Oh my word, I was running around all day yesterday, then got wrapped up in designing the new and improved IGE.com (it’s coming!) and, before I knew it, it was time to meet some friends for dinner! 8O

Only the best – Monterrey – for some enchiladas and cheap draft beer. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Actually it does…after dinner I made Ben take a detour to DAIRY QUEEN for dessert! Did you know you can customize your blizzard, aka you don’t have to order straight off the menu? I didn’t (fail) so when I asked if I could have cookie dough AND brownie chunks swirled into my sweet soft-serve, it was the surprise of a lifetime when the voice behind the drive-through menu said,

"Of course!"

One mini blizzard, an episode of The Soup and 9 hours of sleep later, well, here we are. With a cold, pepto-bismol-pink smoothie in hand. :)


In the mix:


I got two Strawberry Chobani’s in the case I received a couple weeks ago and, while the flavor is absolutely delish, I can’t do strawberry chunks. Gaggy. It was perfect for my smoothie though!


I tragically lost the lid to my blender sometime in the last month or two, and let me tell you, a bowl inverted on top is not the same. There was drippage.


Thankfully I didn’t lose too much and it was delish. Tangy, thick & sweet from the Greek yogurt and delightfully cold from the frozen strawberries. Yum!


I warmed up with a hot mug of Cinnamon Roll coffee. Yeah!


I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday looking for the French Toast Keurig K-Cups that so many of you have told me about, but they didn’t have any. This totally sufficed though – it’s insane how good it smelled while brewing!


Plus, with a coupon, a box of 18 K-cups was only $7. That’s less than 2 latte’s at Starbucks! I love saving money. :)


When walking out of BB&B yesterday, I noticed that next door at Old Navy, they were having a 30% sale off of most everything, so I popped into see what I could find.

Flip flops & bathing suits are already out – wheee!!! Spring is coming!!!!

I settled on a pair of running pants and this cute, navy & white polka-dot scarf.


Both for only $20! Sale ends today so head in to stock up on late season apparel and super cute Spring stuff. I don’t normally wear Old Navy clothes – I feel like the stitching is always off or something – but their new collection is adorable. I might go back…we’ll see.

This afternoon I’m going to spend some Q.T. with my Kindle. I haven’t been able to sit down and properly read for ages, and this quiet morning feels right.


Hoping to try and convince Ben to go see 127 Hours tonight. I reeeeeeally want to see it – I love movies based on true stories!


Have a great Saturday! :)


What’s on tap for your weekend?