Friday After…Not Class!


My closet is looking pretty bleak…


Amidst the brightly colored hangers are shirts in all shades of…black. Or navy. Ok, we’ve got an occasional fuchsia peeking out, but you get the gist.


All the folded sweaters I keep in my chest are cheerful and bright, but I never realized how dark all my staple-clothing is! Well, except for the men’s, white-cotton Hanes t-shirts I keep hung up…


These shirts are God’s-gift and I keep mine hung up instead of folded in my t-shirt drawer because they are truly a step above all other t-shirts. Super soft and the perfect thickness – they deserve a hanger!

DSC_0003 (2)

What’s the overall color theme in your closet?

In other news, I braved the high-speed winds outside to trek to the gym this afternoon, where I tackled this 5 Minute Climb Treadmill Routine, with a 1% incline:

Time Speed
0-2 4.0
2-5 6.0
5-10 6.5
10-15 starting at 6.5 go up .1 every minute
15-20 7.0
20-25 starting at 7.0 go up .1 every minute
25-30 7.5
30-35 starting at 7.5 go up .1 every minute
Sub-total: 4 miles
35-37 4.0
37-40 3.5
Total: 4.3 miles

I liked that the 5 minute intervals of increasing my speed by .1 gradually took me up to the next level where I could chill at the same pace for 5 minutes. It was definitely challenging and I was doing the “sccchheeee” inhale by the end!

You know – the one where you look like you’re smiling, but you’re actually trying not to fly off the end of the treadmill? Yeah, that one.

Was dripping with sweat and HANGRY when I got home. Whipped up this c-r-a-z-y easy Chili Lemon Basil Shrimp with Israeli CousCous for lunch!


Start by sautéing 1/3 cup Israeli CousCous in a drizzle of olive oil, in a saucepan over medium heat.


Let the cc fry for a few minutes,


until it gets golden brown in color.


Then add in a squeeze of lemon juice. Stir to coat the couscous with the juice, then add 2/3 cup chicken broth, put a lid on the pan and cook until done. You’ll know it’s done when there’s no more liquid left.


Meanwhile, sauté 1/4 shallot with 2 garlic cloves and a pinch of chili flakes in a drizzle of olive oil.


Let it cook over medium-low heat until everything is gooooolden brown and yummy looking. Yeah, yummy looking!


Finally, add in a giant handful of baby spinach,


toss until it starts to wilt, then add in some shrimp.


I used thawed, previously cooked & frozen shrimp, so all I had to do was heat it up.


Combine and top with basil. The end. Simple, right?!


Every time I put lemon into a dish I wonder why I don’t do it more often. It’s so zingy and bright. Totally peps up whatever it is you’re cooking.


I freaking HEART Israeli couscous, too. They’re miniature pillow puffs of tender love. MMMMMMYUMMY – this was an awesome, awesome dish!


Ok, I’m off to go enjoy a cocktail or two with Ben and my parents. FABAHAD (Friday after being at home all day) here I come! :D


Did you/do you have FAC at your college?

FAC – or Friday after class – was a chance to blow off some steam with great drink specials at the bars on campus, circa 4 3 2pm on Friday afternoons. I was talking to a friend from the South about it one day, and they had no idea what it was!

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  1. I’m from the South and have never heard about FAC but it sounds great! Also… can I come over for lunch? =P That shrimp dish looks delicious!

  2. Sara 01.07.2011

    Is it a non-Southern thing because I haven’t heard of it either! Sounds like a nice idea, though! ;-) Tasty looking lunch, btw!

  3. i’ve never heard of FAC…? but i can say the overall theme in my closet is a lot of black and some bright colors. i need to get that together!

  4. Stephanie 01.07.2011

    UNI FAC! I was too young to be there but that didn’t stop me then. Have fun!

  5. That recipe looks fantastic! I love black and white clothing and I love to dress it up with fun scarves, purses, or jewelry. But lately I’ve been buying basic solid colored sweaters and tops so that I can have a few more options. Don’t worry, we all have certain colors and styles we gravitate to.

  6. Molly 01.07.2011

    FAC was the death of me most Fridays at ISU. I miss it :(

  7. Lauren 01.07.2011

    Ha! I’m from Iowa so I know all about FAC; we didn’t have it out east where I went to school. Most of my friends did a lot more than “blow off steam” at FAC, that’s for sure!

