Then She Flicked Me Off


Look at this!


Today’s sky looked like a screensaver, packed with big, fluffy clouds. Wheee!


The best kind for laying on your back and shape spotting (my Dad actually builds this activity into his 5th grade class’s cloud unit – lucky!) I see a rabbit.


Right? ;)


Ohhh, anyways. :) I’ve had a great day. Slept in, read for a couple hours, went shopping, had some Costco samples, visited my Mom at work, and finally got in a great workout. Yep, 4 days later, Body Pump has officially released its death grip on my thighs!!!! :D

I was able to run a few slooooow miles on the treadmill yesterday after work, but today I felt good enough to give it my all. Sweated through this semi-fun 5-4-3-2-1 Treadmill Routine!

Time Speed
0-2 4.0
2-7 6.0
7-11 6.5
11-14 7.0
14-16 7.5
16-17 8.0
17-22 6.0
22-26 6.5
26-29 7.0
29-31 7.5
31-32 8.0
32-35 4.0 (break time!)
35-40 6.0
40-44 6.5
44-47 7.0
47-49 7.5
49-50 8.0
50-55 3.5
Total: 5.6 Miles

That’s 5 minutes @ 6.0mph, 4 minutes @ 6.5, 3 minutes @ 7.0, 2 minutes @ 7.5 and 1 minute at 8.0. The time totally flew, and I will definitely be repeating this routine again. Since I didn’t make it to a second lifting class this week, per my Bridesmaid Bootcamp goals, I lifted free weights after running for approximately 15 minutes. That’s all I could take. It’s so boring! ;)

Came home and whipped up an early dinner of an ooooey-goooey Chicken Chili Lime Burger!


I’ve had these burgers in my freezer for a couple months (they were part of a Trader Joe’s Night in February) and it was time to use ’em or lose ’em.


I cooked my patty in a hot skillet right from the freezer and, when it was done, I topped it with pepper jack cheese. I asked the meat/cheese guy at Target to slice me two, medium-thick slices of pepper jack cheese to put on some burgers. He returned with two slices of pepper jack cheese as thick as burgers. Fail.


Took the skillet off the heat and popped a lid on top to melt the cheese while I got to work on the Avocado Spread that was to accompany my burger.


So easy!


Just put 1 avocado, the juice of 1 lime and garlic salt & pepper in a bowl.

DSC_0014 DSC_0019

Mash it up with a potato masher to your desired thickness, then slather it onto a toasted whole wheat bun.


Pop on the burger and you’re set!


Holy melted cheese!!!!!! I’m semi glad the guy screwed up my order because chunks of cheese melt way more dreamier than slices!


This was SO good – the kind of meal you take small bites of because you don’t ever want it to end. The Chili-Lime Chicken burgers tasted so yummy with the creamy avocado and spicy cheese.




I sliced a Pink Lady Apple to go alongside, and paired it with more pepper jack cheese.


Apples + Cheese = Love.


In other news, Ben and I are watching 127 Hours tonight – a movie based on the true story of a mountain climber who gets trapped under a boulder while hiking in Utah, and um slices off his own arm with a pocket knife to escape. Ahhhhh I can’t believe I just typed that!!! Now I’m nauseous. I have no stomach for gore. Clearly I’ll be in the kitchen eating ice cream, or something, during that scene.


Me thinks the movie calls for a glass of Menage Trois Red Wine, too. Ben and I try to be fine-wine snobs, but it’s hard when $8 bottles of Menage are soooo good! ;)

Oook, I think that’s all I got. Ohhh, actually…

I was driving down the length of the Target parking lot today, when this woman came flying out of her spot, nearly crashing right into my car, so I honked to communicate “Um, hi!! Please stop your vehicle so you don’t hit mine!”

She slammed on her brakes, laid on her horn, FLICKED ME OFF, then sped away. I mean, really? REALLY?

Serenity now… Serenity now… Serenity now…

Ok I just needed to tell the world that story. It’s so much easier to be nice, not to mention look behind you before backing out of your parking spot, than it is to be rude. As Ellen would say, be kind to one another!

Have a great weekend! :mrgreen:


Are you a natural pessimist or optimist?

I’m easily annoyed, but I’d definitely consider myself a natural optimist. My glass is usually half full!

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  1. I agree, it does take so much energy to be mean!
    I try to be optimistic, but sometimes it’s so hard!

  2. Wow, people can be so mean! Geesh.
    Sky looks great!

  3. AmyLou 04.01.2011

    It’s much easier and less stressful just to be nice. Seriously. I don’t get why so many people can’t understand that basic concept!! Being angry, holding a grudge, blowing your top when something minor happens. . . just unnecessary in most cases!

