My Hawaiian Vacation


My, what a difference a day makes!


Rain, rain and more rain. All day. My knee hurts too (omg I am so depressing.) Partly because of the weather (arthritic at 27, anyone?) and partly because I think I might have hurt it the other day…

In 2009 I messed up my left knee doing the lunges in Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Level 1. You know the ones – they’re paired with the bicep curls? Yeah. Somehow while lunging/curling over several days, something happened to my knee which made it extremely painful to exercise for months.

I tried walking instead of running – pain. Strapped on a patella band – pain remained (plus I could never figure out which way was up, down, in or out!) Gave the elliptical a whirl – still more pain!


The only way I finally got over the issue was to rest. I took 3 weeks off from all cardio and, magically, the pain disappeared. I think I cried the first time I ran pain-free. It had been MONTHS!

Well last week, when I was lifting weights on my own at the gym, I did the same move – lunges coupled with bicep curls. Everything went and felt fine, then 2 days later I woke up with a slight pain in that same left knee. Add on the extra cardio I’ve tacked on per my Bridesmaid Bootcamp goals, and I’m now walking with a permanent limp :( It’s so sad – I feel 100 years old!

I’ve been running through the pain this past week, but when I had to practically drag my left leg behind me as I hobbled to the medicine cabinet to pop two Tylenol this morning, I knew I had to give my knee a rest – starting NOW. Ben and I are going out of town this weekend so I’m hoping a little R&R will help to bring my leg back to life. Cross your fingers for me?!

Have you ever had an exercise-related injury?

In other news, while the sun is nowhere to be seen around here, I still brought a taste of the tropics into my kitchen tonight. I made Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs for dinner. Awwwww yeah, food on a stick!


I got the recipe from 1 Cup Awesome (tehehe how awesome is that name?) 1CA is a fabulous local-family blog with yummy, easy recipes and something I’m particularly fond of – Food Face Off Friday. Check it out. :)

ps did anyone see the Parks & Rec episode a couple weeks ago when April told what’s his face that she loved him and he responded with “Awesome sauce!!!” omg. Good stuff.

DSC_0002 DSC_0004

Anyways, I followed ICA’s chicken marinade recipe which combines the flavors of garlic, soy sauce, scallions, oranges, honey & a few other far-east flavahhhs.


The chicken marinated for about 30 minutes while I cut up fresh pineapple, red onion and green pepper to skewer and cook alongside, on my indoor grill pan.


YES. Green pepper. The only way I enjoy green pepper is when it’s char-grilled. It almost tastes fruity!


The fruit takes longer to cook than the chicken, so plan accordingly…


Unlike me, who got so hungry and impatient, I whipped up a mock stir fry. ;)


All set!


I plunked my kabobs down on a bed of fluffy brown rice and drizzled the top with reserved marinade that I had reduced on medium heat for about 15 minutes, then strained and mixed with a dash of water. 


Look at that caramelization! I had planned on using the outdoor grill to make this meal, but the indoor grill pan did just fine! It’s so weird how you can really achieve some of the same flavors indoors.


Devoured with eyes closed, dreaming of leis, luaus and island life. Siiiigh. ;) Thanks for the recipe, 1 Cup Awesome!


Maybe you were wondering if I’ve ever been to Hawaii? The answer is yes, yes I have. My family and I went when I was in 6th grade, I think, and unfortunately for me photographic evidence of this vacation actually exists.


Get a load. Of this.


BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG, THE 90’S!!!!!! Why?? Just…why?


I really need to stop showing you embarrassing old photos of myself.


Ok, after this one.


Ohhhh boy. Oh boy. Hahaha. :mrgreen:

In other news, tonight I shall be dining on Great Harvest Cinnamon Chip Bread for dessert.


Ummm, THIS is awesome!!!! It’s more like a batter bread – think zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, etc – than a yeast bread. Dense, moist and near perfection when toasted, buttered and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar. :)


Ben got me a loaf of it, and a serrated knife, for our anniversary. My man knows me so well!!!


He got the knife at Williams-Sonoma. It’s part of a super-cheap cutlery line they have with knives that stay sharp for aaaaaages. I have the paring knife version already and it’s one of my very favorite knives. Wheee – freshly sliced bread! :D

Have a great night!


Did you take a lot of family vacations when you were growing up?