  8. Emily G 01.07.2011

    Pretty sure FAC is an Iowa thing … I remember it from the U of Iowa (although my favorite FAC bar/wing eatery is gone), but I went to law school @ Minnesota and nobody up here knew what I was talking about.

  9. Sarah 01.07.2011

    My college didn’t have many Friday classes – we were on a quarter system, so most classes met either Mon/Wed or Thurs/Fri. My only Friday classes all through undergrad were a biology lecture and calculus lab for 1 hour on Fridays freshman year for 10 weeks!

  10. Ellen 01.07.2011

    I’m from the south and we don’t call it FAC but all the bars in college towns here have great Friday happy hour specials starting around 2pm!

  11. sassy molassy 01.07.2011

    We did not have those kinds of deals on Fridays in Eugene. Sounds awesome though. I was always too busy to have a pitcher (or pint) of beer until 9pm or so. It made me jealous to see teh groups of people enjoying beer on the patio of the local campus bar at 2pm.

  12. Teens Eat 01.07.2011

    I have never heard of FAC, but I pretty much go out and blow off some steam anyways every Friday. Today I even had a sluf day :P lol


  13. Grace 01.07.2011

    Ahhh good times at FAC. I had butt parked at the Sports Column just about every Friday at 2 p.m.

  14. as a northwest wisconsin girl I’m always on the lookout for new treadmill routines…definitely gonna add this one into the rotation! :)
    cathy b. @ brightbakes

  15. R 01.07.2011

    UNI FAC, the reason that even though we went home in between to shower and do our best to be presentable, we only lasted a few hours at Sharkey’s or Tony’s before being told that maybe we should just go ahead call it a night even though it was only 11pm :S.

    • R 01.07.2011

      P.S….Suds and the Stein seemed to be a little more understanding of our “condition”.

  16. Paige 01.07.2011

    Grace, Bo James was the place to be for FAC at Iowa! Miss that so much. I even have a scrapbook page devoted to it.

  17. You make the yummiest sounding dishes that are also so simple! Love it! I LOVE Israeli Couscous but have a hard time finding it in my town. :(

    I’ve never heard of FAC. I might need to implement FAW – Friday After Work. :)

  18. Katie 01.07.2011

    I miss the OP…tear… :(

  19. I’m from Alabama and have never heard of FAC, but I like the idea! The only thing we have is “Thirsty Thursdays” which doesn’t make sense because we still have classes on Friday. Oh well, celebrate whenever you can!

  20. Israeli couscous is my FAVORITE!

  21. We don’t have FAC at my school but I think I’m going to start it. I’ve never heard of it before! I think it’s a great idea

  22. I definitely took part in FAC at UNI…..made for way early nights though, b/c we started so early!

  23. Bridget 01.07.2011

    My closet is full of black, white, grey, some pinks and a random eggplant color. I am as basic as they come. FAC…never heard of it but hubby is a UNI alum. I’ll ask him! :)

  24. heather 01.07.2011

    israeli couscous is the jam, no kidding. we sub it in for rice in the BRAT system when anyone in our house gets sick(BIAT system?). everything i own, apparel-wise, is either black, grey, or denim–i’m sort of an accessory-and-cosmetic junkie and i’d rather use up color on my face or a scarf than clothes. what’s all this about FAC? i’ve never heard of it, but at rutgers-or any college i know in new jersey-weekends started on thurday night anyway. :)

    • heather 01.07.2011

      bummer…i meant thurSday*

  25. Daisy 01.07.2011

    um no we didn’t have FAC! wth?!

    is it random that i noticed you wear a lot of black and white?! i mean, i guess reading someones blog everyday you are bound to notice details like this. hey, you like what you like!!

    • Kathryn 01.07.2011

      I too have noticed a lot of black in your pictures…however, can your really go wrong in black?

  26. AbberJabber 01.07.2011

    I had never heard of FAC until I went to Iowa! Bo James ;)

  27. Kelly 01.07.2011

    I attend the second largest party school in the country (ohio university) and I’m pretty sure every day after class would be considered “FAC” hah. But no, we do not have a specific name for such a thing. Drink specials here are only good on any day that ends with “day.”

