3 Things…


3 Things…

1.) Olde Savannah Sweet Tea Wine was awwwwful. Awful! It tasted like a cross between a flat wine cooler and, I don’t even know. Something I’ve never even tasted before. The opposite of delicious. Save your $4.99!


2.) Ben and I saw a matinee viewing of Water for Elephants today! Like many great books turned into movies, I thought it was just "ok". The second half was much better than the first, and I couldn’t help but miss all the wonderful parts of the book they had to leave out. Plus I thought Reese’s acting was just not on par with where it usually is.


This helped though. So, so much.


Let’s stare a little while longer, shall we? ;)


3.) I don’t even know what I’m going to do with it, but I snatched this puppy up the minute I saw it today at Trader Joe’s. Are you kidding me? Mango Butter?! I might just eat it with a spoon!


Well we’ve got an unbelievably gorgeous day on our hands, so I think Ben and I are going to stroll up to the neighborhood bar for a little nightcap. Last week a reader told me about a concoction her friend likes – Iced Tea and Orange Stoli. It’s called an ice pick. I say, I pick. I pick it now! :D

Happy Saturday!

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