Caramel Apple Crisp


Don’t you sometimes wish you could begin instead of end your meal with dessert? Me too.

True, there’s something to be said about saving the best for last…but not when it’s Caramel Apple Crisp. CARAMEL APPLE CRISP!


In my normal, everyday life I make decisions very quickly. People have even been known to call me a bit…impatient…ok, a LOT impatient (I’m a high D, for you sales folksI know) Hey, I just know what I want! ;)


Not when it comes to desserts though. Game over. I had the hardest time trying to decide what to take to my family’s Sunday afternoon lunch today.

DSC_0013 DSC_0016

Should I make something chocolaty? Peanut buttery? Chocolate-peanut buttery? Don’t even get me started on sweet & savory dessert options.


I reviewed your suggestions over and over and in the end, the thick caramel, sweet apples and warm crisp this recipe called for completely stole my impatient heart. TO DIE FOR! You start by slicing 24oz of apples (about 6 medium-sized Granny Smith apples) then tossing them with cinnamon & salt.


Next you make the “crisp” part of the caramel apple crisp. A mixture of brown sugar, (tons o’) butter, spices, oats and flour.


Reserving a cup for the top, you press the mixture into a greased pan,


then top with the apples.


Next, you drizzle on the ingredient that puts this dessert way, way, WAY over the top – caramel!!


Creamy, thick, sweet, gooey caramel. OMDG.


Top with the reserved crisp and bake until golden brown.


Impatient doesn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling waiting for this to came out of the oven. The smell was intoxicating!!


The apples were tender, the crisp was crunchy and the caramel was bubbly.


Totally unbelievable and soooooo decadent. It made me miss Fall for half a second too. :) Find the recipe here and make this ASAP!!!!!


Alas, caramel, apples and crisp cannot sustain a family all by itself. Good thing my Mom had Stuffed Manicotti for the troops!


Each manicotti was stuffed with a chicken tender, then baked with fresh marinara sauce, crumbled Italian sausage and oodles of mozzarella cheese.


It was out of this world!


Tag teamed with sautéed asparagus,


and fresh bread. This was one of the best complete Sunday meals we’ve had ever! EVER!! Ugh. Mmmm. Ahhh. :)


In other news, I had an awesome grocery shopping trip this morning. I’ve bumped up our budget to $60/week because I’m buying more organic meat now, which is significantly more expensive than non-organic meat. That said, thanks to coupons for free eggs and ice cream, today’s trip came in right at $55! Here’s what I got…

Pantry Items


  • Wax paper
  • 3 boxes Kleenex
  • Pitted dates (I’m obsessed with making babies!)
  • Oyster sauce
  • Tortilla chips
  • Caramel sauce
  • 2 Sobe Lifewaters
  • Ginger, Sesame Seeds & Nutmeg seasonings

Fridge/Freezer Items


The Produce


  • Bananas
  • Asparagus
  • Pineapple
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Green onions
  • Jalapano
  • Garlic
  • Cucumber
  • Granny Smith apples
  • Kiwi
  • Salad blend
  • Coleslaw
  • 3 Avocados
  • Mango
  • Red onion
  • 2 limes
  • Cilantro

All for $55! :D


Here’s my menu plan for this week, using these here groceries:

Monday: Thai Peanut Noodles

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner

Wednesday: Garlic Noodles

Thursday: Chicken with Fruit Salsa

Friday: Undecided

One yummy week – comin’ right up. :)

Well Ben and I have BOGO Chipotle coupons for dinner tonight. Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowls are delish, but B’ingOG’ingO/someone else making it for you is always a plus. Even better when eaten while checking out the fashion at the Oscars. Will you be watching too?

Have a wonderful week guys! :D


What’s on your menu this week?

What are 3 words you’d use to describe your personality?

I’d say:

1. Bottom liner: Just give it to me straight.

2. Caring: I like to take care of people.

3. (Super) Independent: ’nuff said!

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  1. Britt 02.27.2011

    I can’t believe you got all that for under 60 dollars! Wow. I don’t know what I’m making this week yet because I was lazy and wont get to market until Tuesday, but I am making a frittata tomorrow.

  2. Imwaytoobusy 02.27.2011

    This looks like the best day ever! Your manicotti looks fabulous and the apple crisp may have made me drool a little. Delish!

