This has been the longest and most productive day of my life!

After an intense blog-work sesh at Starby’s this morning, I stopped by my local Great Harvest to pick up some fresh bread. I had a coupon for a free loaf of Honey Whole Wheat with the purchase of another loaf, so I splurged on Cinnamon Swirl – whee!! :D


I’m saving it for when I’m feeling really frisky, and toasted up a slice of Honey Whole Wheat as a light snack before hitting the gym. It was still warm in the bag!


Slathered with a wee bit of butter and apricot preserves.


It was the perfect burst of carby energy I needed to tackle a super tough workout.


The gym was deserted when I got there (my favorite!) so it was no biggie to semi-hog the treadmill for awhile. :)

Time Speed Incline
0-2 4.0 1%
3-5 6.0 1%
5-10 6.5 1%
10-15 7.0 1%
15-20 7.5 1%
20-25 6.5 1%
25-30 7.0 1%
30-35 7.5 1%
35-38 6.0 1%
38-40 4.0 1%
Total: 4.36 mile
1-15 4.0 4%
Total: 1 mile
Stair Machine
1-3 60 steps/min
3-5 80 steps/min
5-6 100 steps/min
6-18 repeat minutes 1-6, three more times
18-20 60 steps/min

Perhaps TMI – but completely. drenched. when I was done. As in, hair dripping, shirt completely see through (last time I wear a white shirt to the gym…) and eyes burning like crazy. It felt fantastic!! Until I realized oh, right, you can see through my shirt…I gotta get outta here! 8O

ps working out when you aren’t in a time crunch –  ie trying to get to work, needing to get dinner on the table, etc. – is seriously a pleasure. It was so nice to be able to meander about in between my treadmill and stair machine sessions, take a few minutes on the treadmill to slowly walk and sip my water, etc. Right?

At any rate, I came home, cleaned up and SCARFED this renewing bowl of oats!


Since I started working 4, 10-hour days that start at 6:30am, I’ve traded in my morning bowl of oatmeal for more practical, grab-and-go items like fruit, Chobani Greek Yogurt and other odds and ends. It’s seriously been a hot minute since I had a big, steamy bowl of oats and it definitely took me back!


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 banana (1/2 sliced in while cooking, 1/2 on top)
  • scoop of peanut butter

Drippy yummy goodness!


Bowl in the dishwasher and back out the door. My Mom and Dad work in the school system, and are on their Spring Break this week, so they’ve been baby-sitting my nephew all week. I made my way back over to play with him again this afternoon.


photo 2 (5)

Omg, we made him banana custard and his tiny little face was priceless when he took his first bite!!! He can’t have dairy so he’s never had anything as cold as ice cream, and the shock at the new-to-him temp was seriously. adorable. :D

photo 2 (4)

So were his drum skills. You go Finn! ;)

photo 4 (2)

Came home to find Ben and his boys brewing up a batch of beer!


They’ve made several batches with kits, but this was their first batch using wheat, hops, etc of their own selection. Cool!

DSC_0182 DSC_0186

I arrived just as they were pressing the air-tight lid on the batch.


Before they had added the yeast and shut it up though, they took a sample of the beer. Basically it’s just flavored, un-alcoholic, sugar-water at this point, and apparently it’s customary to mix it with whiskey to see how it’ll taste when it’s fermented??


I think it was just an excuse to drink whiskey at 5 in the afternoon. ;)


We took our first sips, sans whiskey. It kind of tasted like cereal!


Next we brought out the big guns.


Add a splash…


smell it…sip it…

DSC_0204 DSC_0205

Whoo! That’s definitely whiskey!!


My Dad came over to hang with the guys and it got him good! ;)


Cheers to a successful batch!!!


Well I think we’re going to order ourselves a big pizza tonight. :) Ben’s friends are still over, pizza’s pretty guy friendly and, well, I’m starving.

Hope they’ll save me a slice! See ya!