It Had To Happen Sometime…


Well, it had to happen sometime…

My slow cooker dinner didn’t turn out! Noooohohoho! :cry:

From Buffalo Chicken to BBQ Pulled Pork, and French Dip Sandwiches, I’ve never had a crock pot dinner disappoint…until now. There’s been a beef brisket cooking low and slow since noon and while it smelled absolutely delish when I walked through the door, it nearly bent my fork when I tried to shred it. :( 

The edges of the brisket are barely shredding, which gives me hope that the beef isn’t overcooked, rather it’s undercooked, and a few more hours on low will do the trick. Keep your fingers crossed for an appearance tomorrow!

If not, Trader Joe’s Night might come a few days early. Which I suppose isn’t so tragic… ;)

After I realized dinner was NOT going to be the juicy & exotic brisket I had set my sights on, I moved to Plan B: Breakfast Sandwiches!


Ok, yes, I made these same suckers on Saturday morning (and was this close to making one on Sunday too) – I’m just crazy for them!


They’re really quick and easy too – just a toasted, buttered English muffin, broiled with cheese (I had to use swiss tonight but cheddar is the ultimate) then topped with two sunny-side up eggs and bacon.


Ok side note – I HAVE to share this hysterical stand up bit that @IowaChef sent me this weekend re: bacon love. It is SO funny!!

Anyways! For maximum deliciousness, I baked up a couple slices of thick-cut Vande Rose Farms Maple-Cured Bacon at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes, flipping a few times, then piled it high atop a cheery sunny-side up egg.


I normally prefer scrambled eggs, but SSU is the only choice when eating a breakfast sandwich, imo.




Paired with a bowl of fresh strawberries. I know, they’re totally out of season, but $2/carton at the grocery store + me desperately missing summer = had to have them. They were so surprisingly sweet too!


Fab dinner. Loves!


In other news, I decided to ditch the news while getting ready this morning, and turned into Saved By the Bell instead. Hahahaha omg – it put me in the BEST mood! I heart that show so much!

This morning’s episode was when Zach and Screech started the teen help hotline and Zach accidently told Kelly’s little sister he was in love with her, and not Kelly. Ohhh classic. This may become a new tradition! :D

Off to watch The Bachelor – see you!


Favorite Saved by the Bell’er?

Team Zach, Slater…or Screech?!

TEAM ZACH! I used to have the biggest crush on Mr. Morris. Huge! And I wanted to BE Kelly Kapowski. On the other hand – I’m so excited!!!

Seriously, I think I’ve seen every single episode at least 15 times each.

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  1. I LOVE Jim Gaffigan- he’s my fav comedian. I saw him live last summer- the bacon skit is hilarious! There’s a funny one about birthdays, too. I was totally Zach!

  2. I hate the Jr High years too! Love highschool and sort of liked College… I still watch them every morning. :)

  3. I was so sad when Jim Gaffigan stopped showing up in My Boys as much. Love him!
    ~Definitely SBTB High School years. Do you remember the episode when Jessie was addicted to the caffeine pills?! “I’m so excited..I’m so excited..I’m so scared.” Ohhh memories :)

  4. Sarah R 01.24.2011

    Love Saved By the Bell. It was my favorite growing up. I’m partial to the High School years. Even though the college years kind of sucked, I couldn’t let it go and kept watching. And I am totally team Zach. Slater? Who’s he?

  5. Breakfast for dinner sounds pretty stinking amazing right now! Mmmmmmmm…bacon!

  6. OMG – Saved by the Bell brings back such great memories. I’m definitely all about the high school years. So classic. And that HUGE cellphone Zach carried around – LOVE!

  7. emily 01.24.2011

    I love breakfast for dinner!
    Yes, I have seen Saved by the Bell on early in the mornings….and it totally makes my day! I was a huge Zach fan….but Slater was a hottie too!

  8. Lauren 01.24.2011

    Breakfast sammies are the BOMB!!! Any time of day.

  9. Molly 01.24.2011

    Can I just say one thing…I love your blog. I was thinking about this last night because in all honesty, you eat REAL food. I know, crazy concept right? but the blogs that mix the fake meat and all that and try to pass it off as the real thing…Im not buyin. Yours=Delish. Keep it up :)

  10. Danielle M. 01.24.2011

    <3 Jim Gaffigan…watch the Hot Pocket skit if you haven't.(:

  11. Ashley 01.24.2011

    Zach Morris all the way. I’m with you, I would have died to be KK!

