Limos, Free Money and 5 Hours at the Days Inn



Whee!! WHEEEEE!! :D :D :D :D

I can’t even begin to explain the nightmare that has been the past two days trying to get home from my cousin’s wedding in Kentucky. Including, but not limited to:

Canceled flights, delayed flights, missing flight crews, standbys, lines, gate changes, sitting at the airport for over 12 hours, watching the Superbowl from terminal C18, pulling my hair out…

Basically, yesterday was a gigantic cluster where everything that could’ve gone wrong DID and, to top it all off, it ended with spending the night (if you can call arriving at 11pm and leaving at 4am “spending the night”) at the Detroit Airport’s Days Inn.

Let’s just say, I kept my socks on. 

This morning we were at the airport hours before the sun rose to get on any flight we could, and when all was said and done I practically kissed my front steps when we got home circa 1pm this afternoon.

I am never leaving again.

I have a million horrific stories I could tell you, but lets focus on the one bright spot in this entire ordeal – the limo that took us to the airport Sunday morning!


The dream wedding package my cousin won came with limo transportation for the newlyweds for the entire weekend, and he graciously scheduled it to take our family on the 1.5 hour drive from the wedding in Bowling Green, KY to the Nashville, TN airport where we were supposed to fly home from on Sunday!!


Airport shuttle vans are so 2010. This was awesome! :D


The other bright spot was when we told our sob story to a Delta ticketing agent who hooked us up with over $100 in free food vouchers at the airport, BOOM!

Hello outrageous meals at airport Wendy’s including giant salads, chili and all-natural fries seasoned with sea salt (have you tried those, btw? I don’t eat fast-food fries, but was emotional eating, it’s true, and omg they were SO good!) millions of beers for the guys at the airport bar, countless Starbucks lattes and I can’t even remember what else it was so ridiculous.

I love free money – although I would have preferred to just get home at 4pm yesterday as scheduled!

Needless to say, this morning’s 3:15am wake up call has left me feeling like I got hit by a bus. As soon as I hit Publish on thi…zzzzz…sorry fell asleep – as soon as I hit Publish on this post, I am heading STRAIGHT to bed!!!

See you!


Would you rather fly or drive to get to your destination? Do you have any airport horror stories?

Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I took a flight where something hasn’t gone awry. I hate driving long distances – but it’s almost less of a headache when all is said and done!

Also – the Days Inn sucked hard, but it was no Parisian roach motel. THANK HEAVENS!!

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  1. I love those Wendy’s fries too! I am glad you are home safe!!!!!!!! Rest up!

  2. I agree. Air travel is stressful! I like driving if I’m with fun people. It’s so much easier to be in control and way more direct. I know it’s safer to fly though, so I suck it up when I need to!

  3. Heather 02.07.2011

    The trick, if ever stranded at DTW again is to get a comp into the airport Westin. Some crying/complaining to a Delta ticket agent is the key here. The DTW Westin is one of the best hotels that I have EVER set foot in, and it is so so so quiet inside you have no idea that you are even connected to the terminal. Also, any Detroiter’s out there, if you are going on a trip (i.e. honeymoon to Jamaica leaving early from DTW) valet at the Westin and your room rental ($159 for the night) includes a week! of free valet, which is totally worth the $159 in airport parking AND there is a special (read: no wait) TSA station for Westin guests!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 02.07.2011

      Damnit!! I saw it and was DYING to stay there instead of the Days Inn :( :( Good tip for next time!

  4. My husband loves those Wendy’s fries. :)
    Anything more than about a six hour drive, I’d rather fly. Especially if it’s a shorter trip!

  5. I almost missed my cruise three years ago because the airport kept getting delayed…and then lost my luggage.

    I’d still prefer to fly in most cases though just because it *usually* saves time…and my sanity.

