Party Hardy!


The bachelorette party was a smashing success! :D


My friend Laura is getting married in one month and last night was her big night. As with all bachelorette parties, the bride must get gussied up with the token veil,


bachelorette sash,

IMG_2119 IMG_2120

and blinky ring. Whee!


Laura is very low key and only had two requests for her party:

1. Everyone wear bright dresses.




2. That we have a fun night in with friends, followed by a quick dance sesh at a local bar.


Check and check! :D


We were home by 12:30am, eating late night munchies of scotcharoos (I seriously need to start making massive amounts of scotcharoos – I think they’re my favorite things ever) and crab rangoon at 12:45, and my head hit the pillow no later than 1:15. Yesssssss – totally my kind of night! :D

Such a fun weekend with the bride and friends. I love girl time!

Thanks to the low-key evening, I was up bright and early today to swoop Ben up in the city, then stop by Bruegger’s to get a still-steamy everything bagel with an egg white, sundried tomato spread and cheddar cheese for the drive home.


Ummm omg! Brueggers definitely went up a notch in my book with this creation. I always feel like their bagels are really hard, compared to my favorite Panera bagels, but this one was piping hot, moist and chewy. Awesome.


Ben and I drove straight to the grocery store from the Interstate when we got into town and nearly melted when we stepped out of the car. The jackets we put on this morning in cold & drizzly Minneapolis were suffocating us in the sunny & 88 degree weather here! 8)

It’s crazy-windy right now but if it dies down even a little bit, Ben and I are heading out to enjoy a walk in the sunshine. It looks like there’s more rain & wind in this week’s forecast, so we’re trying to enjoy the weather while we still can.

Have a great Sunday and start to your week!


Are you in a party-hardy stage of life right now, or loving a more low-key social life?

I know I’m only 27, but I gotta be honest, I just love me a low-key night in!! I mean, I can still go out and and have a good time, but the recovery period is just not worth it sometimes!

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  1. What a fun night! I want just a night in with my girlfriends too, it was perfect. :)
    I’m much more of a homebody, I’ve never been really into the party scene, and I just love time spent at home with my little family, husband and dog.

  2. Kristin 04.10.2011

    Okay, now I understand the bright dresses. I was thinking that’s a little unusual this time of year in Minneapolis :) Looks like fun!

  3. I LOVE the bride-to-be’s dress! So pretty.

    omg Bruegger’s is my favorite. I’m from MI where we have a few, but there aren’t any down here in St. Louis :( I adore their cream cheese and I like that their bagels are smaller than places like Einstein’s. That sandwich makes me miss Bruegger’s!

    I’m almost 30 (gross) so I’m definitely more into low-key mode now. I partied in my college years and then in my mid-20’s, so I’ve been through it and now I’m definitely low-key!

  4. elise 04.10.2011

    i love girl time. im kinda past the late night ragers at this point in my life, but every once in a while i can go big. i sound like a grandma saying this, but i think i prefer a mellow night with friends and a (few) bottles of wine. :)

  5. Don’t feel bad, I’m 23 and liking low key life too! I try to make myself go out and drink with my friends each weekend, but really love being in bed early and feeling great the next day!

  6. Kari 04.10.2011

    the recovery period is so horrible now! how did i even function when i was 21?

  7. Daisy 04.10.2011

    love the bright dresses. I know the recovery period sucks more and more as you get older. such a bummer because i love a late night partying!

  8. Martha Brown 04.10.2011

    i’m also only 27 but when we’re on vacation we stay up and party-hardy with friends and i always hate myself in the morning.
    so low key it is for me, love just chatting and drinking some wine…

  9. Erika 04.10.2011

    I am glad you ladies had fun! You all look so pretty!

    I am much more of a homebody. I actually always have been. A great night out for me is dinner/drinks with friends or going to a get together at someones house and being in bed by midnight :-p. And I’m only 25! My hubby is the same way though. I’m much more of a “small group” person.

    • Meg O. 04.10.2011

      Couldn’t have said it better myself…

  10. kathleen 04.10.2011

    love nights like that. :) and you are all gorgeous! fun weekend!!

  11. Obviously being pregnant has dramatically slowed down my social scene :), but even before that I much preferred staying in with some friends, playing games, and enjoying a few drinks!!

  12. Rachel 04.10.2011

    umm, I’m 36 and trust me in this, the recovery period gets significantly longer the older you get :) It’s still fun to go out every once and again though!

  13. Stephanie 04.10.2011

    I totally am a low key girl. I’d rather go out a litter earlier and to be bed at a decent time so I don’t ruin the next day! :) We had the Hawaiian shish kabobs tonight and they were delicious!

  14. Lauren 04.10.2011

    How FUN!!!! You girls definitely looked liked you lived it up the bachelorette way! :)

  15. erica 04.10.2011

    i am in the homebody stage of life…i cannot handle late night drunken outings anymore!!! i can’t even stay up to watch a movie on the couch. i feel like i went from 25 to grandma in a blink of an eye!

    you and your friends look amazing! :)

  16. i’m totally low key too! my bachelorette was a lot of mexican food & hanging out with good friends :)

  17. Ooh, I love Laura’s dress! So pretty and fun! I’m definitely now in the low key stage. Would rather head to a low key pub for a drink with a few friends rather than a late night out partying. Although, when it’s with your good friends and/or for a bachelorette party, it’s totally worth the exhaustion!

  18. Awww I bet your friend had an amazing time at her bachelorette party – SO FUN!

  19. Laura 04.10.2011

    I’m 29 and I still love to party once in a while. I was just in vegas last night for a bachlorette party, danced in the clubs until 4 am, slept for 15 min and then had to get up to catch my flight home. :-) But I do also love a netflix night at home with the husband :)

    • Laura 04.10.2011

      PS i love her dress!

