I’m alllliiiive, muwahahaha!

I took a blog break for the weekend to head down to Chicago, see a bunch of friends and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! :mrgreen:


There was green gear,


(and beer!)


mimosa’s & bloodies,

IMG_0348 IMG_0349

bag pipes,


and dogs being held like babies, natch. ;)


I am devastated though – my one goal was to see the Chicago river dyed green, and we never made it downtown to see it. Rats! There’s always next year, I suppose!


I thought it was only fitting that I wrap up the weekend with a cool & luscious Shamrock Shake from McDonalds to enjoy on the 5 hour drive home.


So glad these are only around for a short time each year because I could drink one every day. They are sooo good!


Off to go hang out with Ben, but I’ll be back with the winner of the Baked Doughnut Pan Giveaway in a bit. There’s still a couple more hours left to enter!

See ya!