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Oh my gosh it started raining here last night around 8:00 and it has not. stopped. since. Seriously, not once! I have an irrational hatred for being out in the rain (I love watching it wrapped up in cozy blankets indoors) so I have no idea what possessed me to tackle a giant to-do list in the downpour!


I spent WAY too much time (and money!) at the mall, and looked like a drowned rat when I was done, but I am officially ready for Vegas! I got some cute dresses and jewelry, then picked up these adorable shoes at…drumroll please

Payless. Payless!! I don’t even know what possessed me to go in there, but I’m glad I did. These heels are high, but comfy. And they’ve got a cute little zipper in the back. Plus I paid less for them. So, win. ;)

After all my errands were done, I made a final dash indoors for the day and stopped by the gym to tackle this quick & dirty 5-4-3-2-1 Treadmill Routine:

Time Speed
0-7 4.0
7-10 6.0
10-15 6.5
15-19 6.8
19-22 7.1
22-24 7.4
24-25 7.7
25-30 6.5
30-34 6.8
34-37 7.1
37-39 7.4
39-40 7.7
40-43 6.0
43-50 4.0 w/ 4% incline
Total: 5.1 Miles

This was based on the 5-4-3-2-1 Routine I did a couple weeks ago, and I increased my speed by .3 mph every 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 minute interval. Seriously love this routine!

A special snack was dangling in front of me on a fishing pole in my mind the whole time I was on the treadmill, and I whipped it up the second I got home: apples, ginger cats and chocolate hazelnut butter!


I’ve been saving this packet of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter in my cupboard for a special occasion, and today felt right.


O.M.G. It tasted exactly like a Ferrero Rocher ball – my favorite!!


Hands down the most delicious nut butter I’ve ever had. Even better than the Honey Roasted Peanut Butter I get at the Farmer’s Market every summer. It was AMAZING!


I’ve had a lot of chocolate nut butters too, and this one blew them all out of the water. I mean, it seriously tasted exactly like a chocolate hazelnut ball and was insanely yummy on Trader Joe’s Ginger Cats. Can’t wait to get more!


A few hours later I made an early dinner of Spaghetti.

DSC_0010 (2)

I cooked the pasta while Ben made the meat sauce. Look at that piece of man meat! ;)

DSC_0008 (2) DSC_0009

Local Gino’s Marinara Sauce was simmered with local Graziano’s Sausage and topped whole-wheat spaghetti. On the side was a killer piece of garlic-cheese bread.

DSC_0006 (2)

This is actually 5 Cheese Garlic French Bread from the Schwan Man, which smelled intoxicatingly delicious as it was baking.


So good when dipped in the spicy sauce!


Easy and yummy. :)


Ben said he was extra hungry tonight, so I made him HUGE bowl of elbow macaroni. Oh, men. ;)


In other news, tonight is hubby night! Ben has been out of town for work since Wednesday and I missed his sweet little face. ;)


But not that beard…pokey!

Off to snuggle. Have a great night!


Do you prefer flats or heels?

I love flats. Flats, flats, flats. Always flats! Vegas does crazy things to a girl though, and I am pumped to wear my new heels!

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  1. Definitely flats, but if the heels are comfy, I can wear them for a night out! I think heels make me feel way sexier and even more confident honestly. I mean, I’m confident in flats but there’s nothing like a good pair of heels!

  2. Stephanie 04.15.2011

    I love heels, but I’m a teacher and on my feet aaaaall day. So, supportive, practical shoes it is…

    But I really love heels.

  3. Elizabeth 04.15.2011

    Flats are usually the way to go, but heels can completely upgrade an outfit for me!

  4. Lauren 04.15.2011

    I hate being out in the rain. Being cold and wet is my idea of miserable but there are things that need to be done, like shopping for vegas! LoL. LOVE those shoes. They are definitely Vegas shoes. We we went to Vegas last year, I bought 4 new pairs of shoes just for Vegas. I don’t think I’ve worn any of them since but they were perfect for Sin City. :) I am so excited for you!!!!

  5. Emily 04.15.2011

    My good friend is in Vegas this weekend! She went because it was one of her friends 21sts. So, in other words, if you see a tiny blonde girl in sparkles getting arrested, getting married and/or running around like a crazy girl, please send her back to SC ;) Have a blast!

