This is Judgment Free Zone


It’s been far too long since I roasted something.

My heart starts palpitating when I go too long without tasting the deep, robust flavor of better-than-french-fries brussels sprouts, golden sweet potato fries, tender green beansor roasted butternut squash & tofu. ;)

I decided to get back in the roasty-toasty saddle tonight with said dynamic duo, tossed with spicy, red wine & cheese infused Chicken Sausage.


Aka, HEAVEN in a bowl!


Putting this together was super-simple and I even got Ben in on the action!


He cooked up a couple Trader Joe’s Spicy Italian Wine & Cheese Chicken Sausages while I showered up from a gym sesh that included an uninspiring 3 mile run on the treadmill, but a fabu 20 minutes spent on the stair stepper. :)


These babies are AH-mazing – so incredibly flavorful, a tad spicy, and totally worth the $5 price tag. Ben used one in a breakfast omelet the other day and it was to die for. The possibilities are endless!


The ingredients I craved the most though, included 1 organic butternut squash which I peeled & cubed, tossed with olive oil, garlic salt & pepper then roasted for 30 minutes at 425 degrees, tossing half way through.




At the squash’s halfway point, I added a pan of extra-firm tofu, that I had cubed and tossed with the same seasoning as the squash, into the oven.


Golden delicious in no time.


Assembled over brown rice cooked in chicken broth, then CHOWED! I was starving tonight!!


Ughhhh yesss…that’s the stuff!


The butternut squash had this awesome caramelized crust and was soooo sweet inside. The roasted tofu gave the dish great texture too.


I feel like such a hippie when I make meals like this. :)


Craving = 100% squashed. 10/10. I know. Sorry!

Also, no, Ben did not dine with me tonight – he’s going out to eat with a friend who’s in town from SoCali. His reply to my dinner bowl?



Where’s the sauce?”

I love freaking husbands out. Also, this didn’t need sauce. Promise.

In other news, tonight is a trash-tv-lover’s dream come true: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills followed by the Jersey Shore. Please don’t judge me.

Can you see the weekend!?


What do you not want to be judged for?

Also – because my husband is SO weird…here is his question: If you could eat one non-edible item, what would it be? He said his new sunglasses because he loves them so much. WTF? :razz:

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  1. I have to say…I’m a Jersey Shore addict too! On a hungover summer’s day this past year, I got suckered in to the season 1 marathon and was hooked!

    You dinner looks so good! I wish I had a Trader Joes…waahhhh.

  2. That looks like a great bowl. Glad that you got rid of your craving!! I’m craving fresh summer vegetables from the farmer’s market…and the fact that they are so far away is driving me crazy!!!

  3. LOL okay the sunglasses??? Haha however I would have to go with shoes since I love them so much.

  4. Heather 01.13.2011

    I’m gonna totally buy some of that sausage at TJ’s this weekend. And no judgment here…that is my TV schedule for the night too! I mean, Camille gets THE CALL tonight! :)

  5. Rachel 01.13.2011

    I am so excited for Jersey Shore AND the real housewives! And I don’t like to be judged for eating all the weird things I like to eat!

  6. Tracie Marshall 01.13.2011

    I’m watching the same shows as you tonight! You are not alone. I hardly have time to watch TV, but I will always make time for Housewives and Jersey Shore.

  7. Liz 01.13.2011

    Haha! I heart IBE, but that’s a strange question… non-edible item? That’s tough. My cuticles because I bite them all the time and sometimes I think they “slip” into my mouth.

  8. Hmmm…the whole non-edible food thing has me thinking…I guess I would eat my lip gloss! I mean…they make them in such yummy “flavors” it’s almost like eating them because they smell so good! Plus – I seem to have a million of ’em!

  9. Healthy Honey 01.13.2011

    No judgement here… 2 of my fave shows!!! :)

  10. Stephanie 01.13.2011

    I won’t judge you if you won’t judge me for listening to Phil Collins while I clean. :)

  11. Sara 01.13.2011

    LOL Ben is hilarious! I think your dinner sounds muy delicious! I am totally craving tofu – I’ve seen it on a ton of blogs lately! You should make tofu tacos! :D

    I don’t want to be judged for my type A personality :) And a non edible thing I’d want to eat? I don’t know….maybe Christmas decorations?! LOL

  12. Lindsey 01.13.2011

    I have to say the tofu, squash, and sausage seems like an odd combo to me too. I love each one, but the combo sounds strange. Although, you rarely disappoint, so I’m sure it was good! :) I would want to eat something like snow (if it had substinence) or grass … you know? Something that costs $0 (cuz I HATE grocery prices) and easily accessible! :) Haha. Ewww.

