Re-Entering Pajama Mode


Uh-oh. I can feel myself starting to slip back into pajama mode.

5pm hits. It’s been a long day. The threat of rain – snow even – is right on the horizon. All you want to do is go home after work, throw on your comfiest PJs and dig into some Thin Mints… You know the feeling.


I thought I had been cured of this dreadful condition after daylight savings time started earlier this month, and we enjoyed a few days in the upper 60s, but after the third windy, grey and rainy day in a row, PJM has returned with a vengeance!

The only cure I know is to hightail it to the gym ASAP, which I forced my sleepy, lazy self to do after work today. This treadmill routine pepped me right up!

Time Speed Incline
0-1 4.0 1.5%
1-3 6.0 1.5%
3-6 6.5 1.5%
6-8 7.5 1.5%
8-9 8.0 1.5%
9-12 6.5 1.5%
12-14 7.5 1.5%
14-15 8.0 1.5%
15-18 6.5 1.5%
18-20 7.5 1.5%
20-21 8.0 1.5%
21-24 6.5 1.5%
24-26 7.5 1.5%
26-27 8.0 1.5%
27-29 6.0 1.5%
29-30 4.0 1.5%
Total: 3.35 miles  

Huffed and puffed through while giggling to the Friends episode where Monica gets her hair braided on their tropical vacation. Classic!

Pajama mode disabled. Revived self re-enabled! How do you get yourself out of "pajama mode"?

In other news, it was Trader Joe’s Night tonight. Tofu Masala!


Per the recommendation of several people, I picked up a jar of Masala Simmer Sauce and a bag of frozen naan to whip up for my favorite night of the week. :) I love the complex flavors of Indian food, and was super pumped to try it.


For one thing, it’s awfully convenient.


All you do is toss the sauce in a pan with a little water and a protein, add some veggies at the end, then serve!


I divided the sauce and made his and hers simmer skillets.


Tofu & Green Onions for her…


Chicken breast for him…


Broccoli for all! 


ps GET A SPLATTER SHIELD if you make this simmer sauce. For once I was glad I have an orange kitchen. The splatters blend right in! ;)


As the skillets simmered away, I got to work on the Naan. And when I say "got to work" I really mean "put two pieces of frozen naan in a 400 degree oven for 1 minute." No seriously. One minute!


Loooooved this Naan! Light and airy, but still chewy and dense. It’s a culinary conundrum!


The best way to enjoy a piece is to slather it with a little butter while it’s still piping hot, then scoop up the masala with a chunk of it. I am totally ok with this!


Served on a bed of rice that was made while the skillets were simmering. Really doesn’t get much easier than this folks. But…


The Grade:

Masala Simmer Sauce: 6/10. It was good. Spicier than I thought it would be, which I liked, but it was just good. Not great. I would have liked more Indian-inspired flavors like garam masala. 

Frozen Naan: 11/10. I would scoop up anything with this bread. It is to die for!

In other news, T…G…I…T (thank goodness it’s Thursday) because Thursday is my Friday, and I am so glad this week is over! I have been crazy busy at work, which is better than being bored, but still – I’m ready to relax and enjoy the weekend. Whew!

Have a good night!


Favorite Friends Character?

Definitely Chandler!!

Are you a "bread person"? What’s your favorite kind?

I find that most people either love bread, or they’re just kind of indifferent about it. Until I started eating Great Harvest bread last year, I was pretty indifferent. I had just been eating the pre-sliced, bagged bread my whole life, which I just really didn’t care about!

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  1. I am a bread person more than anything else…absolutely positively can’t live without the stuff! A good naan or pita is my favorite, too, because of that light/dense merger it’s got goin’ on!

  2. Kath 03.24.2011

    I love bread! Great Harvest is good. My favorite, though is La Brea Whole Grain Bread. Sooo good! Can you get it in Iowa? It’s from California, but is baked fresh at the local stores. My grocery stores carry it, and Costco also has it in its bakery department, not where the other loaves of bread are.

  3. I’m going to have to grab this naan when I stop at Trader Joe’s…looks amazing!

    This weather is yucky for sure…I’m hoping it decides to warm up soon!!!

  4. Jenn 03.24.2011

    My favorite friends character is a toss-up. I love Chandler because of his wit and way of saying certain things, but I also love Phoebe’s free-spirited way of life. I mean, she willingly carried her brother’s babies.

    I am a bread person. I used to love either whole wheat or 12 grain. But recently, I got a bread machine and I love it so. I either make a honey wheat, or a wheat herb bread with thyme or oregano and basil. I love the homemade thicker bread for things like grilled cheese. Plus since it’s more dense you end up eating less of it.

  5. Chandler is my fave too. And Phoebe. I use Friends for pushing through everything – sickness, cardio, a boring weekday evening. ;)

    Love TJs naan!!!

  6. kate 03.24.2011

    We love that simmer sauce in our casa! So easy!

  7. The Naan looks amazing! I went to Doha, Qatar over Christmas break and ate tons of Indian food, I have not been able to find a bread yet that tasted as good as the real deal!

