The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever


The Pioneer Woman’s The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever is exactly what it advertises — pretty hard to beat!

DSC_0003 (2)



Happy Saturday!

It’s been another picture-perfect day here in central Iowa – I swear we reached the 70s!!! I got my day started with a little spring cleaning. Washed the laundry and sheets, dusted and organized the whole house. Ahhh, that feels MUCH better! Kept the doors wide open the whole time so I could whistle while I worked in the fresh air, too! ;)

I broke around noon to head to the gym. My goal was to tear up the treadmill with my 5.7 Mile Butt & Ab Blasting Treadmill Routine, but I petered out 3/4 of the way through…it happens. Ended up at 4.56 miles. Acceptable!

It was WAY to gorgeous to stay inside, so my Mom came over and we walked around our neighborhood loop, then I donned some gloves and pruning shears to clean up the front garden. Sadly, one of our bushes received a haircut he will not soon forget.

I don’t know what happened! One minute I was trimming back the dead branches, and the next, the entire front of the bush was gone!  8O


Oh well, I think my Mom and I are going to rip them, and those God-awful mini trees, out in a few weeks and replace them with a row of low-maintenance hedges. The mini trees were cute back when they were 2 feet high, but they’ve reached their awkward teenage years and are growing tufts every which way.


In happier news, my day-lilies have sprung up! :D


Alright, enough garden talk. I don’t even know why I’ve devoted this much of a post to it – I loathe gardening! Onto more important things like Maple Almond Butter…


YES!!! Justin’s Nut Butters………are the best thing since, um, anything. The Maple Almond Butter is my absolute FAVORITE – it tastes like maple frosting!


Jars of the stuff are like $10 around here, so I buy the individual-sized packets for $.99 at Hy-Vee or Target.


I slathered the packet onto a toasted, whole-wheat bun after my workout for a rejuvenating snack. Unnnnbelievable. I’ve also got a packet of Chocolate Hazelnut Butter sitting on my counter. Can’t wait to try it!


Ok, now let’s talk about one of the most unbelievable things you will ever eat. Like, ever. The Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. EVERRRR!

DSC_0006 (2)

This chocolate cake has had me in a tizzy for the better part of two weeks. You see, Ben’s Grandmother who passed away this Fall used to make something called Cookie Cake.


There actually no cookies in cookie cake, and he doesn’t remember why it’s even called that, but it’s chocolate sheet cake smothered in chocolate icing that only Grandma makes right. Ben doesn’t even like chocolate cake, but he’d always go on and on about how delicious and moist his Grandmother’s special chocolate cookie cake was. :)


I felt a little sparkle inside of me when I came upon this recipe a couple weeks ago.

DSC_0019 DSC_0021

All the elements were there – chocolate, icing, a sheet pan, the promise of greatness – what if, just WHAT IF, I could re-create Ben’s beloved Grandmother’s Cookie Cake for him?!


Ben had to work today so I’ve been telling him for the past week or so that while he was hard at work, I’d be baking up a special surprise for him. “Tell me!” he’d beg over and over, but I refused. I wanted to knock his socks off!


Then he called today just as I was pre-heating the oven.

“What’cha doin’?”

“Ohmygosh, I’m so excited, I’m just getting ready to make chocolate cake!”

“Chocolate cake?! Is that my surprise?! Chocolate cake????



I freaking blew the surprise 2 hours before he was to get home. I’m smooth like that!


We had a good laugh about it, but now he’s anxiously watching the clock until he gets to come home and taste what will hopefully fill the cookie cake void inside of him!

DSC_0039 DSC_0040

After you mix up the luscious cake batter including cocoa, butter, flour, eggs and sugar, you pour it into a sheet pan – hence the name The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. I don’t have a sheet pan that I like to bake with, so I used a 9×13 glass pan and dropped the baking temp from 350 to 325.


I knew it was going to be good when I tasted the batter. Holy. Moly. HOLYMOLY! Buttery chocolate silk!!!

