as sports bras and a fleece!

  8. Casey 11.30.2010

    The Champion stuff at Target is great and very reasonably priced!

  9. Alicia 11.30.2010

    I would like your pumpkin pie french toast reciepe! Thanks for the Kansas reference the other day… that is where im located :) LOL

  10. Alyse 11.30.2010

    I just start working out this year (took 25 years, haha) anyway, I didn’t want to spend alot on clothes so I tried out some Danskin stuff from Very cheap, very comfortable, keeps me super dry, and it doesn’t really feel like I’m wearing anything. A t-shirt and shorts felt like I was completely swaddled, but these clothes are great.

    I miss your breakfast posts. :/

  11. For moisture-wicking workout clothes that are super affordable, I always go for “Champion” brand. Most Targets and TJ Max’s carry them, and besides being cheap, they’re really cute! I have several pairs of their pants and tank tops and wear them most often out of all my workout clothes.

    I liked your recipe today too, but I agree with Alyse. I miss your breakfast posts, too : ( Waaaaaaaa.

  12. I have tried several times to make Roasted Brussel Sprouts but everytime they come out “sour” and “yucky”!

    You make it sound so simple to make and they look amazing in your pictures, I can’t figure out what I am doing WRONG!?!?! =(

  13. Tay 11.30.2010

    I am obsessed with Champion empire waist sports top. I’ve only gotten them on, b/c they often go on sale for $19.99 (sometimes $17.99!). Which I think is a good deal for a top/sports bra combined. Most built in sports bras don’t work, but this one DOES. Plus, it’s cute!

  14. Ash 11.30.2010

    I have a few Champion shirts from target that I bought on sale and they definitely keep me dry! Love them! You should definitely check them out.

    Kohl’s, if you have it nearby you, also has some great sales and sports clothing.

  15. thanks for the nice shout out – so sweet! fun to have found you! “See” you around!

  16. […] guys gave me a TON of ideas as to where and what I should buy for decent, inexpensive workout clothes, and several of you mentioned this shirt. While I was still […]

  17. […] guys gave me a TON of ideas as to where and what I should buy for decent, inexpensive workout clothes, and several of you mentioned this shirt. While I was still […]

  18. […] it’s official. I hate that dang step mill!! We’re on an indefinite break until further notice. There was a guy on the one next to me, […]

  19. kenneth 02.19.2011

    will go nuts about the “Chicken Pesto Pizza” today. thanks for the idea :)

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