Month of Holiday Giveaways Begins!


I hit the gym HARD tonight for a couple reasons…

1. I wanted to test drive the new Champion Long & Lean Workout T-shirt I got at Target yesterday!

You guys gave me a TON of ideas as to where and what I should buy for decent, inexpensive workout clothes, and several of you mentioned this shirt. While I was still uber-sweaty after my workout tonight, this guy definitely stayed dryer longer and was much lighter when wet then a cotton t-shirt. Win!

Also I have this thing about wearing tight, short shirts, so the “long and lean” style was super comfy. Oh, and it was only $9.99. I could get into this!!!

2. I ate a million chocolate chip cookies last night. No seriously, I did. It was a good reminder as to why I don’t bake often and/or keep sweets in the house. BECAUSE I WILL DEMOLISH THEM ALL! I have ZERO self control around sugar…

My 30-20-10 workout made me feel better!

30 minutes treadmill @ 7.0: 3.5 miles

20 minutes step mill @ level 7: 1 mile

10 minutes elliptical @ level 5: I forgot to look…

Made my workout sesh FLY I’m telling you. Also, I was audibly laughing on the treadmill to That 70s Show circa 5:30. Sorry to my neighbors… :)

Soooo dinner was seriously epic tonight. Take a hike Pumpkin Pie Pancakes – Pumpkin Pie French Toast is the new sheriff in town. Seeeeeeriously!


Pumpkin Pie French Toast

Serves 2


3 egg whites

1/2 cup milk

1/4 cup pumpkin puree

2 Tablespoons flavored coffee creamer


Pumpkin Pie Spice

4 slices bread (I used Nature’s Pride Country White)




1. Mix eggs, milk, pumpkin, creamer, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice in a shallow dish. Dunk the bread slices in, letting them soak up the pumpkin mixture for ~30 seconds on each side.


2. Butter a hot, flat skillet.



3. Cook french toast on medium heat until cooked on both sides.


Devour the pumpkin-spiced goodness!!!


You have GOT to try this you guys!


The secret ingredients that TOTALLY made the difference was the vanilla coffee creamer. It made the french toast creamy and sinfully sweet.


The cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice totally shined through and the whole thing tasted like luscious, luxurious pumpkin pie!


Pumpkin pie that’s been drizzled with maple syrup, mind you. :) I will be repeating this on a cold winter morning!!


In other news, here’s to it being December 1st and the kickoff to the…

Month of Holiday Giveaways!

Stay tuned the next 4 weeks for the chance to win free food, coupons, sweet kitchen essentials and more. There’s nothing that says Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays like free stuff! :D

I’m kicking off the festivities by giving away one of my FAVORITE grab and go snacks on the planet:




From chocolate to cherry, peanut butter & jelly to peanut butter cookie, carrot cake to coconut cream pie – there’s a Larabar for every day of the week…and then some!

Not only do I adore these bars because they are absolutely mouthwatering, but each one has 2-5 ingredients. The Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar is just peanuts, dates & salt. I mean, come on now.

Now for the giveaway! I have 2 prize packs to give away.

1. A CASE of Tropical Fruit Tart Larabars. A vacation-inspired combo of tropical pineapple, coconut and orange.


2. Name your flavor! Pick out any 5 Larabar flavors you want. Wheee!


Enter up to 3 ways by 5pm central on Friday, December 3rd. Here’s how:

1. Tell me which prize pack you want – #1 or #2.

2. Vote for my dishes on the Breakstone Blogger Challenge Website and leave another comment.

3. Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway, and leave another comment.

Good luck y’all! Here’s to healthy (and delicious) snacks!

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  1. katielovespie 12.01.2010

    I’d LOVE #2! I can only get apple pie flavored Larabars here and I’d love to try some new flavors

  2. Meagan 12.01.2010

    #2 looks great!! That recipe looks sooo good!

  3. Meagan 12.01.2010

    I voted for you today!

  4. Number 2 por favor :)

  5. Kathryn 12.01.2010

    Your french toast looks delicious-I hope to try it this weekend. I’d like to try #2 Lara bar package. Great giveaway.

