Good morning!


Can I first start out by saying that I may have found my new favorite food ever? Granite City’s Pretzel Sticks and Beer-Cheese Dipping Sauce!!!!!

photo 5 (3)

I discovered them while at happy hour on Friday night with Ben, my Mom and Dad. The beer and convo was flowing…and so was the cheese. 


photo 1 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 2 (2)

It’s made with Granite City’s beer and was almost floral tasting?! We absolutely smothered the pretzel sticks in it, which were the squishiest, chewiest pretzels I’ve ever had. I want to eat them always and forever. YUM!!!!

photo 4 (3)

Yesterday I had a nice, relaxing Saturday. Since I got all the laundry and housework done during the week – I was free to enjoy the day! Went on a mini-shopping spree with my Mom and got two pairs of flats from DSW…


One in brown and one black. Sorry, but when you find a good pair of flats, you stock up. Am I right?! Same goes with cardigans. :)

Then I found THESE at Bed, Bath & Beyond!!


French Toast K-Cups!!!! I have been searching high and low for this flavor, after so many of you have told me how delicious it is.


I was practically jumping up and down in the store, and couldn’t wait to brew a cup this morning.


In my new mugs. :)


Ben got these for me for Valentine’s Day. Aren’t. They. Adorable?!


Since we don’t drink diet pop anymore, he wants to start weaning himself onto coffee (I know) for something flavorful to drink, and he thought we could sip coffee in these cute mugs in the mornings. :)


As soon as the coffee started brewing, the smell of maple syrup filled the air.


It was unmistakable – FRENCH TOAST!!!!!


Topped with a little splash of half & half – I devoured this. SO glad I finally found it!


In other news, last night Ben and finally watched Inception.



What? Who? Where? Dreams? I’m no dummy, but I’ll admit that sometimes I have a hard time following complicated movies. Thank goodness for Ben because he gets every movie he’s ever seen, and will correctly predict the ending 10 minutes in every time – therefore he’s usually my translator. But last night he fell asleep halfway through and I was left to fend for myself!!!!! I think I got what was happening, but omg, talk about confusing!

Overall I liked it. The actors were great and so were the special effects, but I think I need to watch it about 15 more times. 8O

At any rate, Ben and I are heading over to my parent’s house in a bit for an early Sunday lunch. My Mom is trying out a new recipe that she’s THIS EXCITED FOR. ;) See you!


Do you drink coffee? How you take it?