The Holy Grail of Desserts


The blizzard was bluffing!


I thought the storm’s wind was going to rock the house right off the foundation last night, but it turns out it’s bark was worse than it’s bite.


Ben only had to clear a couple inches off our driveway this morning, which he was mighty pleased about. :) (eek I think it’s time to put the bee stake away!)


We finally have our White Christmas and I can’t stop humming Christmas tunes. The snow has gone to my brain! :D


While Ben was scooping, I was busy finishing my second baking project from yesterday, to take to my parent’s house for lunch this afternoon, Garlic Knots aka homemade rolls topped with melty, garlickly butter!


Last night I made the dough with water, sugar, yeast, flour and a few other ingredients, then let it rise and sit in the fridge overnight.

DSC_0071 DSC_0072 DSC_0079 DSC_0080


This morning I rolled out the dough onto an oiled board and cut it into strips.


The Type A in me made sure everything was trimmed and neat! :)


The knots themselves were a cinch to make. 


Just roll the dough strips into a snake and literally tie the dough into a knot. Just like with a piece of string – it’s super easy!


I laid my knots out and let them rise under a towel until they doubled in size.


They actually weren’t rising fast enough on top of an oven set to 300 degrees, so I took them over to my parent’s house to continue to rise until we were almost ready to eat.


We arrived to a Christmas wonderland! HOLY STOCKINGS! Can you guess which one is mine? ;)


Every year my Mom decorates her house to the nines for Christmas. My favorite is this little snow village that sits on top of their entertainment center.


Its got everything from carolers to snowball fighters and even a little frozen ice skating pond, aka a pond-shaped mirror. I used to LOVE to help set this up with her! :)


For lunch, she had set out an entire Baked Potato SOUP bar for us with all the fixins’! Bread bowls, cheese, bacon, green onions and TWO different kinds of baked potato soup!


I chose the thicker of the two and poured a big ladle-full into a fresh bread bowl, alongside some cornbread.


I’ll try and get you this recipe, because it was so, so, so delicious. Thick, creamy, cheesy – luscious.


It’s a Panera copy cat recipe – I know that for sure. It tastes exactly like theirs!


My parents still get the paper everyday and my Mom is always clipping recipes from it to try. One of them was this Corny Cornbread she made today. It’s basically Jiffy Cornbread Mix with both creamed and kernel corn added. At first I couldn’t decide if I loved it or hated it, because it wasn’t super sweet like I normally like, but my feelings were clear two pieces later. Loved it! ;)


Pulling up the rear were my garlic knots.


After they bake up you smother them with melted butter, garlic powder and Italian Seasoning.


The seasoning and texture of the inside of the rolls were great, but the outsides were kind of hard & flaky-ish. Not overcooked hard but, ‘I left my bread dough out in the open air’ (which I really didn’t) hard. Hard to describe. ;) Seasoned bakers – any insight? Either way, the boys demolished them and said they were good, so, win?!


You know it wouldn’t be Sunday lunch at my parent’s house without a little dessert action. My Mom left us speechless with a Peanut Butter Fudge Trifle!!!!


Ok, check. this. $%&*. out. We’ve got layers of Peanut Butter Ice Cream SANDWICHES, Cool Whip, Peanuts, Fudge and Caramel, TOPPED with crumbled Heath Bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG I die for this dessert!! For Heaven’s sake, it’s made with ice cream sandwiches!! Show stopper!


Finn was excited about it too! Unfortunately he couldn’t partake – what with being allergic to dairy and being 1 1/2 and all… ;) (ps, he’s WALKING!)


I am now in a peanut butter/fudge/caramel coma (which I really don’t hate) but I have to hydrate and get my rear to the gym this afternoon. I have been a slight slacker this week and my restless legs are itching to get moving.

Afterwards I’m going to hunker down with our new Netflix trial membership. Ben and I joined last night, watched Iron Man (amazing) and found about 10 different National Geographic Documentaries we want to watch. So much to learn, so little time!

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday everyone!

PS There are only SIX more days left in the Breakstone Blogger Challenge!! Hope I can bring it home!! :D


What’s the last movie you watched? What kinds are your favorites?

I LOVE, love, love movies – especially comedies and action movies. I’d stay in and watch them every weekend if I could…which it sounds like I might start doing with this new Netflix membership! 8O

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  1. Karla 12.12.2010

    I am obsessed with any and all types of Christmas movies this time of the year! My favorite is “The Family Man” when I want a heart warming movie but if I want some comedy I got to Jim Cary in “The Grinch”! Love!

  2. we’ve been watching “The Pacific” this weekend and I am HOOKED! so good…

    and holy. crap. that trifle is insane!

