It’s 8 degrees out right now.


You know how you can get your tongue stuck to a pole when it’s super cold outside?


Don’t worry I didn’t, but my car’s front bumper pulled a Flick and, somewhere between 15 and 8 degrees this afternoon, adhered itself to a snow bank in the parking lot at work. The water droplets on the bumper must have froze to the bank, which created a thick sheet of ice-glue that I had to push the pedal to the metal in reverse to get out of. Yeesh!


Came home to slice off multi, small-portions of last night’s cornbread and pretend that calories don’t count when they’re cut thinly. You agree, right?


ps the cornbread dropped overnight, and is now as dense as fudge. Amazing.


All the while I was cooking up an easy-peasy dinner of chicken & potatoes!


I’ve told you before that I rarely cook “just chicken” because it’s oh-so boring. This recipe for Frank’s Crispy Chicken caught my eye the other day, though, because it looked easy and seemed to really jazz up plain chicken breasts.

I basically followed the recipe, and started by popping two chicken breasts in a marinade of Frank’s hot sauce, brown sugar, honey & water last night, then coated them in homemade, seasoned breadcrumbs tonight.


ICYWW:  I prepare most dinners as much as I can the night before I make them. Whether it’s a crockpot meal where I toss all the ingredients into the insert at night, store in the fridge and pop into the machine in the am, or marinating meats overnight and all day then cooking them at night – food’s less fragile than you think. If you can get the majority of dinner done the night before – why wouldn’t you?


At any rate, I popped the chicken into a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes then turned the heat up to 400 degrees for another 10 minutes or so.


The coating was crispy, the chicken was tender,


and my God the marinade was good! I LOVED it. Kinda spicy and a little sweet. Ben didn’t like it as much as I did, because he doesn’t like sweet things for dinner, but I thought it was fabulous.


I forgot to get any green vegetables at the store this week (I know, who am I?) but luckily I had a trusty sweet potato sitting pretty in my fruit basket to make into a side dish of mashed potatoes. :)


All I did was microwave a whole sweet potato for about 6 minutes (flipping 1/2 way through) then peeled and mashed the pulp with unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, cinnamon, salt and a little butter.


Thick and low-key sweet.


For my guy, I pulled out the big guns and made Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Capital GMP!


My poor, meat-and-potatoes husband puts up with my crazy tofu, vegetarian recipe, fake ice cream shenanigans day after day without a complaint, so sometimes I like to spoil him with a crazy, decadent treat. Mashed potatoes are his favorite food in the world, so I knew he’d love ’em!

DSC_0012 DSC_0014

All I did was cook up 3 white potatoes, then whipped them with ungodly amounts of butter melted in warm 1/2 & 1/2, salt, pepper and garlic powder.


omg, I couldn’t keep my spoon out!


He ate the entire thing. I was a little shocked, actually! ;) 


In other news, after I unstuck myself from the snow drift after work, I drove to the gym where I circled the parking lot…then left.

I circled the parking lot then left. Ugh!

I tried to blame it on the fact that there were no parking spaces, but in reality I just wimped out. Despite my best efforts, this seems to happen to me when it’s particularly cold and/or snowy out. All I want to do is go home at night, get in my PJs and eat carbs.

The sad thing is that as I was circling the lot I knew leaving was the wrong thing to do, but I did it anyways. I was disappointed in myself. :(

I proactively packed my bag to head into the gym tomorrow morning before work, so there’s no chance of tempting myself to bail tomorrow evening.

You can only look forward!



What are your biggest barriers to working out? No time? Kids need your attention? The weather? Your job?