Guacamole Recipe


Guacamole is simple and fresh to make, and this is my go-to recipe. I can never get enough of it! 


A random Spring-like day – whee!


The high is only supposed to be 30 degrees tomorrow, but for now, we’re rocking nearly 50 degree temps. I celebrated by calling my Mom.


My Mom and I walk nearly every morning that it’s above 30 degrees and not raining during the Spring, Summer and Fall. We’ve been on hiatus since late November, so I called to see if she’d like to make our morning walk an afternoon one and join me on a stroll through my neighborhood after work!


We’re hoping to pick our morning walks back up sometime soon, but for now a chance to catch up and stretch our legs in the sunshine was perfection. We got back to the house where I said goodbye to my Mom, and hello to my husband!


And back out we went. To the neighborhood basketball court to shoot some hoops.


It’s a fact that I semi-loathe basketball…mostly because I suck at it. Hard.


My husband, on the other hand, lives and breathes basketball.


He’d watch it, play it and/or talk about it 24/7 if he could. Plus he’s pretty good!

7 8

So I play along. COW, as a matter of fact. Yeah – we play cow instead of horse since it goes faster. 3 letters vs 5. You understand.

3 4

As the sun began to set, we wandered home to make a refueling, (hey, chasing after missed baskets is hard work!) protein-packed dinner of Eggs & Avocados.


Have you ever had eggs & avocados? The combo is to die for.

I started by making the guacamole. If you have 5 minutes – make my super simple guacamole. If you have ohhhh 6 minutes – make the version below. It’s got a few more ingredients to kick things up a notch, but is still easy-peasy!


I start with three, ripe avocados. Scooped out and mashed with a potato masher in a big bowl.


In goes a seeded and chopped vine-ripened tomato,


minced, fresh garlic,


chopped, fresh cilantro,


the juice of 1 lime and salt & pepper.


Then – here comes the really tough part – mix! Right?! Super easy!



Serves 4


Guacamole is simple and fresh to make, and this is my go-to recipe. I can never get enough of it!


  • 3 avocados
  • 1 vine-ripened tomato
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 3 Tablespoons chopped cilantro
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • salt & pepper


  1. Mash avocados with potato masher. Add in the rest of the ingredients & eat!

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,


Best guacamole ever! So fresh, buttery and full of flavor. Fluffy eggs and creamy guac just works.


On the side, I toasted up some…toast!


I popped by Great Harvest this afternoon to pick up some fresh bread in anticipation of tonight’s meal. A loaf of Grandma’s White Bread for Ben, and half a loaf of Honey Wheat for me.


(so add $6 to my grocery total this week. Trust me, this bread is worth the $!)


One slice smeared with butter, the other slice slathered with Polaner All Fruit Apricot Spread…and some butter too. You can’t have jelly without butter.


The saltiness totally brings out the sweet flavor of this spread – which tastes like a fruit roll up. YES!


Mmmm. Quick, easy and delish. My kind of weeknight meal!

Well I’m off to wind down for the evening. I’m going to try this hard to get up for a morning workout tomorrow and need my rest in order to get up by 5am!

See you!


What’s your favorite sport? Least favorite sport?

My favorite sport to watch is college football. It’s just exciting, I think. :) My least favorite is basketball. It’s just so monotonous – back and forth and back and forth and back and forth! AH!!

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  1. Lauren 03.01.2011

    Yay for BFD!!! I agree, eggs and avocado is where its at! The texture is incredible!!

  2. I could eat avocados every day! There’s a great cafe in Santa Barbara called Cajun Kitchen – they make the best omelet with avocados & bacon. Mm!

  3. Cute post :D. I think it’s so great that you go on walks with your mom AND that you play b-ball with your husband even though you’re not so great at it. I loved the spring like weather today too! You better believe I got out and went for a nice run. It felt wonderful.

    My favorite sport to play and watch is probably basketball. But soccer comes in a close second :D.

    Have a great night!

    p.s. If I was waiting for your post to come up on Google Reader, does that make me a total Iowa Girl Eats stalker?? Yikes!

  4. I love breakfast for dinner! :) What a fun afternoon with your mom and husband!

  5. ktlovespie 03.01.2011

    Horseback riding! Because it IS a sport. But if we’re discussing “traditional” sports, I’d have to say college football. Though I only watch my hometeam.

    Most boring? Golf. Puts me to sleep. Tennis is a close second.

  6. Love ‘cado and eggs!

  7. I get up at 4:45-5:15 every weekday morning to workout – it’s tough but worth it at the end of the day, literally!

    I agree, jelly on toast NEEDS butter. It’s just missing something without it!

  8. My boyfriend is a HUGE basketball guy. I love NCAA basketball but can’t get into Pro. I love College Football to watch as my favorite! I think my least favorite is Lacrosse. I can’t keep track of the ball!

  9. Kelly 03.01.2011

    YES!! Yum! There’s a famous breakfast spot here in Pittsburgh, and I always get the avocado and cheddar omelette!! Sooooo tasty.

