Maple Glazed Cinnamon Doughnuts


Maple Glazed Cinnamon Doughnuts are light and fluffy. Plus, they come with a lot less guilt since they’re baked, not fried! 


So maybe I use a few too many dishes, and make what you might call somewhat of a mess while baking… But it’s so worth it for Chocolate Peanut Butter and Maple Glazed Cinnamon Doughnuts!!

Uh-huh! Ben and I had plans to head over to my parent’s for our traditional, Sunday afternoon lunch today and, after the email my Mom sent me, I figured it was only fair to bring dessert.


First up – Chocolate Peanut Butter Doughnuts. After I posted the Chocolate Baked Doughnuts last week, a reader suggested I drizzle them with peanut butter icing next time. Genius! This morning I whipped up a batch of the moist and chocolaty delights, but instead of dunking them in traditional powdered sugar icing, I made a decadent, peanut butter alternative.


To make the icing, I melted peanut butter with a splash of water, then stirred in powdered sugar. Ummm, you will want to ice your doughnuts, cookies, steak, broccoli, cereal and…I don’t know…your shoes with this stuff. IT IS INSANE! Takes like a Reese’s peanut butter cup!


I made the second doughnut – Maple Glazed Cinnamon Doughnuts – for YOU. I never knew how popular maple glazed doughnuts were until you all told me how much you liked them a couple weeks ago!


Maple Glazed Cinnamon Doughnuts

Makes 6 doughnuts


Maple Glazed Cinnamon Doughnuts are light and fluffy. Plus, they come with a lot less guilt since they're baked, not fried! 


  • 130 grams (~1 cup) all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 75 grams (2/3 cup minus 1 Tablespoon) granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 Tablespoons cold butter
  • 1/4 cup buttermilk
  • 1/4 cup yogurt (I used vanilla Greek Yogurt)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon maple extract
  • 1 Tablespoon pure maple syrup
  • 1 egg
  • To Make the Maple Glaze:
    • 1/2 cup, maybe more, powdered sugar
    • 3 Tablespoons, maybe more, pure maple syrup


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Sift flour, baking powder and baking soda into a large bowl, then stir in sugar, cinnamon and salt. Add butter and, using your fingers, work it into the dry ingredients until it reaches the texture of coarse sand.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together buttermilk, yogurt, extracts, syrup and egg. Add to dry ingredients and mix together until just combined. Do not overmix.
  3. Transfer batter into a ziplock bag, cut off one of the corners, and pipe batter into a non-stick sprayed doughnut pan. Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until batter has set and is springy when touched. Immediately remove to a cooling rack.
  4. Dip warm doughnuts into maple glaze and allow to cool.
For the Maple Glaze:
  1. Add maple syrup to 1/4 cup powdered sugar and stir until smooth. Continue to add powdered sugar until desired consistency is reached. Add more syrup if glaze gets too thick. Dip doughnut tops into glaze.


Based on Lara Ferroni's Baked Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,


Ok, totally kidding, but they’re definitely better for you than fried, gas station doughnuts and I would gladly clean an entire kitchen’s worth of dishes make them again. Actually, you know what’s kind of sick? I kind of like making a mess in the kitchen because it’s so rewarding to clean it all up – mwahahaha!

What OCD? 

At any rate, we walked in the door of my parent’s house with the sweet-smelling doughnuts, who’s scent was immediately blown away by the irresistible smells of this incredible lunch sautéing up on the stove.


Including Gnocchi with Sausage. Chewy gnocchi boiled, then sautéed with garlic, onions, spinach and spicy, local Graziano’s sausage. FAB flavors.


Sautéed garlic asparagus was served on the side,


along with Mushroom & Swiss Bread from Great Harvest. SO SQUISHY!!


You know I loathe mushrooms, but I didn’t come across a single unmanageable chunk. What I DID come across, was giant pockets of melted swiss cheese. Yes!!!


Ben and I are still full at the moment, so we might scrounge around the kitchen for dinner later.

Have a great night – and a super Monday!


Are you a member of the “clean plate club” or are you able to stop eating when full?

I am long time, card-holding member of the clean plate club. If it’s on my plate, I’m going to eat it – even if I’m full. That’s why I ALWAYS use small, salad-sized plates instead of large, entree-sized ones. It helps so much with portion control!

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  1. Clean plate food club, all the way! No morsel goes un-eaten :)

  2. Susan 03.06.2011

    the chipotle coupopn expired on the 4th :( are they still honoring it?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.06.2011

      It expires a week after you watch the video/get the coupon. The one I got today is good through 3/13! :D

    • Laura 03.06.2011

      Susan, I just watched the video on facebook and printed my coupon. My coupon’s expiration say 3/13/11

  3. Freya 03.06.2011

    I am a total clean plate club member, paid in full! Plus I have big plates, so sometimes I am very, very full..I need to swtich to smaller ones :p

  4. Thanks for the baked doughnut recipes! We had another batch this morning, they are just so fun to make!

    Unless it’s one of my favorite meals/restaurants, I can usually stop when I’m hungry. I know the leftovers are never that far away!

