My Husband Thinks I Have a Problem


My husband thinks I have a problem using too many dishes when I bake. I’m sure I have no idea what he’s talking about…

DSC_0016 (2) 


Are you a messy cook or baker?

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  1. 1. My husband thinks the same thing. Especially after he saw my mess from my cake batter doughnuts this morning.
    2. I also don’t see what he’s talking about. :)

  2. My husband says the same thing! Your kitchen looks just like mine! All that matters is that we get the job done! Whadda they know ;)

  3. Tracey 03.06.2011

    Yes, big time! I’ve been trying to get better about it though – cleaning as you go really does help.

  4. Mikael 03.06.2011

    Haha, not sure I see the problem either! ;)
    You’re adorable…

  5. Have you ever had Duncan Doughnuts blueberry dognuts? They are amazing! Consider this a polite request to please figure out how to make them and post a recipe!!

    thanks :)

  6. Kelli H 03.06.2011

    I definitely am known to use every pot and pan in the kitchen when I’m cooking.

  7. I am such a messy cooker/baker!! I try to hide it from my boyfriend by cleaning up as I cook/bake. It makes it funny when he cooks and he says to me that he doesn’t understand how I can be so clean. If ONLY her knew ;)

  8. That is the one reason why I hate baking…. cleaning the dishes when your done! I love cooking in my moms kitchen, because when I am done I leave all the dishes in the sink for her to clean ;) The donuts look great!!

  9. Yep, I have the same problem – my house always looks like a FEMA zone after a major baking project…but the end result is always (usually? haha) worth it!

  10. My kitchen ALWAYS looks like that! No problem. You’re normal :)

  11. sharon weaver 03.06.2011

    I really don’t see why he cares unless of course he’s doing the dishes.. =)

  12. Amy 03.06.2011

    My Husband says the same exact thing! But to me it doesn’t matter how many dishes you use, as long as your food comes out delish who cares!!

  13. Tammy 03.06.2011

    I’ve always been told the best cooks are the messiest. Be proud!! :-)

  14. Machelle 03.06.2011

    I do use alot of dishes & stuff, but one side of the sink is always full of hot soapy water while cooking so I can clean as I go. Maybe cuz I don’t have an electric dish washer. Just makes clean up easier.

  15. For donuts that yummy I think a messy kitchen is definitely no biggie ;)

  16. Diana 03.06.2011

    I’m right there with ya :) I’ve always been a messy cook/baker :) All that matters is how good the food tastes..not the mess! By the way I FINALLY made it to Trader Joes and bought their Almond Butter. All I can say is WOW! I’ve been using a different brand at Hy-Vee…and Trader Joes is like eating Haagen Daaz ice cream versus generic! Now I just need to see if they can ship it by the case :)

  17. Hahaha! I am the sme way BUT he has no idea how to cook so he doesn’t GET it!

  18. My dad once told me I was a tornado in the kitchen :)

  19. Totally messy baker. How is it even possible not to be?!

  20. Angela 03.06.2011

    I am the exact opposite: I’m annoyingly neat. I’ve, sadly, been known to clean up even while my food sits cooling on the plate.

    Of course, I tell people that’s why God made microwaves for short nuking bursts! So I can have an almost-clean kitchen while I sit and enjoy my food.

    Yes, I am insane.

    As always, yours is my favorite site to visit while I enjoy my coffee.
    Love, love, love this blog!

  21. jen 03.06.2011

    Oh yeah! I use TONS of dishes when I bake.

  22. Ms.S 03.06.2011

    Well, not “messy,” per say. ;) But my husband also complains I use way too many dishes when I do anything in the kitchen. I tease him by saying whatever I make tastes better because I don’t limit myself to one pot like he does.

  23. Melissa 03.06.2011

    I am a total crackhead and obsess about cleaning as I go. I have even been known to clean up dishes when my hot dinner is sitting on the plate just because I can’t relax when I know there are dishes in the sink! I know! I have issues. But if you’re making the mess, I say it’s your prerogative (shout out to old school Bobby Brown!) to use as many dishes as you like! :D

    • Melissa 03.06.2011

      PS I would like a donut, please. And I don’t even eat donuts!

  24. Christina 03.06.2011

    My husband complains of the exact same thing! I try to clean my dishes as I cook, but I still end up with piles of dirty dishes on the counter. Those donuts look amazing by the way :)

  25. Mary 03.06.2011

    I have the same problem. I also have the problem of never wanting to clean up all those dishes!

  26. I’m the same way, part of it is I just can never estimate how big of a dish I’m going to need and usually mess up a few in the process. The other part of me loves to feel like I am on a cooking show and everything gets it’s own prep bowl, I’m a dork, but at least it’s an excuse! :)

  27. my husband says the same thing!!! :)

  28. Todd 03.06.2011

    As a man who loves baking, I can say that I cannot relate because my wife lets me bake whatever I want to my heart’s content. :D

    I do have one tidbit for those whose hubbies say that you are a messy baker: “take a good look at your hubby’s workbench, if he has one, and if it’s messy, he’s no better.” :) The kitchen is YOUR workbench. The garage workbench is his. To each to their own.

  29. Rachel 03.06.2011

    My husband knows better than to complain about the state of my kitchen. ;) I try to practice cleaning as I go, but it doesn’t always work!

  30. My stepfather used to say the same thing…I say if they’re not doing the baking they don’t really understand. Plus they have no complaints about having the sweets in the house ;)

  31. I’m a messy one, too, although I like to stack the messy dishes nicely to pretend like it’s not so bad. :)

  32. Britt 03.06.2011

    I try really hard not to make a mess because i HATE doing dishes, so i try to use as few as i can. I love this blog so much- in the past week I’ve made over like 10 recipes from here! Thanks for writing me back too, appreciate it. :) OMG I JUST ATE THE EGGS w/ AVOCADO THIS MORNING IT WAS EPIC!! Sooooooo good.

  33. Tessa 03.06.2011

    I am absolutely a messy cook, but I always say “who cares about the process if the final result is good.” Unfortunately, my messes often extend beyond a sink-full of dirty dishes. When I’m in the kitchen there’s usually food all over too. Especially if it involves flour =)

  34. I thought for sure you were going to say, “My husband thinks I have a problem with making too many doughnuts!”

  35. Katie 03.07.2011

    hahahahaa…. i am SUCH a mess in the kitchen! and i never clean anything up as i go – i wait and do it all at the end, at once. it drives my husband crazy! he cleans as he goes and never spills anything. where’s the fun in that, i say?!

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