    I too have also been guilty of accidentally pulling out or cutting someone off, despite looking twice (or thinking I had) – and I always try to do the “I’m sorry” wave – I would NEVER do what she did. Road rage kills. Even if not on the road – those people are going to give themselves heart attacks!!

  4. Jennifer 04.01.2011

    I hate when things like that happen on my beloved Fridays!! What’s funny is that kind of stuff ALWAYS happens in Target parking lots for me and a friend of mine. It’s weeeirrrd!
    Is the term ‘Flicked off’ a midwestern thing? We say ‘Flipped off’ here on the west coast. ‘Flicked off’ is cute, and I’m going to say it and make it popular in the San Francisco/East Bay circles!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

    • Britt 04.01.2011

      I’m from PA & we say flicked off, I’ve never heard anyone say flipped off before. Interesting.

      • Jennifer 04.01.2011

        Britt, have you heard of the term, “Flip the bird”? I love hearing all of the sayings in other parts of the country. It’s very interesting to me, like a whole other language.

        • Iowa Girl Eats 04.01.2011

          I’ve heard both too – but have always called it “flicking off”!

          • laura 04.01.2011

            I say both flicking off and flipping off and I’ve had people question the flicking off phrase here in New Mexico.

            • dmcgirl 04.01.2011

              I have never heard Flicked off. So cute! It is Flipped Off on the West Coast. But people are so chill here we never do it…. um yeah, right!

    • Katie 04.01.2011

      Haha, we say “flipped” in Oklahoma.

  5. Maddie 04.01.2011

    I also hate gore-y movies! Finally, someone else who still hides their eyes at the first sign of trauma haha. Not ashamed either :)

    Have a great Friday!

  6. Britt 04.01.2011

    So lucky it was sunny by you! It actually snowed here a little bit last night!!! Just a little tiny bit. Then the entire day was gray. :( I’m a total pessimist by the way.

  7. I have to agree – I get annoyed very easily! However, my husband is such a calm person, so I’m trying to learn from him!

  8. Laura 04.01.2011

    How rude! Maybe that biotch that flipped you off is a fan of yours and when she reads this will feel reaaaallly bad. :)

  9. Machelle 04.01.2011

    That chx burger looks really good! Like the flavor combo! I am a “see the glass half full” type person, always trying to look on the bright side of things, but I’m a “once bitten, twice shy” type too.

  10. Brittney 04.01.2011

    I was cracked up about the wine comment! Matt and I love it too. We pretend that we’re much trendier and that it’s a nicer wine by calling it “the menage” too! As in, “Can I interest you in a glass of The Menage?”

  11. Janet Oberholtzer 04.01.2011

    I’m an optimist! Sometimes almost too far, where I will ‘twist’ reality to see the bright side … guess that would be an idealist. But my husband leans more towards being a pessimist, so we balance each other.

    Funny side note … a few of my son’s friends (college age) were over recently and they were discussing the half-full or half-empty perspective of a glass … and one guy said, “The real problem is the glass is the wrong size.” Not surprising, he was the engineer major :)

    As for 127 hours … good movie, but I couldn’t take the gory scene either. I almost lost my leg in an accident, so that scene was too close to home for me … but I was inspired by the overall movie.

  12. Kim 04.01.2011

    I read Aron Ralston’s book so I definitely wanted to see 127 Hours. I definitely don’t do well with gore so I didn’t know if I could take it. I just hid my eyes when I knew it was coming and I did fine. I like true movies like that because they make my problems seem pretty small. Last night I went to see “My Run” and it was about a 57 year old with heart problems and a bit overweight who ran 75 marathons in 75 days. He ran from Minnesota to Atlanta to bring awareness about the plight of single parents. It made handling my quad burning bike ride today much easier after remembering him.

  13. Emily M 04.01.2011

    I actually just finished watching 127 Hours! It was pretty good. Not really gory but “the scene” is pretty dramatic.

  14. I try to be optimistic all of the time, but it’s so hard because I get annoyed easily sometimes!

    I’m completely jealous of those pretty skies….it snowed here today! Ugh!

  15. Karen 04.01.2011

    Ohh I cried at the gory part of that movie. Not to say don’t watch it – it’s very good and inspiring. But yeah, cover your eyes. :/

    Looks beautiful where you are!

    I try to be an optimist, but I have a natural tendency to assume the worst in situations. Something I am working on stopping. And yeah, I get annoyed pretty easily too! But I’m also trying to work on letting things go, even if people are jerks.

  16. SO many things to comment on in this post! I immediately saw the rabbit too. LOVE those Chili Lime Chicken burgers. Your prep of them sounds amazing. That lady in the parking lot sounds insane. What is with some people?! Killer workout! Your 3-2-1 workout is great, so I know this one will be fabulous too.