  3. Just voted again! Looks like a great day with your family. Finn is just too cute for his own good.

  4. The last movie we got from Neflix was Grown Ups. It was pretty funny. We us on demand a lot, especially me when my hubby travels. I also do a lot of TV on dvd via Neflix.

  5. Mimi 12.12.2010

    I just watched “Book of Eli” last night, which I actually wanted to see since you talked about it! It was pretty good…

    That dessert looks divine!

    Finally, is this not like the latest it’s ever really snowed in the Midwest? Crazy…

    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.12.2010

      Um yeah. Perhaps Mother Nature is feeling bad about how she treated us last winter. What a doozy that was!

  6. Amanda 12.12.2010

    the dessert looks amazing!! talk about crazy, I live 30 minutes south of minneapolis and we got 20 inches of snow yesteryday!

  7. Sara 12.12.2010

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! That dessert looks insane! I literally stared at the picture for 30 seconds. That sounds like a short amount of time, but on the internet it’s not ;-)

    The last movie I saw was…Never Let Me Go. NVM, actually it was 500 Days of Summer! Love both of them :) I really like period pieces that make ya think, as well as anime movies…and typical Will Ferrell-type comedies!

  8. judy 12.12.2010

    Would your mom share the cornbread recipe??? It looks fabulous.

  9. Marina 12.12.2010

    Love the bread bowl!
    And the house looks beautiful, with all that decoration!

  10. Wow. That dessert. Your mom amazes me with her creative lunches every weekend!!

    The last movie I SAW was Morning Glory (just okay) but I watched part of Twilight this afternoon:) My favorites are RomComs and Dramas.

  11. Um. I need to come eat with you. I want that meal specifically. ASAP!

  12. Oh man, can your mom cook for me? Just once? I’d totally kill for some nice, warm soup right now. The garlic rolls look incredible – I know I’d pop about five in my mouth before stopping for a breath.

    I’m actually watching Tropic Thunder right now and IDK why – it’s terrible! There wasn’t a football game on that looked interesting, but honestly, I think I’m going to switch back! I’d rather watch the jets play than watch panda-fied Ben Still get attacked in a forest…yeah, if you havent seen it, there’s no way to describe the ridiculousness (and not in a good way!)

  13. lc 12.12.2010

    i bet you wish you had the 17 inches of snow and the collapsed metrodome roof we have in mpls! check out the strib online for videos…nuts. since i am originally from IA, living in MPLS…feels like i’m following in your footsteps. hope all is well on your side of the ia/mn border :)

  14. Erica 12.12.2010

    TWO inches? Up here in NE Iowa we got about 14 (or more). It’s crazy! We watched “Colors” on Netflix/Wii last night and I really liked it. It’s old, so maybe you’ve seen it, but if not check it out:)

  15. Rachel 12.12.2010

    I’ll take the 3 inches we got in Brookings yesterday–I like to think Mother Nature is indeed feeling bad about last winter. Yikes! All that aside, I second Faith & I’d love for your mom to come and cook for me too! What a spread! And she definitely knows her stuff–I made hers/yours Chicken Parmesan last night–Delish!!! :)

  16. DawnK 12.12.2010

    I live in eastern WI, between Milwaukee and Green Bay. We got about 6-8 inches. I’m so tired of being stuck in the house, since around lunch-time yesterday. On my twitter list is someone who tweets about the scanner calls and people really had a lot of trouble driving around today, so it’s a good thing we stayed home. We made a chicken potpie today that was delicious.

    A potato soup bar sounds delicious. I should make some potato soup, when my daughter is home from college. I don’t know if we will make bread bowls, though. The dessert does look amazing! I also would like the recipe for the cornbread.

  17. Joe 12.12.2010


  18. I am embarrassed to say the last movie I watched was Center Stage. Soo bad, but soo good. It was fun to see all the actors. Did you know one of the lead actors went on to act in the new Star Trek and Avatar!!! crazy huh?

    My favorite movies to watch are those that are truly based off books. I.e. I love the BBC 8 hour Pride and Prejudice!!!

  19. Kath 12.12.2010

    I love Netflix! You’ll like it, too! It has all of the latest movies, but you can get things like BBC television shows, classic movies, foreign films, etc. In other words, lots of things that aren’t available at the local video store. And the Instant View is great!

    Your Garlic Knots and Peanut Butter Fudge Trifle look great!

  20. Kristin from MN 12.12.2010

    Those bread bowls look like the perfect size! Where did your mom get them or did she make them? Last movie we watched was Eclipse and we just got Toy Story 3 in the mail from Netflix.