  6. Hannah 04.15.2011

    How did you get your husband to cook? Did he come like that? Already all packaged and knowing how to cook? HAHA! My boyfriend doesn’t know how to cook ANYthing and has no confidence that he could even follow a recipe. I am exhausted always trying to think of things to make for dinners, and I don’t always want to do it every single night by myself! I’m not looking for relationship advice (haha) but …. help…

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.16.2011

      He actually did know how to cook already, but honestly, just getting your guy in the kitchen and putting him in charge of something as simple as “stirring the sauce” or “check the noodles in 5 minutes to see if they’re cooked” might help build his confidence in the kitchen!

  7. Lesley 04.15.2011

    Those heels are rockin! I wish I could wear heals, and cute sandals, and ballet flats, and all other sorts of shoes that never come wide enough for my feet. :( So I am a sneakers, boots, and flip flops only kinda girl. In an alternate universe my choice would be flats!

    I love that your list says drugtown.

  8. Lexi 04.15.2011

    It depends on how long my pants are! :) But with dresses, heels are a must!

  9. My hubby has been away too and just came back tonight. :) I prefer heels, but I normally wear flats. I even wore ballet flats at my wedding.

  10. Tiana Meyers 04.15.2011

    Am I the only one who noticed the strange foot wear on Ben? Are those his socks? :)

  11. erica 04.15.2011

    i’m a flats kind of girl :) i can’t walk in heels!

  12. Kira 04.15.2011

  13. I’ll take flats or heels!

    I don’t like it when my husband doesn’t shave either! It is so pokey and prickly!!

  14. Cute post. I look forward to your Vegas recap. I’ve never been but it looks like so much fun!

    I am a flats girl myself, being that I’m 5’8”. But I do love heels for special occasions :D.

  15. Kira 04.15.2011

    You have intrigued me to purchase some Justin’s Chocolate hazelnut butter….it sounds delicious! I went to their website and purchased some of the hazelnut in the small 0.5oz single serve packs. I am hoping that if I really like it…the smaller packs will help keep me from eating a whole jar :) Thanks for posting about it!

    Kira :)

  16. Kristin from MN 04.15.2011

    I love heels but I usually stick with flats or slight heels since I am over 5’8″ without any shoes on. I new that was Schwan’s 5 Cheese Garlic Bread before I even read it. Man, I love that stuff! My hubby introduced it to me when we first started dating… yummy and cheesy!

  17. Definitely flats. Heels only for special occasions!

  18. Sara 04.15.2011

    FIERCE heels! I’m 5’11” so I’ve never worn heels (seriously, never!), but I sometimes wish I could. I’m more of a barefoot/flipflop kinda girl though ;-) Also, Ben’s socks cracked me up. Are they regular socks rolled down or those half size footies? Because I own, like, six pairs of those and everyone but me thinks they’re ridiculous lol.

  19. Daisy 04.15.2011

    cuteeeee heels. have a blast in vegas. the beard is hot. go ben.

  20. Amanda 04.15.2011

    Love the way heels look, so I’ll wear flip flops into work and change once I’m there since I’m all about the comfort :) Also I’m 5’9″ so I have to feel really good and confident to rock the heels!!

  21. C Lowry 04.15.2011

    Love that your list has Drugtown on it. Glad to know I’m not the only one that still calls it the original name vs the now “Hy-Vee Drugstore” – just doesn’t sound the same! Have a great time in Vegas!

  22. Oh. my god. That bread looks so good!!! And I miss pasta so much, perhaps I’ll go make some for myself..midnight snack?!:)

  23. Brittney 04.15.2011

    My roomies & I went to Vegas for Spring Break– the heels came off after an hour and I put on my flat boots! Oh, and as a fellow reuben lover, you HAVE to go to Canter’s deli in Treasure Island and get a reuben. It’s bigger than your face & easily split-able with another person, but it is to.die.for!!

  24. Melissa 04.15.2011

    Heels heels heels. Always. I feel so much more confident in them! I love these–will have to check Payless for them!