  5. I’m a member of the clean plate food club too :) I try to use smaller plates when I can for this very reason

    P.S. – Just kicked off my Spring Shape Up Challenge and there is a giveaway for a $10 iTunes card! Come on over and enter the contest!

  6. Bonnie 03.06.2011

    Donuts yum… So where did you get the donut pan?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.06.2011

      Bed Bath & Beyond = $10!

      • Cook4Fun 03.07.2011

        You are a powerful lady. When I got my doughnut pan @ BBB last Friday the clerk commented on how “these are really flying out the door this week!” Obviously people are paying attention to you.

  7. Sarah Edwards 03.06.2011

    Clean plate plus second healthy helpings. I eat more than everyone in my family…even the men, and I am the smallest one in my family. I seriously wonder if God gave me the hormone that tells my brain I am full. I am told often I am a Marvel…and sometimes, it’s even meant as a compliment. =0) Hard to show on a first date though! Haha, scare the poor guy away!

  8. AmyLou 03.06.2011

    So I’m going to break down and buy a donut pan. . . they look SO GOOD and they are portion controlled (well, somewhat, as long as I have just one!), and my hubby LOVES homemade donuts! We’re big fans of simple sugar coated ones! :)

    I’m totally a clean-plate club member. I have the amazing ability to eat large quantities of food in one sitting. It’s not very feminine, but I can often eat more than the hubs does! Whoops. . . . . so I often take smaller portions or use smaller plates so I fool myself into thinking I’m eating more. And a half-size serving means I get “seconds!” LOL!

  9. I definitely clean my plate, and there is ALWAYS room for dessert ;) I almost get angry at people when they say they are too full for dessert haha. I have been caught licking bowls when it comes to dessert…. whoops… :) These donuts look great.. esp the pb ones! I think you should open your own shop!!

  10. Lauren 03.06.2011

    I definitely feel the need to clean my plate. Unless we’re out at a restaurant and I know I can take it home for leftovers.

    Oh boy, those doughnuts!!! You’re a genius. :)

  11. Emily 03.06.2011

    Clean plate member! I lick it, demolish it, take a vacuum to it…anything to get the last crumbs off and in mah tummy! I agree on the salad plates though, they help a lot!

  12. Charity 03.06.2011

    I got this donut pan a few days ago and will have to try out these recipes. They look so good.

  13. Sara 03.06.2011

    Goodness… I need to get my hands on a donut pan. All these recipes are driving me nuts!

  14. JennyV 03.06.2011

    Let’s just say my membership isn’t up for renewal… I eat whatever is in front of me. If it’s a large meal, I eat it; if it’s small, I eat it.

    Those donuts look so good — they almost look like my favorite cake donut of all: Casey’s maple frosted… do tell me they’re just as light and fluffy?? :)

  15. These doughnuts look amazing!! I need a doughnut pan! What fun!
    I’m a stop when I’m full kind of girl…I like to save a little room for dessert! :)

  16. I 100% clean my plate! I always just make myself the amount of food I want, but at restaurants it can be bad news!

  17. Rachel 03.06.2011

    Why did I not think of a chocolate-peanut butter doughnut myself? I’m so trying those next weekend!!!

    I grew up being a member of the clean-plate club, but as an adult, I don’t feel nearly as guilty about leaving food on my plate. I also made the decision when my little boy started eating solid food that I wasn’t going to make him join the clean-plate club either.

  18. I need to get on this baked doughnut bandwagon–everyone has been making them lately!

    It kind of depends upon the food, if it is something I really like, I’ll clean my plate even if I am full, but if I don’t care for the food item, I can stop. I *always* go for the smallest plate though too!

  19. Amanda 03.06.2011

    Those donuts look amaaazing! We used our Chipotle coupon tonight! I usually get a salad (skipping the rice) and tons of guac .. since I definitely always clean my plate, so I have to fill it with less so that I don’t explode :)

  20. I used to be a member of the clean plate club, but now if I do that I feel so sick :(

  21. A.J. 03.06.2011

    I will stop if I am truly too full to continue to eat, but I seem to be a bottomless pit. I can eat like nobody’s business. So, 99.9% of the time, I clean the plate.

  22. coryeats 03.06.2011

    Can’t wait to try this donut recipe. I am sure my kids will love it.

