Sooo you guys love Larabars as much as I do! Who knew?! ;)

PS can I tell you how much it warms my heart to read things like:

"I voted! (and have been doing so every day)"

"I vote for your Breakstone’s giveaway daily!! Yours is definitely the best! Great job! #1 please!"

"I voted for ya! And not just because I want those yummy larabars"

I know that getting bombarded by "vote for me please!" pleas can sometimes get annoying, so I am beyond thankful that you are not annoyed, rather, that you are TOTALLY rocking the vote. Only a couple more weeks to go!!

PPS it seems as though Breakstone fixed the timing glitch associated with voting, and you no longer have to wait a full 24 hours to vote again. Phew! My Mom made a joke that she was going to have to start setting an alarm for the middle of the night because she voted a little bit later everyday.

Can you imagine? My poor little Mom getting up at 1am to log onto her computer and cast her faithful vote? Classic. :D


I am so full. Stuffed to the gills with the most decadent, buttery, chewy homemade pizza ever – Chicken & Artichoke Pesto Pizza!!!


FYI – I am no longer scared to work with yeast since I made those fluffy, pillowy, sweet Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls for Thanksgiving however, I just don’t feel the need to make homemade pizza dough because Trader Joes’ is so. dang. good!


It’s super easy to spread out but…CONFFESION…I tried to spin it on my knuckles like a real pizza pie maker tonight!!! Haaaaaanooo. It did not work, and I almost dropped the dough on the floor. Gave new meaning to the phrase "do not try this at home!"


I spread some Trader Joe’s Pesto on top of my pizza dough for the "sauce."


This pesto is CRAZY good!!! The ingredients list contains: basil, canola oil, parmesan cheese, walnuts, olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper. Fab!


Next went some shredded chicken breast tossed with a bit of pesto,


some torn baby spinach,


chopped artichoke hearts,


crumbled bacon,  


and mozzarella cheese! 


That is one rocking pizza pie!


Heavy too – it took twice as long to cook – MUWAHAHAHA!!!




This was a MEAL, I’m telling you!


The pesto was deliciously garlicky and the bacon was so necessary. It cut through the richness of the other ingredients.


Don’t leave it off!


Also, I think the spinach in there made this healthy, so…we’re good. ;)


Life’s short. Eat pizza. Good. Homemade. Pizza!

In other news, last night I foolishly denounced sweets on Twitter


I’m officially un-denouncing them, because I am undertaking a heavenly baking project tonight! I’ll share in the a.m., don’t you worry! :D

*You have a little less then 24 hours to enter the Larabar giveaway.*



What’s the last deliriously indulgent thing you had?

Spin me a tale!