  6. I would MUCH rather fly…so much faster, and way comfier! I’m so sorry about your horrific last few days! At least you got free food:)

  7. I love flying! Weird, I know. Glad you’re home safe!

  8. Lauren 02.07.2011

    Ah, that sounds like a complete nightmare!!!! So happy you are home now. At least it was a good weekend even though the travel wasn’t anywhere near good.

  9. Melissa 02.07.2011

    Ick! Sorry you got stuck in D-town! I’m from the Detroit area, so at least it’s a decent airport to be stuck in! I got stuck in Philly last spring. I will NEVER (yes, in all caps!) NEVER fly through there again unless someone’s life is at stake! It was 100% awful from top to bottom. Getting into details would just cause a rant, so I’ll spare you! Glad you made it home safe & sound! ;)

  10. Depending on the distance, I’d almost always rather drive. Roadtrips are the best! Plus, I’ve gotten delayed and stuck airports before and it’s the WORST! Sorry that happened to you but I’m glad to hear that you’re home and safe. Happy day!

  11. Bridget 02.07.2011

    UGH! What a terrible way to end a fun vacation. I fly if I can. My recent trip to Vegas didn’t have one single hiccup and that’s so refreshing. I really don’t have horror stories about flying, it’s typically good for me. My sister, on the other hand, could write a book on the perils of airline travel and mishaps!

    Glad you’re back in the land of corn and cows! :)

  12. Mich 02.07.2011

    I feel your pain! Here’s my travel horror story:

    My husband and I got stuck in Chicago for 30+ hours on a flight home from Puerto Rico. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, we found out our next available fight wasn’t leaving for another 2 days (AND it wasn’t even taking us directly home)! So we took matters into our own hands. We tried renting a car, we tried buying train tickets, but rental cars were out of our price range and train tickets were sold out for days. So instead, we took the subway from O’Hare to downtown Chi and boarded a red-eye Gray Hound bus. The normal driving time of 8 hours ended up being 12 hours with all the stops along the way. The bus played super random movies (Sister Act II and Honey I Shrunk The Kid) and was full of creepos. I didn’t sleep one second on that bus.

    The worst part… our luggage made it home days before we did. When I went to pick up my suitcase from the airport after finally arriving home, I could not believe what I saw. A pair of DIRTY underwear was tied to my luggage handle. They were NOT mine! And they were obviously NOT clean. I freaked out and politely asked the baggage lady to remove them. She made a face and said “mmm, girl, that nasty. I aint touchin’ no dirty under-roos.” WTF! I was pissed. I wheeled my tainted luggage all the way to my car, drove home and wrote a long complaint letter. I ended up getting a flight voucher, but I’d rather pay for my tickets than experience that again!

  13. So glad that you made it back safely! I hate delays! It sounds like you guys dealt with it well! I love to fly….when the planes are on time!

  14. Shelley 02.07.2011

    I don’t have an airport horror story but the day we flew home from Germany I woke up with the stomach flu. Diarrhea, vomiting, the whole thing. I couldn’t even keep fluids down. Longest flight ever. At least I sat in the very last row directly in front of the bathrooms on the longest leg. When we finally landed in the US they chose my bag to randomly search. I thought I was going to pass out waiting for the guy to dig through my carry on. Looking back on it I feel bad that I exposed others to my germs but I was 19 and flying with my family so I didn’t have much choice.

  15. Rachel 02.07.2011

    My worst experience was when I was trying to get home for my grandfather’s funeral–I was supposed to get back to OH around 8pm & didn’t make it in until 2am, the day of the visitation. I was supposed to fly from Sioux Falls into Cincinnati, then on to Columbus. Instead, I got rerouted to Denver (about 3 hours late), had to run from one end of the Denver airport to the other (of course), and made it to the gate just as the door to the walkway had closed. By the grace of God (I like to think my grandpa was looking out for me), some kid left something in the waiting area & they opened the door back up. I made it onto the plane by the skin of my teeth. We decided a couple months ago that for the time being, we’re driving instead of flying. It’s just too much of a headache these days!

