Don’t Make Fun, But…


Don’t make fun, but…


Ben and I watched Disney movies all afternoon.


I know, we’re really cool like that. ;) Seriously though Snow White and Aladdin were on the Disney Channel this afternoon and we kind of got sucked in. Still remembered all the words to the songs, even!

ps how freaky is Jafar as the snake/evil genie in Aladdin? I feel like this would never fly in today’s Disney movies. Right?


In other news, Ben and I continued a Sunday night tradition we’ve started recently. Chipotle for dinner!


This is the third Sunday in a row we’ve gotten these babies. It’s quick & easy, plus it’s relatively inexpensive and healthy for "fast food".


In the mix:

  • Rice
  • Chicken
  • Black Beans
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Salsa Verde


Mmmm – the coveted rice pocket! Chipotle has the BEST rice. I feel like I get semi-close to the taste with my homemade chipotle burrito bowl, but theirs is SO fluffy and perfect!


Not only is this tradition tasty, but it’s also nice because Ben goes out and gets our Burrito Bowls while I get to stay home in my PJs. Love that boy!! :D


Ok, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! From one of the most popular giveaways on IGE to-date, the winner of the free doughnut pan giveaway is…

Allison P: Glazed old fashioned!! Has to be from a mom and pop kinda place – no Krispy Kreme for me. Mmm, now I want a donut…

Congrats Allison! Now you CAN have a doughnut!!! ;) For everyone else, check out Bed Bath & Beyond to get yourself a pan!

Well I’m off to get ready for the week. Have a great night, and Monday! :D


Who was your favorite Disney princess, or character?

I LOVED Ariel from the Little Mermaid and used to draw her like, over and over when I was little. Bahaha!

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  1. Definitely not making fun. This sounds like the perfect day-in. I wish mine was as relaxing as this one. Plus, disney movies & chipotle..two of my favorite things!

  2. VeggieGirl 03.13.2011

    Tinkerbell is my favorite! :)

  3. Funny timing of the post- we visited with friends today and their son is currently obsessed with the Disney princesses and his favorite is Ariel! ;) I was an Ariel/Jasmine fan myself.

    If you want an authentic Chipotle rice flavor, I recommend basmati rice. I have a “knock off” recipe on my site! :)

  4. I was guilty of watching parts of Snow White at the gym today! :)
    What a fun afternoon for you and Ben. I love doing random stuff like that with my hubby.
    When my hubby isn’t traveling, our Sunday tradition is usually pasta! My husband makes the best homemade sauce. :)

  5. emily 03.13.2011

    So sad I didn’t win the pan…think I am going to have to make a stop and bed bath and beyond tomorrow!! I have been thinking about making them since your first post! My favorite is Ariel…she had red hair…I have red hair..She swims….I love to swim…loved it so much I turned it into a profession!

  6. Lauren 03.13.2011

    Haha, that’s so cute! :) I haven’t watched a Disney movie in years but Aladdin was one of my favorites.

    Chipotle is the BEST option for a quick “fast food” dinner. I wish we had one closer. Ours is about 25 min away or else I would make it a weekly tradition as well.

  7. Susie 03.13.2011

    You HAVE to see Tangled!!! Repunzel is by far my favorite princess ever.

  8. Melissa 03.13.2011

    Disney movies are the best! Who doesn’t love feeling like a kid again? I loved Ariel as well, but I really wanted to be Jasmine! I always tried to sing like her. My poor parents’ ears! :D

  9. Heather 03.13.2011

    Well now I don’t feel so bad, I watched those movies today too….even though my kids didn’t want to watch them!

  10. Amanda 03.13.2011

    Disney movies are THE BEST! My favorite is Belle from Beauty and the Beast :)

  11. I don’t know if I ever picked a favorite Disney Princess, though I was both Jasmine and Belle for Halloween when I was little. But my favorite Disney movie is Lady and the Tramp! Such a forgotten one!

  12. JennyV 03.13.2011

    Are you telling me IBE wasn’t watching basketball!? Say what? :)

  13. Martha Brown 03.13.2011

    we absolutely LOVE chipotle, we used to have one really close in Denver, but here in FL its 45 min away :(but I regularly make my own imitation burritos
    i loved Beauty and the Beast as a kid, watched it so so many time on the VCR!

  14. Bonnie 03.13.2011

    Thanks for answering my question on the donut pan. I ended up finding on amazon made by Wilton. Not getting to bed bath beyond these days.
    Is that right one? Anyway anxious try your recipe.
    My favorite movie when I was a kiddland was SnowWhite.. But my daughters was little mermaid.

  15. I really liked Megra when I was a kid because she had ‘tude!

  16. Sara 03.13.2011

    My sister and I rewatch Disney movies ALL THE TIME! Every summer we have a Disney movie marathon…we watch a different one almost every day! We’re total Disney buffs :) We’re both partial to Beauty and the Beast and Belle.

