I Finally Caved


Well it had to happen sometime.


Today I finally caved and bought a Diet Mt. Dew! Ahh!

It’s been a little over a month since I gave up all diet pop (specifically Diet Mt. Dew) for a number of reasons, including:

  • I was scared about what aspartame could be doing to my brain/body.
  • I don’t like the feeling of being semi-addicted to something.
  • It’s expensive.
  • My husband was one month diet-pop free at the time, and I wanted to join in on the fun! (…)

Here’s what’s happened since then:

  • I still crave an ice-cold, so-fizzy-it-burns-on-the-way-down, can of diet dew like crazy, but the feeling as if I’m about to die everyday around 2pm if I don’t have one has completely passed. Now I just want one at random, odd times.
  • It’s easier to make healthier snack choices without it. Like I said in my quitting post, fake sugar triggers something crazy in my brain to look for yucky, junky food after I ingest it. I’m not saying all those Girl Scout Cookies are collecting dust or anything…but it’s a lot easier to say no without aspartame coursing through my veins!
  • I’m saving money like whoa. The bottle of pop I purchased today was $1.74. $1.74! That’s insane!!! No more 24-packs to purchase either!
  • I’ve formed a new love for tea. I still crave flavorful beverages during the day, but instead of turning to diet soda, I now sip on a warm mug of black tea with a teaspoon of sugar. My favorite flavors are cinnamon, mango and vanilla (Trader Joe’s has a great selection!)

So why the breakdown today?

It was a perfect storm of having one of those days, calling Ben for moral support and finding out that he had just purchased a pop (yeah he’s off the wagon) and some super-nasty surprise snow (I really hate snow,) that led me to say… screw it. I’m going for it!

Sadly, devastatingly, it tasted just as refreshing and delicious as I remembered. More so, probably, because it had been so long since I last had a gulp! I thought it was supposed to taste sickly sweet and disgusting? Nuts!

All is not lost, however. The Diet Mt. Dew did not trigger some sort of ravenous, diet soda-hungry beast inside of me, whose thirst cannot be quenched.


I had my soda, and now I’m moving on. I like the way I feel when I don’t drink it and I have no desire to go back to my can-a-day habit. I think that’s a sign of a successfully broken habit, don’t you? :D

To those of you who also gave up diet soda – how’s it going?

In other news, Ben and I had such a fun dinner: a Cheese & Prosciutto Platter!


Recipes be gone! We filled up a giant platter of yummy, crunchy, chewy, sweet & savory goodies – then went to town.


The platter was centered around Everything Crackers,


and Prosciutto. Paper thin, chewy and perfectly salty. So addicting!!!


I wrapped the prosciutto around fresh melon slices (saw this in Rome and knew I had to recreate. Just slice your cantaloupe, then cut along the rind until the slice is almost completely cut off, then wrap prosciutto around it!)


and lightly steamed asparagus spears.


These were Ben’s favorite!


Crunchy apples slices were perfection when paired with creamy cheese.



Which was Light Brie. LIGHT BRIE! I took a total chance with this wedge – I mean who’s ever had good, light cheese? So glad I did – it was awesome!!!!


The other wedge was Chimay Belgian Washed Rind Cheese.


Chimay is Ben’s favorite beer, but this was not his favorite cheese. It was a tad on the funky side…


The combinations were seriously endless. We figured there was over 40,000 of them!!!


Prosciutto with apple and a cracker. Cracker with brie and jam. Apple & brie. Just brie. You get the picture!


Fast, tasty and fun. Plus it left us feeling "sushi-full". You know – when you’re full, but not uncomfortably full. Like how you feel after you have a nice, sushi dinner. :)


The night is young, but I have so much to do! I’m off!


Have you ever had to quit something, or give something up?

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  1. What a fun dinner idea. It definitely adds a little variety to your weekly dinners!

  2. Sarah 03.09.2011

    I tried the ditching of the dew, but it didn’t even last a day- ugh, so good and now you have me craving cheese and crackers! Your dinner looks so fun & delicious!

  3. Amber 03.09.2011

    Ahhhh, I love sushi-full. It’s the best kind of full! ;)

  4. Christina 03.09.2011

    I use to drink Dt. Dew like crazy, 6-8 cans a day…crazy!! I quit drinking it about 1 year ago, haven’t looked back. You dinner looks so fun!!

