3 Ingredient, Taste-of-the-Tropics Ice Cream


Geez, Louise. Where did the day go?

Per my usual Friday routine, I woke up early and had a quick breakfast of Kashi Vanilla Island cereal to amp me up for a morning full of…chores. :)


FYI – I tried these the other day plain, without almond milk, and wasn’t super impressed. They were a little too dusty dry.


Absolutely yummy when soaked in a little unsweetened vanilla almond breeze though!


Then I got to work! I have a friend coming into town tomorrow to stay with Ben and me for the weekend, so I needed to get everything spic and span. Spent my morning vacuuming, mopping, dusting and organizing, with a hit of laundry to boot. Fun stuff, really. ;)

Thankfully there was a light at the end of the tunnel to keep me going. Lunch with my Mom at Panera!


Panera just came out with their Thai Chopped Chicken Salad, and my Mom and I both decided to give it a whirl. It came out looking just like it does in the ads – bright, cheery and so appetizing! Loved the tender chicken, spicy peanut drizzle and bursts of fresh cilantro.


Next time I’ll leave the red peppers off, but other than that – 2 thumbs up. Also, it was a HUGE portion for the You Pick Two I ordered it as a part of. I could have eaten just the salad for my entire meal!


Naturally, I didn’t. :) A Turkey Artichoke Panini rounded out the duo, and like its salad sista – it was craaaaaazy good.


Creamy spinach & artichoke filling stuffed inside hot bread. I mean really. 


I need to recreate this at home with The Griddler!


Rounded out with a nice, crunchy apple.


We were sufficiently stuffed afterwards, but I was still looking for a sweet treat when I got home. That’s when I remembered Blue Bunny talking about fruit-flavored ice cream the other day on Facebook. More specifically – Love it or Leave it?

In a thought bubble, I saw myself bellied up to the Coldstone counter, fingers and nose pressed to the glass, excitedly ordering a Herculean sized, “gotta have it” bowl of Cake Batter ice cream with a brownie mix-in, then turning to Ben and hearing him order a “like it” sized cup of raspberry sorbet…

It’s happened before. :roll:

Thinking of the sad situation had me hating on fruit-flavored ice cream at the moment, so I answered, “LEAVE IT!

Of course, in my irrational state of mind, I had completely forgotten about Banana “Ice Cream”! You know, the 1-fruit-ingredient way to satisfy your worst thick & creamy ICC (ice cream craving)!?

It was just the thing to satisfy my sweet tooth, so I got to work. I had just plugged in the food processor when…

“Gasp! What if I added a mango?

GASP! What if I added a mango AND coconut syrup?!”

Thus, 3-ingredient Mango Colada Ice Cream was born! 8)


I started by processing a cut-up mango in my mini food processor, until it was smooth.


Right now’s not really prime mango season, but when it is – and you get those uber-juicy, soft & sweet mangoes – they turn into liquid velvet when you process them! This’ll still do though. :)


After the mango was smooth, I popped my frozen banana slices into the bowl and whirred until the mixture was super thick and creamy.


About a minute or so, pausing to scrape down the sides a couple times. 


It was actually during this blending stage that I thought about adding the coconut syrup.


My eyes were wandering as I was blending (I have the attention span of a 4 year old) and they spied this sweet bottle perched atop my fridge. Bingo!


Just a teaspoon blended in at the end took me straight to the tropics! 8)


Oooo – you could totally add rum to this and make jello shots’ ice cream cousin for a party or something! Your guests would never know they were eating/shooting something healthy! ;)


Anyways, I devoured in .5. It was smooth, it was thick and it tasted like paradise. Totally necessary when it’s been below 20 degrees everyday for the last two weeks. Well, this actually might make you colder, but the taste will have you on a hot beach in Mexico. :)


In other news, Ben and I are going out for a little BBQ action tonight. The place we’re heading has insanely good sweet potato fries that I definitely foresee in my future – whee! :)

Happy Friday!


What are 3 of your favorite foods?

1. Scallops

2. Filet mignon

3. Fresh pineapple

Ok, sorry, I have to add another: Parmesan Garlic Toast. :)

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