  28. BroccoliHut 01.07.2011

    My closet is pretty colorful–perhaps too much so, if that’s possible? Most of my wardrobe is in reds and purples.

  29. Anna @ ciaotochow 01.07.2011

    Let it cook until everything’s “yummy looking.” I love this! Sometimes the time requirement (cook for 8 minutes…blah blah blah) does not help at all. Oh, and I also love adding lemon to dishes. My mom made dinner for my friends and I last night and made an absolutely delish, light and lemony chicken piccata. Our family also makes the best lemon chicken salad. Reminds me of spring!

  30. sas 01.07.2011

    We definitely did at Wisconsin! Must be a midwestern thing :)

  31. dmcgirl 01.07.2011

    Black is an overwhelming color in my closet and very little pattern. Not too exciting!

  32. Taylor 01.07.2011

    Well I went to U of Iowa so of course I know all about FAC!

  33. Lauren 01.07.2011

    My entire wardrobe is dark but I really love wearing blacks and grays. It just works for me.

    I haven’t made cous cous is ages but that TJ’s brand is really top notch.

  34. i have a lot of color in my closet- pinks, blues, greens…. but my friend (and mom and other friends) wears almost all black, so you’re in good company

  35. maggie 01.07.2011

    I spy what look like some SUPER cute multicolored striped flats down on the bottom right-ish there….mind if I ask where they’re from? I need to spice up my (shoe) life a bit.
    My wardrobe is almost entirely black,white, grey, and navy. I try to wear more color but somehow it always comes back to black. You’re not alone!
    PS the 30min-35 min segment of 7.5 + 0.1 every minute looks killer. i want to try it in the next couple days but i’m afraid. i have to remember: mind over matter!

  36. Jenn 01.07.2011

    At The University of Florida, our big campus bar is The Swamp. We had FASP (Friday Afternoon Swamp Party) eeeeevery week! Oh, college… how I miss you.

  37. Kristin from MN 01.07.2011

    I have never heard of FAC here in MN. Although my college is smaller and doesn’t have bars on campus – there are specific bars that the college students usually frequent. The college specials are on Thursday nights a.k.a. Thirsty Thursdays!

  38. Most of my friends, including myself, got out of having Friday classes most of my years in college… guess you could say we had “thursdays after class” since that was pretty much the biggest party night of the week! :)

  39. I’m from the Midwest and go to school in the Midwest and I have never heard of FAC. Although, I rarely have class on Fridays so I guess mine would be TAC (Thursday)!

  40. MJ 01.08.2011

    FAC now is Friday After Cubicle.

  41. Ann 01.08.2011

    Here in Colorado, FAC stands for Friday Afternoon Club. Still hear it quite a bit and not just with the college crowd. Have a great weekend!

  42. Erika 01.08.2011

    Yes! FAC! We did that at Drake :-)

  43. Hope 01.08.2011

    I love Israeli Couscous! This recipe looks amazing! I definitely need to make this. I have never heard of FAC! It sounds like it would be fun!!

  44. Jessica 01.08.2011

    I am from Iowa and graduated from UNI. U of I’s FAC was far superior to UNI’s FAC :) I had a lot of friends that went to U of I so I would just go down there for FAC. Bo James was wonderful!

  45. Mimi 01.08.2011

    I’ve never heard of FAC before, although I’m sure we have something of a similar concept!

    My closet has a good amount of color to it, although I tend to have a lot of green and purple. Explain that to me!

    P.S. I LOVE Israeli cous-cous. Great chewy texture!

  46. Karinda 01.08.2011

    I think FAC is a University of Iowa thing….maybe? I am from michigan and went to undergrad there and had never heard of it. I now live in the Iowa city area and am going to graduate school….and coming to U of I was the first time I was exposed to FAC.

  47. Kris N. 01.08.2011

    FAC @ The OP – for sure!!

  48. Christine 01.08.2011

    We had FAC at University of Wisconsin too! Ahhh I miss college…

  49. Rachel 01.08.2011

    Definitely did FAC at Iowa State! At the bar by 2:00, home in bed by 6:00:) Ahhhh the good ole days!!!

  50. Summer 01.08.2011

    Where did you find the Israeli Couscous? I went to my local grocery store in the international section and I couldn’t find it. Did you find it at a specialty store?

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