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Oh my word, I was running around all day yesterday, then got wrapped up in designing the new and improved (it’s coming!) and, before I knew it, it was time to meet some friends for dinner! 8O

Only the best – Monterrey – for some enchiladas and cheap draft beer. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Actually it does…after dinner I made Ben take a detour to DAIRY QUEEN for dessert! Did you know you can customize your blizzard, aka you don’t have to order straight off the menu? I didn’t (fail) so when I asked if I could have cookie dough AND brownie chunks swirled into my sweet soft-serve, it was the surprise of a lifetime when the voice behind the drive-through menu said,

"Of course!"

One mini blizzard, an episode of The Soup and 9 hours of sleep later, well, here we are. With a cold, pepto-bismol-pink smoothie in hand. :)


In the mix:


I got two Strawberry Chobani’s in the case I received a couple weeks ago and, while the flavor is absolutely delish, I can’t do strawberry chunks. Gaggy. It was perfect for my smoothie though!


I tragically lost the lid to my blender sometime in the last month or two, and let me tell you, a bowl inverted on top is not the same. There was drippage.


Thankfully I didn’t lose too much and it was delish. Tangy, thick & sweet from the Greek yogurt and delightfully cold from the frozen strawberries. Yum!


I warmed up with a hot mug of Cinnamon Roll coffee. Yeah!


I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday looking for the French Toast Keurig K-Cups that so many of you have told me about, but they didn’t have any. This totally sufficed though – it’s insane how good it smelled while brewing!


Plus, with a coupon, a box of 18 K-cups was only $7. That’s less than 2 latte’s at Starbucks! I love saving money. :)


When walking out of BB&B yesterday, I noticed that next door at Old Navy, they were having a 30% sale off of most everything, so I popped into see what I could find.

Flip flops & bathing suits are already out – wheee!!! Spring is coming!!!!

I settled on a pair of running pants and this cute, navy & white polka-dot scarf.


Both for only $20! Sale ends today so head in to stock up on late season apparel and super cute Spring stuff. I don’t normally wear Old Navy clothes – I feel like the stitching is always off or something – but their new collection is adorable. I might go back…we’ll see.

This afternoon I’m going to spend some Q.T. with my Kindle. I haven’t been able to sit down and properly read for ages, and this quiet morning feels right.


Hoping to try and convince Ben to go see 127 Hours tonight. I reeeeeeally want to see it – I love movies based on true stories!


Have a great Saturday! :)


What’s on tap for your weekend?

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  1. Hope you have a great Saturday too!! And that breakfast sounds so good…although not quite like the blizzard. Brownie chunks and cookie dough? That’s my kind of style!!!

  2. That is a cute scarf. I don’t really like coffee but if you’re gonna drink it, it may as well be Cinnamon Roll flavoured – yum!

  3. Imwaytoobusy 01.29.2011

    Must get my hands on that scarf!!! ;)

  4. Shannon 01.29.2011

    Love that scarf!!! I may have to make a trip to ON today!

  5. Leah 01.29.2011

    You will LOVE 127 Hours if you choose to see it today. It’s a fabulously made film…so gripping and emotional, yet action-packed, too. My hubby really liked it. See it!

  6. Can’t wait to see the new blog design!

    Thanks for the heads-up on the sale. . . I love finding good deals!

  7. Kim 01.29.2011

    I had read Aron Ralston’s book and really wanted to see 127 Hours, but I don’t do well with gruesome stuff. I went to see it though and I loved it. I just looked away a few times. True things like this always help me to whine less and move more. If I’m whining about having to ride my stationary bike I think of Aron trapped by the boulder or Beck Weathers surviving Everest or some other true survival story.

  8. BrightBakes 01.29.2011

    awesome looking smoothie….I always forget to try using flavored yogurts in them!
    cathy b.

  9. AbberJabber 01.29.2011

    I ran my first 5k today! Now I’m feeling energized to tackle my to-do list today. Maybe I’ll have to add a trip to Old Navy to the list…

  10. oh my goodness, you lost your lid, that is TOTALLY the most tragic thing I’ve heard all week!

  11. jenny 01.29.2011

    A new old navy just opened near us, they had a big grand opening sale. I think their stuff is much cuter than usual right now! I just sat 127 days and thought it was really good.

  12. Stephanie 01.29.2011

    There’s a healthy living expo in DSM that I’m planning on checking out. And doing a long run with my sister out at Gray’s! Trader Joe’s tomorrow! I think I’m looking forward to TJ’s the most. :)

  13. Lauren 01.29.2011

    We are going out for Enchiladas and Mojitos tonight! Can’t wait! :)

  14. Tina (from Tosa) 01.29.2011

    Looking forward to the redesign though I hope it continues to remain, what I tend to call, a bit understated – which is a good thing. I’ve look at a lot of blogs and your has just the right feel to it. Not overly busy, easy on the eyes and a breeze to navigate.