We went to Ohio twice a year, once for Christmas and again in the summer, which is where 98% of my relatives live. Most years we also tacked on another family vacay in the Spring. Washington DC, Florida, Hawaii…we got around! :D 

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  1. Lauren 04.07.2011

    I’ve definitely learned the hard way that running through knee pain is NOT worth it!!! Glad you are taking some R&R and hope it feels better next week. :)

  2. Brittney 04.07.2011

    Haha, I have like a million family vacay photos that look just like yours :) I LOVE that GH cinnamon chip bread. I have some too, and like it with a little vanilla cinnamon sunflower butter on top. Delicious!

  3. Runeatrepeat 04.07.2011

    That bread looks amazing! My mom and I went to Hawaii for my college graduation. It was great :)

  4. Bonnie 04.07.2011

    Love the photos. We did not go on many vacations but lived them. As dad was in the U.S.C.G. We moved every 2 years. SOcoast to coast for me and went to high school in Hawaii.
    Your Hawaiian food is a fine recipe and will try soon. Do need to get to great harvest soon.
    Also I’m now hooked on those delious donuts.
    Take of that knee and definitely rest it. Or more trouble later in life ;(

  5. Your dinner looked amazing! :)
    We usually went to Myrtle Beach for vacation each summer.
    Hope you have a great weekend away! :)

  6. I SO remember the over-sized, baggy t-shirts that were popular in the 90s. Ahhh, the memories!!

    Your brother looks terrified in the one family picture?!?!

    The cinnamon chip bread is awesome-sauce! ;) I just finished a loaf of Dakota bread from Great Harvest and think I need to get a job there to support my habit!!

  7. Summer vacations were a tradition for my family! I’m from Nebraska, so we did Colorado & Mt. Rushmore a lot, but we also ventured down to Florida for Disney World a few times!

  8. Hannah 04.07.2011

    Jillian’s Shred is sooo bad on my knees too! Granted, I had a little bit of pain already from starting to run for the first time in my life. But, I’m 19 years old and definitely a healthy weight. I couldn’t BELIEVE how bad the ‘Shred’ is on my knees. I literally can’t do it. My knees are screamin’ at me just thinking about those lunges! Owww!

  9. Your dinner looks so good, and that bread… oh my I want some!! We went on a lot of family vacation. We always went to Nags Head beach in North Carolina, Family trips to Destin Florida, or skiing in Colorado! Fun times!!

  10. Emily 04.07.2011

    I know you’re a savvy exerciser :) but you’re not moving your knee past your ankle when you do the lunges are you? That’s the most common way to have an injury with that exercise… once the knee’s past the ankle (forward-wise, if that makes sense), all the stress is on the joint instead of the muscles.
    I love 30 Day Shred but it is tough on the legs! I really hate the sideways lunge-things with the front arm dumbbell raises. They make me hate life. >:(

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.07.2011

      Yeah I’m really careful about not extending my knee past my ankle. Damn you Jillian!!

  11. Yay shout out to Hawaii! That makes me homesick- love the shot in front of Chinamans Hat. It’s so funny how anything with Pineapple in it is always labeled “Hawaiian” but you rarely see that in typical Hawaii cuisine.

  12. Lindsey 04.07.2011

    Take some advice from an Occupational Health Nurse– Ice, Ibuprofen, & Ice massage! :) Ibuprofen is superior to Tylenol b/c it helps with inflammation AND pain. Tylenol only helps pain. You probably have a little bit of inflammation on the inside, even if you can’t tell on the outside. And ice it 3 times a day for 20 minutes. Boring, yes… critical, you bet! And ice massage. I like this one. If you have 1 specific spot you can pin point for pain take an ice cube and massage that spot until it’s numb. Like a deep freeze for the muscle! It takes about 10 minutes to become numb, and it hurts for awhile, but well worth it!! :) Good luck!!

  13. Angela Ten Clay 04.07.2011

    I can totally relate you with you! I have knee pain often when I run as I have tendinitis in my knee and shoulder from playing sports in high school and college. It’s never any fun, so I have to take it easy quite a bit. I tried Great Harvest last week for the first time on your recommendation and loved it! I brought the Groupon last week too…so I need to snap some of the Cinnamon Chip bread. And soon!