  5. Melissa 03.09.2011

    Good for you for breaking the habit! It’s a huge accomplishment to have just one and be satisfied and not jones-ing for more!

    Sorry about your bad day and the snow. :( Hope spring comes to Iowa soon!

  6. Oh my goodness! Your cheese platter looks amazing! I have been thinking about doing that for John and I but hadn’t splurged quite yet.

    And no worries on the “giving in” to diet soda today. I gave up diet soda several months ago and have had one or two since…I think it’s OK every once in a while b/c it makes it a very special treat :D.

    Oh, and I had to tell you, I was totally motivated by the most recent workout you posted about – the one that left you drenched in sweat! It was my workout mantra today: Go all out or go home!

  7. That chimay cheese is pretty stinky, isn’t it! Bulldog in Minneapolis has a chimay burger that my fiance loves so we tried the cheese but didn’t love that as much as the burger. :)

  8. Great dinner idea!
    I gave up artificial sweeteners for most part this summer. But sometimes I have one of those days, and need a coke zero in my life. I’ve found I can’t even finish the whole thing and it’s weeks before I want one again!

  9. What a fun dinner! I’m jealous… I love those Everything Crackers and the light Brie from TJ’s too.

  10. Jessie 03.09.2011

    Oh my Gosh, TOO funny! I just caved today too when it comes to mountain dew (the full calorie stuff, not the diet). I haven’t drank soda since the beginning of January but today I just had to have one. Though it was awesome, I still don’t feel like I NEED it.. I hope it stays that way! I’m okay with having one once in awhile, but not every day! (Especially because there are almost 300 calories in a bottle!)

  11. what a fun dinner! so this might be a dumb question- but does prosciutto need to be cooked? i’ve only had it in pasta and things like that where it is cooked (sauteed or something)….just wondering :)

  12. Sounds like you’ve kicked your habit and can now enjoy soda in a healthy, moderate way. Congrats!!
    And super cool dinner – something I would never think of!

  13. Anita 03.09.2011

    That dinner looks incredible! My dad used to pair up prosciutto and melon all the time and it was my absolute favorite. Actually, just about anything with prosciutto is my favorite! :)

  14. Kristen 03.09.2011

    I haven’t had a diet or regular soda in about a month and I dont miss it at all! By the way…I made your moms easy baked chicken Parm tonight!! It was so delicious, thanks for sharing!

  15. Yum! I’ve been to Italy, too, and prosciutto and melon is definitely one of my favorite combos. I hate how expensive prosciutto is, but I could totally inhale an entire package of that stuff!

  16. carolyn 03.09.2011

    I gave up Coke Zero (and all other sodas) on November 8th after the dentist got on my case about enamel errosion from the acidity. Most days I am okay but there are moments where I need the taste and fizzy comfort. I love not being hooked on it or putting the garbage into my system every day. Definitely not perfect though, I have given in a couple times and still find it wonderful tasting.

  17. Amy 03.09.2011

    That cheese platter looks delicious! I’ve tried giving up diet soda before but every so often, I just want a calorie-free, crisp, thirst-quenching beverage. Plus every time I work at one of my jobs, I hear that can opening sound when my boss has her afternoon soda. You know, the “pop…ssssss” sound. It gets me every time!

  18. Daisy 03.09.2011

    i loveee the feeling of being sushi full! what a super fun dinner.
    and i say – give into the addiction in moderation as you have been. its a good balance you have going. way to go lady!!

  19. I gave up coffee once for 21 days and had a headache for 4 days straight. I resorted to tea and have been a tea drinker (w occassional coffee) since :)

    I also gave up sweets for a week before prom in hs. It was torture but by the end I felt like I didn’t need sugar anymore. I ate PB, almonds, and cheese in my times of craving.

  20. Kristin from MN 03.09.2011

    Your platter is a great idea! Yum! Today is Ash Wednesday – the kick-off to Lent. So I decided to give up chocolate for the next 40 days (except I get it on Sundays). It’s going to be tough because I have some TJ’s chocolate chip cookies on my counter and TJ’s chocolate covered banana pieces in my freezer! Wish me luck!

  21. krista 03.09.2011

    I’ve seen so many articles on diet soda upping your stroke risk significantly over the past couple months, I’m just going cold turkey. Just a little spooked.

    So jealous about the prosciutto– I couldn’t eat meat today (or on Fridays for the next several weeks) because of Lent!

  22. Erin 03.09.2011

    My college roommate and I used to buy cans of tea from Barnes & Noble. The brand was Republic of Tea. Ginger Peach was our faaavorite! They have tons of flavors!!

  23. Em 03.09.2011

    Thanks for being real, girl, and admitting that you’re human like the rest of us! Sometimes DMD is just DELICIOUS!!! (I am a fellow Diet Mountain Dew lover). “Moderation and appreciation” – that’s my life policy. Don’t overindulge in anything (except God’s love) and when you do treat yourself to something special (in my case: shoes, soda, belts, and pastries), appreciate the experience fully.

    I love your blog. Thanks for being you. It’s a treat to read your posts each day.

  24. I have never been a big soda drinker but I used to have a diet coke when we went out to lunch (and yes only lunch not sure why) but when we had our daughter I did not want her to see me drinking soda and think it is ok, so I stopped having it.

    Enjoy one as a treat every now and then.

  25. Mac 03.09.2011

    I gave up soda for lent in high school and didn’t drink it for 7 years… then I turned 21 and all the good drinks have soda in them right? Good thing I don’t drink a ton of it

  26. sassy molassy 03.09.2011

    I lurve those kinds of meals. Just pick and choose what flava you’re feelin’. Mmm…

  27. Ms.S 03.09.2011

    If you’ve never been to Gong Fu in downtown Des Moines (east side), you NEED to go. The experience will blow your mind – an entire MENU of tea options. And the staff are awesome. If you tell them the kinds of tea you like/flavors you enjoy most, they’ll give you some stellar recommendations. And you can try a cup or pot of tea in their shop! My family is a huge fan. This tea shop has turned us into tea snobs. :) As a foodie, I think you’d appreciate the experience, if nothing else. If you Google them they’ll come up.

  28. Britt 03.09.2011

    Meh I never liked diet soda- or soda in general. Sometimes I like to mix root beer and very vanilla soy milk together, it taste like a root bear float but thats pretty much it w/ soda.

  29. Jenn 03.09.2011

    If it’s the “fizz” you’re craving why not try carbonated water? You can mix it with 100% juices or iced teas that are natural and healthy for you, but will still have that fizz you love. I’ve heard that many people use carbonated water to kick the soda habit.

  30. Machelle 03.10.2011

    I did have to quit something but it was not a substance I care to discuss! Ha! I’m trying to cut down to 1 can of regular Mt.Dew a day. Some days I’m successful…some not! I never buy the screw top bottles tho, just too much at once plus as much as I LOVE my Dew, I can’t stand to look at it! The color is putrid! AND, my sister bought a whole bunch of cheese from the Osceola Cheese Company in Osceola, MO, and one was a morel mushroom cheese that was out of this world! It was a light colored, fairly soft, very smooth cheese that was lightly speckled w/morels. I need to see if they ship! Wonder if they have a web site?

  31. Kristen 03.10.2011

    Oh goodness, you have just posted my favorite kind of meal!!! I tried your brie pastry thing last weekend and it was amazing. My pastry was too thick so I had to bake extra but it was amazing. I sure how you paired all that great cheese with some red wine!

  32. Ashley K 03.10.2011

    I have had to quit BBQ Lays (hopefully temporarily) and candy (gummies and candy bars). I was getting out of control and make one or both of these things an every-day occasion. Aaahhh! I drink pop on the weekends- especially if we go out to eat- we live in Germany and Cola or beer is about the only option. I crave Pepsi during the week though! Especially if we have burgers or pizza for dinner! :)

  33. Hope 03.10.2011

    What a fun dinner! So cute! Simple and easy to put together. :)

  34. Mimi 03.10.2011

    I recently made the decision to give up artificial sweeteners — Which also means no more diet coke!