  17. I hate rude people! I had a lady intentionally go the wrong way into a parking lot so she could take the last spot that I was clearly trying to get. Then she got out of the car and smirked at me as I drove by spot-less.
    I’m a natural optimist!

  18. I’m totally optimistic, but Im also easily annoyed. I would have SEETHED in that parking lot!

    As a side note, I also see a bicycle in the clouds? And menage is DELISH, as is gobs of cheese!

  19. Kayla 04.01.2011

    I’m totally an optimist. Maybe 0.25% of the time I’m not.
    And we’re actually in Des Moines today and the sky was gorgeous. The clouds were so big and pretty.

  20. i’m an optimist but i do also get annoyed with mean/rude ppl….love those tj burgers BTW!

  21. Liz 04.01.2011

    My BF and I just finished watching 127 hours! yes, a little gruesome but still a great, inspiring story! Great minds think alike :)

  22. I want to see that movie so bad!! Let me know what ya think!!

  23. Mac 04.01.2011

    I watched 127 hours a few weeks ago, CrAzY story! The movie is kind of weird, wasn’t a huge fan, but the story is good.

  24. ashley 04.02.2011

    I’m somewhere in between. Some days I’m like, Nothing ever works out for us! and other days I’m cool and relaxed- it all happens in it’s time. BUT if that whole Target-parking-lot-experience had happened to me I would be ranting about it ALL day! I can’t stand it when people are super rude!

  25. I literally had the EXACT (exaggerating) same meal for lunch/dinner approximately 4 days ago. Those chili lime burgers are so good! I was pleasantly surprised by how much flavor is packed into those patties, especially with the cool, creamy avocado, and spicy, gooey pepperjack cheese! I had mine on a wheat thin with an Anjou pear to round out the meal! Yum!

    And your sky was gorgeous today! I wasn’t in a very good mood today, and forgot to look up… I’ll have to remember to do that more often!

  26. Lyn 04.02.2011

    my mom and i .. are huge fans of egg sandwiches

    variations of eggs and cheese on pumpernickel to adding bacon. she is 81 and the cutest thing alive

  27. Kristen 04.02.2011

    Chicken looks yummy! I had a similar story today when jogging with my baby. I don’t know how people can be so rude. You look like such a sweetie, how could anyone possibly flip you off?

  28. OUCH! What a rude person! I’m from Nebraska (hello neighbor!) but live in NYC now. I’d expect to find that behavior here but not in the good ol’ midwest :-)

    I consider myself an optimist. I always say, “The glass is never half full: there’s always a little more pinot!” Love love love your blog! It’s one of the ones that inspired me to start mine. I really miss Nebraska and hope to get back there some day. Good to see I can hang on to my passions of writing and health/fitness when I get back (your blog shows me that!)

  29. jad18 04.02.2011

    I hate angry drivers and aggressive drivers. It amazes me that people will tailgate, cut others off, etc just to gain a couple of car lengths or minutes. Really, is it worth risking anothers life or your own? I am curious to hear what you think about the movie. I want to watch it, but am squeamish.

  30. Amy 04.02.2011

    I have had similar driving experiences recently. Maybe it’s the hint of spring in air making people a tad overly excited? My favorite was the couple who decided to run the stop sign & almost ram into me when I didn’t have one. I saved us both from the accident by hitting my brake and swirving out of the way. They then started to scream at me? I just was like really? Look at the sign. Heed the sign! Getting these things out does make you feel better though, doesn’t it :)

  31. Micah 04.02.2011

    No need to be a wine snob when there are fantastic reasonably priced wines out there. I’m a sucker for the Iowa wines — so far Snus Hill and Jasper Winery are my favorites. I strongly recommend giving them a try.

    I’m trying to make the shift to being a more optimistic person. I’ve always considered myself “realistic,” but my friends tell me I’m more on the negative side than positive. At least when it comes to myself. I’m a complete optimist when it comes to those around me. I guess I save all my negativity for me, which is completely wrong.

  32. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!
    That sandwich looks kind of amazing!

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  35. Spencer 04.04.2011

    Thanks so much for mentioning your 5-4-3-2-1 treadmill routine — I’ve been looking for ways to spice up my treadmill time and this was perfect! I tried it out this morning (only 2x instead of 4x) and it was killer! Just the right amount of toughness…but I survived & felt good afterward! :)

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  39. Way easier to be nice!
    I’m laughing at the burger sized piece of cheese. But man, that looks delicious!

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  42. Katy 09.08.2011

    Thank you for this workout!! Gym boredom has set in big-time this week, and mama had to do a little preemptive work before another weekend of tailgating :)

    Wishing you another fun football weekend!

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