Well it had to happen sometime.


Today I finally caved and bought a Diet Mt. Dew! Ahh!

It’s been a little over a month since I gave up all diet pop (specifically Diet Mt. Dew) for a number of reasons, including:

  • I was scared about what aspartame could be doing to my brain/body.
  • I don’t like the feeling of being semi-addicted to something.
  • It’s expensive.
  • My husband was one month diet-pop free at the time, and I wanted to join in on the fun! (…)

Here’s what’s happened since then:


  • I still crave an ice-cold, so-fizzy-it-burns-on-the-way-down, can of diet dew like crazy, but the feeling as if I’m about to die everyday around 2pm if I don’t have one has completely passed. Now I just want one at random, odd times.
  • It’s easier to make healthier snack choices without it. Like I said in my quitting post, fake sugar triggers something crazy in my brain to look for yucky, junky food after I ingest it. I’m not saying all those Girl Scout Cookies are collecting dust or anything…but it’s a lot easier to say no without aspartame coursing through my veins!
  • I’m saving money like whoa. The bottle of pop I purchased today was $1.74. $1.74! That’s insane!!! No more 24-packs to purchase either!
  • I’ve formed a new love for tea. I still crave flavorful beverages during the day, but instead of turning to diet soda, I now sip on a warm mug of black tea with a teaspoon of sugar. My favorite flavors are cinnamon, mango and vanilla (Trader Joe’s has a great selection!)

So why the breakdown today?

It was a perfect storm of having one of those days, calling Ben for moral support and finding out that he had just purchased a pop (yeah he’s off the wagon) and some super-nasty surprise snow (I really hate snow,) that led me to say… screw it. I’m going for it!

Sadly, devastatingly, it tasted just as refreshing and delicious as I remembered. More so, probably, because it had been so long since I last had a gulp! I thought it was supposed to taste sickly sweet and disgusting? Nuts!

All is not lost, however. The Diet Mt. Dew did not trigger some sort of ravenous, diet soda-hungry beast inside of me, whose thirst cannot be quenched.


I had my soda, and now I’m moving on. I like the way I feel when I don’t drink it and I have no desire to go back to my can-a-day habit. I think that’s a sign of a successfully broken habit, don’t you? :D

To those of you who also gave up diet soda – how’s it going?

In other news, Ben and I had such a fun dinner: a Cheese & Prosciutto Platter!


Recipes be gone! We filled up a giant platter of yummy, crunchy, chewy, sweet & savory goodies – then went to town.


The platter was centered around Everything Crackers,


and Prosciutto. Paper thin, chewy and perfectly salty. So addicting!!!


I wrapped the prosciutto around fresh melon slices (saw this in Rome and knew I had to recreate. Just slice your cantaloupe, then cut along the rind until the slice is almost completely cut off, then wrap prosciutto around it!)


and lightly steamed asparagus spears.


These were Ben’s favorite!


Crunchy apples slices were perfection when paired with creamy cheese.



Which was Light Brie. LIGHT BRIE! I took a total chance with this wedge – I mean who’s ever had good, light cheese? So glad I did – it was awesome!!!!


The other wedge was Chimay Belgian Washed Rind Cheese.


Chimay is Ben’s favorite beer, but this was not his favorite cheese. It was a tad on the funky side…


The combinations were seriously endless. We figured there was over 40,000 of them!!!


Prosciutto with apple and a cracker. Cracker with brie and jam. Apple & brie. Just brie. You get the picture!


Fast, tasty and fun. Plus it left us feeling "sushi-full". You know – when you’re full, but not uncomfortably full. Like how you feel after you have a nice, sushi dinner. :)


The night is young, but I have so much to do! I’m off!


Have you ever had to quit something, or give something up?