My New Favorite Food Ever


Good morning!


Can I first start out by saying that I may have found my new favorite food ever? Granite City’s Pretzel Sticks and Beer-Cheese Dipping Sauce!!!!!

photo 5 (3)

I discovered them while at happy hour on Friday night with Ben, my Mom and Dad. The beer and convo was flowing…and so was the cheese. 

photo 1 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 2 (2)

It’s made with Granite City’s beer and was almost floral tasting?! We absolutely smothered the pretzel sticks in it, which were the squishiest, chewiest pretzels I’ve ever had. I want to eat them always and forever. YUM!!!!

photo 4 (3)

Yesterday I had a nice, relaxing Saturday. Since I got all the laundry and housework done during the week – I was free to enjoy the day! Went on a mini-shopping spree with my Mom and got two pairs of flats from DSW…


One in brown and one black. Sorry, but when you find a good pair of flats, you stock up. Am I right?! Same goes with cardigans. :)

Then I found THESE at Bed, Bath & Beyond!!


French Toast K-Cups!!!! I have been searching high and low for this flavor, after so many of you have told me how delicious it is.


I was practically jumping up and down in the store, and couldn’t wait to brew a cup this morning.


In my new mugs. :)


Ben got these for me for Valentine’s Day. Aren’t. They. Adorable?!


Since we don’t drink diet pop anymore, he wants to start weaning himself onto coffee (I know) for something flavorful to drink, and he thought we could sip coffee in these cute mugs in the mornings. :)


As soon as the coffee started brewing, the smell of maple syrup filled the air.


It was unmistakable – FRENCH TOAST!!!!!


Topped with a little splash of half & half – I devoured this. SO glad I finally found it!


In other news, last night Ben and finally watched Inception.



What? Who? Where? Dreams? I’m no dummy, but I’ll admit that sometimes I have a hard time following complicated movies. Thank goodness for Ben because he gets every movie he’s ever seen, and will correctly predict the ending 10 minutes in every time – therefore he’s usually my translator. But last night he fell asleep halfway through and I was left to fend for myself!!!!! I think I got what was happening, but omg, talk about confusing!

Overall I liked it. The actors were great and so were the special effects, but I think I need to watch it about 15 more times. 8O

At any rate, Ben and I are heading over to my parent’s house in a bit for an early Sunday lunch. My Mom is trying out a new recipe that she’s THIS EXCITED FOR. ;) See you!


Do you drink coffee? How you take it?

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  1. Tracey 02.20.2011

    Those mugs are SO cute!! Inception confused me too – I had my husband pausing it every 10 minutes to explain what was going on :)

  2. I love, love, coffee!! At work I drink it black (save on calories and fat for a daily habit), but I prefer it to have a splash of half & half and maybe a 1/2 tsp. of sugar. I also have a Keurig, but haven’t whipped it out in a while. There’s something about drip coffee that I think it just a bit better, although that French Toast flavor is making me think I should clean it up and get it going!

    Those mugs are so cute! I’ve always had a thing for mugs – I love to collect them, even though they take up so much cabinet space!

    I got Inception for my fiance on Blu-Ray for Xmas, but I won’t watch it yet. I, too, can get easily confused in movies like that I am worried it will be like I was in a fog for 2.5 hours. But I keep hearing it so good, so maybe soon?

  3. Those pretzel sticks look so good…and with the cheese?! Mmm! I have a Flavia but unfortunately they don’t stray far from “standard” flavors so I have to spice ’em up myself with Torani syrup!

  4. Granite City is one of my favorite restaurants! SO GOOD!!!

    I love my morning coffee….I do the coffee, sugar, and creamer mixture! Delish!