  23. Jordan 03.06.2011

    I’m trying those donuts asap. They look divine.
    And I’m totally a member of the clean plate club. Hungry or not, you better believe I’m eating everything on my plate…and probably licking it clean :)

  24. Kocinera 03.06.2011

    Ohmygoodnessgracious. Both of those flavors of donuts have my tummy rumbling big time. And I love that they’re baked! I think that officially means that you can eat even more than usual, correct? :D

  25. Melissa 03.07.2011

    ACK! Clean plate club 100%–a habit I wish I didn’t have! I am not good at leaving leftovers or just having a reasonable portion. I can only going to make just enough for what I’m going to eat or I will eat EVERYTHING!

  26. Hope 03.07.2011

    Those donuts look amazing!! I love the peanut butter glaze. It sounds so delicious. I definitely need to make this but I have to get a donut pan first! :) I am a member of the Clean Plate club too! I try to use smaller plates so that I am not eating as much. It definitely helps.

  27. I’m probably on the clean plate club too! Especially now being 8 months preggo! I’ve secretly always loved the maple glazed donuts at Caseys!

  28. Those look absolutely delicious!!! I wish I had one for breakfast! :)

  29. I shared your inspirational oatmeal pancakes with sauteed pineapples on my blog today. It totally rocked–thanks for sharing. I’ve never read a food blog before, so yours is my favorite =) Really, I love it. But, what happened WHILE we were eating oatmeal pancakes with sauteed pineapples was hilarious…thought you would like a nice laugh over a pancake lunch! ha!

  30. jen 03.07.2011

    Oh yeah, I’m a clean plater. Salad plates are extremely helpful!

  31. omg i absolutely cannot eat another bite if i’m full, no matter how good it is (well, actually, that doesnt include dessert. there is ALWAYS room for dessert). my sister is this teeny-tiny person who will finish anything on her plate, but i rarely have the appetite for a full meal. usually i take a few bites and pass it to my boyfriend. but trust me, im not lacking in calories anywhere! haha

  32. Cook4Fun 03.07.2011

    I have been trying to drop my membership in the clean plate club for years now but it is of those that automatically renews unless you cancel in the prescribed 2 minute period once a year!?
    My son taught me a valuable lesson when he was about 4 years old when told he had to clean his plate before he could have dessert. He let me know that it was his regular stomach that was full but not his dessert stomach. I think it’s my dessert stomach that keeps growing too!

  33. Kristin from MN 03.07.2011

    Oh those donuts look so delicious! I need to get a donut pan! Have you ever figured the calories per donut?

  34. Julie S. 03.07.2011

    I am terrible about always having to clean my plate! Ugh! I rarely leave anything. I blame my mother for making me clean my plate as a kid. I have learned that lesson w/ my own daughter. I never make her clean her plate in order to get dessert.

  35. TeachNRun 03.07.2011

    Cursing you!!! I am now CONVINCED I need a doughnut pan!! My thighs and butt are telling me otherwise :(

  36. Monica 03.07.2011

    I used my BOGO coupon on Friday. You will never guess what I came across in my bowl….4 bones!! Ick, there were bones in my chicken bowl. I called the mngr. and he said it happens all of the time because the chicken isn’t breast meat, it’s thigh and leg. I will never eat there again.

  37. Trisha 03.07.2011

    I’m totally a clean plate kind of girl. Which usually hurts more than helps! I do use the smaller plates though. So that is making some improvement! I love me some Chipotle!

  38. Clean plate club, unfortunately. It provides for many instances of uncomfortable fullness and feelings of guilt. It’s going to make my trip to Africa a bit difficult since there it is customary to leave food on your plate. If you clean your plate over there, that means that you are still hungry.

  39. Kelsey 03.07.2011

    I’m definitely a member of the clean plate club…I hate wasting food!

    I was wondering if you all could help me out please? :)


    I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR VOTE TO HELP ME WIN THIS CONTEST! You can vote daily and it ends March 13. If you could share with your friends too, that would be great! Thank you so much!

  40. Sarah 03.07.2011

    holy yum. i need to go out and buy a donut pan. stat.

  41. Stacey 03.07.2011

    Oh my god these doughnuts look delicious! Yep, I’m a fully paid up member of the clean plate club!

  42. lauren 03.07.2011

    They took the BOGO coupon down ::(

  43. Em 03.07.2011

    Yum yum yum.
    That recipe looks T-A-S-T-Y. :)

  44. Ms.S 03.07.2011

    I am quite grateful that my parents always made us eat just a couple more bites of food rather than requiring us to clean our plates when we were growing up. I’m pretty good at listening to my stomach and stopping when I’m full – not to say that I don’t overindulge every so often when something is particularly scrumptious (Thai curried fried rice with pineapple)!

  45. Juani 03.08.2011

    I’m definitely also a member of the clean plate club,sorry to say.My boyfriend however,is REALLY good at only eating when he’s hungry,and stopping as soon as he is full.He eats like a bird,and I’m more like a cow (constantly grazing).

  46. Steph@321delish 03.10.2011

    Ok, it is time. This recipe has convinced me to go buy a doughnut pan. :-)

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