The bachelorette party was a smashing success! :D


My friend Laura is getting married in one month and last night was her big night. As with all bachelorette parties, the bride must get gussied up with the token veil,


bachelorette sash,

IMG_2119 IMG_2120

and blinky ring. Whee!


Laura is very low key and only had two requests for her party:

1. Everyone wear bright dresses.




2. That we have a fun night in with friends, followed by a quick dance sesh at a local bar.


Check and check! :D


We were home by 12:30am, eating late night munchies of scotcharoos (I seriously need to start making massive amounts of scotcharoos – I think they’re my favorite things ever) and crab rangoon at 12:45, and my head hit the pillow no later than 1:15. Yesssssss – totally my kind of night! :D

Such a fun weekend with the bride and friends. I love girl time!

Thanks to the low-key evening, I was up bright and early today to swoop Ben up in the city, then stop by Bruegger’s to get a still-steamy everything bagel with an egg white, sundried tomato spread and cheddar cheese for the drive home.


Ummm omg! Brueggers definitely went up a notch in my book with this creation. I always feel like their bagels are really hard, compared to my favorite Panera bagels, but this one was piping hot, moist and chewy. Awesome.


Ben and I drove straight to the grocery store from the Interstate when we got into town and nearly melted when we stepped out of the car. The jackets we put on this morning in cold & drizzly Minneapolis were suffocating us in the sunny & 88 degree weather here!

It’s crazy-windy right now but if it dies down even a little bit, Ben and I are heading out to enjoy a walk in the sunshine. It looks like there’s more rain & wind in this week’s forecast, so we’re trying to enjoy the weather while we still can.

Have a great Sunday and start to your week!


Are you in a party-hardy stage of life right now, or loving a more low-key social life?

I know I’m only 27, but I gotta be honest, I just love me a low-key night in!! I mean, I can still go out and and have a good time, but the recovery period is just not worth it sometimes!