It’s been far too long since I roasted something.

My heart starts palpitating when I go too long without tasting the deep, robust flavor of better-than-french-fries brussels sprouts, golden sweet potato fries, tender green beansor roasted butternut squash & tofu. ;)

I decided to get back in the roasty-toasty saddle tonight with said dynamic duo, tossed with spicy, red wine & cheese infused Chicken Sausage.


Aka, HEAVEN in a bowl!



Putting this together was super-simple and I even got Ben in on the action!


He cooked up a couple Trader Joe’s Spicy Italian Wine & Cheese Chicken Sausages while I showered up from a gym sesh that included an uninspiring 3 mile run on the treadmill, but a fabu 20 minutes spent on the stair stepper. :)


These babies are AH-mazing – so incredibly flavorful, a tad spicy, and totally worth the $5 price tag. Ben used one in a breakfast omelet the other day and it was to die for. The possibilities are endless!


The ingredients I craved the most though, included 1 organic butternut squash which I peeled & cubed, tossed with olive oil, garlic salt & pepper then roasted for 30 minutes at 425 degrees, tossing half way through.




At the squash’s halfway point, I added a pan of extra-firm tofu, that I had cubed and tossed with the same seasoning as the squash, into the oven.


Golden delicious in no time.


Assembled over brown rice cooked in chicken broth, then CHOWED! I was starving tonight!!


Ughhhh yesss…that’s the stuff!


The butternut squash had this awesome caramelized crust and was soooo sweet inside. The roasted tofu gave the dish great texture too.


I feel like such a hippie when I make meals like this. :)


Craving = 100% squashed. 10/10. I know. Sorry!

Also, no, Ben did not dine with me tonight – he’s going out to eat with a friend who’s in town from SoCali. His reply to my dinner bowl?



Where’s the sauce?”

I love freaking husbands out. Also, this didn’t need sauce. Promise.

In other news, tonight is a trash-tv-lover’s dream come true: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills followed by the Jersey Shore. Please don’t judge me.

Can you see the weekend!?


What do you not want to be judged for?

Also – because my husband is SO weird…here is his question: If you could eat one non-edible item, what would it be? He said his new sunglasses because he loves them so much. WTF? :razz: