2 New Product Reviews!


Awww – you guys made my day! :D

Thank you for sharing such fabulous, upbeat stories about upcoming vacations, weddings, pay days, new jobs and knitting, even! My night and day went, thankfully, MUCH better, and I even figured out how to fix my freaking computer mouse problem. Yep, things are looking up.

In other news, Ben’s parents are in town for exactly one night – that’d be tonight – so we’re going to go catch dinner with them! Before I go though, I’ve got to share two new items I tried this very day, that I’m totally loving!

Nasoya Super Hummus


This super-creamy, thick and decadent dip is made with chickpeas, but it’s also cut with soybeans to produce a lower-cal-and-fat hummus, that’s has two times the protein as other leading brands.


It’s thicker than brands like Sabra, which you may or may not like, but the flavor it spot on.


Great with veggies,


or crackers! I tried Trader Joe’s whole wheat “ritz bitz-esque” crackers a few weeks ago, which are PHENOMENAL, and I was CRAVING them to pair with the hummus today. Alas, I dunked my last one into peanut butter last week, so this water cracker will have to do for now. :)


100% Cran-Pom Juice Mocktail


To celebrate 10 days being diet pop free (!!!) today I picked up a bottle of seltzer water to cut some Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate Juice Blend with, and made a delightful little drink. I’m not missing the pop, but I’m definitely missing flavorful beverages in the afternoon!


I was debating between seltzer water and soda water – but soda water has added sodium (never knew) so I stuck with seltzer. Ssssss…


This juice blend has no added sugar.


Nothin’ but pure, unadulterated juice, baby!


I poured 1/2 cup juice into a glass of ice and topped it with a splash of seltzer water.


Sooo refreshing!! I’m dying to squeeze a slice of lime in here…and also to pour in a little vodka…I’m just saying…


Ok – I’m off! :D


What new product have you tried lately? Love or hate! I love to find out about new food/stuff I should stay away from!

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  1. Stephanie 02.09.2011

    That drink looks delicious!

  2. Love that mocktail!
    I have been LOVING the coffee/caffe latte frozen bars from Trader Joe’s….so good!

  3. That mocktail is a great substitute for coke! I might have to try one :)

  4. Mmmmm, your faux soda looks tasty : ) I’ll have to try that.

    My new favorite product as of late is buckwheat groats…and steel cut oats : )

  5. I’ll be on the lookout for that hummus! Sounds awesome!!!

  6. Girl I have a mouse problem too..they’ve been eating our food since the summer and we can’t get rid of them!! I absolutely love seltzer water, give me some Perrier and a squeeze of lemon juice and I’m good to go!

  7. What a great little mocktail.
    New product lovin’:
    Whole Foods 365 Vanilla Whey Powder
    Whole Foods Citrus Blend Italian Sparkling Mineral Water

    I’ve been soda free since August, but I miss the bubbles. I ADORE the citrus blend mineral water. So refreshing!

  8. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE that drink with vodka! Perfect idea for the weekend… ;)

  9. Lacey Bean 02.09.2011

    Have you tried the seaweed snacks from TJ’s? They are SO GOOD!

  10. Katie 02.09.2011

    when im craving pop or carbonation-ive tried and loved hansens natural soda…its made with cane sugar so its got some calories but it still is better then high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. also i have tried zevia soda (sweetened with stevia) i liked a few flavors of it, it sort of leaves a bad after taste. but i also agree just doing juice and carbonated water is just as good!! :)

    fave product recently- spry gum. it has NO artificial sweeteners, sweetened with xyiltol. and i love the taste, my fave is cinnamon. i got it on amazon, and wheatsfield in ames has it.. and you can get it at a whole foods too. but we dont have one yet in DSM so amazon and wheatsfield is the only place ive seen it.

  11. Lindsey 02.09.2011

    I work at Blue Bunny and I just ate a new product– Birthday Cake Mini Champ Cone. It is totally awesome! It is vanilla ice cream, with a frosting center, and then the ice cream part is covered in white chocolate with sprinkles. It tastes just like cake!! And the mini size is perfect!

    • Melissa 02.09.2011

      Holy crap! I need this in my life!!!!

    • Ohmygosh! When is this coming out in stores???

    • Iowa Girl Eats 02.09.2011

      omg I need these!!

    • Lindsey 02.10.2011

      Ummm, to be honest I don’t know when they’re coming out! I never buy ice cream!! :) I get it at work. But if they’re making them they must be stocking them somewhere!

  12. kate 02.09.2011

    We are loving TJ’s Chile & cheese tamales. Aye yi yi! So good!

  13. Cassie 02.09.2011

    That drink has me DROOLING

  14. Tracie Marshall 02.09.2011

    I’m on the no diet pop thing this week as well. I’m on day 3 and it’s getting tough. This drink looks like a great alternative! Thanks!

  15. Melissa 02.09.2011

    Congrats on 10 days pop-free! Your mocktail definitely needs a little vodka . . . pomegranate vodka, perhaps? In the words of our beloved Ina, “how bad can that be?” ;)

  16. Lauren 02.09.2011

    Yay for Mocktails!!!

  17. I love mixing cran & seltzer! It’s a great refreshing drink. I really love the new Choc Chip Cookie dough larabar. It’s so decadent! I’m trying to limit myself to a couple a week.

  18. Congrats! I used to a be a Coke (a-cola) addict and it was so hard to go cold turkey. Whenever my fiance hits up McDonald’s he knows he has to order a fountain coke with his meal. I have to have just 1 sip! I am loving PB&Co. Chocolate Dreams dark chocolate peanut butter. Have you ever had it? It’s AMAZING!

  19. It’s been 10 days already? CONGRATS! And that hummus would be PERFECT on sandwiches for added protein! I’ll look for it.

    My newest love is TJ’s Sunflower Seed butter. It tasted funny to me at first, but now I open the jar and it smells like frosting:)

  20. i tried lemon mint water last week…its awesome!

  21. emily 02.09.2011

    tried the chobani lemon yogurt today..liked it..but loved it when paired with quaker true delights multigrain fiber crisps wild blueberry…it is awesome!!!

  22. That hummus sounds amazing! I am going to have to keep my eyes open for it!

  23. Mmmm looks yummy!

    And I saw that hummus today and ALMOST bought it! Sounds like it might go into my cart next time!!

  24. I always assumed seltzer and soda were one in the same. Good to know! Glad to hear you’re gracefully kicking the soda habit :)

  25. I am loving Trader Joe’s Veggie Burger and Vegetable Marsala Burger. Soo good! By far my favorite.

  26. dmcgirl 02.09.2011

    That looks so good – BOTH! Thanks for sharing!
    I haven’t tried much new lately! Budgeting and all! ;-(

  27. That’s so cool they used soybeans in the hummus!

    I am sadly addicted to the Girl Scout Samoas Cookie Ice Cream made by Dreyers. Seriously–that combination should be illegal!

  28. Crista 02.09.2011

    Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Fudge bars. Only 35 cals per bar!

  29. Kristin from MN 02.09.2011

    Chobani Champions! The Honey-Nana is my favorite and AmAzInG and the perfect size and only 100 calories! When I was pregnant I drank cranberry juice with club soda whenever we went out. It was refreshing and hit the spot! :D

  30. Renae 02.09.2011

    I was thinkin vodka before you “said” vodka! Looks good!

  31. MelissaOklahoma 02.09.2011

    I’m thinkin’ you should definitely add a bit o’ vodka to that cran mix! ;-)

  32. MelissaOklahoma 02.09.2011

    I’m thinkin’ you should definitely add a bit o’ vodka to that cran mix! ;-)

  33. sassy molassy 02.09.2011

    Ooooh, now you have me craving that mocktail. Sounds refreshing!

  34. Melissa 02.10.2011

    TJs sweet potato fries are addicting!!! so is the almond butter with flaxseeds with a bitto’ cinnamon and banana! basically anything from TJs is wonderful!

  35. Congratulations on quitting diet soda! I love cranberry juice + seltzer water. My friends always make fun of me because they claim it’s an old person drink! But I think it’s just delicious!.

  36. Emily 02.10.2011

    You must try the Tomato Basil hummus from Trader Joes – at only 35 calories per 2 tablespoon but it’s incredible. I bet it’d be even more incredible with the crackers you’ve used up. ;)

  37. Sarah LJ 02.10.2011

    Hello! That juice/seltzer combo looks refreshing, and I bet it will taste great next week with 40 degree temps in Iowa! :-) Thanks for the inspiration to quit drinking diet pop. I have been quitting for about 2 weeks then starting back up again, because I like the carbination.
    I just posted a post on my blog about the new superfoods. The Sioux City HyVee dietician was full of great info.

  38. Stephanie 02.10.2011

    I love PB2 (peanut butter powder with 85% less fat!!) it it so good!
    also loving the Shirataki Noodles – these little things are amazing! They are a tofu pasta with about 20 calories per serving – – so awesome!
    Thinking of going diet soda free too – heard on the news this morning that you have a higher risk of stroke now from drinking diet soda!

  39. Anna 02.10.2011

    I just discovered the “Hot and Sweet Mustard” (I think that is what it’s called) from TJ’s and I have always hated mustard. This stuff was so good I almost made myself a second dinner just so I could eat more of it.

  40. Cassie 02.10.2011

    I ran across your blog post “My Rookie Mistake + Mayo-Free Chicken Salad Recipe!” when I was looking for a healthy alternative for chicken salad. I tried it yesterday and it was great! I reposted the recipe on my own blog which is discussing healthy eating this week.
    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!

  41. Anna @ ciaotochow 02.10.2011

    I have been loving the blood-orange o.j. that is everyyywheerrree in Italy. My first taste of it was on the plane over here (for some reason, I always go with juice on airplanes rather than the water) and it was love at first sip. Besides that? I’m also digging the coconut yogurt at our “mensa,” or caf. It’s so tropical-tasting: with real bits of coconut and the creamiest texture EVER.

  42. Kristin from MN 02.10.2011

    I forgot to mention a NEW guilty pleasure you won’t regret – Subway’s Raspberry Cheesecake cookie!!! BEWARE: You won’t be able to stop thinking about their awesomeness! :D

  43. Jenni 02.10.2011

    Even better than your slice of lime and vodka? Captain Morgan makes Key Lime Puerto Rican Rum. DELISH! I just bought some for the first time this weekend to mix with cranberry juice. Be careful though; it’s a sneaky drink!

  44. Traci 02.10.2011

    The pom/cran Ocean Spray is my favorite juice! Sometimes I mix it with iced green tea.

    The best new (to me) products I’ve tried lately are Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burgers and The Food Emporium granola in the cocoa, cherry, pecan, and almond flavor. Just tried the new Sabra chipotle hummus as well and I think I’m a fan – however, it is VERY spicy so I’m still deciding!

  45. elise 02.11.2011

    sounds delish. last year (or longer?) i made tofummus and it was awesome…how did i forget about it! im totally going to make it again.

  46. Speaking of drinks…I recently purchased a bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita but I haven’t tried it yet. I guess I’m saving it for a ‘special occasion’. I’ve really cut back on alcohol since I started getting more active…not really a conscious choice though, I must just be too tired to drink anymore!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 02.14.2011

      Try this Skinny Marg recipe sometime! Combine tequilla with a little bit of Crystal Light lemonade powder and diet sprite. You will SWEAR it’s the real thing!!!

  47. OC_Philadelphia 02.16.2011

    Sorry for the late comments, since I’m just catching up on old posts. Before I forget, my condolences on your husband’s grandma. She sounds like a sweet woman. God bless her soul. Now for my comment on diet soda… I can’t believe you drink (or rather used to drink) diet soda! I am in shock, because I never would have guessed it. I’m glad you made the change. It really is bad for you. I heard on the radio last week that women who drink diet soda daily have a 46% increased risk of getting a stroke. CRAZY stat! So, congrats on kicking the habit. I don’t know what else to suggest, since I’ve been an avid water drinker my entire life. I never craved soda, coffee, tea, juice, milk, or any other drink. My parents never served soda, coffee, juice or milk when we were little. Being Asian, milk was something completely foreign to them. And, basically, evrything else cost money, which my parents didn’t have in abundant supply. So, I literally drank plain old water as a child growing up. In fact, I only recently, at the age of 37 found out that Kool-Aid is made by mixing water and sugar. I always thought the mix included sugar. That’s how naive I am on flavored drinks. I actually even DISlike flavored water. I don’t even drink alcohol, though I wish I liked it, because people just look cooler holding a wine glass. LOL. Keep up the good work – you can continue to not drink anymore diet soda.

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