Pizza, Pizza


OMG I ate so much pizza last night!!!

Ben and I started our evening downtown at Gusto Pizza.


Gusto is fairly new to the area and serves fun, signature pizza, sandwiches and apps (meatball skewers? Yes please!)


Ben ordered The Duke Pizza (probably so he could devour the whole thing and leave no evidence. His #1 basketball team is North Carolina, so there is NO love for Duke in this house!)


It was. So good. MMM! Sweet BBQ sauce with thick-cut smoked brisket. Yummy.


I can’t NOT order anything Thai or Asian inspired, if it’s on the menu, so I chose the Thai Kwon Dough pizza.


The sauce was spicy and had all the classic Thai flavors I love like peanut and soy.


The zippy cilantro and crunchy peanuts on top totally made it. Tasted very similar to my Thai Tofu Pizza!


Gusto also gets points for serving Peroni, which Ben and I guzzled all over Italy last Fall.


The sick thing is that we both hate the taste, but it just feels so Italian to drink it. We’re both missing Italy hard right now, so Ben forced himself to knock it back. It is seriously disgusting!!


After a nice 2-bar hop, our stomachs started rumbling and we, um, made our second pizza stop of the night. Fong’s Pizza!!!



Like Gusto, Fong’s serves insane pizza pies like crab rangoon pizza. CRAB RANGOON PIZZA!!!! We inhaled ours too fast to take a picture, but omg I will be recreating that masterpiece ASAP.

Oh, right, Fong’s also offers Kamikaze shots that you take with a fighter pilot helmet on. Ben felt the need to partake. Who am I to not encourage this?! BAHAHA!

IMG_2110 IMG_2111 IMG_2112

Oh boy.

Needless to say I woke up feeling like a marshmallow and copious amounts of water were consumed to quench my pizza-induced thirst. Then it was off to the grocery store. I really kicked my budget’s butt today!

The Produce:


  • 2 bags of Brussels sprouts
  • Dole salad blend
  • Broccoli crowns
  • Orange
  • 2 green bell peppers
  • Sweet potato
  • Red onion
  • Sliced cremini mushrooms
  • 2 mangoes
  • garlic
  • Green onions
  • Cantaloupe
  • 3 bananas

Refrigerated/Pantry Items:


  • 2 packages Just Bare Chicken Breasts
  • Butter
  • Lite coconut milk
  • Artichoke Hearts
  • Tomato Paste
  • Gino’s marinara sauce
  • Polaner strawberry preserves
  • 2 New York Strip steaks
  • 3 Larabars (2 Peanut Butter & Jelly, 1 Peanut Butter Cookie)

Plus a birthday card that they forgot to put in my bag. Ugh. Have to go back and get it. All for $61.38!


PS just another reminder to always watch the screen as your checker is scanning your produce. It’s easy to make mistakes and I’d say half the time I catch an item wrung up wrong. Today, I was charged for 5 mangoes instead of 2. It was a difference of over $3! Keep your eyes peeled! :D

Alright, it is a hot and humid day here. Yes, you read that right. Hot and humid. My favorite kind of weather! I think Ben and I are going to walk up to my parent’s house for Sunday lunch, then meander around outside  the rest of the day. Tonight = grilling!

Have a great Sunday!


Do you like any odd/eccentric pizza combos?

My faaaaaavorite pizza combo is banana peppers and black olives. Through a little sauerkraut on there, and I’m yours!

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  1. Okay, the fact that Ben’s pizza had Russ and Frank’s BBQ sauce is awesome! Have you bought that sauce before? It is hands down the best BBQ sauce out there! We are headed to DM next weekend for a wedding…we may have to check out this pizza place!

    Fong’s is such fun! Sounds like you guys had a fantastic night!

  2. My husband was sitting right next to me as I was reading this post and as soon as he saw that first pizza he was like, “WOAH, what is THAT?!?” ;)

  3. VeggieGirl 04.03.2011

    Cant we trade weather? It’s FREEZING here! :D

  4. sarah 04.03.2011

    Double pizza, love it! It was 80 here yesterday…80!!! :)

  5. Kristin 04.03.2011

    The weather out is great. I’ve had Fong’s Pizza and it is so good. I love Ben’s grin with the helmet.

  6. shandy (@webgals) 04.03.2011

    Love the crab rangoon pizza at Fong’s. In fact, after first having it, it’s now the only kind I ever get there! It’s amazing. So are the pizza egg rolls. Yum.