  16. dmcgirl 02.07.2011

    After a while you will just hate getting from A to B. Traveling used to be fun.. USED to be.

    I hate it, I avoid it. If I have someplace to fly to, I have to stay at least a week or two to make it worth the flight.

    Except when I fly 2 hours to go home, that is usually a piece of cake on the west coast. Lucky us! We don’t have that kind of weather!

  17. I tend to fly if it is over 6 or 8 hours. If you check a bag and have one smooth flight, it’s great, but once you get into security and connections air travel can tend to be a mess.
    Glad you made it – I’m sure it was NOT a fun way to spend your Sunday but it’s so nice to have you be so upbeat and cheery despite the struggle.

  18. Erin 02.07.2011

    We moved to Okinawa in December. It took 38 hours and five flights (with an infant). We spent the night on the Seattle airport floor. It was awful…I feel your pain. Love that pink coat!

  19. Oh man…that sounds like a terrible nightmare trip! Enjoy resting in your own bed tonight!

  20. DawnK 02.07.2011

    Yikes! Sounds like a horrible experience. I haven’t flown anywhere in a really long time. When we went to Niagara Falls, Black Hills of South Dakota, and Duluth, Minnesota (plus up the north shore of MN), we drove all those places. It was along day in the car, to get there and back, but it’s fun seeing the country. Besides, after driving around Chicago on the way TO Niagara Falls, we bought an Ontario map and found our way to Michigan on the way home and I got to see lower Michigan for the first time ever, ride over the Mackinac Bridge, see Mackinac Island, and see more of the UP of Michigan, than I’d ever seen before. It was fun to be able to be that flexible!

    Although, about our road trips, I have to say that South Dakota is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LONG state, to drive from east to west or the opposite on the way home!

    • Rachel 02.08.2011

      Hee hee! I’ve always felt that way about Indiana & Illinois, just b/c the view is so boring!

  21. Julie 02.07.2011

    Didn’t you eat at Tootsie’s at the Nashville airport?? Or Baja Burrito…way better than Wendy’s. Live music and all…sorry bout the problems. I like driving and being in control of my own destiny if possible…even if it takes way longer…

  22. Lynne 02.07.2011

    Let see if I can beat the horror stories:
    1. Ran a marathon on Sat. in Nashvillle; surviving 96 degree weather (took over 7 hours).
    2. Flew out of the banana (BNA) on Monday. Flight delayed due to weather in Dallas.
    3. Missed connecting flight to Colo. Spgs. in DFW. Was offered hotel in Dallas or a flight to Denver. Took flight over Day’s Inn (heard the rumors).
    4. Arrived at 10:30 pm and the desk was closing. Everything else was closing. So no hotel, no car, no blanket, no bags and in shorts, sandals, t-shirt and a windbreaker.
    5. Spent the night in the Denver airport! Little over an hour away from my house. Leg cramps kept me awake and walking around like a drunk at a field sobriety checkpoint.
    6. Put on a different airline in the morning so no food vouchers (must get those from the airline you flew in with). Airplane taxied out, sat 2 hours, and taxied back. Fog!
    7. Finally got to Colo. Spgs. airport almost a day later, but at the same time as my luggage! How’s that!

  23. Nicole 02.07.2011

    I would so much rather drive to my destination. Road trips are more fun that sitting in airports and such. Plus there is so much more to see!

    However, in a month I will be flying to Seattle. A little nervous, since I have never been there before, and I’m going by myself! I got stuck in Chicago once…hotel DID have bugs. Gross! I’d love to drive out to Seattle….but the boss lady at work said no.

  24. Oh no, glad you are home safely! I would rather drive, unless flying is necessary.

  25. AmyLou 02.07.2011

    I’m glad you’re home safe!! What a nightmare! However, at least you had a good time at the wedding!!