    The thing is, I feel SO MUCH BETTER since giving it up. I really think it was doing some screwy things to my stomach…

  35. Rachel 03.10.2011

    i, too, have tried to give up the diet mt dew. I used to ‘need’ one every morning to help ‘clear the cobwebs’ in my brain, and it also calmed me a little in my customer service job. (at least i thought so). My coworkers knew that when the cooler was out of diet mt dew, watch out! I decided to be healthier, and didn’t think ‘needing’ a dew everyday was healthy – even a diet. So I gave it up for a few months. Now I only buy one maybe once a month, when I feel I need the caffeine. But I think I need less caffeine with a regular schedule of exercise and at least 8 hours of sleep!

  36. Farm girl 03.10.2011

    egads! You inspired me to quit the soda and now I must resist the urge to cave!

  37. Jessica V 03.10.2011

    I gave up soda last year but I crave that bubbly burn going down my throat also, so I started drinking sparkling water with lime and it totally fixes my soda cravings!! Good luck!! :)

  38. Emily 03.10.2011

    I like to make “snack plates” like that for lunch on the weekends (mine are not as beautiful as yours), but why have I never thought to make it a regular weekday dinner? Esp. w/ prosciutto…yummmm!

  39. I love those kinds of dinners and would probably have them all the time if it wasn’t for my husband who would turn to me and say, “what else are we having?!”

  40. Emily 03.10.2011

    Hah, that dog is hysterical! I think you should be so proud you’ve made it this far! And if it’s something you reallllly realllllly love, it’s crazy to deprive yourself. Like you said, you’re not going to go back to a can a day, so what’s the big deal?! And the fact that Ben caved too, welllll that just seals it, no reason to feel guilty!

  41. What a great dinner idea!! I actually gave up sodas in the seventh grade when I joined cross country, and I never looked back!! I used to drink them at every restaurant, pepsi was my fav! I wish I remembered how I did it, but I just decided I wasnt going to drink them anymore, and I dont even remember craving one and I definitely don’t crave them not either! I don’t like to waste my calories on a drink ;) Now if only I could give up desserts like I did soda……. hah

  42. Micah 03.10.2011

    I still allow myself to have one a week. It’s a treat. I know soda isn’t good for you, but it’s all about moderation, right? I had one last Friday, and it tasted good, but I didn’t want another one immediately. Or even the next day. It’s good to have something to look forward to too :)

  43. My boyfriend and I love to have appetizers for dinner. I swear…. one month we did that every sunday. Since he is Italian we always do prosciutto, mozzarella, marinated olives and mushrooms, grapes, fancy crackers and of course some vino! It is a fun, simple and DELICIOUS meal.

  44. terra 03.10.2011

    Those everything crackers might just be the best crackers in the entire universe. My love for them knows absolutely no bounds.

  45. anna 03.10.2011

    I’ve quit lots of things on and off over the years. What keeps me away from diet (and regular) pop is remembering how terrible they are for my teeth.

  46. Have you read Brendon Brazier’s “Thrive” diet & recipe book?? He has lots of substitutes for Gatorade, etc…in there for runners, cyclists, athletes. I have heard from someone related to the passing of aspartame safety, that it is NOT safe and was passed for political reasons. I would go for sparkling water with natural flavor or buy a carbonation machine first!!!!
    It’s too hard to quit a habit that tastes so good! :)

  47. Emily 03.10.2011

    I’m giving up potato chips (including Kettle chips!) so I can lose weight.


    But at least I’m eating healthy like you are and I have the energy to work out. So eventually I’ll be able to eat them again……..right?


    (sorry, withdrawals are awful)

  48. Stacey 03.10.2011

    I tend not to ‘quit’ stuff – I just cut back. I too have been trying to drink less diet pop and it’s working. I think I’ve only had like two cans this year! I feel better for drinking less so it’s quite easy to carry on.

  49. Katie 03.10.2011

    I gave up soda (not diet, I drank the hardcore stuff) quite a few years ago. And you know what? If you give it time, it will eventually be disgusting to you. I don’t know how long it took, but these days I can’t stand the taste or smell of soda. And the thought of drinking a whole serving of one makes my stomach turn.

  50. No worries! Once I gave up Diet Mtn Dew, I still continued to drink one about every other week or so. Since then I’ve really weaned myself. I can’t remember the last time I had one. However, if I really got a craving, I’d certainly give in. There’s really no reason to NEVER drink a soda.

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