  14. erica 04.07.2011

    love the family photos!
    i went to disneyworld a few times as a kid, and i cringe looking at the pictures! lol. the 80s and early 90s were the worst to be a kid–fashion-wise.

  15. Machelle 04.07.2011

    As far back as I can remember we took a family vaca every summer, and thinking about it now is sort of suprising cuz we did not have much money growing up! Usually one or both of my Grandmas would go along too. I can recall stocking a cooler with bread & lunchmeat and eating at little roadside parks, which are a thing of the past now! The furthest we went was California, had to borrow an aunt & uncles car for that trip cuz it had air conditioning! Ha! Fun times & great memories!

  16. Dave and Sarah 04.07.2011

    Thanks for cooking with us….hoped you liked it! Umm, Justin looks like a giant in these pictures….we especially like his 311 shirt. Ha! Dave did the 30 Day Shred for the first time this morning and his arms are sore already. I, on the other hand, had to go the yoga route today because I needed a break from “angry” work outs!

  17. Stephanie 04.07.2011

    We took so many family vacations: San Francisco, Florida, Caribbean cruise, Hawaii, Yellowstone, Boston, NY, Washington DC, Canada….such great memories! If we have a family I hope to take them on the great trips I was fortunate enough to go on!

  18. Krystin 04.07.2011

    um yes, i too did JM’s 30ds and holy pain!! my (before) perfectly healthy knee was destroyed by that workout.. it took months before things were semi-normal but the pain always comes back after a few days of running.. hope your knee has better luck than mine!! :)

  19. Sarah 04.07.2011

    That Hawaiian chicken looks excellent! I love family vacations! We’ve been up to Mt. Rushmore and Niagara Falls in Canada. My favorite place was Duluth in Minnesota. Its a great city in a beautiful area. I really really want to go back.

  20. Michelle 04.07.2011

    Hi Kristin your dinner looks delicious! Random question for you I am thinking of cutting my hair short (around your length). Does your hair bother you at all when running? That’s the only thing holding me back! Enjoy your time away this weekend :)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.07.2011

      No it’s fine! I just pull the sides up in a half pony. Not the cutest, but it does the job! ;)

  21. Kayla 04.07.2011

    We took a lot of trips to Florida and Arkansas to see family when I was growing up. Those are some pictures that need to be burned!

    My knee starts to ache when it is going to rain too, totally sucks. And sometimes, if the weather is going to get really bad, my collar bone will ache from where I broke it in 1st grade.

    And that cinnamon chip bread is the best! We got a loaf last weekend when we were in Des Moines and just tore chunks off for breakfast in our hotel room. Yum. Have you tried the cinnamon chip pecan scone? We got one of those to share – one of the best things ever.

  22. Love the old pics, and the bread! looks great. I miss our yearly vacations- they were perfect for spending more time with my bro:)

  23. Omg my uncle posted pics from the tween years on fb awhile back… TRAJ… just traj! We went to places like Maine, and Arizona, and then when we lived in Maryland we went to the Delaware shore every summer! Once we moved to England trips got WAY cooler, Egypt, Dubai, Spain, Africa, France, Belgium, Prague, Italy, Germany, Poland, Morocco, and Turkey! I always felt very lucky.. thanks Dad for working for an oil company!
    Those skewers look tdf… I will definitely be trying them soon!

  24. I totally learned the hard way after getting a stress fracture in my heel after my 2nd marathon that continuing to run thru pain is not good! I also know how HARD it is to take time off from running or cardio in general. Take the time to check out and try some different exercise options, i.e. Yoga, swimming, strength training. And the time will go by easier. Good luck! BTW – yummy bread – super jealous!

  25. Steph@321delish 04.07.2011

    I used to take family vacations to Florida to visit my grandparents. We’d go twice a year; it was great! Then we started going to more “exotic” places, like Hawaii, Aruba, and the Bahamas!

  26. Britt 04.07.2011

    Wow that looks really good! I saw a recipe a lot like that on this vegetarian web site only without the chicken. I think I’m going to be making that this weekend. My grandparents took me so many places when I was kid I can’t even count. I think I’ve been to over 30 different states. So much fun. My favorite place to vacation is Maine. Really beautiful.

  27. dmcgirl 04.07.2011

    I am sorry you are not feeling well IGE!!! Get better and be careful about it, ya hear!

    Been to Maui a few times…. No place like it!