  15. Yay for enchiladas and cheap beer! Love those kinds of nights! We are having enchiladas for dinner tonight!

  16. Lindsey 01.29.2011

    I feel the same way about Old Navy! They’re stitching or fitting is weird! Glad it wasn’t just me! I do find stuff occasionally, and obviously I keep going back to check! :)

  17. Amy 01.29.2011

    Cute scarf! If you ever feel like it, would you do a review of the Kindle? I’ve briefly tried that and the Nook but wasn’t sold. Now I’m back to thinking the Kindle would be great to bring on my commute since it’s so small. I’d love to see more of your opinion about it.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.31.2011

      Oh I love it, love it, love it! It reads exactly like book – the e-ink feels exactly the same on the eyes as book ink – and the fact that you don’t have to turn pages and that it is so slim is AMAZING. The only thing I wish it would do, that a Nook does, is be able to check out books from the library. Hopefully it’ll do it someday though!

  18. I need to try those K-cups!! Sounds amazing!! Can’t wait to see the new site!

  19. Smooooothies:) I have to have one at least once a day or I explode

  20. I love movies based on true stories, too. Especially if they are inspiring!

  21. cute scarf!!

  22. Yum Yucky 01.29.2011

    I really need a Keurig! And I totally thought you used Pepto in your smoothie.

  23. How did you find a good whey protein powder? I am curious to try one for smoothies, but am totally clueless about how to start.

  24. Rachel 01.29.2011

    I haven’t made a smoothie in so long. Yummmm

  25. Dawn Patricia 01.29.2011

    Ohhhh! I want to see that movie! Good luck with IBE because my husband’s let me know he doesn’t want to see a movie that involves having to see someone sacrifice a part of their body. I’m hoping maybe I can sneak it in tonight while he chills with some video games. The preview looked amazing and Aron’s story is just… no words; plus the movie has Clemence Poesy in it for a brief bit and I absolutely adore her! I really think I should invest in a Keurig. I haven’t owned a coffee pot since college and I’d hate to add up what my Dunkin Donuts total is yearly…I would say with 1 coffee 5x a week it’s over $600…YIKES! That thing would pay for itself nine times over!!!

  26. Stephanie 01.29.2011

    strawberry chobanis and cinnamon roll k cups are awesome. I’m a fan of both haha My weekend goal for the weekend is to work on improving my blog!

  27. kate 01.29.2011

    Thats a super cute scarf! Enjoy the movie and the mister!

  28. Charity 01.29.2011

    My husband wants to see that movie just have to find a babysitter so we can go. We ended up getting a Keurig for Christmas and are loving it so far. Haven’t tried that flavor yet but maybe next time.

  29. […] smoothie – the idea came to me this morning as I read Iowa Girl Eat’s blog, where she blended up a smoothie with Strawberry Chobani Greek yogurt, among other yummy items.  I […]

  30. Bridget 01.29.2011

    Cute scarf! I bought a pair of Old Navy gray cargo pants for $1.98 from the sale section. I also got an extra winter fleece hat for my youngest for .50 cents. Amazing deals right now!

    Our weekend has been busy. Mostly kid stuff–that’s our life now which is fun and tiring! :) I’m off to Vegas with 5 friends on a girl’s trip this Wednesday. Can’t wait!

  31. 1. Love that scarf!
    2. Can you order a new lid online?
    3. Love enchiladas!
    4. I have to grade all day tomorrow. No fun! I wish I had more time to read!

  32. Jordan 01.29.2011

    127 hours is SOOO good!! Seriously. Amazing.
    P.S. Dairy Queen Blizzards are without a doubt one of the best dessert items on the face of the earth. Pumpkin pie blizzard = holiday bliss. :)

  33. Laura 01.30.2011

    Blender idea, take a kitchen towel and fold it up (keeping it big enough to cover the top of your blender) and hold it tightly over opening while you blend away!! I hope this helps.

  34. Nicole 01.30.2011

    I love that cinnamon bun coffee! I picked up some of the chocolate doughnut coffee from there also- really good!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.30.2011

      Yes! I just finished my box of chocolate donut – the smell while it’s brewing made me ask Ben if we should open a Dunkin’ Donuts here in town. That’s a true story.

  35. JennyV 01.30.2011

    After loving the December special “Reindeer Bites” (aka Carmel deLite/Samoa tasting) blizzard at DQ, I requested it again in January. They said NO problem — and let me know I could customize! Since then I’ve had 2 cookie dough/pie crust Blizzards… and seriously, they are the bomb!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.30.2011

      Soooooo – I wonder if they keep GS Cookies and/or pumpkin pie, etc around all year?!

  36. Lee 01.30.2011

    I thin 127 Hours deserves the Best Picture award. It was an amazing movie.

  37. I love movies based on true stories as well. I just saw The Fighter this week and loved it. It isn’t typically the kind of movie I see, but after stalking it online, and the Oscar nom I had to see it!

    The whole blender lid thing… in culinary school we rarely used blender lids because well, we are lazy and it takes too much time and energy to actually have to unsuction the lid, so we always used a saucer. A plate that fits over the top of the blender (if it has a foot-you know the ring at the bottom that the plate sits on) will drip all that splatter back into the blender. Genius really.

    All of your smoothies lately have made me want one bad, and I really need to find a new protein powder. I hate the weird chalky, powdery flavor that most leave on my tongue, does the bipro have the chalky grossness?

  38. […] this morning, Ben went to work shoveling us out from last night’s snowfall, while I sipped on cinnamon roll coffee and flipped us up some hot Blackberry Pancakes for […]

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