  5. Stef 02.20.2011

    I am a total coffee drinker! I seriously cannot go a day without it or I start getting headaches. Um, addicted much? But seriously, it’s supposed to help protect against type 2 diabetes so that’s my justification. :) I drink mine black, but sometimes I get the seasonal flavors of creamers (like pumpkin spice in the fall!) and add a little. I used to drink it with tons of milk & sugar, but then I just decided to start cutting back and eventually got down to black. I do enjoy flavored coffee a lot though!

  6. Jen 02.20.2011

    I love my Keurig! I am a decaf girl though, caffeine and I don’t play well together! I love my flavored creamers. I bought some Almond Joy creamer last week (YUMMY!) but my favorite is Coffeemate Creme Brulee!

    I loved Inception but it WAS a very confusing movie!

  7. Jessie 02.20.2011

    um soft pretzels and anything cheese related is a good meal in my book! yum! Those mugs are so adorable! Generally coffee gives me stomach aches, I can’t drink it black but I can never get the combination of milk/sugar right. For some reason only cappuccinos do it for me, the one drink I don’t need to add anything to.

  8. kate 02.20.2011

    Where did he get those mugs?! I want some!!

  9. My husband & I have the same movie relationship (mostly because I’m constantly multitasking) and oddly enough, he fell asleep towards the end of Inception! I made him watch it with me again the next day to make sure I actually understood it. ;)

    Those mugs are too cute! Ben did good!

  10. Pat 02.20.2011

    I love my Keurig too and have made the healthier switch from flavored creamers to Silk Creamer French Vanilla in HyVee’s Health Food section of the store. It is all natural soymilk and also lactose free. I love the vanilla flavoring it gives my Donut Shop Decaf k-cups. Like Jen, caffeine and I don’t play well together. What a great quip! I will use that now when trying to explain my plight to others.

    Thanks for making me smile during a rousing blizzard Sunday in Brookings, South Dakota! Love you, Iowa Girl Eats! I’m going to shop online for the coffee you suggested.

    Stay and warm and cozy everyone!

    • Rachel 02.20.2011

      I’m in Brookings too! :)

      • Pat 02.20.2011

        Cool. . . hope you are surviving today’s blizzard!

  11. Kristin 02.20.2011

    Those pretzel sticks are my absolute FAVORITE! They are still SO good even a few days later…if you can resist saving any until then, that is. :)

  12. Jennifer 02.20.2011

    Omg, I am totally feeling you on the pretzels at GC. My husband and I tried them the last time we were there….to die for!!!!

  13. LOVE the mugs!! And the shoes!

    I drink coffee (decaf) occasionally with a little cream and sugar.

    My husband is one of those people who always knows what’s going on in the movie too. Inception definitely blew my mind at the end!!

  14. I love GC – one reason why I miss Nebraska!

  15. I love those mugs so much! They are adorable. I also agree with you on stocking up when you find something that you like…especially with cardigans. I drink my coffee with almond milk and sometimes with So Delicious Coconut Milk creamer.

  16. JennyV 02.20.2011

    Cute little mugs!! You’ll hve to let us know where he got them (if he filled you in)

    You have me missing GC like none-other!! I could definitely take a round (or two) through their brunch buffet today!

  17. Melissa 02.20.2011

    Oh. my. goodness! I just had Golden French Toast coffee, myself, this morning, and it was fabulous! I first discovered it last year, and have loved it ever since. It tastes so decadent, warm, and comforting. I typically take my coffee with a little fat-free powdered Coffee-Mate and a packet or two of splenda, depending on how much coffee is in my cup or mug! Yum!

  18. Lindsey 02.20.2011

    I totally must try those pretzels & cheese!!! Although it will be hard to stray from the beloved IDAHO NACHOS!! Have you ever? Oh, you must if not.

  19. Elyse 02.20.2011

    Those mugs are ADORABLE!! Who doesn’t love a good coffee mug, right?! I really want to get a Keurig so I can try all these yummy looking coffees! For now, I stick to my dunkin donuts coffee with a little sugar in the raw and fat free half and half. My family teases me by saying I like a little coffee in my milk and sugar ;-) I also love Starby’s sugar free skinny lattes for a low cal pick me up! I just got Inception yesterday on netflix that I plan on watching! I tend to get lost too, but as long as the special effects are cool then its worth it in my book!

