Green Gear & Beer


I’m alllliiiive, muwahahaha!

I took a blog break for the weekend to head down to Chicago, see a bunch of friends and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! :mrgreen:


There was green gear,


(and beer!)


mimosa’s & bloodies,

IMG_0348 IMG_0349

bag pipes,


and dogs being held like babies, natch. ;)


I am devastated though – my one goal was to see the Chicago river dyed green, and we never made it downtown to see it. Rats! There’s always next year, I suppose!


I thought it was only fitting that I wrap up the weekend with a cool & luscious Shamrock Shake from McDonalds to enjoy on the 5 hour drive home.


So glad these are only around for a short time each year because I could drink one every day. They are sooo good!


Off to go hang out with Ben, but I’ll be back with the winner of the Baked Doughnut Pan Giveaway in a bit. There’s still a couple more hours left to enter!

See ya!

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  1. What a great weekend!

  2. I had one of those shamrock shakes about two weeks ago and I fell in love! I went with the small size as well.

  3. Lauren 03.13.2011

    Sounds like a fun GREEN weekend! Glad you enjoyed yourself, even though you never got to see the river. I’ve never even knew they dyed it green, that is so cool though.

  4. Erica 03.13.2011

    Omg shamrock shakes are my favorite!!!!!

  5. looks like a fun weekend!

  6. I am so out of the St. Patty’s loop. I’ve never had a Shamrock Shake and never knew they died the river green. That would be cool…and somewhat creepy…to see.

    • Lesley 03.13.2011

      I was just going to leave the same comment! I feel like I’ve been living under a St. Patty’s day rock or something that I’ve never heard of these things…

  7. Yay for green beer! We tried to make our own green bean once in college and it did NOT turn out well!

  8. St. Pat’s is my favorite holiday. I love our celebration here in St. Louis but the green river in Chitown sounds awesome!
    And SHAMROCK SHAKES are the best! I recently asked mama pea to recreate it!!

  9. Kristin from MN 03.13.2011

    Shamrock shakes are my son and I’s favorites too!!! If he does good on his spelling test each week we go out for ice cream and he picks where we go. So far in March we have been to McDonald’s TWICE for Shamrock Shakes! :D

  10. Katie 03.13.2011

    They dye the Chicago river?! That’s awesome!
    I haven’t tried one of the Maccas shakes yet but I’ve heard they are really really good, so I’m keen to get one soon. I have to make sure I get in there before they disappear!

  11. Emily 03.14.2011

    Funny, I’m just about to take a blog break because I NEEDETH ONE! Have a great week Kristin. Beautiful pics of you!

  12. Amy 03.14.2011

    After moving to DC from DSM a year ago, I was back in town last weekend (and am way jealous you were in Chicago! Glad you had such a great time!) A friend told me about the St. Paddy’s shirt at Raygun: “Kiss Me, I’m Iowish”, and I had to run right over to pick one up. Thought it might be something you’d be interested in. :)

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