  12. Bippity Boppity Bacon!

    Enough said.

    Love Jim Gaffigan. :)

  13. Bummer that your crock pot didn’t turn on, but dinner still looked awesome!

  14. MY LAST POST WAS THE CLIP WHEN JESSI IS POPPING CAFFIENE PILLS TO STUDY!!! Too funny….I love them all, I don’t think that I could seriously just pick one person…they are all special in their own way. FAVE!

  15. Lesley 01.24.2011

    Oh, I’m sorry your brisket broke. At least there’s a possibility it may still work out! That clip was awesome. I love Jim Gaffigan. My favorite is his hot pocket bit. And team Zach, all the way. I love when MPG was on Jimmy Fallon a few years ago in character – he has not aged!

  16. Stephanie 01.24.2011

    Slater. Zach was always too ladies’ man for me. I wanted to be a smarter version of Kelly. Poor thing, she never seemed terribly with it to me. But that long, perfect hair…oh, I wanted that!

  17. Eve P 01.24.2011

    My husband’s office did a Saved by the Bell theme for Halloween this year. It was hilarious. My honey got the privelege of being Screech, it was a hoot going through each Goodwill in the area to find the clothes and we ordered a Screech wig off line.
    Love Breakfast for supper, especially since I am not big on eggs in the AM, strange?

  18. Loved Zach! I’ve seen all of those episodes way too many times!

  19. Elizabeth 01.24.2011

    Definitely a HUGE crush on Zach! It was true love. I own all of the seasons..don’t even worry about it.

  20. Slater got kind of annoying after a while, as did Screech….
    I’m totally a Zach fan all the way. His charm never got old : )

  21. Ashley 01.24.2011

    I ended up being a Slater lover. I loved the episode where he mentioned the possibility of wrestling at the University of Iowa. It made by feel so good to be an Iowan!

  22. heather 01.24.2011

    i want a homemade mcmuffin(but i feel like you’d make it better than i can, so i’ll send you a ticket to NY and you can experience a snowday in the city!)and waaayyyyy too team zach–the buddy bands episode? we shed tears for preppy during that one. no lie.

    • heather 01.24.2011

      ps: jim gaffigan “waffle house”. see it as soon as you can!

  23. Bridget 01.24.2011

    I immediately thought of Jim G. when you were gushing over the bacon! He’s hysterical! My favorite is his bit on Christmas and Easter–priceless.

    Didn’t watch SBTB but my younger sister did and she loved Zach!

  24. Jillian 01.24.2011

    Literally a minute before I read this post, my bf and I were having a discussion that started with him singing “I’m so excited, I’m so excited” and I said, “That’s the most memorable Saved by the Bell moment of all time.” He looked at me like I was crazy, but a quick google search confirmed that I was indeed right.

  25. jad18 01.24.2011

    Love jim gaffigan. I love when he jokes about being so pale b/c I am also pale. I loved saved by the bell, especially zack. I wished I was kelly, but I identified more with jessie since we shared a name and I was bookish like her.

  26. eemusings 01.24.2011

    O.M.G. I don’t know how big your cartons of strawberries are, but even in the middle of summer (IE RIGHT NOW) they are at least $3 here. Jeepers.

  27. Jane 01.24.2011

    That is so funny you watched Saved by the Bell, I watched an episode while working out this morning! It was the one where Screech won a pageant. Totally Team Zach, completely loved him, he’s so cute :)! I always though Slater was too muscly for my taste.

    Your beef brisket should turn out, just needs to cook longer. That happens with some cuts, sometimes I’ve had to cook things for 10-11 hours before it got tender and pull-apart, good luck :)

  28. Kristin from MN 01.24.2011

    I was Team Zach! I remember in the episode where Jessie was addicted to sleeping pills, Zach formed the group “Hot Sundae” which btw I thought that was the coolest name ever for a music group! LOL!

  29. Stephanie 01.24.2011

    SLATER. Oh man I crushed on him so.hard.