  20. Jenni 02.20.2011

    In LUST for those mugs. Must get them!

  21. good golly those pretzels look and sound amazing… I want one NOW.

    Jason is the same way with movies – he usually figured it all out pretty early on, and is always able to explain things to me when I get lost… :)

  22. Paula 02.20.2011

    Ahh, those mugs are toooo cute! I would love my husband and me to be drinking our morning coffee with So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer in them!

  23. Rachel 02.20.2011

    I used to drink my coffee with TONS of sugar & creamer, but at some point, I just started drinking it black. Occasionally, I like it with a bit of half & half, but I’m not that fond of flavored coffees or creamers any more.

  24. Jenn 02.20.2011

    Those mugs are beyond adorable. I have a serious coffee addiction. Depending on time I usually brew a pot, although sometimes I make Folgers instant.
    I always prepare it the same way though. I almost fill the mug with coffee, add one packet of splenda and enough creamer that the coffee begins to change color. I love coffeemate. It takes me awhile to go through a bottle of creamer and by then I want to try a new flavor. And they have so many!! My mother swears by Hazelnut, my sister by Vanilla Carmel. I like whatever flavor I’m using that day.

  25. sharon weaver 02.20.2011

    I couldn’t handle that movie, not much for a movie i have to try that hard to figure out. Turned it off before the end, rented, so i don’t want to watch it over again.
    Oh, and the mugs are adorable. I bet they are a Valentine item and not around any more.

  26. Jess S 02.20.2011

    If you liked the pretzels with beer cheese sauce at Granite City then you have to try Court Ave. Brew Co.’s sometime. They’re delish and come with three sauces – a beer cheese one, a stone ground mustard and caramel that’s TO DIE FOR. Seriously. And during happy hour, they’re half off!!
    I definitely drink coffee. And I take it, any way I can get it! In the morning, usually with just half and half – maybe a little agave nectar, if it’s one of those days. At work, it’s usually black. And at Starby’s, it’s a skinny Caramel Macchiato – so good!

  27. Angie 02.20.2011

    Just started using my keuring we got for Christmas. I’m not a big coffee person but the cafe mocha is good and it’s good for warming up water for instant oatmeal.

  28. Those mugs are adorable!! I love coffee. I drink it with milk, no sugar. I absolutely hate sugar in straight coffee, although I occasionally have a flavored latte as a treat.

  29. Melissa 02.20.2011

    Yum yum yum. Love flavored coffee! I take mine black. My mom taught me when I decided to start drinking coffee to get used to it black so I could save on calories from cream & sugar. It worked!

    Inception! Ugh! I loved the movie, but I did have to see it 3 times. In the theater. I felt like each time I saw it, there was something new to “get” ya know??? And even now, I’m not sure I get it!

    Based on what your mom usually makes, I can’t imagine how she could up her game! Can’t wait to see what she did for lunch today!

  30. I drink coffee with truvia or splenda and either fat free half and half or skim! I am DYING to try the french toast kind! YUM@

  31. imwaytoobusy 02.20.2011

    Oh, the sound of that pretzel/cheese combo has me drooling ;) Can I ask where you found those cups? They are adorable!

  32. those mugs are so cute!! and i drink coffee with half & half and sugar. i used to only do starbucks frou-frou drinks, then switched to drip coffee w/ flavored creamer, and now i’m on the half & half. it’s crazy that i actually like the TASTE of coffee now.

  33. Chris M. 02.20.2011

    I’m a keurig girl too, and am on a month-long no caffeine, no booze, no chocolate, no added salt diet. Bah. I can’t do decaf, so I’ve just refrained in whole from coffee. But when I do drink it, it’s with just a splash of skim milk or non-fat flavored creamer. I miss my coffee.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 02.20.2011

      Oh my word! Can I ask you how you’re feeling? Better, worse, the same?

