A Little Dark & Twisted


You were right.

Disturbing pretty much sums up Black Swan! Ben’s all, "Damn. I didn’t know the ballet got down like that!" ;)


The movie is definitely not for everyone – e.g. my Dad would have left about 13 minutes in – but if you don’t mind a little dark & twisted, than I’d say go for it.


If nothing else, go to see Natalie Portman in her best movie yet. She was fantastic! I totally forgot that she was "Natalie Portman" while watching, and only saw her as the troubled character she played. True sign of a great actress!


PS how about Wynona Ryder? And her final scene?? EEK!


After the movie, in a cloud of WTH, Ben and I ordered Wok in Motion to-go, for an early dinner in.

DSC_0001 (2)

We had a gift card from Christmas, so we went all out and got 2 orders of spicy-sweet Kung Pao Chicken AND an order of savory fried rice. :D

DSC_0003 (2)

I loooooooooooove WIM’s food. Their chicken dishes always have big chunks of all white meat, and their fried rice is top notch. Top. Notch. Super tender and fluffy-yet-dense. It’s probably so delicious because of the massive amounts of oil they use to fry it in. It’s not oily though, you know? Whatevs, I love it. :)


Eeek, ok seriously such a weird movie…I’m still thinking about it! I really, really liked it though! If you saw it, what’d you think?

Ok, off to unwind. Have a great week, all!


How many times a week do you go out to eat/order food to-go?

Ben and I were just talking about this and, besides New Year’s Eve, it feels like it has been aaaaages since we last went out to eat. I just seem to cook at home more often than not!



Look what showed up on my doorstep yesterday afternoon… CHO-MG! A case of Greek yogurt from Chobani! The case contained all my most-craved flavors, but I zeroed in on my #1 favorite for breakfast… Pineapple. Oh yeah, baby. Topped with leftover mango (here’s how I easily cut my mangoes) from…

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