  3. Dawn Patricia 02.27.2011

    Holy cow that apple crisp looks fab!!! I love caramel sauce. Every time I eat caramel I remember a conversation I had with my old boss about the “right” way to say that word, lol! I wish we had that “bare” chicken here. I hate trimming the fat off of chicken- yuck! The Oscars are seriously the one night I am able to *not* snack, I’m too busy watching all the beautiful people! I’m so excited because “True Grit” is up for so much this year. I’m completely nuts over Jeff Bridges and I love my Coens! Enjoy your Chipotle Bowls tonight! <3

  4. My husband loves apple crisp, so I’m sure I’ll be making this soon! :)
    I’m most excited about my black bean enchiladas for my meat free night this week, they are delicious! :)
    I love your family lunches, and they are something I want to start with my family once my husband and I buy a house!
    Personality: Caring, Stubborn, Clumsy

  5. Charlotte 02.27.2011

    (packs bags and heads to airport…has rental car waiting in Iowa to take me to Kristin’s house…hoping she doesn’t see me move in and set up a place for myself for dinner.)

  6. Lela 02.27.2011

    We have breakfast for dinner (or as we like to call it, thanks to Turk, a character on the TV show, Scrubs) BRINNER! Yum! Usually wins out as one of my favs! And your Sunday meal and dessert looks delicious!

  7. Rachel 02.27.2011

    I’m a big fan of the Bare Chicken! I especially like the fact that you can find what farm your chicken came from on their website. I’m (hoping) I’ll finally get to try that Lemon Brown Sugar chicken this week. I’ve got a pot of Cincinnati chili simmering away right now & I’m planning to make tomato soup & grilled cheese tomorrow night!

  8. Elizabeth R. 02.27.2011

    Definitely cashed in my Chipotle BOGO coupon for lunch. Yum!

  9. We are doing vegan night tonight! Lentil walnut loaf, roasted tomato soup and coconut macaroons. Should be good! The rest of the week’s dinner will most likely be made up on the fly…cause that’s how I roll!

  10. LOVE the addition of caramel. How indulgent! :)

  11. one thing i’m super excited for this week in terms of our meals is that my husband is making dinner twice because i’m presenting at a conference. it’s at my university so i’ll be in town but he’s making dinner both nights so i don’t have to cook/conference it up. :)

    i also made pulled pork in the crockpot tonight with homemade bbq sauce & homemade buns. i can’t wait!

  12. Tara 02.27.2011

    We are having Wild Salmon with brocolli and corn! Also every wednesday we have nacho night…. we use local meat, cheese, organic chips, salsa, and organic black beans! They are sooo delicious :)
    P.s the apple crisp looks great! I love your blog!

  13. dmcgirl 02.27.2011

    Looking good!!! Great shopping!
    Come by my blog and check out the dumplings I made today! The good old fashioned kind!
    I hope you try it sometime. I think you will like it better than those prepackaged ones! REALLY!

  14. Melissa 02.27.2011

    I am having a major squash jones, so I’m planning on a butternut squash pizza!

    Personality-wise? I’d say I’m high strung (um, hello OCD), sarcastic, and generous. That’s a pretty random list, huh? ;)

  15. Mmm I got chipotle tonight too!

    My personality is:
    1. Independent
    2. Type A
    3. Thoughtful

  16. That caramel apple crisp looks amazing! And served up warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream? Mmmm I’ve never tried the SF carmel drizzle, but I bet it’s a great way to keep the cals a little lower :)

  17. Tracey 02.27.2011

    That caramel apple crisp looks ridiculously good, wish I had some here to eat while I watch the Oscars :) We had take-out too tonight, definitely the way to go!

  18. Oh man, time’s running out for this Chipotle deal! I need to cash in!

  19. Prices in your area sure are great, can’t believe that was under 60 bucks?!?!? That’s awesome!

    On our menu this week:
    artichoke & mushroom lasagna
    chorizo & butternut squash enchiladas
    shrimp & bacon w/ tomatoes & greens over rice

    Hope you have a great start to the week! :)

  20. Bridget 02.27.2011

    Amazing groceries for $60!

    Baked ziti is on the menu. Something I haven’t made in a while!

    1. caring
    2. determined
    3. straight-shooter


  21. sassy molassy 02.27.2011

    Apple crisp is one of those perrrrfect desserts because it’s a tiny bit healthy and you get the tangy taste of the apple topped with the crumbly sugary top and dang, the caramel is a brilliant addition.

    1. Determined. Once I’ve decided on something I don’t want to walk away.
    2. No bullshit. I have a really hard time talking to or being friends with people who try to be better than others or have multiple sides (kind hearted one moment and then perfect and not willing to let you think they have flaws in the next moment)
    3. Indecisive. I always want to make THE BEST decision so it takes a while for me to pick one thing/activity over another.

  22. Lindsay 02.27.2011

    I am amazed that you and your husband can get by with buying so few groceries. I live at home with my parents and my brother and there is no way that we could get by with spending less than 100$ on groceries each week. For Example, we go through 3 gallons of Skim Milk a week, ~ 2 loaves of bread, ~ a box of cereal (combined because we all eat different cereal), 2 lbs of meat for dinner, 8 bags of frozen veggies, and so much more! I usually spend 180$ a week on groceries, but I wish I could spend less. (I grocery shop for my mom, because she hates it!)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 02.28.2011

      For sure! Since it’s just the two of us, we are able to keep it relatively inexpensive. I remember my Mom’s grocery bill for 5 of us being astronomical when we were growing up!