  8. Cindy 03.24.2011

    I. Love. Bread. LOVE IT. I like to make my own using this really easy recipe:

    I’ve adapted it some over the years (and depending on the time of year) but it’s a staple in our house.

    We also love the Trader Joe’s naan. SO GOOD. I have to hide it in the back of the freezer to keep Matt from eating it all.

  9. Chandler is my favorite too, and I love Rachel. I watched the episode the other day where Ross gets a spray tan and couldn’t stop laughing. Such a great show. And yes…I love bread. Any bread.

  10. Karla 03.24.2011

    Hey there, just found your blog!

    I’m just right over in Madison and the weather all week has found me in sweatpants… not good. Can’t wait for spring!!
    After reading this I now have an urge to watch Friends…!!

  11. Lauren 03.24.2011

    Ugh, I usually have those PJ feelings around 5pm too. That’s why I work out in the morning. For some reason, its a lot easier for me to get my workout done 1st thing rather than in the evening.

  12. Lindsey 03.24.2011

    I can’t pick a Friend’s favorite! It depends on the day, they are all awesome!! :)

  13. Christie 03.24.2011

    I <3 Friends. I think Monica is my favorite. I love that episode – especially the part where she gets her braid caught on the shower rod while trying to look cool in the mirror. Classic!

    I'm a bread lover. I tried low carb once for, like, a week and I couldn't handle it.

  14. Melissa 03.24.2011

    I don’t care about pre-bagged bread, but bakery bread gets me all hot & bothered! I can never get enough! I grew up on Great Harvest and nothing compares! There’s also a Zingerman’s bakehouse in my hometown and their bread is absolutely incredible! I wouldn’t turn down that naan, though! YUM!

    I just posted this same pic of Monica a couple weeks ago–it’s pretty much how my hair looks in the humidity! How to choose a favorite Friend??? I guess it I HAVE to, it’d be Monica. I can relate to her type-A-ness!

  15. i LOVE that friends episode! Its one of my favorites!

  16. Ali 03.24.2011

    Man, we moved away from Ankeny in September and I am still SO JEALOUS that West Des Moines has a Trader Joe’s and I’ve never been in it!

    Next time we’re in town, I’m there. And I’m never leaving.

  17. Sara 03.24.2011

    I watched that same episode of Friends today during my treadmill run, too! Love it, Monica’s my favorite.

  18. So glad you found the glory that is TJ’s naan! I use it the same way you do – scooping up my indian food! (usually chana masala)

    Oh, and Rachel is my favorite.

  19. Hannah 03.24.2011

    Chandler makes the show. Bread is my favourite thing! Any which way it is amazing.

  20. mmm i love bread! esp. homemade cinnamon swirl bread. yum!

  21. Have you tried the new bread at Hy-Vee (at least new to my store) – it is called Bakery Stone? It is pretty good – no Great Harvest, but there are quite a few varieties to try.

  22. jennyv 03.24.2011

    I LOVE bread (wish I didn’t!) Growing up we always had the ‘icky’ cottage bread with flour dusted on the top… definitely NOT my favorite. However, we soon graduated to nice grainy/nutty breads. My favorite breads? SWEET BREADS — as in pumpkin, zucchini, banana, craberry orange, etc….

  23. Uuugh, PJM is hitting HARD here in Boston. This return to winter is apparently something that daylights saving cannot cure. I do always feel better after a good workout and that TJs naan is the absolute best! Try the garlic kind next time.

  24. Karen 03.24.2011

    Just found your blog the other day, and love the way you phrase things. I am a bread person! I love naan bread, too bad I don’t have a Trader Joe’s near me. I’m also obsessed with crusty breads like baguettes, and sourdough bread, yum!! Good job getting outta pajama mode. When I feel it, I usually just go with it! haha

  25. A.J. 03.24.2011

    Good job on going to the gym! I went into pajama mode after work and watched five episodes of 30 Rock. Sometimes I just need to let myself go into that mode and get it out of my system. Tomorrow, getting up at 5:30 to hit the gym!!

  26. Machelle 03.24.2011

    Love bread…pretty much all breads! I’m very fond of Fareway brand Multi Grain bread. It has a short shelf life but I guess that means it is not pumped full of preservatives. Chandler is so cute…I pick him!

  27. I so wish we had a Great Harvest near us, because it is delish! But I always love me some good crusty bread and olive oil or butta!

  28. Hi Kristin! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now (ha creepin), and posted a few times, but wanted to make an official hello :)
    That Naan sounds like something I must try asap! I am most certainly a bread person. My favorite kind is from Great Harvest, as a matter of fact, and its the Cinnamon Chip! A toasted slice of the baby with a smear of butter= pure joy!

  29. Chandler is my fave too :) I am definitely a bread person. I love garlic bread and some of the sweet buttery rolls that some restaurants give while you wait for your food…sooo addicting!

  30. Lindsey 03.24.2011

    I love bread but I recently found out that I can’t eat gluten.. so no more bread for me (gf bread just isn’t doing it for me)! I’ve been fine with it so far, but hadn’t thought about naan bread..I LOVE Naan bread!