    Love that Justin’s nut butter! I can eat it straight from the packet! :)

  25. Elizabeth 04.15.2011

    Awesome post. Now I am totally craving that Farmer’s Market honey roasted peanut butter! There’s absolutely nothing better…except maybe their almond butter. Sadly, between living all the way in D.C. and only being able to get it in the summer, I don’t get it nearly as often as I would like. Where did you find Justin’s in Iowa? I have looked for it before and I could never find it…

  26. Jess 04.15.2011

    FLATS! I am 6ft tall, so heels are a no no!

    I am glad you found something you liked at Payless. I wear a size 12-13 in womens so they usually have my size. Zappos is another place I have luck if I want to spend $75+ on shoes!

  27. tonya 04.15.2011

    Flats! Flip flops if the weather allows. I have so many pairs and it drives my husband crazy. I’ve never understood those how people can rock heels all the time, rain, snow, shine or on the run!

  28. Machelle 04.15.2011

    I LOVE boots! Flat and/or heels! Either one will work! Love em! And sandals. I really don’t have much of anything else! I don’t own a single pair of those little cutesie flats that are so popular right now. I see them on everyone else and they are adorable but….no. Clearly I need to broaden my horizons! AND…I like the beard on Ben, but they ARE prickly at that length!

  29. I have to try hazelnut justin’s, I loveferrero rocher!!

    I prefer flats even though I’m vertically challenged. :)

  30. Your snack looks AMAZING. I love choco hazelnut butter! And those heels- I want!!

  31. qwerty 04.16.2011

    Nutella is made by the company ferrero, so if your looking for a chocolate hazelnut spread that tastes like the candy, why not try the actual brand! lol

  32. Surprising Payless does have some good affordable cute shoes! Glad you found a pair. I also like Target’s heels. I always get my work shoes there because they are soo comfortable!

  33. I love flats and would chose them over heels most days. There are some occasions though when heels just feel right!

    Nice job on the treadmill workout. Yesterday was an unexpected rest day for me due to all the rain. Although this snow that I am looking at out my window…not much better.

  34. Nikki Sue 04.16.2011

    Heels all the way! Adding heels dresses up any outfit (well minus pajamas and workout clothes!). Some heels can be extremly comfortable! That’s right I said it, not all of them kill your feet! Most probably do though. :) However, I do love flats too, but for me I usually wear them with casual outfits.

    Okay so I saw those shoes you posted on FB and thought it was my Zappos newsfeed, but no IGE and Payless shoes! I went to Payless.com and added them in my shopping bag! What a great find!

  35. Laura 04.16.2011

    I love heels but am 5’8 and seems to have so many short friends. If I’m going out with a tall friend, i get really excited and wear heels!! Otherwise I wear flats…. Another great place to find cheap/hot/impractical heels is TJ MAXX!!

  36. While I own a TON of heels, I unfortunately don’t wear them hardly ever anymore. There is just something so convenient about flats and they are so cute now! But I will probably always been drawn to crazy heels and Payless often has some really cute trendy ones that aren’t a fortune!

  37. I wear flats way more but I LOVE heels! I love how they make any woman look more elegant and of course, taller.

  38. Cute shoes! I am definitely a flats person. I wobble whenever height is added…not attractive!

    And the snack looks amazing! Have a great weekend! :)

  39. Maddie 04.17.2011

    Hey! I’m in DSM and want to try that spaghetti sauce because it sounds marvelous! :D Where at do you get the Gino’s sauce? I’m assuming you have to get the sausage at Grazianos, but can you also find it at some of the grocers?

  40. Juani 04.18.2011

    Your dinner looks super delicious,I nearly started drooling while looking at the pics.

    I’ve got a confession to make: I eat more than my boyfriend :/ He only eats one meal a day (dinner) and gets full after only a small amount of food.He is tall and very thin.I sometimes feel like we look like a 10 when we stand next to each other (meaning he’s tall and thin like a 1,and I’m short and round,like a 0).

    I never wear high heels,after seeing what they did to my aunt’s feet when she was obsessed with super high heels in the 70’s and 80’s.Not pretty,I tell ya.

  41. Julie S. 04.18.2011

    Kristin, I LOVE those shoes!!! SOOOOO cute! I’m a heels gal. :)

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