  10. Tracey 03.01.2011

    I’m the same as you … My favorite sport is football and my least is basketball.

  11. jad18 03.01.2011

    My fave is college football. Go hawks! Least favorite is golf b/c it makes me want to nap.

  12. Breakfast looks delicious! My favorite sport to watch is baseball and my least favorite is football. I detest football.

  13. Anita 03.01.2011

    That looks so yummy! I’m a huge avocado fan, but I’ve never tried that combo! I think I’m going to have to add it to my food bucket list.

  14. kelly 03.01.2011

    I like to mash my avocado onto my toast with lots of S&P with my eggs. Yummy breakfast!

  15. Mimi 03.01.2011

    My favorite sport is track — Specifically hurdles! I also gained an appreciation for professional soccer when I was in Germany last summer and watching the world cup was a requirement!

    I hate playing basketball, but I love watching it. Guess that’s what going to KU does to a girl!

  16. I love watching soccer, those cute soccer boys don’t hurt either! HATE watching football…snore…

    • anna 03.01.2011

      You’re not kidding about the cute soccer players! We had a couple soccer players at my college who were European AND they lived in my dorm building. ::swoon::

  17. Nikki 03.01.2011

    Were you channeling Dr. Seuss w/ the green eggs? :) Tomorrow is his birthday!

  18. So true, you cannot have jelly on toast without butter!! My fave sport to watch is basketball, least favorite is probably football (too slow)…but I like it for the social aspect :)

  19. A.J. 03.01.2011

    I don’t really like any sports. Just not my thing. I watch the Hawkeye football games in the fall because my family is super into it – that’s all the sports I can handle!

  20. anna 03.01.2011

    I hate watching sports on TV, but I love going to games! Hockey and football! I’m not a violent person, but they get me all riled up, haha.

    Your guacamole is close to perfect but you need a spicy pepper in there… jalapeno, serrano chile, take your pick. I love chunky guac!

  21. Rachel 03.01.2011

    Can I just say that I’m so jealous of your spring-like weather?! We’re supposed to get more snow in a few days. :( I love doing breakfast for dinner!

  22. yum! i made guac tonight too but your avocado looks way prettier than mine! i’ve never thought to pair it with eggs though…

    • JennyV 03.01.2011

      I agree — your avocados look perfect! I do eggs/avocado quite a bit. In fact, I happened to order a delicious ‘acapulco’ omelet on Sunday that featured green chilis, cheese, avocado, and chicken (I subbed out the chorizo.)

      Fave sport to watch? Depends on if it’s in person or on tv… I used to be a basketball junkie (I’m sure Ben is gearing up for MARCH MADNESS!), but have really started to like football a lot more lately. The WORST sports to watch: GOLF and TENNIS.

  23. Kendra! 03.01.2011

    I could watch dance team/cheerleading competitions or shows on tv (or in real life) forEVER…LOVE love love it!! But if we’re talking sports sports…I’d say pro baseball – Go Twins!! I completely agree with the basketball thing – ugh… awful (unless you know someone playing i.e. my 14 year old twin sisters!!! :D )

  24. My favorite sport to watch is football too! Least is baseball, I seriously HATE it. I actually had eggs with avocado for dinner tonight too! We had make your own breakfast sandwich bar at my sorority house!

  25. Erin 03.01.2011

    I wish I could go for walks with my mom…. But she lives in Virginia and we are all the way in Okinawa, Japan!! BTW, I bought my first pack of tomato Pretz because I remembered seeing it on here…we love it! Let me know if you start to crave your favorite Japanese treats and I’ll send you some!

  26. Eggs and avocado is a great combo!

    I’m a baseball fan, but only if it’s the Yankees. Hehe I’m a little biased, what can I say!

  27. my favorite sport to watch is basketball! it’s the only sport (besides running cross country or track) that i really understand and know all the rules to, so it’s fun :)

  28. Diana K 03.01.2011

    my favorite sport to watch is European soccer & golf, the least is probably baseball (i just do not get the whole 1st base,2nd base thingy).

    On a random note, your younger brother bears an uncanny resemblance to Spanish soccer player Fernando Torres!

  29. Juani 03.02.2011

    My favorite sport to watch is definitely rugby,but only if my team is playing.The men who play it are usually quite gorgeous,and it’s an action packed sport.Soccer is the sport I like to watch least (actually,it ties with gholf).Soccer is just super boring to me.

  30. karen 03.02.2011

    LOVE college basketball. It gets me through the winter. Go Panthers! Least fav would be baseball or hockey.

  31. I really don’t like any sports. I try to play basketball with my husband sometimes, but he is 6’2 and I’m only 5’6, so even though neither of us are very good, he just stands in front of me and blocks all of my shots.

  32. Melissa 03.02.2011

    We used to play PIG when I was a kid. Yeah, I get it. :)

    Just getting to read this post this morning & it’s making me want this for breakfast. Especially the toast! How good does that look???

