Finish in the Fetal Position


Thai Peanut Noodles with Veggies and Eggs is super fast, simple, healthy and delicious! 



Whee – I’m home free! The only thing that stands between me, hubby and sipping on a strawberry margarita in Sin City is 2 days and 1 empty suitcase. Tomorrow I’m going shopping for a few cute sundresses to fill it up with. 8)

I have this problem with needing to pack three times the amount of clothes I’ll actually use no matter how long I’m going on vacation for. Hence me falling flat on my face in the middle of a street in Rome after being overtaken by a backpack stuffed to five times my size.

In other news, I wasn’t feeling the gym today, so I fulfilled my two-weight-classes-a-week Bridesmaid Bootcamp goal by downloading a few tracks off of!

If you’re a long time reader, you may remember that I became obsessed with Yoga last spring/summer. It annoyed and bored me at first, but the more I felt my shoulders and abs getting stronger from downward facing dogs and chaturangas, the more I became addicted to it. Slowly the deep breathing and pose holding became less unexciting, and more empowering!

Then, I stopped.

I can’t even remember why, but all of the sudden I just wasn’t doing yoga anymore! Well I picked it back up today starting with Yoga Sculpt using 5lb hand weights, followed by Core Yoga.

omg I about died! Both were free and 20 minutes – and were SO HARD. Especially that core yoga. Dawnelle, I’m so very sorry for what I screamed at you about your wretched boat pulses. It was in the heat of the moment, and I didn’t mean it! ;)

Doing these yoga tracks reminded me of how much I like to use my own body weight and resistance to get stronger. It feels much more natural, and much harder, than weight lifting to me.

If you’re not into yoga, or are scared to try, I’d suggest giving the core track a try. It’s very un-intimidating and Dawnelle, the instructor, gives amazing, detailed instructions. Plus you get to end the 20 minutes in the fetal position. How bad could that be?! ;)

In other news, I had all intentions of making a cozy roasted vegetable & brown rice dish for dinner tonight, but after being reminded of my Thai Peanut Noodles several times this week from people that have tried the recipe, I got a wicked craving for a big bowl of it!


I didn’t have chicken or tofu on hand, so I made do with what I had. Veggies & eggs! Per my 7 Simple Steps to a Delicious Stir Fry, I made sure to start by following The Golden Rule of stir frying: Lay everything out BEFORE you get started. If you don’t, you’ll be sor-ry!


Next I heated my electric wok (obsessed) to 375 degrees, then added 1 teaspoon peanut oil. I seared some broccoli in the oil, then added a couple Tablespoons water and put a lid on the wok so it could steam until tender.

DSC_0008 DSC_0010

Make sure you have a fan on! ;)


In went asparagus, green onion and corn (Trader Joe’s canned corn, actually. It was sooo good – snappy fresh tasting!) followed by another quick steam.

DSC_0019 DSC_0016

Next I scrambled in 1 egg + 1 egg white whisked with a dash of sesame oil.


In goes cooked whole wheat pasta and my favorite Thai Peanut Sauce ever!


Piled HIGH into a bowl, and topped with chopped peanuts & green onions.


Wo, WoW, WOW! This bowl was HUGE! It took nearly 10 minutes to even make a dent!


Savory, crunchy, chewy, luscious, slurpy, AMAZE. I could eat this every night. :)

These too. Yep, I’m still nibbling on brown butter banana muffins. They seem to get better every single day, and I am treasuring them. They’re perfectly sweet and so moist. Plus I just love the fact that they’re made with agave nectar instead of granulated sugar.


I don’t know I think that’s such a big deal…I just do! I think it adds to their moistness…mmmmmmm… :mrgreen:

In other news, who else is THIS EXCITED for Will Ferrell to be on The Office tonight?! I SO wish he was going to be Steve Carell’s permanent replacement on the show. He’s the only person I can think of that is as funny/maybe funnier. Anyone know who’s really going to be the permanent replacement? I’m just dying to know. :)

Alright – I’m off. Have a great night!


“My favorite form of exercise is ________!”

My favorite form of exercise is running! A large chunk of my heart also goes to walking, with a tiny piece going to yoga!

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