  21. AmyLou 12.12.2010

    Ooh, the baked potato soup looks fabulous!

    Last movie I saw was today. . . we saw a matinee today, Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was great!!!

  22. laura 12.12.2010

    I seriously want to be like your mom!!

  23. Anna @ ciaotochow 12.12.2010

    Kristin – I’ve been following your wonderful blog for a while now, and I absolutely love it…so entertaining and fun! Can I just say how jealous I am of your mother’s Sunday lunches? Wow, that woman knows how to cook!

  24. Megan 12.13.2010

    My mom and I also used to set up her little Christmas village! It was the first thing I’d dig out of our decoration boxes; we’d spend time making up stories for all the people (who’s dating who, who’s married, who’s widowed, who has which job, etc…). I loved it :)
    Also: Netflix is amaaazing. I’m currently waiting to get Love and War with Sandra Bullock (1996 movie); my parents tell me it’s fabulous. The instant movie are super great, too. My queue is about 5 miles long! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

  25. Rachel P 12.13.2010

    That whole meal looked amazing! I am definitely making some baked potato soup tonight and I plan on doing my best to recreate that dessert!

    Netflix is great. I have caught up on so many tv shows and movies I never had time for before. I love being able to watch a whole series on my time (so great for those cliffhanger endings!).

    This may sound weird but does your nephew have a dairy allergy or a protein intolerance? I ask because my son had MSPI (Milk and Soy Protiein Intolerance) his first year so dairy and soy were forbidden in our house. Thankfully he is one of the lucky ones to outgrow the intolerance. It’s crazy, I never would ask things like that before but now it is just one of those things.

  26. Hope 12.13.2010

    The garlic knots and the soup in the bread bowl looks so good! That is my favorite thing to order from Panera just for the bread bowl! Haha :)

  27. I watched The Glass House last night – incidentally on Neflix. Although in Canada, the selection isn’t quite as amazing. The Glass House was pretty good – it was suspenceful enough that I ended up looking up the ending on Wikipedia. This is one of my worst habits.

  28. Jenny Matlock 12.13.2010

    I’ve been voting for your every day. Do you know what place you’re in?

    Have you tried making the towel a bit moister when you cover the rolls for their second raise?

  29. Jessie 12.13.2010

    So, will you be sharing the baked potato soup recipes? I’m still looking for the perfect bowl of baked potato soup.

    Here in southern MN we got 20″ on snow. It was insane! Today schools are 2 hours late because we have windchills of -25 to -30. It’s a perfect day to finish Still Alice for my book club tonight!

  30. Dani 12.13.2010

    Talk about carb overload. What a great day for some hot soup.

  31. dmcgirl 12.13.2010

    I love all your snow, it’s been in the 70s here, actually had to put on sunscreen the other day! ;-)
    Love the dessert – but if I were a part of your fam I would be 300 pounds, AT LEAST! How do you do it?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.14.2010

      Hollow leg…
      No just kidding – I seriously only eat once a day if we’re going over there for lunch because we are SO stuffed when we leave!!!

  32. Dawn Hutchins 12.13.2010

    Where does one get peanut butter ice cream bars? Yum! I must admit that after growing up in Massachusetts and moving to Florida I don’t miss the cold. It was 70 here on Saturday and now it’s in the 40’s and I’m FREEZING!

  33. OH MAANNN that dessert looks amazing! How did your mom think of that?! If I had that in my house I’m pretty sure I would annihilate the whole thing. It would be baaaad news.

    To answer your question about movies, the last good one I watched was a documentary called “The Lottery” about charter schools in Harlem. It was extremely insightful and incredibly well done. I would recommend it to everyone, especially parents (or future parents : )

    My favorite kind of movies are either comedy, romance or documentaries/indie films. A few of my faves are Anchorman, The Holiday, Elf and The Darjeeling Limited.

  34. kat 12.13.2010

    Are those homemade breadbowls? Or is there a recipe? I’ve been looking for one and those look really yummy! :)

  35. sassy molassy 12.13.2010

    Ooh, we really enjoy having netflix. We just watched The Holiday on Sat night. Such a cute chic flick type holiday movie. And I just ordered The Grinch.

  36. I’m really intrigued as to why your garlic knots had a funky exterior. Did you use too much flour? If you figure out, you should share!

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  38. Netflix has single handedly distracted me from any work that I’ve had to get done since we signed up. I think the last movie I watched was some cheesy B horror film.

  39. Betsey 12.14.2010

    My husband and I also just signed up for Netflix … we’ll have to look into those documentaries. That soup looks delicious!

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