    Nightmare stories: Running through the Amsterdam airport, seeing the plane on the runway still, but being denied boarding (with a small group of HS students – they eventually let us on, but seriously!). . . . having an early morning flight canceled on the way home from FL and sitting in the Orlando airport the ENTIRE day with all my luggage and no money. . . . . and my poor sister just had a horrible time flying into Iowa from Chicago over Christmas and spent 18 hours in O’Hare.

  26. Dream Mom 02.07.2011

    Glad you got home safely. Loved the wedding pics!

    I got stuck on the airplane for some 12 hours or so with a screaming toddler next to me. Oh yes, I had my wisdom teeth taken out shortly before and developed dry socket. My jaw was killing me, this kid was crying, I was miserable and it took forever. I hate traveling on business!

  27. sassy molassy 02.07.2011

    Dang girl, you had quite the nightmare getting home! Get some rest! I have never had anything that intense happen although I have had to sleep in the chicago airport alone and stay overnight in denver.

  28. Oh, I totally sympathize with your travel woes. Coming home from Vegas last November was not fun at all. Glad you’re home now; there’s no place like it!

    Cool limo ride! :)

  29. I’m with you, I can’t remember the last time I flew when something didn’t go wrong, either. Usually it’s sitting on the runway forever in my experience. Last time I flew back to Iowa for a visit, my flight was at 6am and I somehow woke up at 6:30. It was the worst thing ever. I got there eventually, but I spent the entire day crying because it was so stressful! I can’t stand driving long distances, though, or even taking a train. I just want to get it over with fast!

  30. Mimi 02.08.2011

    When I first heard you were stranded, I thought you were alone. At least your family was there! I bet it would have been 139840x more miserable without them!

  31. I am OBSESSED with Wendy’s fries! The sea salt makes a world of difference ;) I love flying, but I’m petrified of it. It’s kind of an oxymoron. I hate driving because it takes forever, but I feel safer on the ground rather than thousands of feet above it :)

  32. kelly 02.08.2011

    This is completely off topic, I know. I made your chicken noodle soup yesterday and YUM!!! And I just discovered pineapple Chobani. Between the two, I’m a happy camper! Glad you are finally home!

  33. Hope 02.08.2011

    Sorry to her about your travel problems. I’m glad that you made it home safely! $100 vouchers for food sound awesome!!! :)

  34. Tracey 02.08.2011

    I actually prefer driving now that it’s become so difficult to fly. I think my driving limit would be 10 hours anything above that I would fly.

  35. At least you got those goodies :)

    Here is a doozy… I was a broke college student and took a last minute trip to Boston for spring break with hardly any money to spend. They lost my luggage on the flight up (got it almost 3 days later)…the 3 outfits I had to buy maxed out my credit card. Then on the way to the airport to go home, my friend got a flat tire and I missed my flight. After crying at the airport they gave me a ticket to fly out the next day…THEN that flight was delayed 3 hours and i missed my connection, then had to spend the night in Newark. When I was checking in at newark the next morning they told me I owed them $200 for the flight and I started flipping out and told them my whole story…they let the $$ slide and i boarded the flight, 2 days after i was supposed to be home. Worst experience ever!

  36. Anna 02.08.2011

    I travel about twice a month for work and for personal time, and I can say I have only had my luggage get lost one time. And it was the last time I ever checked luggage. But *knock on wood* I have never had a horrible travel experiance. A couple close calls, but nothing crazy. Glad you are home safely!

  37. Katie 02.08.2011

    Totally random, but I saw this site and thought of you and your love for Larabars. Maybe you are aware already, but if not, you MUST see/make/devour this recipe!!

    The girl that writes these blogs makes “fudge babies” that are literally… a Larabar. Homemade. In a gazillion flavors. I made them for a Super Bowl party this weekend and they were a hit!

  38. Sara 02.10.2011

    I haven’t tried Wendy’s fries. They call them “natural cut fries” which makes me think they are not necessarily natural but just cut with the skins left on or something sketchy like that :-/ Gotta watch out for that misleadingly healthy marketing! :)

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