DSC_0042 DSC_0043

After a quick bake in the oven, the cake was off to cool in the breeze. :)

DSC_0004 (2)

While I got to work on the naughtiest frosting ever.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 (2)


DSC_0008 (2)



I don’t even like chocolate frosting, but this was believable!!! Butter really does make everything better!!!


I could hardly stand sitting back and waiting for the icing to set so I could dig in. (I had to, you know, test it to make sure it’s ok for Ben’s consumption…)

I could barely contain my giggles – this cake totally lives up to its name. It IS the best chocolate sheet cake. Ever!


Moist, fluffy, and so.stinkin’.chocolatey. I just seriously can’t get over it.


I know this cake isn’t Cookie Cake, but maybe it’ll take Ben back for a bit, and hopefully Grandma approves! :D

DSC_0017 (2)

Ok Ben’s due home any minute now and, after some cake snarfing and reminiscing, we’re off to grab some pizza and beer. Wow, good thing I worked out today. ;)

OH! The winner of the $25 Gift Card + Salad Gift Basket Giveaway is…

Jennifer: Woohoo! Thanks for the chance to win! And I’m a mixer ;)

Me too, girl. Congrats! Email your full mailing address & phone number to, and Wish-Bone will get your package right out to ya’!

Have a great night everybody!


Do you have any fond cooking memories or dishes from your grandparents?

Growing up, whenever we’d travel to visit my Grandma & Grandpa in Ohio, no matter WHAT time of year, my Grandma would have a big, bubbling pot of her Chicken Noodle Soup waiting for us when we got there. It was the only thing that got us through those 12 hour drives!!!!

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  1. Drool. That cake does look like the best ever. YUMM!

    The inside of my grandmother’s fridge always smelled like fresh basil. A week didn’t go by that she didn’t make something with basil and tomatoes. :)

  2. That cake DOES look incredible…I may just have to give that one a try! ;)

  3. mmm that’s delicious! my family is assyrian (as in bible assyria… modern day iran) and so my grandparents made sooo much good middle eastern food when i was growing up. this amazing baked rice, lamb, stuffed peppers, etc. so delicious!

  4. sandra mc combs 04.02.2011

    aka Texas Sheet Cake. My fav also

  5. That cake looks incredible. Wish I was a better cook! PS – Whenever you talk about Hy-Vee, it make me miss Omaha!! NYC grocery stores will never ever compare to my hometown grocery store. Do you remember the little jingle: Hy-Vee, shop Hy-Vee, where there’s a helpful smile in every aisle!”

    Wish I had cleaned a little more like you today!

  6. Sarah 04.02.2011

    When I think of my grandma, I think of Snapple peach ice tea! I always get some when I go over there. She always makes the yummiest salads too! There is a tropical fruit salad she makes that is so delicious.

  7. Stephanie 04.02.2011

    My grandma wasn’t one to bake, so she always had Nutter Butters instead of homemade cookies. I thought they were so cool, shaped like a peanut and all uniform (I’ve always been a bit type-A)! My mother made so many great homemade cookies, but my grandma’s cookie jar with the store-bought ones did it for me!

  8. mmm, I knew from the title alone that you had made THE Pioneer Woman Cake… :) looks delicious! but HOW can you not like frosting?? ;)

    the maple Justin’s is my favorite too… and I LOVE the packets.

  9. Kath 04.02.2011

    One of my grandmothers was a really bad cook! I was pretty young (about 12) the last time I had my other grandmother’s cooking. I remember that she never made anything fancy, but she did make great fried chicken and apple pie. Wish I had her recipes!

  10. Dee 04.02.2011

    Holy cow. That cakes looks amazeballs! *drools*

    • Dee 04.02.2011

      And really I mean cake* not cakes. Lol. My bad.

  11. Ashley 04.02.2011

    Yay! Look what I found! Maybe its the same recipe Ben’s Grandma used? I’ve been eyeing that Pioneer womans sheet cake recipe for awhile, but I live by myself and can’t be trusted around all that chocolate goodness!