  23. Kristin from MN 02.27.2011

    Tonight: BBQ Ribs (made in the smoker)
    Monday: Gnudi :)
    Tuesday: Turkey tacos (or my son is asking for spaghetti tacos – you have to watch iCarly know where he’s coming from!)
    And that’s all I got so far…
    I am friendly, blunt, and a little OCD!

  24. Erica 02.27.2011

    Thought I’d mention that Costco sells Sobe life water at $10 for a 12-pack variety.

    Just try getting out of there without purchasing anything else! :)

  25. Stacey 02.28.2011

    Sometimes I wish I could just eat dessert period!

  26. Kristen 02.28.2011

    How the heck you got all the for 60 dollars I don’t know. Our budget is 70 eruos (about 100 US dollars) and it buys barely enough to get us by! I must say, your husband is very lucky to have an amazing cook like you!

  27. Jessie 02.28.2011

    I make my menu out on Monday’s and shop on Tuesday, late morning (produce truck comes in on Tuesday) so I’m not fully sure what we are having this week, but I do believe that Manicotti is going to be on the menu! Thanks!

  28. Emily 02.28.2011

    Tonight we’re having Moroccan Chicken (crock-pot recipe) over couscous. Wedneday night it’s Chiptole Bean Burritoes (our vegetarian dinner for the week) and Thursday it’s leftovers. The weekend meals are usually decided on Thursday….

    3 words to describe my personality:
    1. devoted
    2. worrisome (i worry a lot)
    3. fun-loving

  29. Stephanie 02.28.2011

    1. Positive
    2. Sensitive
    3. Thinker

  30. that applecrisp look devine! butter sweet and perfect with creamy refreshing icecream! yum

  31. Machelle 02.28.2011

    A Chx tender stuffed into a manicotti shell…..who woulda thunk it! That’s brilliant! Three words to describe myself…hmmmm…….stubborn, lazy, straight forward. Ok, that last one is two words but who cares! And by straight forward I mean that I’m either gonna just keep it to myself & say nothing at all, or just say it bluntly no BS included. There is no in between! And the Apple Crisp looks great! I woulda been tempted to toss in a half handful of blueberries…just cuz I love them!

  32. Machelle 02.28.2011

    Oh, I forgot to mention that way back when, when Bakers Square restaurant was still around, myself and my friends Dianna & Mitzie would go there to eat lunch & we would ALWAYS order our pie to come out first before the rest of the meal! It was just simply the only way to go! Ha!

  33. Did u get all that from HyVee? Do you use coupons?

  34. Morgan 02.28.2011

    Seriously, $60?! My husband and I can rarely get by without spending like $100/week on groceries. What the heck am I doing wrong?

  35. Lindsey Cook 02.28.2011

    Your Sunday dinner looks almost exactly the same as what I am making for supper tonight! I love the apple crisp. I made one last week and put maple syrup in it and it was delish! I’ll have to try the caramel over top.

  36. That apple crisp looks so yummy, I don’t typically like “fruity” desserts, but I would so go for some of that right now!

    3 Things People would use to describe me are:

    1. Impatient
    2. Perfectionist
    3. Caring

  37. Meagan 02.28.2011

    Mmm, I should make some apple crisp! Except I lack an oven now for two months. lol Stuffed Manicotti! Your Mom always makes such delicious looking food.

    My Meal Plan for the week:
    Homemade Honey Garlic Wings w/ Caesar Salad
    Lemony Salmon w/ white rice
    Three Bean Spicy Chili
    Roast Beef w/ roasted potatoes and carrots
    Spaghetti & Meatballs
    Pork Chops w/ Mashed Sweet Potatoes and corn
    Chicken Nacho Bake w/ Homemade Spanish Rice


  38. Renae 03.01.2011

    where did you get the Chipotle coupon?

    • Renae 03.01.2011

      found it…Facebook!

  39. Brenda 03.02.2011

    I made the apple crisp for my book club last night, and they LOVED it!

  40. hey kristin! im making a “family dinner” for my roommates and friends this sunday (it could be up to 12 people, ah!)…. I am going to make this for dessert…. how long ahead of time do you think I could prepare this dish (without putting it in the oven obviously haha)? Also- how many people do you think this served about?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.22.2011

      Hmmm – you could probably do it the night before, if you are serving it the next afternoon. I would just think the oats in the crust might soak up some of the apple’s juice and not get quite as crisp. Definitely the morning of would be fine.

      I’d say it’d feed 8-10 people. It’s soooo rich, so most people will be completely satisfied with one square! Have fun! :D

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