Well, it had to happen sometime…

My slow cooker dinner didn’t turn out! Noooohohoho!

From Buffalo Chicken to BBQ Pulled Pork, and French Dip Sandwiches, I’ve never had a crock pot dinner disappoint…until now. There’s been a beef brisket cooking low and slow since noon and while it smelled absolutely delish when I walked through the door, it nearly bent my fork when I tried to shred it. :( 

The edges of the brisket are barely shredding, which gives me hope that the beef isn’t overcooked, rather it’s undercooked, and a few more hours on low will do the trick. Keep your fingers crossed for an appearance tomorrow!

If not, Trader Joe’s Night might come a few days early. Which I suppose isn’t so tragic… ;)


After I realized dinner was NOT going to be the juicy & exotic brisket I had set my sights on, I moved to Plan B: Breakfast Sandwiches!


Ok, yes, I made these same suckers on Saturday morning (and was this close to making one on Sunday too) – I’m just crazy for them!


They’re really quick and easy too – just a toasted, buttered English muffin, broiled with cheese (I had to use swiss tonight but cheddar is the ultimate) then topped with two sunny-side up eggs and bacon.


Ok side note – I HAVE to share this hysterical stand up bit that @IowaChef sent me this weekend re: bacon love. It is SO funny!!

Anyways! For maximum deliciousness, I baked up a couple slices of thick-cut Vande Rose Farms Maple-Cured Bacon at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes, flipping a few times, then piled it high atop a cheery sunny-side up egg.


I normally prefer scrambled eggs, but SSU is the only choice when eating a breakfast sandwich, imo.




Paired with a bowl of fresh strawberries. I know, they’re totally out of season, but $2/carton at the grocery store + me desperately missing summer = had to have them. They were so surprisingly sweet too!


Fab dinner. Loves!


In other news, I decided to ditch the news while getting ready this morning, and turned into Saved By the Bell instead. Hahahaha omg – it put me in the BEST mood! I heart that show so much!

This morning’s episode was when Zach and Screech started the teen help hotline and Zach accidently told Kelly’s little sister he was in love with her, and not Kelly. Ohhh classic. This may become a new tradition! :D

Off to watch The Bachelor – see you!


Favorite Saved by the Bell’er?

Team Zach, Slater…or Screech?!

TEAM ZACH! I used to have the biggest crush on Mr. Morris. Huge! And I wanted to BE Kelly Kapowski. On the other hand – I’m so excited!!!

Seriously, I think I’ve seen every single episode at least 15 times each.