  12. That looks ridiculous. I can’t wait to see what he says!
    My grandma was not much of a cook, but we always had fresh melon and microwaved eggs at her house! Eating eggs with syrup on top reminds me of her:)

  13. First off.. I love justins honey pb and their chocolate pb!!!!
    Second.. I WANT THAT CAKE NOW!! It looks amazing… I am in the mood for something sweet now!!
    My grandma always made yellow cake with chocolate frosting! It sounds so simple, but no one could make it as good as her! My papa also made some killer milkshakes!!!

  14. your recipes lately have been GREAT! Ive made the chicken spinach artichoke casserole, the spinach squash mac&cheese (making it for the 3rd time monday because i love it!), and the caramel apple crisp and the aracini casserole! everyone LOVED each recipe… so i would just like to thank you for making me look so good in the kitchen. hahaha definitely bookmarking this! im a suckerrrr for sweets!

  15. My grandma was the one who actually first got me into cooking as a little girl. Definitely appreciate the goodness of grandma’s kitchen efforts!

  16. You are going to a LOVE the chocolate hazelnut butter. Totally puts Nutella to shame!

  17. Kim 04.02.2011

    I miss my grandmother’s coffee cake, chicken and dumplings, fried chicken, and kettle cooked beef. It wasn’t health food, but somehow they always maintained healthy weights. I guess they did lots of physical work during the day.

  18. Stephanie 04.02.2011

    That chocolate cake looks just delicious! Oh I wish my Nanny was still with us, her cooking was so amazing and I miss her homemade pierogi, wine/raisin sauce, butter cookies and cabbage rolls so much. They just aren’t the same when I try to make them…

  19. Kristen 04.02.2011

    The chocolate hazelnut butter is FABULOUS! I LOVE IT!

  20. Jane 04.02.2011

    I always make a 2 layer chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting for my daughters b-day, it is amazing! Best cake ever! Funny thing is, it has vinegar in it! Weird I know, but so good! I got the recipe out of an old Woman’s World magazine. The sheet cake you made, we call Texas sheet cake, it is awesome too! Hope your cake does the trick for Ben, I’ve started a cookbook with recipes for my daughter to take with her when she leaves us! That way she can make her favorites from childhood, and she doesn’t have to guess what the ingredients were!

  21. MightyMite Runner 04.02.2011

    both of my grandmas made “chocolate gravy” for me when I was a kid. So good smothering a few flakey home made biscuits. :)

  22. ktlovespie 04.02.2011

    I always laugh when I hear this question. My Gramma is a good cook, no doubt, but evenings at Gramma’s were always spent ordering in. We’d get delivery and I always liked getting spaghetti and meatballs. There’s something so quirky about having spaghetti and meatballs delivered!

  23. AmandaD 04.02.2011

    That recipe looks similar to our family’s favorite called Texas Sheet Cake. It is requested at many a family gathering, as I was growing up. I even had it at my bachelorette party and then last year at my work baby shower! YUM!! Enjoy! I hope that Ben likes it!

  24. Martha Brown 04.02.2011

    i will try this cake for the next office birthday.
    i love potatoes, even to this day i love mashed potatoes, and my grandmother always made me some when i was a kid!

  25. dmcgirl 04.02.2011

    OH you make it so hard to stay low carb my friend!!!

  26. I WISH it got up to 70*F in Wisconsin… but we did reach 50 today which was huge! :) I love seeing signs of Spring with those buds!

    Wow, that chocolate sheet cake looks incredible. My Grandma used to make a soup that took literally ALL day with almost constant work, and she was the only one who could make it taste right. I used to eat the leftovers for breakfast when I was little since I loved it so much haha!

  27. I don’t know that I’ve ever met a chocolate cake I didn’t like. Mmm, chocolate. Mmmm, buttery chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm, must make chocolate cake…..