  20. Machelle 04.10.2011

    Low key. We have girls nite out every wed, and even then I’m the low key one in the bunch. They’ve dubbed me “The Responsible One”. That’s a title I can live with! Looks like it was a fun party! What are all those things pinned up with clothes pins? I thought they were underwear….but upon closer inspection…I don’t think so!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.11.2011

      Yep – they are undies! Everyone brought a pair that represented us and the bride had to guess who they were from. Mine were hot pink and full coverage, muwahahaha!

  21. Ha! I’m 24 and definitely prefer low-key nights! I mean, I love going out and having a good time, but can only do the bar scene for so long.

  22. I’m totally a low-key, stay at home type now. I used to party a ton when I was younger, but I rarely drink more than a glass of wine or beer at a time these days. I just don’t like being drunk and staying up all night anymore.

  23. dmcgirl 04.10.2011

    It looks like fun!!! I am low key! I am a little older. LOL

    The rocovery period goes from 1 hour to 1 day to 3 days to …. well, lets just say it gets worse with age and totally not worth it.

    Enjoy while you can!

  24. Looks like a fun bachelorette party. Perfect balance of party and girltime. Good question about the lowkey night. I think all of us in our 20’s struggle with that. Being single in NYC, I feel like I am SUPPOSED to party hard. But in the end, that’s just not how I roll! Just had guests this past weekend from Nebraska and I was so worried they would think my life here in NY is boring. I think they had a good time though. But to answer your question, while I enjoy a good glass of wine, definitely feelin the lowkey nights in.

  25. Karen 04.11.2011

    I’m totally in a low key stage too (i’m also 27). All through my late teens and 20’s I’ve been kinda cyclical in terms of being a party girl vs a homebody. But now, I feel like I’m finally done with the partying for good. It’s just nowhere near as relaxing and rewarding as cozy nights in cooking and hanging out with my bf. Feels so much more productive and healthy too. I’m thinking that means I’m soo ready for kids and having a little family. :)

    P.S. That bagel looks sooooo good.

  26. your weekend looks so fun! The bride is so pretty!!! It depends on my mood but I’m still in the post-undergrad party stage (I graduated in May) for the most part… but nothing beats movie night with the girls sometimes!

  27. Kristen 04.11.2011

    Loved that bagel sandwich! Those are on my eat-list when I move back. I am definitely out of my party stage with baby now but I revisit it every now and again!

  28. Katie 04.11.2011

    That bagel looks absolutely amazing!

  29. Hope 04.11.2011

    The bachelorette party looks like such a fun time! I love everyone’s dresses! So pretty! Bruggers is one of my favorite places to go for breakfast! There is only one by my work so I don’t get there too often. That sandwich looks great! :)

    I’m out of my party stage but don’t get me wrong I do love to have a great time. I just don’t need to drink a ton of have fun. :)

  30. This is timely because I just spent the weekend in Texas bacheloretting for my friend. She just turned 30 and being right behind her, our energy for late nights is SO much lower than it used to be. We did make it til 230am though!

  31. Mimi 04.11.2011

    Gurrrrrl, I’m 20 and I’m the same way as you! Haha…

  32. presley 04.11.2011

    Ahhh I posted about that sandwich a week ago. I LOVE IT! Now I’m depressed because we don’t have a Bruegger’s in our town :(

  33. presley 04.11.2011

    And I ate it after a Bachelorette party. Odd. Must be a requisite post-party meal. :)

  34. chloe@ 321delish 04.11.2011

    That bagel looks amazing and I am sure was the perfect breakfast for that type of weekend! I too have become a low key less party hardy type of girl in the past few years, but a good night out every once in a while is a must :)

  35. Marie-Sophie 04.11.2011

    :-D I so know what you mean!! I am 28 and having a wild night out is something that I love to do every … half year or so ;-) . I’ve just come to looove sleep and those stay-in nights with friends, lovely dinners together or a cool girls night at home over wine and homecooked food … and yes, the recovery period takes me DAYS!! With alcohol it’s even worse. I start to feel like my old self about 4 days later (well, at least if feels that way) – I say, go for the sit-ins and make it a “cool food event”!!

  36. I 100% hear ya on the recovery not being worth it (most of the time)!

  37. ashley 04.11.2011

    Definitely have moved on to the low-key social life! Friendly get-togethers and BBQ’s are where it’s at!

  38. Teresa K. 04.11.2011

    SERIOUSLY? 88 DEGREES? – Do you live in a desert? LOL

    I thought we were blessed with 80 degrees!
    Too old for social life! – My college friends & I want to go out dancing – but would have to start at like – 4:00 in the afternoon! – oh – makes me laugh!

  39. bcoop 04.11.2011

    I’ve been loving that same bagel at Bruegger’s with the sundried tomato spread recently – yum! I also like your choice of late-night snack with the crab rangoons; those are definitely another favorite of mine. And I’m still in the party-mode a few years out of college now. I think one of these days I’ll finally decide to grow up, but for now my boyfriend and I enjoy our nights on the town with friends!

  40. Kate 04.11.2011

    I’m only 25 and totally out of that party stage. I had my bachelorette party on Friday night and wasn’t feeling 100% until this morning. It’s just not that easy any more. And really, what’s better than a low-key night with friends or your hubby (to-be in my case)? Plus, it makes the whole weekend so much more productive.

    Looks like you had a blast at the bachelorette, how fun!

  41. Amanda 04.13.2011

    I love this blog entry! I think that the girls wearing bright colors is adorable and the pictures turned out great! I am going to be turning 30 this year and despite still being in my 20s I am finding myself loving my low-key nights more and more. I think there’s a little guilt involved in not going out as much, but when the sweatpants call….

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