  13. Haha what? I would eat my…no, I really can’t think of anything for this!

  14. Definitely butternut squash (your dinner looked awesome). And I love your husband’s question. I’d eat my Yankee Candle in the Cupcake scent. It smells amazing!

  15. Double protein bowl! Looks good! I’ll have to try it.

  16. Jane 01.13.2011

    I always wonder what Ben thinks of the meals you cook, knowing how my husband is! Mine is such a “meat and potatoes and bread” guy, I can’t get him to try many things. Our daughter is more adventurous than he is, and she’s 12! I love to try some of the meals you make, so I have to save them for times when he’s gone for the evening :)

  17. ha! that is so weird and hilarious about the sunglasses! i don’t think i would ever eat an inedible item…?

  18. Abby 01.13.2011

    OMG, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!! Love!

  19. Daisy 01.13.2011

    ben is funny.

  20. haha I love the no judgment theme. If I could eat one non-edible item it would be my foam roller. It’s one of those inventions that I wish I had created!!!

  21. I wouldn’t want to be judged for watching The Police Women of Cincinnati today, and being totally enthralled. I’m mean from the Cincinnati area, but still. I’ve got sucked into all of them. Police Women of Memphis, Dallas, etc.

  22. Kristen 01.13.2011

    I don’t like regular, boiled/steamed brussel sprouts that my parents used to make… Maybe I will try this!

  23. Katherine 01.13.2011

    Too funny. Oh how husbands are all the same. Love the sauce comment!!!

  24. Jen F. 01.13.2011

    Can you believe I’ve never cooked tofu?! I’ve had it in my mix at Hu Hot but never ventured to make it myself…I may have to give it a try! I LOVE the RH shows! All of them! They are so awful you can’t stop watching – total love hate relationship! :)

  25. Kristin from MN 01.13.2011

    I don’t want to be judged for already purchasing and (getting excited for) the new Britney Spears single that was just released on iTunes this week. :)
    I just finished listening to the book The Hunger Games. I LOVED IT SO MUCH THAT I COULD EAT IT! :D

  26. Definitely Teen Mom…oops.

  27. Looks delish! Do you have any tips on tricking your loved ones (husbands, specifically) into eating tofu? :)

  28. Nate @ DsmDeals 01.13.2011

    I would most likely say the same thing as your husband. It must be a guy thing.

  29. There is noting I would rather have roasted than butternut squash. Fact. As for the no judgement thing…let’s just say I still drink Diet Coke sometimes……*eek*
    cathy b.

  30. Hope 01.14.2011

    Those sausages look amazing! I’ve never seen them before. I definitely will look for them the next time I go to Trader Joe’s. I LOVE The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Best show!

  31. Katie 01.14.2011

    Haha no worries… I watched both last night too! Trashy television like that just has to be watched ;) Your blog is too cute!

  32. I love TJ’s chicken sausage! Looks delicious!

  33. Elyse 01.14.2011

    Roasted veggies require no sauce indeed! :-D Omg one item I would eat… oh I know! Have you ever heard of a Scentsy? Its like a glade plug in but it melts cubes of scented wax at the top of a nightlight. My mom got me one for Christmas with a vanilla caramel wax. I didnt know what it was when i was unwrapping the present but I could smell that wax and was furiously ripping thinking it was candy. Heavenly.. I would totally go for that I think!! haha! Too funny.

  34. Haha! I’m really skeptical of your new rating system!

  35. Ha ha. If I could eat one in-edible item, it would probably be a neon-colored crayon because of what would happen later : ) I know, TMI, but it’s true. I saw what happened when my dog ate a hot pink crayon when I was little and I’ll never forget how hard I all laughed after the fact. It was seriously hilarious.

  36. Roz 01.14.2011

    Your husband’s “what would you eat that isn’t edible” question cracked me up!!! I’m not sure….maybe rafia to see if it comes out in the same form as it came out of my cat when he ate rafia. I can’t believe I wrote that!!! Have a great day. You’ve started mine with a good laugh!!!!

  37. oh man!!! That bowl of food looks and sounds awesome girl!!!

  38. Looks delish. Um, I’m not sure what I would eat…? I honestly can’t think of anything!! Love the question, though!

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  40. BroccoliHut 01.15.2011

    Don’t judge me for my love of Ke$ha.

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  42. Meg Mullan 01.17.2011

    OMG I just made this… SO GOOOD!!! I don’t have TJ’s but I used delish homemade sausage from whole foods!! Love your blog Kristin it’s my fave!

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  46. Andrea 09.13.2011

    I know this sounds crazy, but as long as we’re in the non-judgment zone, I always say I want to eat my dogs’ ears! I wouldn’t ACTUALLY do it even if Ben’s fantasy of being able to eat non-edible things came true, but their ears are so silky and precious that I just want to eat them up. :)

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