  6. Meghan 12.01.2010

    #2! Tropical fruit tart larabars aren’t my fave. All the chocolate and peanut butter ones are though…

  7. Jessica 12.01.2010

    I would LOVE to try Larabars, especially because they only sell them at one place in our town! I would definitely go for #2.
    P.S. I’ve been voting every day, including today. I would love to see you win!!

  8. Emily 12.01.2010


  9. Christina 12.01.2010

    #2! They still don’t sell any of the new flavours in my area.

  10. Sarah 12.01.2010

    I’d love #2. I’ve never had these bars before.

  11. Meghan 12.01.2010

    You got my vote! The pumpkin pie whoopie pies look UNREAL! good luck!

  12. #2

    How fun! And I just made french toast for my friend last Sunday using cinnamon sugar bread. IT WAS AMAZING. Especially when I added EXTRA cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice to the dunking mixture.

  13. Sarah crowley 12.01.2010

    #2 please and thanks!

  14. JennyV 12.01.2010

    I’ve retweeted…
    and voted :)

  15. Sarah 12.01.2010

    I voted for you in the contest.

  16. Megan 12.01.2010

    Definitely #2! I love the new cookie dough and peanut butter chocolate chip flavors!

  17. Panera John 12.01.2010

    I’m a little bummed that you didn’t use a Panera Bread for your Pumpkin Pie French Toast… BUT I WILL be trying this out soon (as I love Pumpkin Pie and French Toast and never would have dreamed of putting them together)!

  18. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 12.01.2010

    #2!! :)

  19. Renee 12.01.2010

    I would love number 2, I have wanted to try the new flavors I can’t find around here! :)

  20. Misty 12.01.2010

    I would LOVE prize pack #1!!

  21. Sara 12.01.2010

    #2 – Been voting everyday! You’ve got this in the bag! :)

  22. Katie 12.01.2010

    #2!! New flavors?? Absolutely!

  23. Sandy 12.01.2010

    I luurve Larabars!! I would really appreciate prize pack 2, not a huge fan of the tropical flavors! :)

  24. Robyn 12.01.2010

    YUM! That french toast looks great. I’m going to be different and go for QUANITY, I’d like option #1!

  25. Jodi S 12.01.2010

    #2 Please! I love larabars.

  26. Sandy 12.01.2010

    Voted for you in that contest! GOod luck

  27. Heather 12.01.2010

    I voted today!!
    I would pick #1…something tropical would be nice in the cold, dreary winter!

  28. Jessica 12.01.2010

    I’d loveeee to win prize pack # 2!!!

  29. Liz 12.01.2010

    I’d go for #2! I’ve been on the hunt for all the new flavors, and have found all of them except the elusive chocolate chip brownie!

  30. Brittany 12.01.2010

    I’d love #2 so I could try flavors I can’t find!

  31. Alicia 12.01.2010

    I would love to win #2!

  32. Brittany 12.01.2010

    I voted!!

  33. Lisa 12.01.2010


  34. Cookie 12.01.2010

    #2, I like variety!

  35. Amanda 12.01.2010

    I would love #2… I can’t find many flavors of Larabars where I live, and I would love the opportunity to try some new ones!

  36. Jessica 12.01.2010

    Just voted for you!

  37. Kelli (Marathon Mamma) 12.01.2010

    #1 for sure – they make me happy and beachy!

  38. Misty 12.01.2010

    I also voted for you on Breakstone Challenge!! Prize #1

  39. Emily 12.01.2010

    I would love either prize pack, but I’ll go with #1 if I have to choose.

  40. Alicia 12.01.2010

    Been voting for you everyday in the Breakstone Challenge!

  41. Emily 12.01.2010

    I voted for you :)

  42. christina 12.01.2010

    i would pick #2!!

  43. Kim 12.01.2010


  44. Sara 12.01.2010

    AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!!!! I love LARA bars :D I’d love to pick a variety pack, a la #2!

  45. Jess 12.01.2010

    #2–looks delicious!

  46. Sara 12.01.2010

    Tweeted about ya!

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