  7. A.J. 04.03.2011

    So fun that you went to two pizza places in one night! I love both Fong’s and Gusto. I live downtown and work out at the gym next to Gusto … the proximity to so much amazing pizza is hazardous to my health but OMG YUUUMMM!!
    No kidding about the hot and humid. I walked out the door in a coat this morning and had it ripped off in about .1 seconds. Feels nice!!! So excited it’s SPRING!!

  8. Sarah 04.03.2011

    Wow, those pizzas look great! We had great weather in WI yesterday but now its cold and raining. Oh well, at least the rain will make the snow melt faster.

  9. Melanie 04.03.2011

    I want to know how Ben liked the cake! :) I think it’s hilarious that you spoiled the surprise – I’m notorious for doing that!

  10. My husband and I had homemade pizza last night! So good!

    I made myself a margharita pizza, which is my favorite to make at home. If I go out for pizza, I usually opt for some vegetarian pizza piled high with veggies!

  11. I love unique pizza combos, so I’d love to go to either of your pizza places! We had buffalo chicken pizza last night, one of my favs.
    My all time favorite pizza combination is black olives and bacon, although I’ll need to to try banana peppers and olives sometime!

    I married an Italian, and he hates Peroni. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll drink it. However, we are more of a Sam Adams Household. :) It’s brewed locally, so it’s always pretty fresh. :)

  12. Some days you just have to eat lots of pizza :) My toppings are pretty boring… cheese and black olives and I’m a happy kid!

  13. Rachel 04.03.2011

    As much as he loves pork, my husband thinks I’m weird because I like bacon on pizzas. Chicken and bacon (while not all that weird) is probably my favorite pizza combo. I wish there was a Gusto Pizza close by…That Formage-a-Trois sounds right up my alley!

  14. I’ve been wondering a lot about Peroni…I don’t like much beer (and when I do I like it light and smooth, like Bud Light and Land Shark) – how would you say Peroni compares?

    I like super simple pizza combos, but I have had it with eggplant on top and thought it was to die for!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.03.2011

      It’s super bitter. Ben likes UBER hoppy beers, but this is even too bitter for him!

  15. dmcgirl 04.03.2011

    Well, your pizza beat my pizza yesterday. I think that is best looking pizza ever!!! Wish I lived there.

    Have a wonderful Sunday at your mom’s house.

    I hope my daughter will always come home on Sunday too when she gets older.

    OH.. and as usual Ben just cracks me up. ;-)

  16. AmyLou 04.03.2011

    OMGosh, I totally have to have a Kamikaze shot with a fighter pilot helmet. That is so fun!! Awesomeness.

    And all that pizza looks great, too!! I’d eat all three kinds you all had last night, lol!! :)

    My favorite pizza is the deep dish style where the sauce is on the top with pepperoni or mushrooms. I’m not too adventurous in my pizza eating, though this post may inspire me to branch out!! Must go find out if either of those places deliver. . . .

  17. Lindsey 04.03.2011

    Oh, darn small town Iowa. :) Our options are Pizza Hut and Pizza Ranch. ‘Tis all. Homemade of course, but that’s not always what you want. I love buffalo chicken pizza and pepperoni with mushrooms! I have had a flatbread ceasar pizza at a place once, not bad!!

  18. The pizza looks great!! I am just a cheese pizza girl from Bj’s or pizza hut haha. I want to try a pb and jelly larabar!!!

  19. Mimi 04.03.2011

    You LIKE humid weather? Crazy! I’m loving the heat right now, but could go without the humidity!

    The pizza you had sounds amazing — Actually, I think I’m going to try out your Thai pizza (with the tofu), because I’m so inspired!

  20. Britt 04.03.2011

    Do you guys have a farmers market in the town your in? b/c we have a local market here & you can get soooo much produce for so cheap at markets. I can buy like more than weeks worth of veggies & fruit for like 15$$! I wanted to tell you yesterday at market I found CHOCOLATE HUMMUS!!!! CHOCOLATE HUMMUS – did you ever have it? It’s awesome!!! Taste like a lighter version of nutella!!! Thought you’d like that.

  21. cj 04.03.2011

    ah, we had pizza night last night, too. ours took place at Mellow Mushroom. my new favorite combo isn’t too odd, but soooo yummy. the “Magical Mystery Tour” – pesto base/pizza, button/portobellow mushrooms, mozzarella, spinach, feta and jalapenos. *drool* can’t wait to eat my leftover piece for lunch today!!

    and the kamikaze shot with the fighter helmet?? that? is pure awesomeness!