  30. Breakfast sandwiches are the BEST!
    And I always had a huge crush on Zach:)

  31. Jessica Lee 01.24.2011

    ahhh that sucks. i do get scared that when i get home, either the food is not cooked right or it is boiling over somehow. not turned on would be a HUGE disappointment!

  32. kate 01.24.2011

    I love brinner!

  33. Amanda 01.25.2011

    Loves the breakfast for dinner! Definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Especially when pancakes are involved! I must try one of these beauties though – they look amazing!
    PS. Good luck with the brisket! :)

  34. […] now all I can think about is bacon, thanks to Iowa Girl […]

  35. Hope 01.25.2011

    I used to be obssessed with Saved by the Bell! I still LOVE it! I loved Zack Morris. I wanted to be Kelly so bad too! I actually met the entire cast of SBTB! I thought I was going to faint! They were all so nice! I loved the Wedding in Las Vegas! That was such a good movie! :)

  36. Omg, I love saved by the bell! I own season 5 on DVD. I need to watch the older seasons again!
    I just made a brisket in my crock-pot on Friday and it shredded beautifully, but was sort of dry when I bit into it! Boo. Hopefully yours turns out with more cooking.

  37. in the summer i totally watch saved by the bell everyday because i have extra time in the AM before work :) love it!

  38. Ty 01.25.2011

    I put Saved by the Bell on every morning when I’m getting ready for work! I also was a Morris fan!

  39. Oh no! The crockpot doesn’t usually fail me either. Breakfast for dinner is always a great fallback though.

  40. Mimi 01.25.2011

    I LOVE that Jim Gaffigan segment! Now, THAT is a good way to wake up!

  41. Jess S 01.25.2011

    Kristin, given the bacon stand-up, I thought you would appreciate this:
    We Iowans love our bacon! (I also love Jim Gaffigan – so funny!!)

  42. AnneWF 01.25.2011

    Not so much a fan of SBTB, I guess I was too old. When I was working and had to get ready early I stopped watching the A.M. news too and tuned into Fraggle Rock. So cute! It always made me so happy and felt good to start my day with this.

  43. Team Zack!!! And my all-time favorite episode: The Murder Mystery weekend! Followed closely by the overnight at the mall for the U2 tickets;) Love, Love, LOVE!

  44. Machelle 01.25.2011

    Funny skit! Ya can’t beat bacon! I love the stuff! I like it thin & crispy. Hopefully the brisket will come around. Some things seem to turn out better in the crock pot…some things not so great! Seems like if I have to many different things in there (roast,taters,carrots) it ends up ALL tasting the same. I use mine more for baking stuff(like mac&cheese, scalloped corn, baked beans,etc). Pull the crock out & toss it in the oven to bake, when done drop it back into the heating element & I’m off to the party! It will also keep egg rolls hot & crispy. I buy them at the deli @ HyVee,stand them on end in the crock pot, and leave the lid off so it doesn’t make condensation. Great for parties! If they are in there too long the ends get a bit well done…but they never seem to last that long! You could always just flip them over.

  45. Lisa 01.25.2011

    Some friends and I actually got to meet Mario Lopez last year. I had no idea what to actually say to him so I blurted out “I always thought you were hotter then Zack Morris”. He looked at me like I was insane :(

  46. Dee 01.25.2011

    Dinner looks sooo good! I love breakfast for dinner. Well, actually – I could have breakfast morning, noon, and night!! ;)


    Quote: TEAM ZACH! I used to have the biggest crush on Mr. Morris. Huge! And I wanted to BE Kelly Kapowski. On the other hand – I’m so excited!!!

    Seriously, I think I’ve seen every single episode at least 15 times each.
    Amen to this.

  47. Dawn Patricia 01.25.2011

    LOL!!! I made bacon the other day based off of that egg sandwich you had cooked up, and my husband recited the Jim Gaffigan bacon-bit (LOL, pun there) before going on to the hot pocket and waffle house portion of that special…so appropriate you blogged about him!!!

  48. nicole 02.04.2011

    Love Jim Gaffigan! We have had that special saved to our DVR for over a year now and watch it whenever we need a laugh.
    another great one… hot pocket!

  49. jediSwiftPirate 10.26.2011

    holy crap i most definitly love BACON!

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