    Favorite to watch is definitely college football! Least fav? Hmmm . . . I’d have to go with baseball or golf on TV. Snooze.

  33. Hope 03.02.2011

    Eggs and avocados sound incredible! I am a huge fan of guacamole so adding that on top of eggs just sounds heavenly. I am definitely going to try this!

    I like basketball and baseball. I cannot stand football. I think it’s probably because I just don’t understand the game. All I see are guys falling on each other. Haha!

  34. Megan 03.02.2011

    Mmm that dinner looks soo tasty to me! I love breakfast type items for dinner! And it is so colorful.
    What time do you get home from work? You had a lot of time before sunset. On the 3 days I work per week, I get home by 5:15, but only have about 1/2 hour of sunlight left at best. Can’t wait for daylight savings time!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.02.2011

      I usually leave work around 4:30! I get in at 6:30am though…

      • Megan 03.03.2011

        Wow, I am impressed with the amount of daylight you have. I do the early thing too, but it is dark here in NJ by 5:45 at best. I bet being in the midwest makes a difference. I am jealous!

  35. nicole 03.02.2011

    It’s not a sport but I hate playing frisbee with my BF. He is soooo good at it, just a flick of the wrist and it’s going exactly where he wants it to go. I end up chasing after whatever I try to get to him. so embarassing.

    Love eggs and guac

  36. Jean von B 03.02.2011

    LOVE football. Any football from youth league to the pros. LOATHE basketball, golf and tennis. Its a total toss-up as to which is more boring to watch.

  37. Mich 03.02.2011

    I love basketball. The toned arms, warm indoor atmosphere and shorter time frame beats out those cold, long football games every time!

    I also suck at all contact sports. I sat the bench on the C-team in junior high volleyball. But I kicked ass at horseback riding, cheerleading and swimming. Haha :)

    Oh and your guac looks awesome.

  38. Kristin from MN 03.02.2011

    When I was a kid, I played P-I-G with my dad! Maybe it’s a regional thing to call it PIG or COW? LOL!

  39. Lori 03.02.2011

    Baseball all the way for me! My favorite time of year is right around the corner…the return of spring + baseball. Go Twins!

    Des Moines and the Cities don’t seem tooo far away from each other but your weather is always much warmer. I’m jealous.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.02.2011

      I ALWAYS thought that when I lived in Minni! Only three hours south, but it’s always warmer here for some reason!

  40. Lily's Health Pad 03.02.2011

    I love to watch gymnastics. HELLLLLLOOOOO Summer Olympics! My least fave is football. I DREAD football season. Unfortunately, it lasts for freakin ever.

  41. Shea 03.02.2011

    I’m a huge sports fan! My favorites to watch are college and NFL football, but I also follow college basketball, college baseball, and the pennant races for professional baseball. My favorite sport to play is volleyball for sure.
    OT…been meaning to suggest you try the Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette from Trader Joes if you haven’t already. It is my absolute favorite thing from TJs (and that is really saying something!). It is low cal and delicious! Drizzle it over some fresh spinach with Trader Joes unsalted toasted almond slivers=Heaven!

  42. Mm, I’ve never had eggs and avocados before! I’ll have to try it.

    Does Ben normally eat the same things as you for dinner? Just a random question… I know you talked about it before in your post but I wasnt sure about this dinner!

  43. Elyse 03.02.2011

    That is one of my favorite go to meals when I dont feel like cooking after work! So easy and delish! My favorite sport of all time is hockey, love it! My least favorite sport is baseball. I know, I know.. the all american sport.. its just way too slow paced for me. But hey, to each their own :-)

  44. I love running, spinning, and field hockey! Not so much field hockey anymore though, I took the year off:)

  45. Charissa 03.02.2011

    Ooh, that sounds really good. Avocados with eggs…so going to try that! Just found your blog, it’s lovely! I love meeting other food bloggers!
    Followin’ ya on twitter! :)

  46. Julie S. 03.02.2011

    Oh, I hate baseball! Even at the ballpark. Think it’s totally boring, but on TV is the worst! I don’t even mind watching golf. Maybe it has to do w/ the fact that my ex had a baseball game on the TV every waking moment (is it the longest season ever, or what?!).

  47. kaylen 03.03.2011

    Eggs and guac? I’m totally going to try this!!! Sunday brunch date with my teenager, my kitchen, 10am.

    We just made homemade guacamole for the first time ever. We just used avocados, lemon, s&p, minced garlic and chili pepper. It was good, but def lacking something. Maybe the cilantro would have made a difference…I’m going to try your recipe next time!

  48. lesli 03.03.2011

    Yum, eggs & avocados!

    I really don’t like any sports–the ones I find the most boring are golf and baseball. And NASCAR–ugh!

    I guess I don’t mind watching football–that much!

    And I like playing tennis!

    But let’s be honest, my real favorite sport is shopping.

  49. […] and cheddar pancakes (not really high fat but they do have cheese in them and cheese has fat), and guacamole because who doesn’t like […]

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