  22. Kate 04.03.2011

    Those pizzas look great! There’s a local place here that has a Thai pizza but it was only okay, maybe I’ll try your Thai Tofu Pizza, it looks like a great way to try tofu for the first time!

  23. agree with you on the receipts thing – and watch carefully at hy-vee, because if something rings up at the wrong price, they give it to you for free!!! this has actually happened to me a couple of times and that $1 or $2 saved makes me very happy!

  24. Amanda 04.03.2011

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Gusto!! Yum! I’ll have to try the Thai pizza next time.

  25. When I visited Victora, BC a couple weeks ago, I had the most delicious pizza at an Irish pub. It consisted of an alcohol flavored bbq sauce (I can’t remember what it was!), grilled chicken, pineapple, and chives. YUM! I’d it that again, any day.

  26. I NEED to find a place in St. Louis that serves really interesting pizzas like that! I am a huge fan of your Thai Tofu Pizza and if a place served a similar dish I’d be ecstatic!

  27. Eleni 04.03.2011

    I love crazy pizzas! If you’re ever in Ames, you should check out Jeff’s Pizza. They have two of my favorites there – Gyro Guy and Spuds Supreme. The Gyro Guy has gyro toppings on it and Spuds Supreme has potato strips and baked potato toppings. Amazing!
    I’ll be in DM this weekend and I’m totally going to check out Gusto :) The Thai pizza looks crazy in a good way.

  28. Melissa 04.03.2011

    Those pizzas look incredible! I love trying different combos on pizza–aside from anchovies, I don’t think I’d put anything out of bounds!

    Enjoy your HOT day!

  29. Ms.S 04.03.2011

    Pineapple and roasted red peppers – not unusual, I guess, but it’s my favorite! We had some mediocre pizza this week in comparison to yours, but the servers were hilarious – a singing lady behind the cash counter (my husband swears she’s from NJ originally, not sure why), and pizza makers bickering about the best pizza toppings, among other things.

  30. I love that you went to two pizza places in one night! My husband and I would totally do that. And the pizzas look AMAZING! YUM YUM

  31. I had a similar pizza last night too! Absolutely delish!

    Love your blog! :)

  32. Karen 04.03.2011

    OMG crab rangoon pizza!!? YUM!! please do a post if you ever do try to reproduce it. That sounds amazing. My favourite weird pizza topping is spicy perogy from Boston Pizza. Sooo good!!

  33. Jane 04.03.2011

    I am on the other side of the counter at the grocery store, checking people out, and I have to lovingly point out that the opposite occurs as well. Customers often read the signs and/or receipts incorrectly :) I have been ripped from one end to the other because they didn’t read the sign correctly! But I am sure that you are not that kind of customer, that you are nice about it :) This happens a lot with produce, because they will mix up whether its per pound or per each. So it really does go both ways, love your blog as always!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.04.2011

      Totally agree! I worked at a grocery store in high school, so I know how that goes! :)

  34. anna 04.03.2011

    Just wanted to point out that lite coconut milk is just watered down regular coconut milk. So water it down yourself to save some money and calories :)

  35. The pizza looks great! I love olives on pizza. I also love this, “His #1 basketball team is North Carolina, so there is NO love for Duke in this house!” GO HEELS! I’m in undergrad there :)

  36. Daisy 04.04.2011

    are you crazy, I love Peroni!!!!!!! How can you not!?!?

  37. Jennifer Chapin 04.04.2011

    Too funny that you mention being overcharged at Hy-Vee…that’s happened twice to me in the last few weeks! First it was a box of potstickers, the next time I was charged for 4 cucumbers when I only bought one. Ugh, what a pain in the ass to have to go back and get a refund though. Sheesh.

  38. Christina 04.04.2011

    DEFINITELY keep your eyes peeled on that screen for incorrect pricing. BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be nice about the mistakes. I’m a cashier and you wouldn’t believe how horrible people can be when you make a mistake or even when the COMPUTER has the incorrect/non-sale pricing in the system. It can really ruin my day when customers are rude about mistakes. :(

  39. Emily 04.04.2011

    That pizza looks gorgeous and delicious! And LOL at Ben; that must be the guy thing! bahaha

    Anyway beautiful pics as always; have a great day!

    OH and a big I KNOW RIGHT about the mistakes at the register; I hate that!

  40. Fong’s Crab Rangoon pizza is the best! I miss it soo much! and their pizza roll apps!

    My weird combo would have to be Big Tomato’s garlic and honey tho– so perfect after a night out :)

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