When Technology Fails


Well technology failed to upload my vlog in a timely manner so, until it’s ready, enjoy this compilation of photos I found on a random CD today! :D [nggallery id=1]

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From Boys & Yearbooks, to Husbands & Babies


Good morning! omg, you guys’ most hated words were seriously hysterical, but you need to check out some of the ones on my Facebook page. We’ve got "sconce", people. Sconce! HA! :D In other news, yesterday some of my best girlfriends and I got together for a good ol’ fashioned…

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Nuts for Twinkie Donuts!


I was struck by the most spectacular idea as my Mom and I were walking around Bed, Bath & Beyond this afternoon. The proverbial light bulb above my head started ding-ding-dinging! What if, just what if, I injected a batch of baked donuts with whipped cream and called them…Twinkie Donuts???…

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Re-Entering Pajama Mode


Uh-oh. I can feel myself starting to slip back into pajama mode. 5pm hits. It’s been a long day. The threat of rain – snow even – is right on the horizon. All you want to do is go home after work, throw on your comfiest PJs and dig into…

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Caprese Salad


We’re allliiiive! The tornado sirens blared on and off all evening last night, but thankfully an actual tornado never made an appearance in our general vicinity. WHEW! 8O Despite living in the Midwest my whole life, I’ve never actually witnessed or been in a tornado (knocking furiously on wood) and…

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