  28. Marc 04.07.2011

    “Awesome Sauce” is from Parks and Rec not Community. But hilarious nonetheless!

    • Sarah W 04.08.2011

      glad I wasn’t the only one to realize that. I tried useing awesome sauce on my husband…. didn’t work out well :)

      A true Iowan girl, food on a stick. Iowa State Fair anyone!?!?

  29. AmyLou 04.07.2011

    Love the pics from the 90’s! Too awesome! My parents really tried to take us somewhere every summer. When I was younger, we stayed in the Midwest, but we did go to Nashville, Vegas, FL and New York City when I got older. In HS, I went to Spain, too.

    As for the exercise injury, omgosh, yes. Also doing Jillian Michaels, too!! :) Not the Shred though – her portion on one of the Biggest Loser DVDs. I pulled a chest muscle on the left side, right under my heart. I thought I was truly having a heart attack. It took about 4-5 months to heal properly, and I practically cried doing burpees and push-ups for months. Even now, it twinges with pain if I strain it a little.

  30. Kristen 04.08.2011

    I had a horrible running injury training for the tC marathon! Yuck! I had to take a week off; but it felt like a year!
    I love this meal…looks healthy and yummy all at once.

  31. ashley 04.08.2011

    Dear, that’s Parks and Rec, not Community! I don’t have any idea what Community is… maybe I should look into it? But yes, Andy cracks me UP!
    We went on a vacation every year….my dad loves driving, so we went on the longest road trips ever to see all kinds of national parks, etc…. Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, the list goes on. I did NOT appreciate it then, but as an adult I’m so glad I’ve seen all these things and can’t wait to go to these places with my husband!

  32. Ali 04.08.2011

    This sounds so amazingly good. I love every single one of those items :)

    Sometimes I think green peppers almost taste like roasted marshmallows when they are really grilled… Maybe I’m crazy, but I think it every single time.

  33. Hope 04.08.2011

    I love your Hawaiian inspired dinner! It looks great! I love grilled veggies. I’ve never been to Hawaii! It looks so beautiful. It’s definitely on my list of places to travel to.

    I used to take a decent amount of family vacations growing up. I think my favorite family vacation was when we went to the Bahamas. It was pure relaxation. :)

  34. RegularCinderella 04.08.2011

    I love the family pics! I have several that are very, very similar. ;-)

    I sprained my foot (top) VERY badly in 2009. It was just a few weeks after I’d discovered my love for running and 4 DAYS after finishing my first 5k. I didn’t have a specific injury…Ortho said it was most likely from over-use. I was in an air cast for 8 weeks (did not help ONE bit, and it was SUMMER!) and then did PT for 6 weeks. It took me MONTHS for it to heal enough that I could even try to run again. I think I ran ONE time, and then found out I was pregnant. LOL I tried to run during my pregnancy, but it made me crampy and sore it just wasn’t worth it… My son is 8 months old now and I still have not gotten back into running. :-( I signed up for a 5k in May…and I am only slightly terrified.

    PS–AWESOME SAUCE! I love that episode of Parks and Rec. I laughed so hard I cried. “DUDE, SHUT UP!!!” Just what every girl wants to hear, right???

  35. hahaha i had a million big, baggy t-shirts in the 90s too! i was especially proud of my collection of hard rock cafe shirts because they showed i traveled. which my family did all. the. time. now, it was great, but growing up i always missed my friends! to this day, i’m not a fan of HRC – i think i got burned out!

  36. missy ballard 04.08.2011

    Actually – I can relate VERY well. I injured my hip and then overcompensated by tearing my left hamstring! I rested it for 3-4 weeks and still couldn’t get it to stop throbbing so I went to a sports medicine doc and he referred me to 6 weeks of physical therapy. I was pretty skeptical because usually I can nurse myself back to health. OMG it’s been a miracle for me! PT has definitely helped and they’ve given me the go-ahead to go back to full activities just 2 weeks into my therapy and no pain!!! I would encourage you if it doesn’t get better you might want to have it seen about. I can tell you from experience that the older you get the injuries seem to stick around longer. Good luck!

  37. Dee 04.08.2011

    Ooh, I will totally be checking out Williams Sonoma this weekend. Yay shopping! :)

    We didn’t really go on very many vacations as a family but when we did we always had a lot of fun. My favorite vacation of ours was back in 2004 when we drove down to Florida! Oh, the memories!

