Super Fruit Salad


Super Fruit Salad is full of awesome fresh, juicy fruit and antioxidants, as well as baked tofu and toasted almonds for protein!


Ben said his favorite thing about being married to a food blogger is all the shipments of food I get in the mail to sample. Not because he also gets to try all the goodies – no – he gets excited when a big brown box appears on the front porch because he gets to play with what the food’s usually packed in.

Dry Ice.


Because he gets to play MAD SCIENTIST – muwahahaHAHAHAHA!!!

DSC_0002 (2)


DSC_0005 (2)

DSC_0006 (2)

DSC_0007 (2)

DSC_0008 (2)

DSC_0009 (2)

DSC_0010 (2)

DSC_0011 (2)

DSC_0012 (2)

DSC_0013 (2)

DSC_0015 (2)

That is pure joy on that man’s face. Pure, unadulterated joy. It certainly never gets boring around here! ;)

ps I cannot WAIT to show you what was inside that box!!!!

In other news, I made the most EPIC salad since my Roasted Vegetable Salad with Balsamic Glaze last Fall. Super Fruit Salad!


This baby was huge. HUGE! It was inspired by this Superfruit Berry Vinaigrette salad dressing Wish-Bone sent me to try!


The ingredient list is great and includes the juices of grape, cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, cranberry and blueberry. Nice.


I took some inspiration from the ingredients and loaded my salad with sweet & juicy fruits & berries! I started with a giant bowl of mixed greens, then topped them with strawberries,

DSC_0007 DSC_0009

blueberries, pomegranate arils,

DSC_0010 DSC_0015

(thanks Trader Joe’s!)


mango and baked tofu seasoned with garlic salt, olive oil and pepper.

DSC_0018 DSC_0019

I sprinkled the sky-high salad with almonds that I toasted real quick in a skillet with non-stick spray. Makes ALL the difference in its flavor!








Can I eat it yet??


How about now?!?!


Best Salad Ever!!


The dressing was slightly sweet – only slightly. Ben hates sweet food when it should be savory, and even he LOVED this. It was the perfect enhancement to all the sweet flavors in the salad. Refreshing & revitalizing!

That’s just feel good food, no?

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  1. Holly 03.31.2011

    Mixed all togehter – but my secret is little lettuce and lots of toppings -that way I get tons of toppings in every bite :)

  2. Crystal 03.31.2011

    I love to put my salad, toppings, and dressing in a covered container and shake it up so that it’s perfectly blended.

  3. Kristin 03.31.2011

    Dry ice is so much fun to play with.
    I mix all of my salad toppings together. That way a get it all in one delicious bite.

  4. Jillian 03.31.2011

    My favorite way to eat salad toppings and to put a lid on the container and shake, shake, shake….shake, shake, shake…shake your salad, shake your salad!

    Delicious! I had a Greek salad for lunch today and an Italian salad for supper. Yummy!! I could eat feta cheese until I am one giant piece of feta!

  5. Jess P 03.31.2011

    Definitely mixed all together! I like to put everything in a piece of tupperwear w/ a lid and shake it all up…then put it on plate.

  6. Ooh, please count me in! I like to spread them evenly across the top so I get a little bit of everything in one bite :)

  7. Cassie 03.31.2011

    Mix it in!!

  8. Eat them first, always! More often than not, I end up with a load of spring mix…toppings all gone :(. BEAUTIFUL photos of that salad! My gosh.

  9. Nicole 03.31.2011

    I like to mix them in!

  10. Brittney 03.31.2011

    Mixed all in! Unless there’s croutons and then I have to pick those out and eat ’em first.

  11. Mix them allll together for sure!

  12. Superfruit Berry dressing?!?! Yes, please! I like to mix all of my toppings in! I like to eat it evenly with the lettuce!

    Dry ice is SO fun to play with! My husband would have been doing the same thing!

  13. Emily H. 03.31.2011

    Mixed in!

  14. Aidan 03.31.2011

    Save’em for last!

  15. Tully Jackson 03.31.2011

    My salad: All together please! :)

  16. Kathy 03.31.2011

    I prefer to mix everything all together.

  17. I love mixing it all together so each bite is different and surprising!!

  18. Alissa 03.31.2011

    I like to mix them all together- but I tend to save them for last!

  19. Cheryl 03.31.2011

    I like everything in layers.. I am weird I know.. But for some reason it tastes “better” that way.

  20. Natalie R. 03.31.2011

    I try to keep it all mixed in but can’t help picking out my favorites first.

  21. girliefriend 03.31.2011

    I love them all mixed up, a little bit of everything in each bite. I have to tell you, I almost crawled right thru my monitor to get to that salad. I’m doing three days of protein and today is day three! I.want.veggies.and.fruit.!!! That dressing looks awesome and I like the nutrition numbers. Yum!

    Ben is a hoot! Boys and their toys. lol.

  22. Ashley 03.31.2011

    Put them on top, and mix ’em all in! When I take my salads to work for lunch, I give my containers a nice shake so its all evened out :)

  23. I adore toasted almonds – it’s such an easy way to enhance the flavor of a dish!

  24. Alissa 03.31.2011

    I shared on FB.

  25. Sarah 03.31.2011

    Mix it all up! YUMMY!

  26. I tweeted =D

  27. Cheryl 03.31.2011

    Twitter shared

  28. Sarah 03.31.2011

    and I tweeted this awesomeness :o)

  29. Jennifer Cullum 03.31.2011

    Mix it all together so you get a little bit of everything in every bite!!!

  30. Leanne 03.31.2011

    I like to mix them all in.

  31. I shared on Facebook.

  32. Jen 03.31.2011

    I have gotten big into salads lately, and I LOVE them with fruit!! (ie-Panera’s Fuji Apple Chicken Salad–yum.) Mix ’em all together is the way for me… I also love the combo of feta and fruit!

  33. Elisabeth 03.31.2011

    I want to say mix it in but let’s be honest- I like to eat the toppings first!

  34. Jen 03.31.2011

    ps- tweeted this!

  35. rita in mi 03.31.2011

    Mix it all in together! Love getting all the different flavors at once!

  36. Nicole 03.31.2011

    I love to save the toppings for last and savor and enjoy them. For me, it is what makes the salad.

  37. Samantha 03.31.2011

    I like it all mixed up!

  38. Katie 03.31.2011

    I like to mix everything together. I hate it when I get a bite that doesn’t have some of the goodies mixed in!

  39. Mmm! That salad looks amazing!

    I always mix everything up so I have a bite of topping on each forkful.

  40. Lindsey 03.31.2011

    I like some of everything in each bite!

  41. Jennifer Cullum 03.31.2011

    I totally face booked this! :)

  42. Nathan Miller 03.31.2011

    For sure eat um last, so you can savor the flavor of the toppings long after you are done

  43. Lanie 03.31.2011

    I love to put my salad in a tupperware container and shake everything up! I get something tasty in every bite!

  44. I love to just mix them all together! :)

  45. Melanie 03.31.2011

    I like to mix them in! :)

  46. Tweeted!

  47. Juliene 03.31.2011

    My hubby is the same way. He thinks he’s a mad scientist as well. I really like my toppings and lettuce all mixed together but usually the good stuff ends up at the bottom of the bowl. No complaints from me though it’s like saving the frosting of cake for last!

  48. Traci 03.31.2011

    That salad looks amazing!!!!
    I like the salad toppings + lettuce to be about the same size so I can get all the goodies on the fork together. Then, mix & shake in a giant bowl with the dressing so that every bite is enjoyable!

  49. Sarah 03.31.2011

    I always mix everything together. I love it when my salads have sweet and crunchy in them!

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