  28. Oh, and it was super nice here in MN today too. Almost 60 and bright and sunny. So nice! I spent an hour in our garden now that the snow is FINALLY gone!!

  29. ashley 04.03.2011

    Yum, I have got to try that cake.

    Hmmm- cooking memories from one grandma for some reason will always be delicious apple cider simmering on the stove,

    and from the other, the best homemade applesauce I have ever had- plus she always has a “variety box” of homemade bars of all kinds in the freezer for when company comes, and she’ll warm up your choice in the microwave for coffee time!

  30. Lyn 04.03.2011

    What a yummy looking cake!

    My grandmother was a fairly simple lady. She always had oatmeal bars, chocolate chip bars and/or simple round sugar cookies with colored sprinkles when we came to visit. I remember her standing in front of the stove making Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal for our breakfasts and many a wonderful Thanksgiving Day dinner! Yeah for Grandma’s!

  31. Caelyn 04.03.2011

    Mmm…my mom makes this. I’m curious to know if he liked it!

  32. Stephanie 04.03.2011

    I am obsessed with Justin’s nut butters. I use them with everything. I was thinking about using the maple almond butter to spread on some baked sweet potato wedges..??

  33. A.J. 04.03.2011

    My grandma had a chicken & noodle casserole dish that was basically the best thing on the planet. Haven’t had it in years. NOT healthy and time consuming to make, but good stuff.

    I did some cleaning up of the garden yesterday as well. Perfect day for it.

    • A.J. 04.03.2011

      And seriously, that CAKE??? YUM. I don’t know how you can not like chocolate frosting. Chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting is my favorite food.

  34. […] brought The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. to share for dessert. Ugghhhhh it is soo good – you’ve GOT to make […]

  35. That is the best chocolate cake I have every had. It is my go to recipe for chocolate cupcakes! They are perfect because they don’t rise and “dome” too much, making them perfect for piping huge mounds of frosting!!

  36. Alyssa 04.04.2011

    That looks yummy!
    My grandma Mary always makes sour cream cookies for Christmas and sometimes Easter. They are sugar cookies but so much more moist and delicious. She always rolls them out and cuts them into shapes like squirrels, ducks, stars, and Christmas trees. My dad always talks about how his grandmother’s, my great-grandma, cookies were so much fluffier and delicious and my grandma Mary says that those were made with lard so it’s unfair to compare. Wish I could have tasted those ones!

  37. Panera John 04.05.2011

    Well, because my favorite chocolate cake (it’s pretty thick – not sheet) is MY grandma’s chocolate cake, I will let yours be the best chocolate sheet cake in the world, while my grandma’s will be the best chocolate pan cake in the world. :) I’ll have to send you the recipe.

    My Grandmas are very, very important people to me. I actually one two “special awards” in 4-H at the state fair for my baking projects that each involved me collecting my gmas’ favorite recipes and learning to make them. Grandma Kauffman’s included the rosettes (pic I posted at Christmas) with her Swedish Rye Bread, and Grandma Christensen’s involved butter horn rolls (again, the best you’ll ever have), chocolate cake as mentioned above, and molasses cookies (actually they are technically more gingerbread cookies… you roll them out and cut them with cookie cutters.)

    Hmm… we might have to get together and have a baking day this summer! :)

  38. Jessica W 04.05.2011

    Love that chocolate cake aka buttermilk brownies aka Texas sheet cake. Next time you make it, search for Life by Chocolate on PW’s site. You make them into cupcakes (I don’t add the hershey’s kisses & usually make mini cupcakes) and top them w/ganache. To.Die.For. I use them to bribe my coworkers all the time.

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  41. […] In dessert news, I had a total DUUUUHREALLYKRISTIN?!?! moment today when I realized I never checked the cook book Ben’s late Grandmother gave us when we got married, for Cookie Cake! […]

  42. […] The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever? Cinnamon Rolls to die for? Creamy Artichoke Pasta? Beef with Snow Peas? THAT’S HER! […]

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