  38. Lisa 04.08.2011

    Dinner looks great!

    I’m with you anytime I do weightlifting or other exercises for strength I always find myself with an ache and then have to rest. So now the only thing I do is yoga (in addition to walking/jogging) – a vinyasa or power yoga style. I go to a hot class once a week in WDM and then do my own practice at home or follow a DVD. It really does a good job of getting a full body ‘tone’ in a safe way. I’ve also heard has great classes too.

  39. Erica 04.08.2011

    You may want to see a chiropractor for your knee. I had knee trouble in the past due to running and my chiro has helped me a ton and allowed me to come back and run with minimal rest while I was still getting treatments from him.

  40. jad18 04.08.2011

    Hard Rock shirts! I had a big collection of those when I was younger b/c my dad traveled a lot for work and would get them for me on his trips. I had some plantar fasciatis (however you spell that) last year when training for the half-marathon. It was so hard to stay off it and deviate from my training schedule, but doing that (along with wearing a foot split to sleep) helped me recover and finish the race. The best thing is to rest and treat an injury before it becomes really serious.

  41. Monica 04.08.2011

    Have you considered getting a osteoporosis bone density scan? I think everyone should around the age of 30, especially if you are petite.

  42. Sometimes when I run a lot, I’ll call it a little pain from the IT Band. Usually I’ll just listen to my body and rest a little. Other than that, I’ve been lucky on the injury front!

    PS – Your recipes are amazing! Those kabobs look soooo good.

  43. kEndra 04.08.2011

    Ooo girl – is that jean jumper I see in one of those photos?? Ya know what they say “If ya got it, flaunt it!” ;) I’ve got a million of the same looking photos circa de 6th grade. My dads family took a lot of vacations – cruises to the bahamas…I think 4 times?! Fun! :)

  44. Kelli H 04.08.2011

    I wish we took more but our 2 big ones were Maui, Hawaii and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Otherwise mostly camping trips. I wish we went on more vacation as a family. I always say when I have kids we’re going to try to make it apoint to go on more and maybe rather than having a huge expensive Christmas spend the money on going on a vacation. :)

  45. jen 04.08.2011

    We went on lots of family vacations. Ours usually involved camping and lots and lots of driving!

    I love Hawaii…best place on earth! {we went there for our honeymoon.} Ahhhhhh.

  46. Jess 04.08.2011

    I [stupidly] tried out a couple workout vids on a concrete floor basement probably 6+ months ago at this point and totally screwed up my left knee. I stopped doing anything for a while, but I now wear an [actually ill-fitting] Ace knee brace when running and it’s not so bad after a couple minutes. No post-workout pain intensification either. The weirdest things about the knee pain are that I can’t walk *down* stairs in heels properly and occasionally I walk up stairs a bit funky. I’ve tried doing some bends to see how it reacts, but I can’t seem to remember how to pick up my right foot and try to bend with my left knee. I need to see a doctor but it’s not that bad… yet, probably.

    Back in college while running on the XC team, I somehow got this awful hip flexor injury and was advised by the school’s trainer to stop running immediately, which I did for a long time. I picked it back up (not as intensely, however) and have only recently begun feeling the pain in my hip flexor again. I feel like an old lady at 26.

    Looking forward to trying that marinade out!

  47. My dad loves taking vacations so we went a LOT of places as kids. Sadly never Hawaii.
    I’ve been on family vacations to Western Europe, California, Arizona, Nevada, Chicago, British Columbia, Florida, Muskoka, Mexico, and all over Ontario.

  48. Keely 04.08.2011

    I stress fractured my knee running last year and now my knee hurts for days every time I do lunges. It’s not worth it, girl!

  49. McKenzie 04.11.2011

    That 30 Day Shred is a knee killer. Somewhere in level 2, doing some plyometic move, I did something that hurt. For a few weeks, it was painful to walk. And then one day, after doing mostly elliptical work and modified workouts, it went away. I’ve learned to be super careful now when I do level 2 because no workout is worth that! Glad to know I’m not alone!

  50. […] is pineapple right now, by the way? It’s soooooo sweet! I’ve been cutting mine with the Williams & Sonoma serrated knife Ben got me for our anniversary. It works so […]

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