  34. I was a black coffee drinker since high school, but gave it up last month during a little “detox” phase. I love not being dependent on the caffeine! Now I drink hot lemon water instead.

  35. Those mugs are so so cute!! Good pick, Ben.

    I love that you call it “pop”… and even more happy that you don’t drink it anymore :)

  36. erica 02.20.2011

    those mugs are the cutest things i’ve ever seen!!!!
    i need them!

    i LOVE coffee!!! i love it sweet and hot! :)

  37. girliefriend 02.20.2011

    Not a coffee fan here. I’m not fond of hot drinks of any sort. I also don’t do caffeine.

  38. girliefriend 02.20.2011

    Also mean to add…Ben did good with the mugs, they’re adorable! And I want those pretzel sticks. Yum!

  39. dmcgirl 02.20.2011

    We, dmctween and I watched Inception. It was awesome. I feared she would have a hard time, but she actually stayed with me there! ;-)

    Love the mugs and can’t wait to hear about moms lunch!

  40. I’m not a coffee fan, but I love that cup:)

  41. I drink plain ole Maxwell House with Silk French Vanilla creamer.
    A local pizza place has soft pretzel like the ones at Granite City and they are amazing!

  42. Kim 02.20.2011

    I just bought those gold Steve Madden flats as my wedding shoes!

  43. I take my coffee bold with a splash of cream and a little raw sugar : )

  44. I totally agree about stocking up when you find a good pair of flats. I got through a pair just about every season, and then I am left searching for another pair. Those mugs are the cutest!!

  45. First of all, those mugs are ADORABLE!!! So freaking cute.

    Second of all, your husband and my boyfriend sound the exact same with movies! I tend to take a while to catch onto what’s going on, and he can predict the end of the movie from the very begining every. single. time. Excepttttt, this movie! Hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow :)

  46. Pat 02.20.2011

    Just ordered a set of the coffee mugs to send to friends spending time away from home for medical care at Mayo Clinic. I sent them to their hotel. . . won’t they make them smile?

    Thanks for sharing the online shop info!

    Enjoy your President’s Day holiday!

  47. Machelle 02.20.2011

    Coffee smells wonderful, but tastes like crap!! Altho for what ever reason I do like tiramisu (spell?) & sometimes coffee flavored ice cream if it’s not too strong. If you’ve never had a Jamocha shake from Arby’s…you really must try one! Super good, especially on a blazin hot day. Those new lovey dovey cups are great!

  48. AbberJabber 02.20.2011

    Haha, my fiance and I are the same way with movies – I need assistance with anything that doesn’t involve “Romantic Comedy” in the description. Haha. We loooved Inception too!

  49. lauramich 02.20.2011

    Those pretzel sticks? Nom!

    Those mugs? Adorable!

    My coffee? At home, with half-and-half (real stuff, thankyouverymuch, not fat-free or non-dairy creamer), no sugar. Maybe some unsweetened cocoa, cinnamon, or pumpkin pie spice.

    At the coffee shop? If whole milk is an option, I’ll use that instead of the cream if I’m getting drip coffee or americano. For lattes, I’ll get skim milk. Once or twice a year, I’ll get a mocha, but I almost never get other flavored drinks. (I did come up with my own at-home approximation of a pumpkin spice latte using 1% milk, pumpkin pie spice, no-sugar-added pumpkin butter, and my immersion blender. Much less sweet than the Starbucks version.)

  50. Lori 02.20.2011

    I weaned myself off pop a couple of years ago by replacing it with coffee. All of the cream and sugar I put in my coffee probably doesn’t make it much healthier, but I am still glad I made the switch. Now I can’t imagine life without coffee :)… Good luck on your pop-to-coffee transition!

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