  17. i loved belle & jasmine…especially jasmine because i had long dark hair and my friends told me i looked like her. :)

  18. That is sooooo funny because I definitely spent a good part of my afternoon watching Snow White as well today. My favorite Disney character though….has to be Timon and Pumba (they are HILARIOUS!!!)

  19. Kathy 03.13.2011

    My friend’s husband when asked who his favorite Disney character was replied “Gaston from Beauty and the Beast” THAT should have been a warning to her. Love your blog!

  20. Definitely cannot make fun! I love Disney so much that I worked at WDW for four years after graduating college!!! =)

  21. Katie 03.13.2011

    Heehee! Me and my college friends (Age 23-28) frequently watch multiple Disney movies and have sing alongs! It’s great! I think my favorite Disney princess of all time has been Ariel, I can remember going to see the movie when I was little. In recent history however, I have become more of a Mulan fan. She is pretty awesome!

  22. Amelia 03.13.2011

    My sister won the doughnut pan! Thanks IGE!

    I even got to call her and give her the good news since she hadn’t checked in yet. :)

  23. Emily 03.13.2011

    bahaha, I watched Aladdin on the my flight today! It was on ABC Family and I just couldn’t pass it up…I think the guy next to me thought I was a little odd, but whatever, won’t see him ever again :)

    I loved Belle and Pochahontas…I feel like she gets overlooked a lot

  24. Ms.S 03.13.2011

    I completely approve of your Disney watching afternoon (I’m slightly obsessed, myself). My favorite when I was little was Sleeping Beauty – loved her voice. Though, if I’m being honest, I loved (and still love) all of them.
    If you think Jafar’s genie/snake wouldn’t fly, you should see Princess and the Frog and Tangled (Tangled is wonderful, by the way – I totally expected to be disappointed and was not at all). The villains in both of those, particularly Princess and the Frog, are definitely Jafar genie/snake level.

  25. Heather 03.13.2011

    I Love bagheera from jungle book–but I was obsessed with maleficent from sleeping beauty! When M.A.C. came out with that Disney villains line last fall I bought every maleficent item I could and they were just as awesome as I’d hoped!

  26. I love Disney movies! Especially the older ones. My favorite character is the blue-dress faery in Sleeping Beauty.

    I’d live to have a Sunday radiation at Chipotle, but we don’t have obe nearby. :( boo!

  27. Anita 03.14.2011

    Disney movies and Chipotle?? Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon to me!! I still have to see that new one with the frog prince– it looked so cute! :)

  28. Hope 03.14.2011

    I LOVE that you watched Disney movies all afternoon! I am a Disney fanatic. I am literally obsessesed! My favorite disney princess is Belle or Snow White! It’s a close tie. I think I always liked the two of them because we both have brown hair. :)

  29. Stephanie 03.14.2011

    These are some of my husband and I’s favorite things!! What an amazing date night!! :D

  30. Kristen 03.14.2011

    Hands down Simba! His voiceover was Jonathan Taylor Thomas and I so had a crush on him way back when :)

  31. Awesome! I love Disney movies. My favorite princess was Sleeping Beauty when I was a kid because I wanted to look like her. Ariel is my favorite now though. :)

  32. Chloe@321delish 03.14.2011

    I LOVE Disney movies…especially Alladin. But I have a bias…the voice behind that stud muffin is my cousin :) Same guy as DJ’s boyfriend on Full House!

  33. Sarah T. 03.14.2011

    Definitely Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”! She was a book worm like me and was a strong enough woman to talk back to that grouchy Beast! LOL.

  34. I would have sat right next to you and sung my heart out- I LOVE Disney movies!! (the classic ones, that is).

    My favorite is Sleeping Beauty, but I totally love them all!

  35. Ariel from the Little Mermaid was my favorite, too. She’s so darn likable!

  36. Jill 03.14.2011

    I was watching Aladdin on Sat night too! My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. Such a classic!

  37. nicole 03.14.2011

    I have always loved the little mermaid. I love mermaids to this very day. No I don’t actaully beleive in them, I’m not deilusional. But I got a mermaid tail tattooed on my foot at Christmas. Love it.

    While the little mermaid is my all time favorite disney cartoon, I LOVE Oliver and Company!

  38. Stefanie 03.14.2011

    EEEE! Have you seen this recipe/post?! So cute.. I thought of you and your baked doughnuts when I saw it. ;)

  39. Sure wish I had a Chipotle around here….love it! Did you know they buy all their pork products from an organic farmer here in Iowa? Learned that on Oprah:)

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  41. Jenni Schwartz 03.14.2011

    My favorite Disney princess is Belle! Always will be I have a feeling. I totally got sucked in to the Disney channel last week and watched Finding Nemo!

  42. Todd 03.28.2011


    By the way, Bed, Bath and Beyond doesn’t have the doughnut pans — either at their brick and mortar stores or online. Amazon does.

    Your baked doughnut blog post gave me the idea of baking low-cal gluten-free doughnuts for my wife, since there’s not really any gluten-free doughnuts out there for her to enjoy.


    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.28.2011

      Hmm – it might be regional because I just saw one at mine this weekend. Where are you located?

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