  31. Teens Eat 03.24.2011

    OMG! Monica’s hair looks exactly like how my older sister looked when she came home from the salon one time. She had asked for a perm…and a new guy was doing her hair. He had never given anyone a perm before and decided to blow dry her hair! haha… I have never laughed so hard :P

  32. I love bread. I would eat much, much, more of it if I could without ballooning up into a much larger version of myself. I like whole wheat , I like Milton’s bread, the one in the red bag has 80 calories and 5 grams of fiber, it is dense but to overly so (clearly I like bread).

    I would really like to eat french bread and challa bread all the time, so good.

    happy eating,

  33. Kathleen 03.25.2011

    Love your site! Love your recipes!
    And you run fast!!! I live in Belgium, and I wanted to try your treadmill routine on our treadmill at home, I calculated it to km and you run 12km/hour… Way too fast for me… I run about 7 min/km and have my maximum speed at 10km/hour. I can run the distance (several 1/2 marathons already) , but would love to be faster, so incorporating your routines as interval trainings!

  34. Juani 03.25.2011

    Unfortunately,I LOVE bread (a little too much).I can eat bread with almost anything.It’s a sickness,don’t judge me ;)

    My favorite friends character (as well as my boyfriend’s) is definitely Chandler – his sarcasm was one of the best things on the show.Second to him,I will have to go with Joey (or at least,Joey when he was with Chandler – awesomeness).

  35. Kristen 03.25.2011

    There’s this danish bakery that does a carrot bread! It’s a little sweet but not too sweet and it’s ideal for soup dipping or sandwich making.

    Love the tofu in the Indian. I’ll have to try that one out sometime.

  36. Hope 03.25.2011

    That looks great! I’ve always wanted to try Naan bread! It looks really good. I am most definitely a bread person! I really like Great Harvest Bread. Their bread is just unlike any other! :)

  37. Kristin 03.25.2011

    After being spoiled with homemade Indian meals from my boyfriend and his family who are part Indian, we were very disappointed with the sauce and I would give it a grade way less than a 6 unfortunately – it was just too bland. Blech. The naan on the other hand – I totally agree with you!

  38. Lisa 03.25.2011

    I loooove bread. I will take bread over sweets and cupcakes any day! I wish they had that frozen naan in whole wheat. I think they only have the white and garlic, right? It is phenomenal, though. Your tofu looks delish!

  39. chloe@ 321delish 03.25.2011

    I had TJ’s Indian last night too! Unfortunately it is giving me heart burn this am :(

    but lets talk about bread….when I was little my parents would only let me have one piece when we went out to eat. After my meal, they would tell me that if I wanted more I could have it for dessert. And I often did….

  40. anne 03.25.2011

    I know what you mean… PJM is back here today too. Spring sunshine please come back!

  41. Julie S. 03.25.2011

    Chandler or Monica… I can identify w/ her type A obsessiveness unfortunately! :)

    I could never do the Atkins diet – gotta have me my bread, baby! Rye is my favorite. Don’t really have a brand preference.

    Didn’t like waking up to snow (gasp!) this morning! Grrr! :(

  42. I’m TOTALLY a bread person! Homemade whole wheat is my fave!

    Oh, and I always got a kick out of Phoebe :D.

  43. kEndra 03.25.2011

    I don’t think I could really pick a “favorite” friends character because love them all – but Phoebe brings such a hilarity to the show! :) Oh – I’m pretty much indifferent about bread….

  44. jen 03.25.2011

    I guess I’m not really a bread person. On occasion, I’ll be smitten with some really good bread, but I don’t eat it all the time.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite character, but I think I’d have to go with Joey!

  45. katecooks 03.25.2011

    i love that TJ naan. believe it or not, the garlic/cilantro version is EVEN better! TJ usually sells out of that one pretty quickly i’ve noticed. i’m not really a sliced bread person…but french baguette, rosemary foccacia, asiago cheese rolls…bring it on!!

  46. I <3 all bread. Naan included! There's a Breadsmith across the street from our gym so we buy all of our bread there. Although they aren't grainy and I know I should be getting grainy bread, I am in love with their Mediterranean Herb bread and their English Muffin bread. So good. They also have a really tasty Farmer's Cranberry Flaxseed bread that's like a meal in each slice. So delicious. My grandmother was always a bread person too, and my mom as well. It's so typical to see my family gnawing on a small crust of bread!

  47. ashley 03.25.2011

    I heart bread. Soft hot french bread is my major weakness. mmm…

  48. Jennifer 03.25.2011

    I loooove the simmer sauce! However, I always add cumin and spicy curry to it. I live a few minutes away from some of the BEST Indian restaurants in California, (Berkeley) and I’ve learned to doctor it up to match the flavors I’m used to. I could eat Indian every day, no joke.
    The Garlic Naan at TJ’s is ridiculously good. YUM.
    Picking a favorite Friends character is like picking a favorite child. I’d say it’s an even tie between Chandler and Joey. My favorite was when Joey came in wearing all of Chandler’s clothes, and he said,”Could I BE wearing any more clothes?!?!?”

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